Tony Dungy: Tim Tebow will be a great NFL quarterback

The biggest question mark in the 2010 NFL Draft is Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who’s viewed by some as a future franchise quarterback and by others as a guy who will need to move to another position if he’ll ever make it as a pro.

Count Tony Dungy as emphatically believing that Tebow will be an NFL superstar.

Appearing Friday morning on The Dan Patrick Show, Dungy said he believes the combination of leadership and athletic ability that Tebow has will make him an elite NFL quarterback — and more than make up for any questions about his throwing motion.

“As a coach, I always like winners,” Dungy said. “Tim Tebow doesn’t have the classic throwing motion, he doesn’t have the accuracy, maybe, right now that some people are looking for, but I think when he gets into a pro system that really stresses throwing the ball accurately, the big thing is he makes the people around him better. And he’s won. … I think he’s going to be a great player in the NFL.”

Dungy said that if he were running a team with a Top 10 pick, he’d take Tebow. Patrick then asked Dungy who he’d pick for his team if he could have any of the top college quarterbacks, including Washington’s Jake Locker, Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen, Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Texas’s Colt McCoy. Dungy didn’t hesitate and said, “I’m taking Tebow.”

One of the knocks on Tebow is that during his stellar career in Florida’s spread offense, he’s never been asked to make the kinds of throws that quarterbacks in prototypical NFL offenses have to make. But Dungy said a good coach can take advantage of Tebow’s strengths.

“Is it ever going to be Peyton Manning-ish? Maybe not,” Dungy said of Tebow’s throwing motion. “But I just think what you can do with him, the problems he creates for a defense, the combination of leadership and what he’s shown, if I have him, defenses have to prepare for a totally different offense. … He’s going to give teams the most headaches getting ready for him.”

Dungy also said he thinks the Titans are making the right move by starting Vince Young over Kerry Collins, and that if he were the coach of the Chiefs he’d get rid of Larry Johnson.

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  1. “Dungy also said he thinks the Titans are making the right move by starting Vince Young over Kerry Collins.”
    You should have put this in the first paragraph so I wouldn’t have to waste time reading the entire article.

  2. Tebow’s leadership and passion are beyond question and some of the best I’ve ever seen. But Dungy is on crack if he thinks Tebow is going to be a successful NFL quarterback.
    Okay, he can if he sits on the bench for three or four years and studies, but what team can let him sit that long? He plays in a system where he doesn’t have to make NFL reads, has terrible throwing mechanics, and takes off and runs way too easily.
    I’d move him to inside linebacker. I think he could be great there once he learned the position. Or maybe use him as a Mike Alstott type guy in the running game and have him run the Wildcat too. That has serious possibilities.
    But as full time starter taking snaps from under center and throwing 25-35 passes a game? No thanks.

  3. Does anyone care anymore what Tony Dungy has to say? I mean seriously, no one cares what Jimmy Johnson has to say, no one cares about what Mike Ditka has to say, etc. Why can’t Tony Dungy just fade away like all other coaches who feel they need to retire after a SuperBowl? It is to the point where you cant take him seriously becuase he goes after issues that keep him in the news, like Michael Vick. Florio, get off his sack just because he works for NBC. No one is going to watch Football Night in America anyways.

  4. I was totally sold on Vince Young for the same reasons. awesome leader, big time game winner, with a seeming intangible to win that big game despite lacking traditional QB skills.
    Unfortunately it hasn’t translated well into the NFL. Unless Vince Young can get his act together starting this Sunday, I don’t see Tebow as any different, despite how great of a college player both these guys are/were.

  5. Dungy is crazy if he thinks Tebow will be a good NFL QB. At best he’ll be a TE in the NFL and maybe used as a QB for trick plays.

  6. Supporter of VY, Vick, and Tebow unite! Runners who can’t through clearly dominate in the big boy leagues.

  7. I’m curious as to how Tebow’s leadership and various intangibles translate to the pro game. If I’m a 10 year veteran, I’m not sure how I feel about this rookie kid in my face screaming, and I’m not sure what team he’s the answer for. Certainly not Jacksonville, where he’d be a step down from not-the-problem David Garrard.
    Maybe Minnesota, where the media could craft their ultimate narrative, the Tebow-learns-from-Farve-as-they-go-fishing-together story.

  8. Winning quarterback with an odd throwing style and accuracy issues. Yeah, take him high in the draft. Oh wait, the Titans did that already. Exact same things were said about Vince Young.
    Take the accurate guy over the name. You can get the name when you win games by putting the ball in the receivers’ hands.

