Tampa Bay rumors get radio host suspended

On Thursday, WDAE radio host Dan Sileo talked on the air regarding rumors of financial problems involving the Glazer family, and of a possible sale of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs initially opted not to respond to the rumors.  Not long thereafter, co-chairman Joel Glazer sounded off.

“The report today by WDAE’s Dan Sileo about our family and the Tampa
Bay Buccaneers is 100 percent false,” Joel Glazer said in a statement.  “The Tampa Bay
Buccaneers are not, nor have they ever been for sale.  In addition, our
family or any of our related companies have never invested one penny
with Bernie Madoff.  The report is baseless, irresponsible and
slanderous.  This type of behavior by Mr. Sileo and his company Clear
Channel will be dealt with in the appropriate manner.”

Clear Channel already has dealt with Sileo.  Per the Tampa Tribune (via JoeBucsFan.com), Sielo has been suspended pending further investigation. 

Sileo said that a “friend” who works for the SEC (not the football conference) told him that the Glazers had lost $440 million in the Bernie Madoff investment scam.

31 responses to “Tampa Bay rumors get radio host suspended

  1. Either Sileo’s “source” is correct or they’re not. If they are, proof needs to come out and the Glazer family needs to issue a public apology. If however the source is wrong, Sileo deserves his suspension and worse. You can’t go around making statements that the family lost so much money to Madoff and the team is now for sale without doing proper research and having your facts straight.

  2. IMO, “SillyHo” got just what he deserves for spewing nonsense over the airwaves with no facts to substantiate it.
    Dude is a clown and an embarassment to radio hosts everywhere.

  3. I still think it is funny that people would invest their money with a guy whose name is pronounced Made-Off

  4. Lesson to sportswriters.
    Don’t piss off very wealthy people unless you have proof of what you are saying. Scratch that. Don’t piss em off if you can avoid it. Remember Grosse Point Blank? That was over a dog. Admittedly a fictional dog. But my point still stands.

  5. who wants to bet the bucs are up for sale within the next year? lol. guaranteed they are … where there is smoke there is fire. someone just hit a nerve.

  6. Its hard to think this Sileo guy could be stupid enough to make this stuff up. Anyone with any common sense would have to know he can easily be sued or fired if its not an accurate statement.

  7. dlmcc0909 says:
    October 30, 2009 12:38 AM
    Its hard to think this Sileo guy could be stupid enough to make this stuff up. Anyone with any common sense would have to know he can easily be sued or fired if its not an accurate statement.
    u clearly don’t live in the cental florid area. we who do have known for quite some time that this moron has no common sense. it is entirely possible that his statements are true and he is being railroaded by a very rich and very powerful family embarressed by the loss of so much money in a scam. however with sileo’s track record of making insane comments it is also possible he was just going for a shock. that is basically his show, throw out as many contiversial statements as possible and see if you can start a buzz. i for one hope he gone for good.

  8. I listen to Sileo in the mornings and heard him talking about this. He didn’t say the Bucs were for sale just that his source told him about an amount due for the Glazer’s purchase of Man U in January 2010 and that the Glazers had lost money in the Madoff deal. He speculated that the team could go up for sale. He also said that his source indicated that the Glazers have attempted to get additional financing twice to the tune of half a billion for the Man U monies due and had been turned down. I agree with Aikman8… I think he hit a nerve.

  9. It’s actually pronounced “made-off”, or so people in NY investment banking tell me.
    And I hope we aren’t suspending journalists for well-sourced reports just because they’re vigorously denied by powerful local interests, but I get the sense that maybe that’s not quite what’s happening here.

  10. “Its hard to think this Sileo guy could be stupid enough to make this stuff up.”
    He is. I refuse to listen to him in the mornings. How he’s been on for a couple of years now is beyond me. Absolutely unlistenable…

  11. I went back and looked at the “denial”: “In addition, our family or any of our related companies have never invested one penny with Bernie Madoff. ”
    Okay. But there were plenty of other investment “firms” that invested heavily in his company. So the denial could be true and so could Sileo’s report. What if they invested in some other firm, which is now out of business because they lost the farm with Madoff?
    If the Glazers actually file suit, then the report is probably false, as their finances would have to be reviewed in order to prove the slander….but if they don’t file suit, well….
    I’m wondering if perhaps the team wasn’t officially for sale, but they had approached some people about buying it, off the record. Maybe they approached Rush before the controversy, and now they’ve been forced to back off? Who knows?

  12. Looks like Mr. Sileo could be facing a slander suit unless his comments are factual…Not very smart.

  13. Sileo is a clown, that he even has a radio show is nothing short of amazing. This is good though, now I can listen to 620 on my way to work instead of the ol’ iPod.

