Photos emerge of Chilly in drag

On last week’s flight from Minnesota to Pittsburgh, Vikings coach Brad Childress dressed up like a flight attendant.

A flight attendant with a mustache.  And a beard.

Photos have emerged, and our pal Brooks has both of them in one place.

There have been conflicting accounts regarding the reason for Chilly’s decision to make like RuPaul.  Either he was trying to get his players loose for Sunday’s game, or he was using a little Clockwork Orange logic in the hopes of getting them to refrain from playing grab ass with the real flight attendants.

Either way, it’s good the Vikings lost at Pittsburgh.  Otherwise, Childress might feel compelled to continue to don the outfit for road trips.

And, yeah, it’s probably a good thing Larry Johnson doesn’t play for Minnesota.

50 responses to “Photos emerge of Chilly in drag

  1. Chilly has co-opted the “Hawg” mentality of the old Redskins teams. Now that mojo is with the Vikings.
    Skol Vikings!

  2. He probably dresses that way at home too, leave the man alone. Remember that Jesse Ventura used to be governor. You just don’t appreciate Minnesota.

  3. That viking immorality comes from the top down. NonChristian ownership, flaky cross dressing coach, substance abusers on the team, steroid masking agents, numerous arrests, etc.
    No wonder the Commisioner has to go before Congress to explain why he tolerates such an organization ruining the reputation of the league.

  4. Forget Larry Johnson and Bob Griese’s epithets of the past week. As one who has dated two very good looking flight attendants in my lifetime, I am extremely offended by Brad Childress’s portrayal here.
    Go get him Roger! 2 game suspension minimum.

  5. Chilly was living out, metaphorically, the life of the Viking fan.
    After 40 some years of bending over and grabbing your ankles, its just easier when you wear a dress.
    Still, I have high hopes that Ziggy will do the right thing and give him a 10 year contract extension. He is the perfect coach for the “fair” weather fans of the Vikings.

  6. I love that this guy thinks he’s a real coach.
    I guarantee his attitude was “Ohhh, I’ll dress up like a woman. Then the players will see I’m not just this hard-nosed fire-and-brimstone guy always riding their ass. I have a softer side like in movies about coaching or that Bill Parcells Doritos commercial.”
    Meanwhile….does ANYONE actually respect the guy? He’s clearly a neomaxi zoom dweebie.

  7. Roger Goodell this is how you globalize your league…………..into to a laughing stock.
    Lombardi, Stram, Brown, Shula, Noll and Walsh paved the road to coaching greatness, a tradition that is clearly being carried on in Minnesota.
    For Childress’s next act he will charter a party boat and do his thing.

  8. Well we know there were no players joining the Mile High Club on this flight.
    This is something I’d expect from Clinton Portis…
    And to think we though Chilly as a conservative and by the book guy. Oh wait that’s his play calling. :O

  9. Good sense of humor Chilly! Even though they look pretty damn creepy. Hope he doesn’t do this at home jagged up on vodka. Pretty fuzzy though, sure that isn’t you jorgay??? LOL

  10. Bob Nelson has finally answered the question of who’s the woman when he and Jiminy Smith get together. It’s obviously not Bob.
    But seriously, you’ve crossed the line, Bob, equating nonChristian with immoral. I thought you just a lunatic, but you’re a narrow-minded bigot as well.

  11. I’m sure Chilly probably hopes everybody thinks this is the first time he has dressed in women’s clothing for Farvy. I doubt it.

  12. @ Bob Nelson
    Let me get this straight…did you just say its immoral to be non-Christian in your post? Seriously? Thats what you are all about?

  13. That is funny he looks super creepy. Cant wait for the game on sunday so the Pack can embares him even more. Ha Ha Vikng fans you guys are loosers.

  14. Florio, I know you probably have never seen the inside of a commercial airliner, but your post should clarify that he was dressed as a female flight attendant. Some actual flight attendants are indeed male.

  15. Well it’s become apparent that Brett wears the (wranglers) in that relationship. Maybe Brett was buying a wash-machine at Sears for chilly in those stupid commercials. Next you will read they are moving to San Francisco or something.
    GO PACK!!

  16. It started with the pink-visored cap. He couldn’t bottle it up inside anymore, it opened up the floodgates. Viking to DragQueen. Wonder who’s next to come out of the closet? My guess it’s that goat-roping mullethead.