  9. Dungy might need to get his eyes checked. The last month and a half has proven that Tebow isn’t even the best QB in the state of Florida. In terms of NFL potential he might actually be fourth after Christian Ponder (FSU), Jacory Harris (UM) and Rusty Smith (FAU). The Gators offense is awful right now and all that Tebow can do is run. I would love to see him try that run up the middle crap against Minnesota or Pittsburgh. They will break him in half.

  10. Maybe Dungy can coach again and get Tebow, Wonderlic and Ookie as his quarterbacks.
    He better get Greene, Lambert, Ham and Blount back on the field if he has a prayer of winning with that trio.

  11. This is one of the interesting dilemmas that front offices have today – Deciding whether to listen to the scouting staff saying “if it looks like a duck,” or the coaching staffing insisting “it may look like a duck but I’ll make it an albatross…”
    Looking at Tebow from a scouting perspective though, I can’t comprehend how a top ten team can be willing to risk that kind of money on him at QB – obviously elite character kid but he is a mess in terms of everything else required of an NFL QB. Maybe Jacksonville in an effort to sell seats, but that will only save the franchise for 1 or 2 more years.
    Easy thing for Dungy to say behind the media desk…

  12. Yeah send Dungy and Tebow to Washington.
    That combination would make you long for the days of Spurrier or Heath Shuler…

  13. Man those born agains sure do stick together dont they. He will be a wasted draft pick for someone.

  14. Tebow = Vince Young 2.0
    I’ve seen every one of his games, the kid is a fullback playing QB. Reminds me of Dan Kendra.
    Give me Christian Ponder any day.
    I do however think that Tebow to Minnesota could be down right nasty. Tebow, Harvin, and AP in the backfield…

  15. Right Tony, Tim Tebow will be a great NFL QB right after Mike Vick shows himself to be a remorseful, caring individual with redeeming qualities…

  16. Tony Dungy is the most overrated head coach of all time. Actually, he and Brian Billick are very close.
    Peyton Manning was the head coach of that team. No doubt about it. Look at Jim Caldwell – they dont miss Dungy one bit. Florio could be the HC of that team.
    Same thing with Billick when Ray Lewis and that D were in their prime in Baltimore. Easy job. Ray Lewis was the HC of that team.
    The true talents of both those teams were Ozzie Newsome, and Bill Polian. And neither one of those guys wouyld ever draft Tebow in the 1st round.

  17. Tony Dung. Great man. Great coach.
    Not a great evaluator of quarterbacks. Not a terrible evaluator of quarterbacks, but not a great one.
    That is all.

  18. Tony Dungy. Great man. Great coach.
    Not a great evaluator of quarterbacks. Not a terrible evaluator of quarterbacks, but not a great one.
    That is all.

  19. I can’t even name the last Florida qb that did good in the nfl…..chris leak? rex grossman? danny wuerffel?

  20. Florio – seriously bro, you have really sold out… used to be a time whenever you slammed a post out here it contained a good hardy Florio sarcastic retort – now that you’ve gone mainstream – this really is no different then every other internet blogger wanna be…… sad, Florio, real sad…

  21. Tebow plays almost exclusively out of the shotgun. He’s hardly taken a snap under center at Florida. Dungy, how can he make the transition to pro-ball absence the capability of throwing under center, rolling-out, and play-action? This guy will have to play some gimmicky wildcat position in the NFL with Miami or any other offense looking for a way to cheapen their game…

  22. i’m sick of hearing how tebow’s determination will cause him to be great. as if no other player in the ncaa–or nfl for that matter– has any determination.

  23. I wonder if Dungy’s religous views make Tebow more desirable to him as a player? Another thing is Tony Dungy could not tell you who Christian Ponder or Zac Robinson is right now. IE, he is not very informed on college QBs. Dungy has not even evaluated Tebow. His evaluation is based off of a personal bond he has with Tebow due to Christianity. Also, Dungy drafted a 5’10” Shaun King in the second round so I am not sure he has much cred regarding drafting a QB. He walked in on Peyton, he had nothing to do with drafting him.

  24. Why is Tony Dungy always in everyone’s business. Look I liked the guy, but he is not Vince Lombardi. He never was able to win before he had Manning.
    I don’t know, I just feel like he is always sticking his stupid face into every damn discussion.

  25. I used to think Tebow would make it in the NFL. This year I really started to pay attention to him.
    Danny Wuerffel was a great leader too. Tebow has a Byron Leftwichish windup when he throws.
    Any team that takes him in the top 10 is crazy. Unless they want to pay $30M guaranteed to a TE. If Jacksonville takes him, it’s only to sell tix.

