Kuechenberg calls Ginn "an embarrassment and a coward"

A recent gathering of several former Miami Dolphins players turned into an opportunity to rip the team’s 2006 first-round draft pick, Ted Ginn.

He’s an embarrassment and a coward,” the great Dolphins offensive lineman Bob Kuechenberg said of Ginn, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. “He’s got alligator arms. It’s sad. I don’t even know that he has the ability. I haven’t seen it.”

Former Dolphins receiver O.J. McDuffie said he sees Ginn as a good athlete, but not a good wide receiver.

“Teddy can run, but how much of a football player is he?” McDuffie said. “You either have it or not. Teddy is not as astute a player as I thought he would be. I’ve seen him go down when nobody is around.”

Other former Dolphins, including Mercury Morris, Jim Kiick and Mark Duper, said Ginn’s problem is mental. Morris said he’d like to talk to Ginn, and Duper said he reached out to Ginn and offered to give him some advice on how to be a professional wide receiver, but that Ginn never responded to his messages.

Ginn has disputed reports that the Dolphins’ coaching staff demoted him, saying instead that the coaches have simply given him a pep talk about getting better. If it’s true that the Dolphins’ coaches haven’t benched Ginn, then they’ve got the support of the great former Dolphins coach Don Shula, who said it’s too early to give up on Ginn, and the team should keep giving him opportunities.

“If you have a guy with that talent, you’ve got to give him every opportunity and the time and confidence to do it,” Shula said. “He’s got all the tools, but he’s got to start making those plays he’s capable of. Some of the things haven’t been his fault.”

But while Shula thinks criticism of Ginn is misguided, most Miami fans seem to side with Shula’s former players: There aren’t many people left in Miami who have patience for Ted Ginn.

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  1. This guy has always been a joke – even in college. Players from THE Ohio State U seem to find that the NFL has no teams like Akron and Toledo to bolster their stats.
    Ginn and Vernon Golston should be selling insurance.

  2. That’s some harsh words from former players. Damn. Normally you can blow off a lot of that, but that many former players…and great ones at that…sheesh. I just hope this is a wakeup call for Ginn, but it looks like it’s too late.

  3. Ted Ginn Jr. is laughing all the way to the bank. As the 9th pick in the first round of the 2007 draft he makes more money in one year then most people make in a lifetime.
    If the “Average Joe” made as many mistakes in their job as he makes in his job, they would have been s**t canned a long time ago. Instead he is being paid millions of dollars and he keeps dropping passes.
    He is just one of many examples of why the system needs to be changed.

  4. I’ve supported Ginn. I figured he needed the right QB to take advantage of his speeed.
    But he’s gotten worse with a strong arm QB. 3 plays last week have me forever against him in a phins uniform.
    1. Deep out to the left sideline he gator armed and did a half ass jump. The pass was perfect. Ginn was not.
    2. Perfect pass to the sideline hits him in the hands and he bobbles it. The CB bobbles it. The safety comes in for a pick 6. Thanks Ginn.
    3. 3:23 left to play down by 3. Teddy begins the terrible stretch of 6 mistakes by the offense by dropping a sure 1st down that hit him in the gut. While they got a 1st down after that, it set the tone for the drive and arguably took Ted away as a receiver for the rest of the drive.
    The meaningless TD that hit him in the helmet didn’t matter, but he sucked on that play too.
    On play #2 above, I had it. I was screaming “Tedd f-ing Ginn” over and over. He’s lost me forever.

  5. 1. tv says: November 1, 2009 8:06 AM
    This guy has always been a joke – even in college. Players from THE Ohio State U seem to find that the NFL has no teams like Akron and Toledo to bolster their stats.
    Ginn and Vernon Golston should be selling insurance.
    I respectfully disagree. Neither one is smart enough to sell anything. Hope they kept their bonus money.

  6. I am no Ohio State fan…but I think you forgot Chris Carter. I heard he was a pretty good NFL player.

  7. I see nothing at all wrong with Dolphins alumni ripping Ginn. Especially since Duper, a very good receiver himself, who’s been to a super bowl, reached out to him and did not get a response. What, you think you’re too good for Duper?
    These guys are proud of the team they played for and don’t want bozos like Ginn playing on the team they helped build in those great 70’s teams.

  8. What’s puzzling me is the fact that I heard that Mark Duper reached out to Ted Ginn to help him but for whatever reason, Ginn never responded. I wonder what that was all about. It would seem to me that Ginn obviously thinks that he is in need of no help and all of his critics are overly exaggerating. I’m told that Mark Duper spent a tremendous amount of time working out with the “U” wide receiver Hankersen during the past training camp and as a result, one can observe the tremendous upgrade in Hankersen’s ability to run excellent routes and catching the ball. If you can recall last year, Hankersen was notorious for dropping just about every ball thrown his way. I just hope that Ginn would humble himself and accept the needed help that Duper is attempting to give him! In short, if he does not, the best place for him would be at the end of the bench wih his face resting in his hands.

