Favre has been taking antibiotics

Before the 2009 season began, we developed a distinct impression that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was trying to develop advance excuses for playing like, you know, someone who is 40.

Despite an obsession by most teams to keep injury information secret, Favre was openly talking about a partially torn rotator cuff, cracked ribs, and sore ankles.

So with arguably the most stressful game of his career only hours away, Favre tells ESPN’s Ed Werder that the veteran quarterback “hasn’t been feeling well and has been on antibiotics two of the last three weeks.”

Favre also said he has felt “bad” as recently as Friday.

But the Vikings haven’t disclosed on the injury report that Favre has any type of illness.  Given that the Jets were nailed for hiding Favre’s partially torn biceps tendon in 2008, we tend to think that if Favre were feeling sick, the Vikings would have disclosed it.

So, basically, Favre is saying, “If I stink today, it’s only because I have swine flu, polio, and/or lupus.”

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  1. There is a lot of bad cols and flu going around.
    Antibiotics don’t help with the flu, as the flu is caused by a virus, and is not bacteria. Many medical doctors often prescribe antibiotics for those patients, however.
    What is the real truth here? Probably he got a little sick and they prescribed him some medicine. Big deal. It happens all the time.
    The Vikings are a team of 53 players. All for one, and one for all.

  2. Uhhh… when was the last time you spoke with a senior who didn’t complain about a bodily function?
    If you don’t want to hear that stuff, talk to a 25 year old.
    I expect to hear he uses stool softener, or Pepto…

  3. I don’t get how this is an excuse for Favre. Didn’t you say this before when he said other various parts of his body were sore in previous weeks? That somehow, if he played bad, he’d use it as an excuse?
    When the guy has a bad game, call me….because it hasn’t happened yet.

  4. Who cares? Is this the best content you have? I heard Adrian Peterson drank water this morning, and Jared Allen took two advil before bed time.

  5. The sniffles is nothing to sneeze at, you pompous, condesending, judgemental, pious, taint muffin. How dare you judge Lord Favre?
    Besides, he already has plenty of excuses:
    Percy is injured
    He has lupus
    a taint muffin
    jammed toes
    torn rotator
    cracked ribs
    and the sun will be in his eyes the entire game.
    Oh, a “taint Muffin” is also known as a boil….

  6. Wow! Groundbreaking news! Adrian Peterson took some aspirin after the Steelers game last week. I haven’t seen a story on that.
    And this isn’t Favre making up excuses. He didn’t call a press conference about this. There’ what, maybe 300 reporters in Green bay this weekend digging around for “scoops” on Favre leading up to this game. Why is that Favre calling attention to himself and building in excuses in case he struggles?

  7. So, basically, Favre is saying, “If I stink today, it’s only because I have swine flu, polio, and/or lupus.”
    yes that’s exactly what he said

  8. so thats what they call viagra now……OR maybe him and Harvin have been spending too much “TIME” together if you get my drift!?

  9. Can you get put on the injury report or get suspended for taking Centrum Silver? Is Viagra banned for its performance enhancing properties?

  10. A. No one cares.
    B. Really capped the article off when you used two viral diseases and an autoimmune disorder to prove your point, antibiotics are for bacteria you idiot.

  11. Excuses excuses with him. Go out there and play Favre. This is the one game you wanted to comeback and play in. I can never belive anything he says. “I’m retiring…no nevermind I’m playing.” x5. I also remember him telling his network(ESPN) in the preseason saying “I may have a cracked rib.” Plleeaase. Not only did you go out and play, you went out and threw a crackback block on Eugene Wilson. Cracked rib? What cracked rib? Continue tellin’ your fibs. You’re not foolin’ me!

  12. Favre’s play this year has been stellar, so big ups to him for his play.
    That stated, it’s awful hard not too agree with PFT’s take: Favre clearly appears to have this obsessesion to excuse poor performance.
    Favre has offerated countless “pre-emptive strikes” (i.e., built-in excuses in advance of the competition).
    Equally lame is that with almost equal frequency, he also offers “retroactive strikes” (i.e., reverse-engineered excuses following a poor stretch of performance).
    How awful would it have been if Favre played poorly after his dad had passed away, and then felt the compunction to cough that up as the reason for his raggedy play?

  13. Why does he tell reporters this type of stuff? I like Favre but only the last few years he has to make sure to tell everyone what’s wrong with him just to make sure they know.

  14. You know the media hoopla that people complain about when it comes to Favre? This is why. Favre’s return with the Vikings is a compelling season story but no one cares because media types can’t avoid running with nothing stories like this.

  15. I heard a rumor that Favre farted in bed this morning. Any chance we could get a report on its composition, ambiance, and the nature and degree of its stench?

  16. “# kramer says: November 1, 2009 10:31 AM
    So, basically, Favre is saying, “If I stink today, it’s only because I have swine flu, polio, and/or lupus.”
    yes that’s exactly what he said
    Please produce the quote and the link.

  17. So what?? I mean Ted “Stoneface”Thompson is addicted to Scopolamine,the Columbian “Zombie Drug.” Mike Mccarthy takes Hoodia Gordonii pills for his fat ass. Aaron Rodgers used Almighty Colon cleanse all week so he don’t shit himself too bad when Jared Allen kills him. Why don’t that make the news???

  18. it’s an EXCUSE in case he sucks today at Green Bay, he would NEVER want to come out of the line-up, and end his consecutive games starting streak, he shouldn’t worry, there are enough ASS KISSERS at NFL Network and ESPN that will make excuses for him, if he stinks it up against Green Bay

  19. Keep riding the Favre gravy train Mike, Favre stories never get old but your worn out list of his ailments does. It wasn’t funny the first hundred times you did it.

  20. Lord Florio — Stupidity at its finest!
    Stupidity rivaled only by the some of the idiots that cheer for the GB FudgePackers!

  21. Good to see the Vikings apologists out in force early, here’s hoping they lose today so we can hear them talk about how well they played despite losing again too.

  22. So what?
    I imagine all the Vikings have been advised to make sure their shots are up to date before leaving the U.S. and going into Wisconsin…

  23. “So, basically, Favre is saying, ‘If I stink today, it’s only because I have swine flu, polio, and/or lupus.’ ”
    Yes Florio, that is exactly what he is saying. Every week Brett’s top priority is prepping excuses because he’s had to use so many of them this year.
    Stay classy.

  24. Who cares, the ViQueens probably set their team back 10 years by rolling the dice on this washed-up has-been.

  25. If anyone would have listened to his press conference after Pitt. or looked at him coming out or the tunnel you would have known that,at the very least he had a bad cold. Even my mother who doesn’t care at all looked up from the paper ,said “looks like he has a cold-lot’s of sniffles”.

  26. Favre’s eyes were beet red this week also when on tv. Looks sick. Sure it isn’t from him and Percy enjoying an after practice blunt!

  27. OK let’s set the matter straight….IF Mr. Favre has lupus….this is a chronic illness. That means it is an illness that is incurable and no antibiotics solves the diagnosis of lupus. If he has a virus, again no antibiotics solves a virus, as that must run its course! I say to Mr. Favre if you do have lupus, then get the facts straight. Lupus DOES NOT cause one to stink. I demand that you apologize to all lupus sufferers out there and allow them to understand that lupus is in fact a chronic illness that leaves many in chronic pain.

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