  26. For all the “experts” wondering why Dungy should have an opinion…..let’s see, wherever he went he turned crap into a winner. His drafts tended to be very solid, often with players undervalued by other teams. His players played their butts off for him because he seems to understand true leadership.
    All in all, I’ll take Dungy’s opinion over the whiny know-it-alls that write insults but have never accomplished much more than heaving their butt off the coach now and then to go take a leak.

  27. @ DMurph…I love sarcastic assholes like yourself who love to criticize others and make smug remarks but you CAN’T EVEN SPELL RIGHT!!!
    I believe the word is T-H-R-O-W..not through smart guy!! LOL

  28. You idiots crack me up. Like ANY of you know MORE than Tony Dungy about evaluating talent. Lord oh Lord..
    Guess that is why he is doing what he is and you’re on this site criticizing everyone else in the NFL.
    They guy turned around Tampa Bay, made them successful, and then turned the Colts into a Superbowl champion.
    And you dolts think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  29. @chapnasty and Vox
    He didn’t think giving up a bunch of draft picks for Roy Williams was very intelligent? I would have to agree with him.

  30. well he did hit the right note on larry johnson. he is a cancer, and lets face it… the chiefs can also go 2-14 without him.
    in fact, they might do better without him.

  31. I guarantee you that if the Skins don’t fire Cerrato, he will draft Tebow. Tebow will NOT be a useful NFL QB. Too raw.
    I’ll bet that by draft day, he won’t even be a consensus top 5 QB prospect. But Vinny will like him.

  32. @WWNYGD
    He works for NBC Sunday Night Football, you idiot.
    Do you want him to go on the show and say no comment to the questions he is asked?

  33. Something else, has anyone noticed the problem for the poor teams in the league this year? It’s their O-Line. I mean it’s an obvious to anyone who actually knows something about football (based on some comments on this site I dont know how many peopel that applies to) the key to winning is a strong O-Line. So why even waste a top pick on someone like Tebow? A lot of the QB’s on bad teams this year would be better than Tebow if they had the O-Line. It’s sad when the basic knowledge and foundation of football is gone and it is all about money and selling tickets.

  34. I agree, but with limitations… he could improve and fix those limitations with good coaching, however.
    I’m thinking Los Angeles will get their team next year and draft Tebow… maybe they’ll call the new team LA FootBall Angels or HardBall Christians, I dunno………..

  35. Dungy was a great coach, but it’s hard to take him seriously, even on football matters, considering his religious beliefs. If you can believe the nonsense that is theism, you can believe anything, even that Tebow will be a great NFL QB.

  36. Hey “WWNYGD ”
    Tony Dungy didn’t just INSERT his opinion about this out there. Geez. He’s being paid to be a commentator.
    He was on a show, and was ASKED about it by Dan Partrick. What do you think Patrick asked him on the show for? To ask him about Knitting?
    What’s don’t you get about that?

  37. Troy Smith and Gino Torretta were “winners” too.
    How did that turn out?
    BTW, where’s Colt Brennan and Graham Harrell these days? Didn’t they throw for like 400 TD’s combined?
    Tim Tebow is a SYSTEM QB. He will never be a consistant winner in the NFL.

  38. Who is going to buy tickets to watch a kid ride the bench.
    Unless he can turn rain into beer, I’ll pass.

  39. “Since the Buccaneers will have the #1 pick in 2010 I’d like to see him in Tampa.”
    You really want your Bucs to continue to be the worst team in the NFL?

  40. This has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that Tebow is annoyingly religious….just like Dungy. Dungy thinks Tebow’s faith in God will win him games in the NFL. Sorry, that’s not how it works. Any team would be insane to take this heap of garbage in the first 3 rounds.

  41. Tebow is certainly very much used to the spread option style since he ran a similar system in high school. He rarely went under center, ran basically everything from the shotgun, and about 25% of the time would just take the snap and run right up the middle. I would know, since he went to my high school.
    But one thing that’s overlooked is that while he doesn’t have a quick release, he has an absolute cannon for an arm. The guy can throw the deep ball, and throw it accurately, far better than he’s ever given credit. I remember many games where he’d get pressured, scramble outside and throw 50-60 yard bombs on the run for touchdowns. And that was before he started his collegiate strength training.
    He needs a much faster release and better overall throwing motion. But he can survive behind a leaky o-line due to his size and speed and he can throw the ball downfield. I think the release and working inside the pocket or on designed rollouts can be coached.