  9. What I find funny is Ginn has more talent than any of these former Dolphin players. As well as Gholston for you Buckeye haters. I guess they get no love for being a perennial cotender in the Big Ten for the last 15 years. Put Ginn in against those Dolphins when they are all the same age and watch him run circles around their slow talentless asses. The only repsectable one is Shula and he actually had positive things to say. The rest of them are bums who continue to live in the past riding the coat tails of their HOF coach. Especially Mercury Morris’ drunk, slow, talentless, 55 IQ having ass.

  10. tv and bearsrule-
    You are both idiots. Not to say the Ginn and Ghoulston are/will be good pros, but the record of many players from THE Ohio State University in the pros is hardly poor. Just to name a few…
    Eddie George, Chris Carter, Robert Smith, Lecharles Bentley, Orlando Pace, Chris Spielman, Randy Gradishar, Jack Tatum, Keith Byars, Antoine Winfield, Pepper Johnson, Mike Vrabel, Nail Diggs, Terry Glenn, Joey Galloway, Mike Doss…..
    You better recognize!!

  11. Guys like Mercury Morris are also mad that Ginn didn’t make plays against the Saints when the Dolphins could have easily won that game.
    I’ve been sick of these ’72 Dolphins guys even getting any media attention. They went undefeated in a 14-game season where they played 12 games against teams with losing records and two against .500 teams at a time when there was little national pressure to win every game. Yet they trash talk teams like the 2007 Patriots or any team that threatens to go unbeaten against much better competition as not being as good as they were.
    Then these Dolphins geezers celebrate those team’s first loss, as if they did anything but crap in their depends diapers until another year passes with every team losing at least one game.

  12. When’s the last time a player from THE Ohio State was a Super Bowl MVP? You’d probably have to go back…

  13. I dont know what games Shula has been watching lol..What talent? What tools? Im fed up with Ginn n Juice n Family, where the hell is Patrick Turner?

  14. This has nothing to do with Ted Ginn channeling his inner Todd Stinkston.
    The Dolphin moonbats start chirping at this time every year. Its about undefeated teams and an attempt to stay relevant.

  15. First, I can’t believe Ginn slid to the Dolphins before the Raiders could get him.
    Second, why are we reading about Kuechenberg? Unless there’s a story about concussed and demented old NFL players.

  16. Even the great ones listen to all advice and adjust accordingly, this dipsh*t is mediocre and still doesn’t want to hear advice.

  17. I have no idea how he’s done with the Dolphins but to say he was bad at Ohio State is ridiculous. I watched every game he played in college and he was great. So don’t go there.

  18. Poo Flinging Monkey says:
    November 1, 2009 8:27 AM
    Ginn does suck, but these old Dolphins need to shut up. It’s pathetic.
    You agree with them that Ginn sucks. It’s hard not to agree with that.
    But they need to shut up and you have the right to express your opinion in this forum?
    This has nothing to do with their 17-0 record they keep hanging on to. It’s an assessment of a Dolphins player’s skills (or in this case lack thereof) and they have just as much right to express their opinion as you do. Don’t they?

  19. Another Ohio State alumnus, Art Schlichter was quoted as saying, “I’d bet the farm on Ginn”. He then promptly lost his farm, but has a sure-fire strategy to win it back.

  20. those comments are a little harsh, especially considering the only time you hear from these guys is when somebody is threatening their undefeated record

  21. “He just want to convey that it take more than heart, brain and brawns to win a football game.”

  22. Let’s be honest Ted Ginn does not have the heart to be a top notch wideout in the NFL. His skills best suit him to be a slot reciever unfortunately the Dolphins already have a better slot reciever in Davone Bess. In the offseason Ginn should be let go so he can go and start his career over without all the expectations that go with the 9th overall pick. The dolphins should go out and get themselves a big physical wideout either in the draft, free agency, or through a trade.

  23. Brewster says: …they have just as much right to express their opinion as you do. Don’t they?
    Of course they do, Mrs. Ginn. The difference is that when they say these things, it makes the news.

  24. “He’s an embarrassment and a coward”
    Tell us how you REALLY feel Bob! LOL
    This guy doesn’t pull any punches. He HATES Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss too and has all kinds of rotten stuff about him as well. Someday somebody is gonna pop him right in the nose. LOL

  25. *** Of course they do, Mrs. Ginn. The difference is that when they say these things, it makes the news. ***
    Yes they do. And you don’t. Which should tell you something.

  26. *** Wonder what they say when he’s named player of the week?? ***
    Probably that he was hired to catch passes, not be a grossly overpaid special teams player. And that his two return TD’s in the third quarter are twice as many as he’s had recieving all year.

  27. Yeah, this week doesn’t get Ted off the hook, I think. Give him a few more weeks to prove he can continue to hold on to kicks, this time around, before he’s proven himself as a grossly overpaid special teamer.

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