  17. Zigi probally told him let’s win a Super Bowl first, then we can talk about the cheerleading squad.

  18. I find this to be pretty funny. I also find it to be funny that so many fans of other teams are taking it so seriously.
    It’s football. It’s supposed to be fun. That’s why people play it. It’s a fun game.
    Childress was trying to keep his players loose before the game.
    Get over yourselves!
    Doesn’t anybody know that to this day male Redskins fans wear dresses and pig snouts to games? They are the “Hawgs.” They are having fun. Good for them.
    Lighten up.
    This reminds me of Juan Pablo Montoya, the great Columbian race car driver. Bob Griese jokes on air that he’s out eating a taco, the dish from Mexico. Wrong country, Bob! Off with his head. Well, ESPN suspended Griese for his harmless, funny remark. No joking about tacos for you! Except Montoya blows ESPN away, and says on Twitter that he is going out to eat some tacos!
    A little humor is much appreciated. Football is supposed to be a fun game.

  19. “deymond says:
    October 30, 2009 10:41 PM
    Florio, I know you probably have never seen the inside of a commercial airliner, but your post should clarify that he was dressed as a female flight attendant. Some actual flight attendants are indeed male.”
    Not according to Larry Johnson.

  20. Did you seriously write this article without even considering the fact that Halloween is tomorrow? Good job.

  21. That was horrible. *reaches for mind-bleach*
    Some folk are just unfortunate in that they happen to look like the sort that probably has a restraining order on them, and when they try to be “cute”, it often just sorta comes off as extra creepy.
    That said, if I ever see Chilly out in a trenchcoat, I do believe that I’m walking in the other direction, just to be safe.

  22. wow, coach childress really doesn’t look good in a dress, its probably his first time. Unlike some coaches and GM’s over in GB……
    Honestly folks, its funny. If it was the offseason, and he was dressed this way to go buy socks at walmart, I’d have a few reservations, but its halloween and he was getting a laugh out of the team. These sort of things build unity, which is always a good thing for a team.

  23. I can only hope that Bob Nelson’s post was tongue and cheek. “Non-christian” equals immoral? If you meant it, you are a sad little man Bob. Somebody should nail your bigot minded ass to a cross.

  24. No wonder they lost at Pittsburgh. Halloween is the 31st, he dressed up like a lady a week ago, bit of a reach.

  25. wow…how queer.
    If I was Leatherneck, Hauschild, PervyHarvin, Fanoffootball, etc. I would be embarrassed.
    In fact, all of Skol Nation is rejoicing due to the coming out party of their beloved 53.
    Packers by alot on Sunday.

  26. A male flight attendant would be feminine enough to make a point and would be funny. Donning the wig and makeup is just plain disturbing. Those pictures need to have a warning label on them.
    After all, we always knew he was Favre’s b*tch, nice of him to finally show everyone else.

  27. You know what I love? Less than 24 hours ago Viking Fans were teeing off on the fact that the Packers renamed a street for their Qb and were having people wear flip flops to work to poke fun at Favre’s indecision…and yet those things made Packer fans idiot rednecks etc etc.
    MY HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED….hahahahha, god the Vikings are a pathetic organization. Do you think Childress got fluffed in the cockpit from Favre after doing his run way modelling down the aisle?

  28. Bob,
    You remind me of why my Christian ass decided going to church was the least moral thing I could do.

  29. Bill Walsh dressed as a hotel doorman to greet his team before a Super Bowl.
    That’s all you need to know.

  30. He got word that tomlin likes white girls. The sad thing is he looks like a creep on the sidelines too, a perfect suspect on an SVU episode with his creepy beard and bald head. Bob Nelson it’s ownerships fault, if they were good ole christians he’d let him NAMBLA pamphlets plop out from his playbook instead of dressing in drag. Youre the same cat who respects senator Craig, talk about a good christian republican from Minn, enjoy your bathroom visits with him and BRAD.

  31. i love how the viking fans try and correlate this to the redskins or using halloween as an excuse for an NFL head coach to dress as a woman on a plane, it was a week before halloween. Yentil dresses up like this on passover too.

  32. Hey Bob (with 2 o’s), in the words of Gumpy Old Men…………You PUTZ. You are the classic example of the state you live in. I wish we could take down the bridges and keep you losers penned up in your own state like animals should be.

  33. All these comments and not ONE PERSON observed that Roethlisberger would definitely hit that? I am surprised.

  34. My Dad has been a Viking fan seeson ticket holder in forever so sometimes he likes to wear Moms underware so he dress like a lady stuff his bra and wear Moms studwell jersey, she get mad but he dont care he says it gets him ready for the game, you see there is notuin like a coach that like his own wife cloths to wear when we go to superbowl we are goign top bring moms clothes to the place we stay so dad can get readi for the Vikes to destroy the other teem so we will win.

  35. @BobDouchnozzleNelson
    “That viking immorality comes from the top down. NonChristian ownership”
    So thats why you are so obsessesed with hating the Vikings. You hate them because Wilf owns them and he is Jewish.
    You have taken your sad stupidity to a whole new level. Bravo.

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