  42. @ Steeler
    I didn’t and still dont think it was worth it. Come on man you cant just assume because I am a Cowboy fan I agree with every idiot decision Jerry Jones makes do you. 98% of his decisions are terrible. I can’t speak for VOX and I certainly dont want to try, but if you are going to call me out at least do i accurately!
    @ Truefan
    you are right about the Bucs although obviously he didn’t build it for the future because shortly after it fell apart. As far as the Colts, if you want to convince any of us that Peyton Manning wasn’t going to win a Superbowl sooner or later than you my friend are out of your mind!
    And of course Tebow is going to be a great NFL QB, he prays to God about it every night!

  43. listen prople st. dungy knows what he is talking anout,after all he has coached and developed great qb’s thru out his career.I mean he has coached peyton manning and then there was shawn king and trent dilfer and brad johnson and did I mention manning?oops guess I was wrong about being an expert,dilfer and johnson won super bowls without the expert coaching them.I hope tebow does succed but am worried now that st.dungy has given his approval.

  44. I am not an NFL GM. I never will be. But there is something simple about their job in terms of the draft that really bothers me that more of the GM’s in the league do not comprehend.
    A guy has physical tools superior to his peers? Great!
    A guy consistently has phenominal stats over the course of 3-4 college seasons? Terrific!
    A guy has a great background, a family history of elite athleticism, and is an upstanding citizen and role model? WHOOPIDY-FRICKIN-DO!
    But is he a winner? Does he love to play football? Can this guy look you in the eye and convince you that so long as there is air in his lungs and blood pumping through his veins, he will not fail his teammates, his coach, himself? Will he be preparing for every game like its his last? Will he make every sacrifice for the greater good of his franchise? Will his competitive spirit have a positive impact on those around him, raising the level of play on both sides of the ball because his teammates know they must put forth at a minimum the energy, effort and enthusiasm that he does? Is he a champion?
    Now I hate the Gators. I hate Urban Meyer. I don’t root for Tebow. But the man has IT. He can be a great quarterback, because he has the will to be. If I were a GM on a team with a Top 10 pick and a need for a franchise quarterback, I would select Tim Tebow without hesitation. Well, I might hesitate a little bit.

  45. You know who else were proven college winners? Vince Young. Matt Leinart. Troy Smith. Jason White.
    Tebow is the best in the business at what he does, and I mean that sincerely. But suceeding in a spread offense in college has almost nothing to do with playing QB in the NFL. The list of guys who have been great in college and failed in the pros is long, and just because Tebow has intangibles doesn’t mean that he’ll be any different.

  46. @Mean D …
    Yeah, I’d like to see him in Tampa, too because–like Chapnasty says–you need more than a QB to win a game.
    The way Tampa is playing, we’d get to see the almighty Tebow spending a lot of time on his back. We’d get to listen to his screaming fits (oops, motivational encouragement) on the sidelines.
    And then in the post-game press conference we’d get to see the clouds part and the sun illuminate his battered face as he raises his fist and declares “I’ll never go hungry again!” (uh-oh–wrong movie) as he raises his fist and declares how he and he alone (he doesn’t know there’s no “I” in “team”) will carry his fellow players on his back and make sure the Bucs never lose another game! Cue the roar of the crowd, the adoration of the media, the throwing of rose petals!
    Should be entertaining.

  47. Like Thom Brennaman says: “If you’re fortunate enough to spend five minutes or 20 minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it.”

  48. @jbwbubba
    HIS Tampa team won the Superbowl the year after he left. Gruden inherited Tony’s “first” Superbowl.

  49. I didnt know the team causing the other team the most headaches won the game.. What would Dungy have to know about QB talent.. he had Manning the entire time.. not that hard to fiqure out who your startin QB will be…

  50. Timbow has not played well since the concussion, plain and simple.
    The last two games he’s dove for the first down marker instead of lowering his head like a bull as he’s done in the past (don’t really blame him).
    And he’s shown questionable decision-making, like throwing the ball up for grabs while falling backwards – even he’s not THAT strong.
    I would watch what he does over the next few weeks very closely if I were an NFL personnel guy.
    Timbow is the best college player I’ve ever seen. But the aforementioned Vince Young was pretty damn good too and you see how that turned out.
    At this point, top 10 seems like a stretch, but I could see him going 15-25 in the first round maybe.
    And he’s a QB or nothing. He simply isn’t a fullback or a linebacker or a tight end or anything esle so just forget about that.

  51. IF he gets drafted to be a qb, and doesnt do well, will he get the leaf, russell, shuler treatment. i.e. labelled a bust, ripped on through the media, and generally laughed at by everyone associated with the nfl. or will there be excuses made, like its the system’s fault, it’s meyer’s fault, he never should have been asked to play qb, etc. i feel it will be the latter, due to the fact he is a good christian, who the nedia all loves.

