PFTV's Week Eight game of the week

Many have gotten a little numb to the whole “Brett Favre playing the Packers” thing after the Monday might matchup at the Metrodome from earlier in the month.

But that would be a mistake.

This one is The One.  Favre returns to Lambeau.  The Prodigal Son returns home, and he tries to steal the fatted calf.  

For more, here’s some PFTV.  (Hurry up and watch it before the boss parks his new used Escalade diagonally in the visitors lot.)

22 responses to “PFTV's Week Eight game of the week

  1. The Vikings in the game of the week again! Too bad the Packers only get national attention when they play the part of the goat against good teams.
    It must suck to be a Packer fan.

  2. As a Packers fan, I’m sick of this whole drama. I’m more curious of the type of reception he’s gonna get. I suspect more boos if anything.

  3. I’d rather be a Packer fan than a Redskin fan. Or the Browns, or the Rams, or the Lions, and the list goes on and on.

  4. I’d rather be a Packer fan than a Redskin fan. Or the Browns, or the Rams, or the Lions, and the list goes on and on.

  5. Boos will only bring out the “gun ” to torch the Pack D. Hope the whole damn place boos him,loudly!!

  6. I’m a die-hard Vikes fan, and all trash-talking aside – this game scares me.
    1) The Packers have their offensive line healthy again.
    2) Rodgers is still throwing darts- this is a VERY talented quarterback.
    3) Even WITH the O line break-downs last time Rodgers was picking apart the Vikings secondary.
    4) Said Vikes secondary is without Winfield, clearly their best pass defender.
    I love my Vikes, but I am bracing myself for them to be in a 1st place tie (minus the 1/2 game because of the Pack bye) after this game.
    I HOPE not… but I have to be honest.
    Anybody over-looking the Pack would be dumb.

  7. Yeah much rather be a Viking fan than a Packer fan.
    1) Perrenial habit of choking.
    2) Rarely develop their own talent, forced to spend big $ in Free Agency, most often on former Packers.
    3) Purple clothes, blonde hair, and sperm on the helmets?
    4) Worst fairweather fans in the league.
    (Been on this site 4 years and never seen so many viking fans as this year talking as much shit)
    5) Mall of America Metrodump.
    oh and let’s not forget the best one
    6) SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!! Every year, in the preseason.

  8. • Calistin says: October 29, 2009 9:03 AM
    Yeah much rather be a Viking fan (Truer words have never been spoken.)
    oh and let’s not forget the best one
    6) SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!! Every year, in the preseason.
    (Wrong again, this year it was the moronic Packer fans who crowned their team as champions after winning pre season games.)

  9. I’m not a Packers fan by any means, but I don’t understand why people are hating on them so much. By the end of the season they can easily take that division. Favre will have an excuse come December for simmering down and having a nice 7td 9int month….still better than what they have behind him…but Aaron’s a slinger and a more healthy body at the critical month where the division will be won.

  10. The Vikes played pretty tough last week on the road in an equally hostile environment, against a better team than the Pack record-wise, statistically, from a personell standpoint and from a coaching perspective, so it’s not like Lambeau looms menacingly to them. Yet, without the advantage of crowd noise and an artificial field, the pass rush likely won’t be as effective, and combined with Winfield’s absence, that tilts the game in the Pack’s favor. If the Vikes win though, the NFCN race is over.

  11. Oh look, it’s Mr. Florio picking a Vikings game as game-of-the-week once again. Aren’t there any other games that merit game-of-the-week status? How about Atlanta at New Orleans? How about Denver at Baltimore? How about San Francisco at Indianapolis? Honestly, it is getting harder for Mr. Florio to hide his glee for all things Vikings.
    Minnesota is a loser team. They a may win the game at Lambeau, but they will still choke in the playoffs.

  12. PerryMason–Have you seen the schedule? Check out Thanksgiving day, and oh yeah, the Monday after that. That’s about as national as it gets. THINK, before you speak–or have you not got to that part of your special ed. yet?

  13. Calistin:
    you have your share of chokes in the last 13 years, but that was ALL brett’s fault right?
    Freeze in the PO at the sight of the Cowboys
    4thand 26, fave couldn’t stop that pass, what an ass he is.
    Favre on defense could not stop the Giants from driving on him for 2 fg attempts…Jerk!!!
    Vikes starters:
    S M.williams – Bengals
    S T. Johnson – drafted by Vikes
    Cb C. Griffin – drafted by vikes
    CB Winfield – Buffalo
    LB Greenway – drafted by Vikes
    LB Henderson – same
    LB Leber – Chargers
    DE Allen – Cheifs
    DT K. Williams drafted by Vikes
    DT P. Williams – Bills
    DE Edwards – drafted by Vikes
    WR Berrian – Bears
    WR Harvin – Drafted by Vikes
    WR Rice – same
    Lt Mckinnie drafted by Vikes
    LG HUtch – Seattle
    C Sullivan – drafted by Vikes
    RG Herrara- same
    RT Loadholt – same
    TE Shiancoe – Giants
    RB ALL DAY – Drafted by Vikes
    QB Favre – Packers
    K Longwell- Packers
    P Kluwe – Vikings
    15 of 24 starters are home grown.
    Not the Vikings fault your pathetic Gm doesn’t spend $
    The rest of your post is just grade school sticking your tounge out garbage that doesn’t merit a response.
    that you’ve been on this site 4 yrs is suprising, I would have thought you’d have embarassed yourself off of here long ago, of course asshats like you have no shame.

  14. PerryMason says:
    October 29, 2009 9:43 AM
    oh and let’s not forget the best one
    6) SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!! Every year, in the preseason.
    (Wrong again, this year it was the moronic Packer fans who crowned their team as champions after winning pre season games.)
    Umm… I don’t think he was talking about this year. I think he was referring to EVERY YEAR! Nothing but “we’re going to the Super Bowl” talk out of MN every August. The Queens have always been the best team in the league… before the season begins. Not sure why they’d want to even go back to the Super Bowl after their pathetic history there.
    Oh well, maybe when they move to LA, they can get in and even win one.

  15. Chicken our pathetic GM has the organization in a viable financial state and a winning team on the field. Spend money unnecessarily is what gets organizations labeled as potential candidates to relocate.

  16. Super you are a baiting idiot.
    You know the stadium is the reason, not lack of money.
    Metrodome is an outdated dump with no possibility for luxury suites.
    It’s nothing to do with salaries. minnesota has the least “dead money” on their cap
    Maybe I give you to much credit for your knowledge?

  17. Vikings game of the week 3 of 8 weeks now. Funnest team to watch in the league. Tons of national coverage. 6-1 record. Been lovin’ this immensly. No wonder Packers fans whine so much this year…
    Packers matchup is almost always tough there, just like the Vikings are when the Packers come here. But the Vikings just got done looking pretty good against a superior Steelers team, so this should be an easier game to win. Then again they did lose last week so not sure what to all make of it.
    Until the Packers look decent against a good team I can’t be that worried about them. Maybe after Sunday they’ll have some of my respect. Currently they have earned zero.

  18. Sando,
    I find it amusing that you state that the Green Bay Packers have earned “zero” of your respect. You state this in a way that makes it sound important that a team earns “your respect” Yeah Sando you are not important. You are a PFT keyboard warrior that knows nothing like the rest of us.

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