Harvin limited in practice, questionable for Sunday

[Editor’s note:  The official injury report circulated by the NFL shows that Harvin did not practice.  So our prior version of this item indicated that Harvin did not practice.  The official report sent out by the the Vikings indicate that Harvin did practice.  So apparently, he did.  Then again, the Vikings haven’t had an ideal week when it comes to reporting facts.]

Coach Brad Childress said Thursday that he expected rookie receiver Percy Harvin to return to practice on Friday.  And Harvin did indeed practice, on a limited basis. 

Harvin, who was named the Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week after returning a kickoff 88 yards for a score against the Steelers, is listed as questionable.

Fullback Fahu Tahi, in an inteview that airs at some point between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. ET on Sporting News Radio’s Todd Wright Tonight, suggested that the illness from which Harvin was suffering has no relation to his past issues with migraines.

Also, cornerback Antoine Winfield will miss the game due to a foot that reportedly has a fractured bone in it.  Receiver Bernard Berrian (hamstring), linebacker Jasper Brinkley (hamstring), and Tahi (knee)
are questionable. 

Quarterback Brett Favre (hip), linebacker E.J. Henderson (knee), linebacker Ben Leber (calf), cornerback Karl Paymah (quadricep), and receiver Darius Reynaud (hamstring) are probable.

Favre did not complete a full practice all week.  However, the probable designation means that there is a virtual certainty that he’ll be available for normal duty, and it’s more than virtually certain that he wouldn’t miss Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field, even if he were missing a limb.

For the Packers, running back Korey Hall (calf) and receiver Jordy Nelson (knee)
are out.  Tight end Jermichael Finley (knee) and center Jason Spitz (back)
are doubftul.

“Questionables” include tackle Chad Clifton (ankle), safety Derrick Martin (hamstring), and defensive end Jarius Wynn (hamstring).

Linebacker Clay Matthews (jaw), quarterback Aaron Rodgers (foot), guard Josh Sitton (hand), tackle Mark Tauscher (knee), and cornerback Charles Woodson (hip) are probable.

34 responses to “Harvin limited in practice, questionable for Sunday

  1. Harvin is questionable…so is his committment to playing at this level. Huge talent, zero heart.

  2. Star Tribune out of Minneapolis reported that he returned to practice today and is listed as questionable? And they have Tahi upgraded to probable? Hm. Which to believe?

  3. @ Tundrastruck – Any person that thinks Percy has no heart, don’t know football. Kids a beast. Hope he pulls through to show the Pack what Rookie of the Year looks like. Ever have one??

  4. Tundrastruck:
    You’re kidding, right? There are things to criticize Harvin on…..heart isn’t one of them. The kid has had a shoulder injury for weeks now, and has re-injured it multiple times, yet he keeps playing through it. And he also has migraines, yet hasn’t missed hardly any game time. Check your facts before you spout off about stuff you clearly aren’t informed on.

  5. The Packers website and Star Tribune both said he had limited practice today. Might want to check into that.

  6. Harvin is always questionable.
    Good job Florio on pointing out that when he has these monthly spells he misses 2 days.
    He is just one hit away from a 4 game suspension.

  7. Tundrastruck says:
    October 30, 2009 7:37 PM
    Harvin is questionable…so is his committment to playing at this level. Huge talent, zero heart.
    You….are a complete chumbolone. A person who is notably stupid or severely lacking in judgment.
    or simply put a chode…..

  8. “Then again, the Vikings haven’t had an ideal week when it comes to reporting facts”
    A bit of an understatement, wouldn’t you say. The Vikings are clueless but they do lead the league in false death reports.

  9. @PervyHarvin — I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but Percy’s had lots of surprising ailments and he had the “lack of heart” reputation coming out of Florida.
    And like the Vikings, the Packers have had four Rookies of the Year since the awards were created in 1955.

  10. Hey Pervy Harvin,
    The Packers have 3 SuperBowl rings… ever have one?? You need to actually win a SuperBowl to get one.

  11. 1mge, and all other Packer fans — yes the 1996 Packers won the Super Bowl, and the Vikings have never won one. That’s a fact.
    But come on, unless you have gradchildren, quit bragging about the first two. In the 1960s the NFL had about 12 teams and then played the Super Bowl against a champion from a league with inferior talent. That’s why the Jets winning Super Bowl 3 is still one of the all-time biggest upsets.
    You don’t hear Browns fans bragging about dominating the AAFL in the 1950s. You don’t hear Minnesota fans talking about winning six national championships in college football.
    So it’s Packers 1, Vikings 0 in Super Bowls. Patting yourself on the back for the Lombardi days is about as pathetic as wearing your high school letter jacket 20 or 30 years later.