  14. Well, with all this talk of wanting to move teams all over the place, paranoia is setting in around the NFL that people’s favorite teams will be no more.

  15. Lets remember that Eddie D (former 49ers owner) has made it publicly know for years now that the only team he is interested in purchasing is the Bucs. He been circling the team ever since Malcolm had a stroke trying to buy the team. I think Joel and Bryan are just trying to keep the price of the Bucs high or piss off the fan base enough so they can move the team to London and host a Super Bowl in their Man U stadium.

  16. This morning, WDAE is running a automated full retraction and appology saying that the statements made by Sileo were false.

  17. The station offered a complete retraction this morning. I wonder if his friend in the SEC is going to pay his bills for him. Big week for the Bucs coming up with the return of the Orange and Selmon getting put into the Buc’s Ring of Honor. Sileo being a former Buc, may get him excluded from the ceremony.

  18. “And I hope we aren’t suspending journalists for well-sourced reports just because they’re vigorously denied by powerful local interests…”
    Anyone confusing Sileo for a journalist, or even a “sportswriter”, is waaaay off base. Shock Jock plain and simple.

  19. I think Dan Sileo should join that motley crue and float the Pirate Radio boat off the bay!
    Pirate Radio could rat out the Bucaneers!
    you gotta admit that would be good.

  20. I listen to him sometimes on the way in the work, and heard him speculating yesterday that the Bucs are up for sale. Tuned in this morning and heard a new show, and was wondering what happened to him.
    With how strongly the Glazers have come out against this, and ClearChannel’s quick reaction to pull Sileo off the air, I’m thinking he was spouting off trying to get a rise out of listeners (which is his entire show) and it blew up in his face. If it later comes out that the Glazers are lying and they are looking to sell the team, or did get screwed out of millions of dollars, then I would expect Sileo to quickly try and sue them for defamation of character.

  21. WDAE is terrible. Sileo is unlistenable. Absolutely terrible. I could not figure out who would like him. I would detail the issues but he was so bad I couldn’t stay with the show long enough to remember details. To me, Sileo falls into the “Stuart Scott-Skip Bayless… who the hell actually likes these people” category.”
    The PFT often mentioned Dumeg (sp.) is almost as bad. Dumeg so blatantly says things just to stir up the pot that it is laughable. He offers “I can’t tell you how I know but I know and you don’t” as his proof of everything. On slow news days, Dumeg manufactures these cheesey fake rants beating up on a weak caller.
    The funny thing is those two morons used to talk trash about each other. I used to tune in and try to catch it the news update and change the station.

  22. Wow…it sounds like WDAE and NFL Network have a lot in common. Somebody should introduce the two. NFLN could teach WDAE how to tow the fine line between character defamation-for-ratings and outright slander.

  23. Yet another classic! Sileo gets worked over, but what about all the other hacks that report fabrications and half-truths day in and day out???
    Why would these Glazers get so bent outta shape over this anyway? Something doesn’t add up here and the hypocrisy is mind-numbing.
    I see the Hammer & Sickle just over the horizon …

  24. I agree with Aikman8. A nerve has been hit.
    Rumor has it, Debartolo lives in Tampa and has offered to buy the Buccaneers several times. I hope he succeeds as the Glazer boys aren’t as hungry for a championship as their Father Malcom, was.
    As far as Sileo goes, take Steve DUI-mig with you. The guy has the personality of a fart in a spacesuit and often states off base rumors that he can’t or refuses to source.

  25. It is in the Glazer’s best interests for it not be known that they NEED to sell the team… because they really WANT to sell the team for as much as possible.
    Not for sale scenario-
    Buyer: Hey, I wanna buy the Bucs!
    Glazers: They’re not for sale.
    Buyer: How about for ONE Bill-ion dollars?
    Glazers: Throw in a coupon for all-you-can-eat at Shoney’s and it’s a deal.
    Desperately want to sell scenario-
    Buyer: So, I’ll take the Bucs off your hands for $500 million.
    Glazers: $750 million
    Buyer: $450 million…
    Glazers: Wait, we’re supposed to be negotiating…
    Buyer: $400 million…
    Glazers: Ok, ok, sold!

  26. I hope Sileo gets FIRED…regardless of whether it’s true. If you have ever listened to his show you would understand. the guy is straight up stupid and constantly repeats his self always cheering on the villain. He’s pure contrarian with NOTHING to offer…hahah the one time he “thinks” he has something it’s a pure FAIL…LOSER.

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