  52. ok now i’m pissed. Christian Ponder?? really?? Have you guys watched florida state the last two years. Hell no to him. Jacory arris, now thats better if he comes out. Zac Robinson is interesting but a 3rd or 4th rounder. Again we”re bad in the wrong year as the guy to have would have been Barkley but he’s not eligible but please get off Ponder. Not a fan of that guy at all.

  53. BradyGazelle says:
    October 30, 2009 10:04 AM
    Has he even watched a Florida game? Doesn’t he know Tebow is not black?
    Hey Brady…
    Stupid and Rude. That’s why your wife meets up with me when she say’s, “I gotta run to the store”!
    Salty Kisses to you!

  54. @ deadskin: Attacking Christianity won’t make your point valid. Just be quiet and keep rooting for your Skins. Oh, by the way, your team won Super Bowls with a coach who believes in “theisim.”
    You posters attack Dungy for supporting a black man (Vick), and now you’re ripping Dungy for supporting a Christian (Tebow). You might want to look in the mirror at your own insecurities.
    Just because Dungy is a Christian, he’s not going to choose players based on their beliefs. I doubt he would have signed his pastor to be middle linebacker.
    And to you other dummies claiming Dungy is “racist,” he’s lauding Tebow, while criticizing Larry Johnson.
    Dungy is a great coach. Just because he had Manning doesn’t mitigate his greatness. Just as having Jordan, Pippen, Kobe, or Shaq doesn’t mean Phil Jackson isn’t a great coach.

  55. Tebow’s throwing motion is less of a concern for me than the fact he is always taking snaps from shotgun and not under center.
    Urban Meyer has that team built for QB’s to win at the college level, not prepare them for the NFL, unfortunately.
    That said, if the Dolphins can draft a QB in Pat White in the second round to be a Wildcat QB, i’d have no doubt that a team will draft Tebow in the first round to do something similar. Tebow brings a lot more intangibles to the table than White does, and has better NFL size for those short-yardage situations.
    Tebow can throw just fine – before this year (when he doesn’t have any receivers), he was putting up good yardage, and plenty of TDs. Give him some decent WR’s and he’ll be just fine.

  56. Since I disagree with Dungy, he must be an idiot. But wait, Dungy disagrees with me, so now I’m the idiot. Dang.

  57. Man those born agains sure do stick together dont they. He will be a wasted draft pick for someone.
    He’ll be an interesting draft pick, both in terms of where he is drafted, and what that team tries to do with his skill sets. There are lots of wasted draft picks every year, in every round. I think he’ll need to throw the ball at the combine, and make all the throws, to be drafted high in the 1st round. Teams already love his character and “intangibles” — but I think he needs a very impressive throwing display at the combine to move into the top 10.

  58. I love it when people criticize others for being rude and then they post a rude comment about that rude person. I mean how rude. I learn so much in here.

  59. @PhillyHouse …
    Beautifully said! I don’t like Tim Tebow, the waaay over-hyped Florida player, but fail to see what his faith or Tony Dungy’s has to do with this discussion. Why slam their religious beliefs in a football discussion? And deadskinsfan, more coaches than not believe in theism. Tomlin’s a believer, as are the Rooneys. Given their team’s recent success compared to yours, you might want to find some faith–and humility.

  60. I think Tim Tebow is better than people think, he is smart and can throw, the only issue will be making the transition from the spread offense to an NFL one, I do see him starting as quarterback somewhere, too many teams need a quarterback for him not to be drafted as that.

  61. Simple explanation here.
    Dungy and Tebow both share the view of “One Particular Christian God First”. They share a view of god, and they believe it up to the eyeballs. Nothing is rational and empirical in this world. Everything is human, and based on peculiar beliefs inside the cranial vault of individuals about the nature of the supernatural and the hereafter.
    That explains 100% of Dungy’s opinion.
    Being not one of those folks in the warm Christian revival type of world, I have my own opinion. I think Tebow will be great in the NFL, because he is tough, smart, educatable, and passionate. Not because of his goof-ball religious views.

