Strahan claims Favre didn't lie down for him

When Michael Strahan set the NFL’s single-season sack record in 2001, he did it with an assist from Brett Favre, who essentially handed Strahan his record-breaking final sack of the season by rolling out and sliding down directly in front of him.

Eight years later, Favre is a Viking and Strahan is a broadcaster, and Favre and Strahan are the only ones still clinging to the illusion that Strahan earned the sack that took him from 21.5 — half a sack behind Mark Gastineau’s 1984 mark — to 22.5.

No, Brett Favre did not lay down to give me a sack,” Strahan said on KHTK in Sacramento, per “Doesn’t happen in the NFL man.”

If Favre and Strahan want to keep claiming that, well, fine. But they’ve got to be just about the only ones who believe it. Peter King said this week that he regrets originally taking Favre’s word for it that he didn’t take a dive.

Does anyone still believe that sack was legitimate?

Strahan is smart and funny on TV, but if he’s going to be an analyst, he should cut the charade and acknowledge what everyone who watches football can see:  At the end of the 2001 season, Favre gave him a gift.

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  1. “Does anyone still believe that sack was legitimate?”
    Did anyone ever? I don’t even know any Giants fans that ever believed that BS.

  2. No he may not of ran over to him and let him take him down, but he had a choice to try and evade him and he said “nah” if hes going to get it, Ill be the qb that gives it to him.

  3. Strachan should just watch the video. Favre laid down for him and it was disgusting. The record should have an asterik.

  4. I’m sure Strahan would like to believe that himself but the tape doesn’t lie. Favre rolled into the fetal position so fast and so blatantly that we’re expecting to believe that no one picked Strahan up coming in un-touched and that the receivers weren’t even trying to run a route. It looked like Favre was running the offense like he was running out the clock but instead of kneeling behind the center, he rolled out and laid down before Strahan even got within 10 feet of him.
    You guys can claim otherwise but we know what we saw and we’re not stupid.

  5. come on….the Packers had a 34-25 lead with less than a minute to go! Of course you audible to a naked bootleg toward Strahan’s side! What would you do, run out the clock??

  6. Lifelong Giants fan here, and I’ll say it all day long
    That last sack was a gift. Denial is a river in Egypt

  7. Hey Strahan, you keep telling yourself that and maybe, just maybe you might actually start believing it.

  8. I don’t know about Strahan but there is a single thing that comes out of Favre’s mouth that I would believe.

  9. That was the most disgraceful thing that I have ever seen on a field of sport. Favre showed no respect for the game or his teamates, and that gap-toothed goof Strahan didn’t (and apparently still doesn’t) have the sense to realize what a transparent farce it was. The worst offenders were the Elias Sports idiots that scored that as a sack. You know that there was a problem with the situation when the only person present that showed any class was Mark Gastineau.

  10. Another waste of space and everybody’s valuable time.
    You’ve got the two men involved saying one thing, but people refuse to accept the facts. So, there’s not much else you can do.
    If anybody watches the play, Favre clearly is suprised at Strahan’s presence as he turns around. What else is he supposed to do at that point? Sometimes you’ve gotta accept a sack.
    What I find disappointing is how nobody lays any blame at the offensive lineman whose job, by the way, is to NOT let opposing DE’s into the backfield. Surely, to even reach the point of Favre “lying down”, one needs a defensive end in the backfield. Why was a defensive end in the backfield in about 1.5 seconds??? Anyone? Anyone with reasonable troubleshooting skills?
    Freakin’ conspiracy theory losers!

  11. What I didn’t like about the sack was that Green Bays offensive line protected Farve all day and then he lays donw for Strahan.

  12. Who cares?
    Really, people live in denial all the time. Do you really expect him to come clean?
    His record will be broken eventually and then we can lay this argument to rest. Sure, it should be Gastineau’s record, if only because he had a sweet haircut, but it is Strahan’s so let him claim what he claims. He will never come clean and really what does it matter. It was a sack so he has the record regardless if it was gifted or not.

  13. Awww, a few bitter Cowboy and Eagles fans don’t want recognize Strahan’s single season record?
    How will we Giant fans ever sleep at night?

  14. “Strahan is smart and funny on TV…”
    I guess you haven’t seen that train wreck of a TV show he did. That is, if it is still on.
    p.s. Strahan is lying though his gapped teeth.

  15. Favre thought he had a play. It turned out that he didn’t. He saw Strahan. He didn’t need to take a big hit, and he didn’t.
    No big deal.

  16. I can’t help but think with reporting like this PFT will be the No.1 news/rumor/speculation outlet on the planet. Nice to see MDS is keeping up the fine Florio tradition of reporting non-news and stirring up a great deal of misplaced hatred and generating a great deal of web hits.

  17. Favre laid down, there’s no question of that. But let’s face it. Gastineau was juicing more than anyone in the history of the game, with the possible exception of Joe Klecko. Be real.

