Colts' Lacey fined $10,000 for TD celebration

Indianapolis Colts cornerback Jacob Lacey is an undrafted rookie who was understandably thrilled on Sunday against the Rams when he grabbed his first career interception and raced 35 yards for a touchdown.

But the NFL thinks he got a little too exuberant about the score.

After running into the end zone untouched, Lacey did a feet-first baseball-style slide. Going to the ground for a celebration is a no-no in the NFL, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Twitter that the league has fined Lacey $10,000 for an illegal celebration.

Lacey’s celebration was fairly innocuous: He didn’t taunt anyone or do anything offensive, unless you think a football player imitating a baseball player is offensive. But it was against the NFL’s celebration rules, it cost the Colts 15 yards, and now it’s cost Lacey a healthy chunk of his weekly paycheck.

28 responses to “Colts' Lacey fined $10,000 for TD celebration

  1. lame…
    im a steelers fan, but then why wasn’t mike wallace fined for doing a front flip into the endzone? That was going to the ground, and is showboating much more than a baseball slide.

  2. No Fun League strikes again.
    I think any celebration that doesn’t specifically taunt another player and doesn’t last more than a few seconds should be allowed. If you don’t want a player from the other team celebrating, don’t let him score a touchdown.

  3. A joke. Replacement players football coming and the seat license paid up suckers deserve it!
    These greedballs are only looking for money they can steal back from the players.

  4. No. Fun. League.
    Why don’t we just file off their finger-prints and erase their memories when they hit the field?

  5. That’s just ridiculous. Maybe we should all stop cheering when players score? We don’t want to overcelebrate.

  6. Just ridiculous, how many rules with the NFL introduce to protect Tom Brady? Brady wasn’t even in the same COUNTRY when Lacey slid in low. Literally, he was in England, running up the score against the Bucs, by virtue of not playing with one hand tied behind his back.

  7. This is sad. Fine them for something excessive, or dumb/Chad Johnson and his repeat offensives, but this is flat out stupid.

  8. for that kind of money, he should be able to get a free pass on his next couple celebrations, or use it on 1 big one (like pulling out a sign that says F U godell)

  9. Like Chad is over the top.. gimme a break! Still, this kinda fine it just pathetic for the incident involved. NoFunLeague indeed!

  10. NFL…
    DUI’s, domestic violence, strip club fights, and weapons violations…. and they fine this kid?
    are you kidding me?
    He scored a TD, big deal. Hopefully, he’ll score another one.

  11. BIG time lame. this is absurd.
    screw the No Fun League and their stupid rules about celebrating. i think celebrating should not only be allowed, but be encouraged.

  12. “These greedballs are only looking for money they can steal back from the players”
    Um, Bob S, believe that all money from fines goes to charity, not to the greedballs.

  13. If they keep coming up with these bogus fines why dont the players contest that they should write a hard and fast, black and white rule book that states what celebrations are exceptable and what arent……what actions get certain fines not just a fine Goodell comes up with that at the time he deems fit…..Im sure if he knew upfront that would of cost him 10k he wouldnt of done that…… Im sure if you worned him that it would cost him 10k if he ever did that again he wouldnt…..get a life goodell because you have much bigger issues coming your way from the media and now congress …..NFL not for long as commisioner with these bogus calls….My son when he scores a touchdown god for bid he dances like Deon Sanders in the inzone or do a baseball slide…..What would be your way of celebrating your first touchdown in the NFL???? Next thing your going to do is fine players for praying after the game the wrong way….This game is meant to be fun

  14. A flip is NOT “going to the ground”. That’s why – nevertheless, a flip IS “… more showboaty”, and under present rules, Wallace should also have been fined.
    The money part of the fines needs to be reworked, obviously, not sure how. What about a flat fee? Or maybe a non-financial penalty?
    The League really needs to sit down and deal with this, get some clarity and consistency in the rules, and apply them fairly and across the board – to all teams, in every game, to nice guy players as well as to jerks.
    A short, contained celebration (jumping, fist-pumping, hollering, back-slapping) is great, but the baseball slide is too “big”, like the flip. And some celebrations are contrived, political, offensive or stupid. Players should get back to the game quickly, or the celebration verges over into gamesmanship, like freezing the kicker, in which case, maybe they should call a delay of game penalty –
    Here’s a notion: what if they didn’t do anything to change the celebrating, and players just went on doing whatever they wanted, and taking as much time as they wanted -what about the poor teams who are playing the high-scoring teams? Put Drew Brees out there celebrating after every TD, while, say, the Lions or the Bucs, have to stand on the field forever, waiting. Those poor guys will probably have gray hair by game’s end.
    I love Seasonal Sundays (Mon, Thurs) so much, the whole rest of the year seems flatter. Seems impossible that’s we’re already halfway through. At the same time that everything is getting more exciting, I’m seeing the season’s end approaching, way too soon.

  15. The NFL is quickly turning to crap…this is the last thing the league should be doing when without a CBA in place, the game is on very thin ice. Yet another reason the college game is better.

  16. Goodell is really f$$$king up the No Fun League(NFL). It won’t be long before the cheerleaders and the mascots are fined for being cheerleaders and mascots!

  17. HarrisonHits says:
    “These greedballs are only looking for money they can steal back from the players”
    Um, Bob S, believe that all money from fines goes to charity, not to the greedballs.

    as i said they are stealing back the money they had paid these players.
    and yes other greedball friends of theirs do run the charities and probably keep 95% of whatever donations they get hold of. if 5% of the money ever gets to those who in need ever get it, it would be surprising.
    fans cant bring signs – shows you the fascists who run the nfl! players that commoners cant show happiness? and that suit goodell, the paid gofer of the owners gets grilled in congress and he cant answer why nfl should have anti-trust. protection.

  18. Do you realize DeAngelo Williams got fined less for an illegal chop block? Those things put a guy’s career in fanger. And he got fined half the amount of money that this guy did for doing a baseball slide. This is unbelievable. I love the NFL but hate the No Fun League

  19. Well, this is the No Fun League. Don’t get excited! Don’t celebrate! The NFL overreacts in it’s usual clumsy manner.

  20. VandenDouche gets fined 5k for hitting Manning late below the knees in the Tennesee game and this kid, making the league minimum, gets 10k for a FREAKIN BASEBALL SLIDE.
    Un freaking believe a bull.

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