Larry Johnson, Chiefs reach settlement

PFT reported Friday that the NFLPA and the NFL were not eager to see Larry Johnson’s appeal of his two-week suspension head to a hearing for a variety of reasons.

On Saturday, everyone got their wish.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports the Chiefs and Larry Johnson have settled his appeal of a two-week suspension.  Johnson will still be suspended two weeks, but he will only be docked one game check.

The compromise means that Johnson is essentially getting paid one week to stay away from the team.  But the decision was apparently a better option for all parties than heading to a hearing.

There was speculation that a settlement could include Johnson’s release, but it remains unclear what the Chiefs will do with him once he’s eligible to return. Reading the tea leaves, it looks like Johnson could be stuck in Kansas City for the rest of the season, even if his playing time is reduced.

24 responses to “Larry Johnson, Chiefs reach settlement

  1. Larry Johnson will be a NE Patriot next year. Belichick always takes on projects and makes the player a productive one. Plus Pioli owes him 1 for the Cassel-Vrable trade.

  2. It would really be an awful shame for the history of the Chiefs organization if current management allowed this absolute low-life piece of sh** to step on the field again and become the All-Time Leading Rusher in Kansas City Chiefs history. Pioli and Haley had a great opportunity to put their stamp on the organization, lay down the law and rid themselves of a terminal cancer (regardless of the financial ramifications) and they blew it. Ah well, Sid had a five year plan too………..

  3. just because he said the fag word… give me a break, freedom of speech what’s next ?????

  4. I for one am sick of players signing contracts and then later deciding they don’t want to honor them, and trying to force teams to accomodate their latest demands.
    I hope KC (read: Pioli) is smart enough and strong enough to pay this clown to sit on his ass the rest of the season, and see how that affects Johnson’s position for 2010.

  5. johnson became worthless when the all pro left side of the line disappeared.
    they can g0 2-14 with or without him. and will likely be better without him.

  6. @patsfantriplefour: LJ will be a NE Patriot next year; I ask you as a Patriot fan, do we really want that b*tch on our team?

  7. after seeing Florio and his idol (he is as big as buddah)Peter King i can only come to one conclusion.
    Florio has become nothing more than a sellout. a pure mainstream shill.
    it was nice while it lasted.

  8. Its always amazing how often people spout off about Freedom of Speach and they dont even know what it means.
    But I guess that’s their right.
    (but no, freedom of speach does not mean a private organization can’t limit what you say and when, or can’t fire you if they don’t like how you use that freedom)

  9. Johnson will still be suspended two weeks, but he will only be docked one game check. The comment will also be attributed to Rush Limbaugh.

  10. “just because he said the fag word… give me a break, freedom of speech what’s next ????? ”
    Freedom of speech does not include epithets. Douche.

  11. hotchick,
    Seriously, do you really think “speech” is spelled s-p-e-a-c-h?
    Unless there’s some inside joke I’m missing…

  12. @ hotchick
    terrible spelling, but your point is on the mark. The NFL, has no interest in allowing players, coaches, or owners to use insulting language or delivering controversal social commentaries that the media chows down on and regurgitates for weeks.
    As for people who love using the other “f” word and calling everything gay, I’d encourage you to stop using them, but you’re absolutely free to continue being an asshole.

  13. this has nothing to do w gravyface oxy moron, 1st of all….
    jl wins again. he gets his $250,000 or whatever. disapointing. and whether he plays for NE next year [which i dont buy], he still has got almost nothing left.
    also, this site hasnt changed its reporting at all save for a few pimps of that plagiarist jay leno [he stole all his ideas from howard stern]. florio may look like pinoccio on tv, but he hasnt sold out as far as reporting football goes.

  14. @Patsfan444
    I disagree that Johnson would even get a sniff at a Pats uniform. Belichik has had a couple of great reclamation projects, but they have all had underlying talent. Johnson seems like a moron, and I think that his playing days died with the good offensive line that he used to have.
    However, if Pioli wants to do the Pats a favor, I’d sure love to have Vrabel back…

  15. “norseman69 says:
    October 31, 2009 7:19 PM
    just because he said the fag word… give me a break, freedom of speech what’s next ?????”
    Freedom of speech protects us against the government from censuring us, not the private sector and the Chiefs org is a private business. They have a right to do whatever they want if an employee is making them look bad. Professor’s with tenure at universities won’t keep their jobs very long if they start running around saying f-g this and n-r, that either; freedom of speech upholds our right to be stupid douche bags at the federal level. The private sphere can enforce virtue as it sees fit.

  16. Bye week makes it easier to make this settlement good for both sides. Can’t imagine they are doing a whole lot on their bye week, I’m sure the Chiefs would like to dock 2 weeks pay, but considering the comments that could be considered a bit harsh.

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