Fourth-down try gives Vikings the lead

After a boneheaded snap from center John Sullivan handed the Packers the first three points of the game, the Vikings answered, and then some.

Rookie Percy Harvin returned the kickoff 77 yards.  Three plays later, the Minnesota drive had fizzled. 

But Packers defensive lineman Johnny Jolly delivered a head butt to Vikings running back Chester Taylor.  The half-the-distance walk-off gave the Vikings first and goal.

Three straight runs by Adrian Peterson put the ball inside the one.  And then coach Brad Childress didn’t hesitate.  He dialed up Peterson one more time, who stretched the ball over the goal line for the score.

Vikings lead, 7-3.

4 responses to “Fourth-down try gives Vikings the lead

  1. don’t worry if you where running out to the outhouse during that one packer fans, there will be plenty more to watch during the game.

  2. John Jolly wasn’t so Jolly on that play he was straight up Grumpy.
    AP sure doesn’t look like the force he did in his previous 2 years. He looks very pedestrain. Even tho he scored the TD if I was a Vikings fan I would be a lil worried that he doesnt seem to have that same pop that he use too. Last year it wouldnt have took him 4 plays to get in the endzone. I think part of the problem is people trying to change him. Everyone said he runs with to much reckless abandonment. That he is going to get injured and his career is going to be short. I think some of that got in his head b/c it doesnt look like hes running as hard as he use too. I think he will get it together tho.

  3. Man it might be nice if you made this many posts about every other game. Even Favre is tired of hearing about himself from you.

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