  12. Yes, Harvin has had his share of ailments, including a history of debilitating migraines. But, he has played through most of them – he has demonstrated a lot of toughness & skill on the football field this year. Tundrapunk, ever tried playing with an f*%$ing migraine, or a shoulder contusion choir boy, particularly as a kick returner – with arguably one of the most dangerous & high impact collision potential of any position? Percy has played through a lot of pain & injuries throughout his college & brief NFL career.
    Where is the heart of the Packer kick returners? How many of these pansies have the Pack been through this year? Jordy Nelson & Will Blackmon are both out with injured taints…..boo freakin’ hoo!

  13. 1mge – How many current Packers have 3 Superbowl rings?………That’s what I thought.
    Now all the Pack fans can gather around the campfire and sing “Glory Days” – all together now, a one, a two, a three…..
    Now go be a good boy and help Max McGee’s widow clean off her GD roof this winter when it ices up.

  14. @ GoUPackers – good google stats. I didn’t take the time. Only time will tell huh, I’m not a fortune teller.
    @1mg – Hey,enjoy the rings. They mean jack shit in 2009. Ali was the greatest, Jack Nicklaus once was king, Kirstie Alley was skinny. Great memories,but that is all they are.Time waits for no one. The Pack is haunted by ghosts of days gone past, unable to prove themselves in the modern era. Yet,you want to blow the horns of supremacy,delusional to say the least.

  15. Even thought the Vikings went to the superbowl 4 times and dint win they still have as much honor and bragging as the Packers stupid 3, We didnt lose those superbowls we got screwed by the refs and it happens all time today, sick of it the Vikes should of been in 5 superbowls in the last 10 years but they get screwd by refs all the time. We need culppper back he would help us get there

  16. Swine flu anyone? Suppose Harvin has the dreaded H1N1. Should the Vikes keep him out of practice? (ans: duh)
    Maybe they should also keep it quiet.
    How did the Browns perform last week?
    Maybe going against an entire (crappy) team with swine flu will give the opposing (a little less crappy) team an appearance of invincibility, raising false expectations.
    Until they play a real team without swine flu.

  17. We’ll see how much “heart” Harvin has when catches a couple TD’s from favre at lamblow. Favre has taken this young guy under his wing BIG TIME and its like they are making each other play better.
    way to class things up you GB trolls, also, keep up the great work bob nelson, you are succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.

  18. Bob Loblaw thinks geriatics are the only ones that can reflect on the history of a franchise. How convenient for him, that he can dismiss the 4 failed attempts to secure a Super Bowl trophy as well.
    I think Dr. Phil did a show about denial and how is stiffles one’s growth. Might be worth a look see there Bob.

  19. So odd that despite the fact that Brett said clearly in his Wednesday press conf that he had “not been feeling very well since last Friday”, no one anywhere (that I’ve seen or heard) has made a comment about this. He looked shot to —- on that press conference, and AD made a negative comment as to his mood.
    Woulda thought the prospect of BF being “out sick” in Packers week would have caused the conjecture junkies to exult, the comic sports commentators to create millions of jokes, and the Favre-haters to charge flop! And Childress to grunt with import. But nope, nuthin’. Just odd.

  20. Do you morons realize how sad it is that your self-worth is totally dependent on a few football games that were won or lost about 40 years ago? It’s a shame that your heros from the 60’s aren’t going to be any help to the current version of the Packers. Those who want to believe that first game was close because the Vikings were willing to let the Packers score at the end as long as the clock kept running are kidding themselves. It was quite clear who the better team was. Good job with the Browns and Lions though. I seem to remember that when the Vikings beat those teams it was just further evidence of how much the Vikings suck. The Packers beat them and it’s “we finally got our o-lie figured out” and “This is the way the defense should have been playing all along”. They then want to tell Vikings fans that Favre isn’t our savior. What they really mean is “He’s not your savior, he was our savior first”. If it weren’t for Favre that team wouldn’t even be there anymore. They were a complete joke for 25 years before he showed up and they are well on their way back to that.
    But by all means, continue to brag about football games played before most of us were born. And I’ll say that the Gophers are a million times better than the Badgers because MN has won multiple titles and WI has never managed even one. So what if it was in the 40’s? That means that everything about the Gophers is exponentially better. Everything.

