Jamal Lewis says he'll retire after this season

After Cleveland’s latest humiliating loss, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer writes that Browns coach Eric Mangini “prowled the locker room with a pronounced scowl so long that players took a double take.”

Browns owner Randy Lerner hinted at hiring someone new.

And running back Jamal Lewis apparently can’t stand playing on this frustrating team much longer. “Where are we trying to go and what are we trying to accomplish?” Lewis asked.

Lewis says he is so distraught after “everybody bought in” during training camp, that he’ll retire after this season.

“Period. Point blank. I’ve done what I needed to do,” Lewis said.  

It is clearly an emotional time right after a game, and Lewis is known as a leader that takes losses hard.  He was asked if his emotions were getting the best of him. 

“When I talk, I mean what I say,” Lewis said.

Lewis ran hard Sunday, gaining 69 yards on 16 carries against the Bears.  The Browns owe him $3.9 million next season, but he seems unlikely to see that money whether he changes his mind about playing or not.

18 responses to “Jamal Lewis says he'll retire after this season

  1. If Mangini thinks he can scare everybody off and start from scratch over the next several years, guess again hombre.

  2. Lewis is giving one hell of an effort for a team going nowhere but down. He can’t be blamed for wanting out of there.

  3. I feel bad for the guy. His career was over anyway, but the Mangini somehow managed to make the Browns bad enough to get rid of a team leader. Guess he’s not such a Mangenius after all

  4. Its hard to believe the browns were 10-6 in 2007 and headed in the right direction.
    I’m not a Browns fan but it has to be flustrating to see your team appear headed in the right direction finally only to go back to having seasons lke this.

  5. I can say that this news really doesn’t bother anyone. The guy has been washed up for some time. He has had his games here and there over the past few years, but he never regained that form he once had. I would say it’s probably better off for him as a person.
    Get back to real life, not play out until he suffers some kind of serious injury. He had a pretty decent career and I guess if he isn’t blowing steam, then good luck.

  6. Hey Cleveland, look at the positives..
    At least your owner has a pulse. Our owner (Bills) is the star at “Weekend at Bernies”
    You guys may be crashing, but at least there is hope.
    There is no hope for Buffalo.

  7. Yes, Jamal- Please DO retire. In fact, why wait ’til the end of the year?
    Jamal is a big part of why the Browns suck as bad as they do. The dead weight on this team needs to go, whether it’s by being cut, traded, or retiring on it’s own. Bye Jamal.

  8. Jamal’s career was over after he left the Ravens. Once he migrated to the Clowns he lost meaning. Yes he had a 1300 yard year in his first year as a Clown, but he had something to prove and if you look at his average it was way down over his career. Another great career finished in Cleveland.

  9. Basically he cant play at a high level anymore so hes going to retire ,plus his team sucks ,he had a good career but IF WE WAS PLAYING AT A HIGH LEVEL HE WOULDNT RETIRE

  10. Mangini wil ruin the careers of the rookies, and make vets reture, what a joke, get this guy out of t he NFL.
    remember when he made all the rookies take a 6 hour bus ride to coneticut for training camp.

  11. I’ve had it…I’m done. I need another team to cheer for. I’ve given up on this one. Could someone recommend another team to me? Any team not wearing Black and Yellow?

  12. There’s some real pieces of work posting here.
    schism says:
    November 2, 2009 10:04 AM
    Mangini wil ruin the careers of the rookies, and make vets reture, what a joke, get this guy out of t he NFL.
    remember when he made all the rookies take a 6 hour bus ride to coneticut for training camp.
    Yes Schism- it’s Mangini’s fault that Lewis is 30 and has lost a step (like pretty much ALL backs at that age). It’s Mangini’s fault that Lewis decides to open his mouth and say things when he’s all emotional right after a game. It’s Mangini’s fault that Lewis wants to take 47,000 stutter steps before hitting a hole- and that’s the reason he often gets little to no gain.
    You’re an idiot, Schism. You just hear what other ignorant people say and you act like a parrot, with no serious thought about what you’re saying.
    Let me guess: If one of the lighting banks above the stadium fell into the crowd and killed 50 people, it would be because of Mangini, right?
    And btw, it’s pretty hard to take the opinion of someone who spells Connecticut as “coneticut” seriously. Your inability to spell a common word pretty much screams “I’m not educated”, so why should anyone take you seriously?
    And it was a 10 hour bus ride, not 6.
    “I’m screaming my opinion from the mountain top, yet I can’t spell common words and don’t have my facts straight!”
    Ugh. Gotta love the dimwits on PFT…

  13. PS- Lewis is blaming his teammates for what’s going on with the team and says it has nothing to do with the coach. Yes, players aren’t supposed to blame their coach, but their also not supposed to blame their teammates. Sounds to me like Lewis is just saying “screw it, I’m saying what I feel” and putting the blame where he sees it instead of being politically correct.
    So it seems to have much more to do with folks like Anderson, St.Clair, Stuckey, Robiskie, Mack, and all the other dead weight on the team, and little to do with the coach.
    Ah, but Schism decides it’s all because of Mangini because he realizes it’s popular right now to pile on the coach. Schism is a genius…

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