  62. @ Chapnasty
    I agree with you about O-Line being important but your wrong about the problem for the bad teams is their O-Line, it’s NOT the problem is their QB position so before you say people don’t know much about FOOTBALL maybe you should pay attention.
    Now on the subject of Tebow being a great NFL QB no one knows, but going by history players who play the way he does haven’t had success I agree with Dungy when he said teams would have to prepare differently for the headaches he would give them, but that’s the same reason Tebow might not be a good NFL QB, unlike college teams in the NFL prepare longer and the players are just as big and just as fast just ask Reggie Bush and Vince Young. The good thing is Tebow seems to have a better work ethic than say a J.Russell or Vince Young. which might help him get better at the things he’s not so good at like accuracy and reading defenses

  63. The Knocks on Tebow are getting ridiculous.
    “His Thorwing motion is awkard”, and I would say Romo has a better motion but is he a Franchise QB? NO
    “He’s too small and doesn’t have Prototypical size?” Really ask Brees if size matters.
    “He can’t throw the deep ball.” Well JaMarcus Russell can throw the ball a mile and he is yet to break 50 on his QB Rating.
    What he does have translate into being worth taking a shot on. Smarts, hell Peyton and Brady don’t have the biggest arm in the league but they probably know opposing Defenses better than the DC.
    Leadership, anyone out there deny he is one of if not the only true leader coming out.
    IMHO tebow is similar to McNabb in the fact he was a “running QB with questionable arm strength and not big enough label.” While I am not a McNabb fan, but he has developed into a nice QB in the league both on and off the field.
    One final Question I would like to ask Tebow haters is this. If you were a fan of St .Louis, Cleveland, Buffalo, Dallas, Carolina, San Fransico, Jacksonville, Tennessee, or Oakland who would you rather have, your current QB or Timmy T.
    Mull that one over.

  64. No. Just no.
    Tebow’s footwork is awful. He can’t take snaps from under center. He hasn’t ran a real offense of any kind. He hasn’t thrown a single pro-route. He throws ducks and not passes.
    I could go on, but the next statement is the dagger.
    For being such a hard worker, he hasn’t developed a single thing since his sophomore season. He’s, quite honestly, a worse football player now than then.
    Tim Tebow is the most obvious bust ever. If he doesn’t bust, you should just start picking players in the draft at random. Scouting will be pointless.

  65. @Drat …
    That is THE stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. YOU think Tebow will be great in the NFL because he is tough, smart, educatable, and passionate. But Tony Dungy, a longtime successful, Super Bowl-winning head coach couldn’t possibly be considering the same things you are. Oh no, he’s considering only that he and Tebow share a similar faith. “That explains 100% of Dungy’s opinion.”
    No, you’re not one of the folks in the warm Christian revival type of world.” You’re an arrogant “goof-ball” mind reader. Could you be anymore condescending and dismissive of Dungy’s football credentials? Good grief.

  66. Comparing Tebow to Vince Young is absolutely ridiculous. Vince Young is vastly more gifted athletically, giving him extreme speed and elusive qualities like Michael Vick.
    Tim Tebow doesn’t have separation speed and often has to lower his head a la Mike Alstott. And this is against the SEC, not the NFL. If Matt Jones was the QB for the Gators these past 4 years, god only knows how much bs would be coming out Gainesville.
    Tebow is a great guy and leader, but I dont see it. The guy looked awful against Miss St, for crying out loud.
    After all, Percy Harvin was the reason they won last year.

  67. “Since the Buccaneers will have the #1 pick in 2010 I’d like to see him in Tampa.
    You really want your Bucs to continue to be the worst team in the NFL?”
    Do either of you really think that the Bucs will win less games than my Rams??? They’ll have the #1 pick and they damn sure better not pick Tebow OR Bradford. We need a QB, but I’m not sold on Tebow’s mechanics, nor am I sold on Bradford’s ability to take hits in the NFL. Put Bradford’s abilty into Tebow’s body, then we’re talking.

  68. I would give him a shot on the Vikings.Don’t be surprised if we make a play for him. Paul Allen,voice of the Vikings is beating the Tebow drum big(not that he gets to pick). Don’t throw him to the wolves to become Akili Smith. Give him a year under Brett Favre to get the pro game(if Favre isn’t playing for the Broncos by then).
    Sure he telegraphs throws,has a low delivery and has takes too long to release at times. He is a smart kid,see if he can be coached. Runs better than a Culpepper and has the size of Roethlisberger. Better football IQ than Vince Young(is that saying much?) He is a quality individual,just what Chilly and Zig like(sure he would pass on the Love Boat invitation). “Sorry Smoot,I have choir practice.” What do we have to lose, T-Joke is our future!
    AD,Harvin,Rice,Shiancoe,Berrian and Tebow?? Could be a Chilly “kick ass offense!”

