Back come the Pack

It looked to be over when the Vikings were leading by 21 points.

And now, suddenly, the Packers have scored 17 straight, cutting the lead to 24-20.

For the Vikings, it feels like they’ve shut down on defense — just like they did two weeks ago against the Ravens.

So this one is getting good, even though Percy Harvin just took a kickoff inside the Green Bay 40.

19 responses to “Back come the Pack

  1. Wow my vikes got screwed once again, why a better team have refs against them? says we got screwed Fk

  2. Who would have ever thought when he was playing that Troy Aikman would go onto become an excellent announcer?

  3. Florio is staining his underpanties. If the vikings and cards lose, he will be in heaven. And the cards and the Vikings would both still be in first place.

  4. Thom Brennaman is Skip Caray Lite. However, I do enjoy him better when Tim Tebow’s penis isn’t in his mouth.

  5. With the way Brad Childress coaches we all knew that 18 point lead wasn’t safe. Don’t anyone act like you’re actually surprised.

  6. Would love nothing more than for this game to go to overtime and last into World Series time.
    I think the Vikings have it in hand though with their kick ass offense.

  7. Out coached. Out played. And most importantly out quarterbacked.
    Brett has exacted revenge on the team and fans that turned their back on him after so many years. And now their rival is just sick good with him at the helm.

  8. Favre stats against the Pack this year…..
    24 31 271 77.4 3 0 135.3
    17 28 244 60.7 4 0 128.6
    41 59 515 69.0 % TD 7 INT 0 RTG 132.0
    Wow! I wonder how Teddy is doin, lol.

  9. “Wow my vikes got screwed once again, why a better team have refs against them? purple- says we got screwed Fk”
    Yeah everytime a team comes back from behind on the Vikings, it’s always the refs according to you brainless Viking fans when the fact of the matter is, the Vikings plain blew another lead….again. So why don’t you shut up and go cry on your website.

  10. @packers4life
    In the Vikes/Packers game, the only team to plain blow another lead was the Packers. After the losers gave up the lead it was never recaptured. Oooo, that stings, doesn’t it. Don’t fret, perhaps Jim McMahon will come out of retirement to resurrect your inept team.

  11. Joe in Toronto, Canada says:
    Wow! I wonder how Teddy is doin, lol.
    Yeah for sure.. This should be the final nail in his coffin. At least it had damn sure better be!!
    Thompson has had a lot of monumental failures despite his relative short time in GB, but nothing has attested to the full extent of his ineptitude quite like the complete disaster that played out today. Fail Teddy fail, it’s what you’re known for….

  12. ” Jim McMahon will come out of retirement to resurrect your inept team.”
    Nope. Don’t need him. We have Rodgers who is better then Favre and McMahon.

  13. Well well… this week it’s the Vikes fans pointing out what losers anyone who whines about refs are.
    Well well… what a difference a week makes.

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