  18. Here’s the problem with this still being an issue after 8 years. When Payton set the single season TD record, how many of those TD passes were in garbage time? How many were against teams that were getting blown out, played a prevent defense & “gave” Peyton the TD pass?? No one speaks about that. When ED set the single season rushing record, how many defenses gave Dickerson yards in garbage time to get the game over with?? Tired defenses that were done tackling for that day, getting blown out and used a weak arm type tackle that never even slowed Eric down? No one speaks about that. Most players that own a career record or a single season record in the NFL has gotten “easy” yards/TD passes/tackles/sacks… Why hasn’t anyone spoken to the Packer tackle that “let” Michael in? Maybe because it was the last sack is why everyone still complains about this particular record but everyone gets gifts when having great record setting seasons, some are just more evident than others.

  19. Funny that the ones defending the “integrity” of that play are mostly Vikings fans.. Same ones who called that play a farce for the last 8 years.

  20. He may have fallen down prematurely, but if he hadn’t Strahan would have murdered him. I would like to see you roll out, see Strahan coming full speed at you, and then take him on.

  21. sure, brett laid down!! he coulda been a little less obvious, though. an acting career is not in his future.

  22. Deacon Jones had 23 or 24 any way. Go back and watch the films of his games and count them up. It was before the started counting sacks in 1982, but it’s still more than lay down and gap teeth gave us.

  23. Favre did the same thing to Reggie White after Reggie left Green Bay. He layed down for a sack, and I believe Reggie obtained the all-time sack mark at that point. It was all planned. I can’t wait for Favre to fail in the playoffs in 2009. He will be the reason the Vikings lose the big game.

  24. Favre really didn’t have anywhere to go… and here’s the proof. It’s right around two minutes into the video.

  25. “bukkakelarry says:
    October 29, 2009 6:54 PM
    He may have fallen down prematurely, but if he hadn’t Strahan would have murdered him. I would like to see you roll out, see Strahan coming full speed at you, and then take him on”
    Larry, the game was out of reach and they were running the clock out. Favre called a run play and he did a fake handoff-roll out. The O-line was run blocking, which allowed Strahan to come naked right at Favre, because of course he rolled out right to Strahans side. The question isn’t did Favre dive or not. Its what the f*** was he doing running a bootleg at the end of a game they had already won?

  26. I didnt know Favre and strahan slept together? They lied together! why is favre on our team then, see culppepr wouldever do that, he wouldt of slept with that silly goose strahan. really we need to get rid of favre then hes no good if he layed down with that guy cuz if my dad knew that htere wouldnt be no season tickets for me too.

  27. I believe them. Yup. I said it!
    Everybody knew Strahan was a punishing beast of a defensive end. Favre knew it. So he fakes a handoff and all of a sudden looks up and “oh sh*t!!!! There’s the beast!”
    so he freezes and falls down.
    It wasn’t Favre “giving” Strahan the record. It was Strahan being so imposing a player that after 21.5 sacks he only needed to go “WHA!!! Made you flinch :P” to get another.
    but you guys are right. Who cares at this point.
    Still… i think it’s ridiculous to think Favre wasn’t just saving his ass from getting knocked out by a hit that by all accounts seemed inevitable.
    Was Favre’s last INT while playing for the Packers also a gift for the Giants to proceed into the playoffs??? come on, people. think a little. What really makes sense?
    yup… it’s still Favre fearing getting his naughty bits feed to him through his chin by a beast of a DE, and opting to do something like a slide instead.

  28. I didn’t know that it was initially a run play and that makes it even more obvious it was a purposeful laydown. I like Strahan and he was a great player. The only reason I don’t care that much that it was a flop is that I DESPISE Gastineau and Strahan broke his record. Gastineau was Shawne Merriman before Shawne Merriman was born. Egotistical, selfish, overrated mouthy jerk. Klecko was the stud of that DL.

  29. If Favre REALLY wanted to give Strahan a nice gift, he should have looked into gift certificates for a good orthodontist.

  30. CKL says:
    Gastineau was Shawne Merriman before Shawne Merriman was born. Egotistical, selfish, overrated mouthy jerk. Klecko was the stud of that DL.
    AMEN. Not many people remember that.

  31. Guys, watch a Vikings game this year in which Favre takes a sack. If Favre sees it coming but doesn’t have time to throw it away, he goes down on his own.
    He didn’t get to be a 40-year-old in the NFL taking hard sacks every week.
    People are making it sound like Favre rolled right, stood around for a long time, then Strahan started to get up field. Then, five yards away, Favre took a dive. Then, Strahan, wheezing, finally got to him for the sack.
    Look at the tape. Some people posted a link to the video.
    Favre takes the snap. He starts to roll right. Immediately, Strahan is there. Favre is about to be sacked. Instead of taking a hard hit, he tries to take a soft hit. Yes, Favre screwed up on his decision to roll right, but he is trying to make a play.

  32. Flippy-floppy, flippy-floppy. Favre flips and flops like all you Vikings fans defending a play from 8 years before he considered wearing purple.
    Absolutely, it’s old, old news and there’s no reason for it to come up. But to defend that play is assinine. It was clearly a gift.

  33. CKL says:
    Gastineau was Shawne Merriman before Shawne Merriman was born. Egotistical, selfish, overrated mouthy jerk. Klecko was the stud of that DL.
    AMEN. Not many people remember that.

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