  69. I like Tebow as a college player. I have my doubts whether he can be a good or great QB in the NFL

  70. @ Darkhorse
    Name me one of the “bad” teams that has a good O-line…. I wont hold my breath dont worry…..
    I like the above comments regarding Tebows work ethic. He may work his butt off but he hasn’t improved on any of his weaknesses. Just because someone works their tail off doesn’t mean they are going to be good. How many high school players bust their tails to be the best at that level? That is infact probably the last level kids do bust their tails and how many of them get to play D-1 football? Fact is, work only gets you so far. Kind of like talent. The true secret is an athlete who has the proper combination of the 2. I think Tebow will be a great HS football coach next season.
    @ Deb
    this is extremely sexist but it is awesome to hear a woman know what she is talking about with when it comes to football.

  71. “Nothing is rational and empirical in this world. Everything is human, and based on peculiar beliefs inside the cranial vault of individuals about the nature of the supernatural and the hereafter.”
    @ Drat:
    So tell us, Oh Exalted Griot, how should we view the world? Also in your words Tebow is
    “tough, smart, educatable, and passionate.” I wonder what is the source of those attributes?
    So let me get this straight: man evolving from apes…not goof ball. An explosion, which usually destroys things, created billions of atoms…not goof ball. Not knowing the cause of said explosion or why it put everything in motion…not goof ball. Relying on “empirical” data, even though at times doing this has resulted in false information…not goof ball.
    Believing in an all-knowing, all-powerful God who provides success on and off the field to people like Tebow and Dungy…”goof ball.”
    I think I see the light…

    You just managed to ignore what makes the QB you listed great. They have many of the things Tebow does not.
    The fact that one QB in the NFL does not have or does have one thing is irrelevant. It’s the sum of the parts that make the whole. A lot of Tebow’s parts are being questioned (although anyone who questions a 6’3″ 240lb QB for size issues is an idiot). If you took Jamarcus Russell, you’d see similar levels of question marks. If you take a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you’d see FAR less question marks.
    Right now, he’s got as many question marks in my opinion as the bottom 5 QBs in the NFL do, who are all trying to be replaced.

  73. From all we know Tebow is a great guy and teammate, but as an NFL QB prospect the jury is still out. It will be interesting to see what happens with the guy. Does he go the route of “I’m a QB and I don’t want to be anything else” or will he workout at TE or some other position.
    I am not an NFL GM, but as a pure QB I wouldn’t draft him in any round, but as an athlete who is willing to play another position, he is probably worth a flier in round three or four. If he can catch he has the chance to be a pretty good TE and could be used in a wildcat type of scenario.

  74. Dungy should fly to Indy every day and plant a big wet one on Peyton Manning’s ass.
    The more he rambles the more obvious it becomes that he does not know what the hell he is talking about.

  75. Dungy didn’t say this because of Timbow’s religious beliefs I assure you. If all he wanted were good little church-goers he’d have been all over that other Gator do-gooder Danny Wuerfell a decade back (I’m sure I’m not spelling it right, I’m just not interested enough to look it up right now).
    I’m sure Dungy likes the fact that Timbow is a devout Christian who literally advertises his faith on his face. I kind of like that about him too. But I’m sure there are plenty of other devout Christians out there playing quarterback in the other 120-something programs in the nation. He brought up Timbow because the boy knows who to win games.
    If he’s available when his hometown Jaguars make their pick in the middle of the first round, I’ll be pleased if he’s selected.

  76. @PervyHarvin ….
    Maybe … or maybe you just like that Favre-and-Tebow-(Andy and Opie)-go-fishing scenario rolltide was talking about 🙂
    Big Ben has an big arm and good reads to go with that size and Houdini-like ability to escape the onslaught. And he had to step into that pro leadership roll early in his first season. Just don’t see Tebow being able to do that if something happened to Favre (assuming Favre is there next year). He’d have A LOT to learn. And even if he’s capable of learning it, with all the over-hype he’s had as a college player, I’m not sure he’d see the need. When you’ve repeatedly been told you’re already The Greatest to Play the Game, it would be hard to believe you’re not even close. I live in Fla. The press here has done him no favors.

  77. @PervyHarvin …
    Oh, I forgot to mention the 2″ 🙂
    (And it’s “a big arm” and “leadership role,” not “roll”–that’s what happens when I’m trying to post here and work on two other projects at the same time. Bad Deb!)

  78. I did not realize that every single person on this website was a professional football scout. You are all morons for calling a very successful coach an idiot, it his opinion and guess what, he knows more about this game then all of us…regardless what I think about Tebow’s abilities as a quarterback in the NFL, I will adhere to the man who knows a ton more then me….you should all think about doing the same

  79. # PackerBacker1980 says:
    I like Tebow as a college player. I have my doubts whether he can be a good or great QB in the NFL
    Yep, just like Vince Young

  80. @ Big Vinny
    “If he’s available when his hometown Jaguars make their pick in the middle of the first round, I’ll be pleased if he’s selected.”
    Why? Are you a Bucs fan?