  21. Again, Harvin will play Sunday unless he actually does have the flu which I certainly hope is not the case. I would like both teams to be healthy this Sunday–no excuses
    Favre will play unless he’s dead!
    @Loblaw–anyone who can wear his high school letter jacker after 20-30 years should do so–PROUDLY
    @mw–you mean a team like, like—-
    the Steelers

  22. Yes Packers fans. You won one super bowl in the last 40 years. Less than the average team but still one more than the Vikings. But we have your QB. So there!
    *sticks tongue out*

  23. Hey Loblow, you Vikings fan provide great humor. With your logic in statistics I guess every NFL team’s record is 0-0 even though it’s week 8???
    Right, or do you want count the 7 weeks this year then go back 6 games last year or what ever works in your favor??
    Superbowls only count for the past… 10 years becouse that help MN
    Win/loss only counts for… last 7 games but not game 7… we won’t count last week.
    Favre sucked at GB… oh wait now he is great becouse he’s at MN.
    The N Stars rule… oh wait, now they suck becouse they left MN.
    2 years from now:Vikings rule… oh wait, now they suck becouse their in L.A.
    Hey Superbowlvikings…shouldn’t your id be NOsuperbowlvikings?? Truth hurts.

  24. You whats a joke is that our Vikings havent won a darned superbowl! Thats the biggest joke of all, i hate packers alot but at least they won the big prize beofrre and we didnt

  25. Superbowlvikings, I hope to heck the Vikings don’t win a superbowl but if they do..congrads will be in order. At least towards posters like you not some of these A-holes (on both sides)

  26. @ 1mge
    I am a pack fan also, but if you go back & read some of SuperbowlVikings posts I think you’ll see theres no need to offer “congrads”. He’s an obvious imposter (other words dual account troll).
    For example:
    SuperbowlViking says:
    October 30, 2009 11:43 PM
    Even thought the Vikings went to the superbowl 4 times and dint win they still have as much honor and bragging as the Packers stupid 3, We didnt lose those superbowls we got screwed by the refs and it happens all time today, sick of it the Vikes should of been in 5 superbowls in the last 10 years but they get screwd by refs all the time. We need culppper back he would help us get there
    I mean, no body’s that stupid, right? No, seriously…

  27. Maybe it is better that one your own spells it out for you…
    To get the measure of what’s taking place in Valhalla, we turned to Keith Richotte Jr., whose devotion to the Vikings, which may on some level be spiritually nurturing, often is more like an infection for which there is no treatment, ultimately leading to ruin.
    A trace of Richotte’s hellish circumstance is contained in the title of his book, “My Least Favorite Team Is My Favorite Team: How the Minnesota Vikings Have Made Me Hate Every Team in Professional Football.”
    We reached Richotte, a law professor at the University of North Dakota, at his office and asked him how his dark burden is holding up in the sunny face of a 6-1 start with a future Hall of Fame quarterback at the helm.
    “There are a lot of Vikings fans who very clearly were disappointed at bringing Brett Favre on the team,” Richotte said. “But the thing is, when you are a Vikings fan, you kind of have to take what you can get. Because the team is so ridiculous, and there have been so many ridiculous episodes during my lifetime – the whole Love Boat business, the scalping tickets, Red McCombs – you have to learn to love the team for its ridiculousness.
    “I realized this is who Brett Favre is. He’s a goofball. As long as you don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, you can just enjoy the ride.”
    Normally, a Vikings fan would be suspicious of a fast start. It means destruction is just ahead. But every once in a while, according to Richotte, the Vikings surprise their fans, get them believing again. Richotte said that is the place he is at the moment, believing the Vikings may do something worthy.
    “(Favre) might actually be changing the culture,” Richotte said. “It really doesn’t help that everyone in the national media, every single time they talk about Brett Favre, it’s always, ‘If he can stay healthy.’ You understand that to a certain extent – his arm was injured last year – but it’s not exactly as if this guy is a rose that’s been dipped in liquid nitrogen. He holds the record for the most consecutive starts. You couple that with the fact that he had that miracle comeback against San Francisco, it’s entirely possible he could be changing the culture around here, which will only make it that much more devastating when they do screw it up.”

  28. As we approach the “second coming of Favre” game between the Packers and Vikings, one pundit observed that the “bitter rivalry” between the teams perhaps deserved as much attention as the homecoming of the prodigal quarterback. Phooey. Last time I looked, it took two to create a rivalry. This “rivalry” is mostly wishful thinking by Minnesotans.
    It is difficult for a long-time backer of a 12-time world champion team to get excited about playing a team that never has captured the title. And I have trouble working up animosity for an expansion club that plays its home games on a tennis court. The Vikings are more of an aggravation than a rival.
    There now is talk of moving the Minnesota franchise to Los Angeles. If that happens, descendants of Leif Ericson can start circulating tales about their ancestor landing on the West Coast. Those stories will be about as credible as descriptions of a Packers-Vikings “rivalry” currently emanating from the Twin Cities.
    Favre’s return to Green Bay is exciting. Bringing the Vikings along is not.
    When we play da Bears, that’s a rivalry.

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