  81. @ birds20
    Yeah you are right. He did win a Superbowl, but based off of his abilities to draft QB’s, he knows as much as you and I. History is a powerful thing my friend.

  82. i don’t think any of the tebow haters can definitely predict how he’ll do in the NFL any more than any of the Tebow homers can.
    Whether you’re a florida fan or not, you have to acknowledge the dude has talent and is a heck of an athlete. he’s also very smart.
    i don’t think he’ll be a peyton manning or tom brady – no way.
    but i can’t sit here and say he won’t find any success in the NFL. If guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick can play, i don’t see why tebow can’t. when he gets to the NFL level i’m sure he’ll have a proper coach help him learn proper reads, motions, etc, etc. The fact is his current coach is teaching him to play how he’s playing. he’s smart enough that i think he can adapt.
    i can’t write him off just yet though. will need to see how he plays in the NFL first. i just hope he’s not taken in the first round so the expectations aren’t there for him to be overwhelmed by. let him get drafted in a later round and be a project. then we’ll see.

  83. Top ten pick,Dungy has his opinion and i have mine ,did he look at the history of Florida qbs,wayne peace,danny wuerfful,rex grossman,and the fact Tebow throws primarily safe passes ,and he doesnt have a big time arm dont thinK top 10 is reasonable.He will play in the league because hes a great football player ,not a great QB

  84. i hope he does get drafted , and is given the starting role somewhere so someone in my fantasy pools can take him way too early, leaving one better player for me.

  85. @red13:
    Right now, if the Rams get the #1 pick next spring, I’m sure you’ll be hearing…
    “With the #1 pick in the 2010 Draft, the St Louis Rams pick Colt McCoy”
    As of right now. They need a QB of the future. And unless TX loses between now and the BCS Title Game, Colt is going to be the leader for NFL “ready” QBs coming out in the spring.
    I’m personally not sold on McCoy; and I think TX has the biggest cupcake schedule of any BCS contender ever, and shouldn’t even have the right to play in the title game, even if they do go undefeated in the regular season.
    If you look at the “worst” teams right now, some of them either have their franchise QB (Browns, Detroit), or selected one early lately (Tampa Bay), and unless someone comes out big time at the combine, you’ll probably see one QB taken in the first five picks, and then 3 or 4 more throughout the rest of the first round. Bradford and Tebow won’t make it to the second round, but I don’t see them going early on,.
    Except maybe Carolina. Carolina needs a new franchise QB, and could be a wildcard for a Tebow style QB…guess it will depend on who is coaching/GMing for them next year.

  86. Big Vinny, You did misspell it. It is WureAWFUL.
    Dungy is becoming a joke.
    Tebow(Danny Jr.) will not be a quality NFL quarterback. A Florida quarterback has never been a quality NFL quarterback.

  87. This is just me, but I’d rather take the advice of a coach who has actually proved something(Tony Dungy) rather than the opinions of a bunch of know-it-all “fans”.

  88. I think that Tebow is not having a not so great year due to Harvins leaving and much tougher schedule in the mid stretch. But Urban Myers gave birth to Alex Smith but then again SF a had a really bad line back then and could have NFL comeback Player Season. But real system Quarter backs Andre Ware and anybody from Texas Tech or USC. Plus if Tebow was paralyzed today he still be happy and not care. I wish Chicago had First round Pick this Year we need help running that is Tebow best thing but can throw if need be . So Jay Cutler needs a okay Season to be traded for a first pick with Forte included too.

  89. all of you saying tebow will not be a good QB in the NFL DONT know what your talking about. Tebow is the greatest thing that has happend to the SEC. He will be an amazing QB in the NFl. he can throw, and run. What ever NFl team gets him is very lucky

  90. There is no way he will be an NFL quarterback. His reads are slow. His mechanics and release are slow, and probably the most critical, he does not have a strong arm to make the downfield throws. He also does not know how to take the ball from under center. Sure he has put up gaudy college numbers but this is college. He has a high completion percentage but these are pretty much all easy short passes and lateral passes. His gifted receivers then often turn these into big yards and touchdowns which of course count towards his passing stats. But this is far different than hitting a 30 yard pass down a seam through coverage something that he can’t do but an NFL quarterback has to be able to. The only deep throws I have seen him complete are to wide open receivers and busted coverage. Again this has little to do with him, and more to do with the defense screwing up and again his talented receivers just being too fast to recover on. He really lobs up some wobbly deep balls.

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