Nashville might no longer be big enough for Young and Fisher

With Titans quarterback Vince Young re-entering the lineup apparently against the wishes of coach Jeff Fisher, Peter King suggested during our Saturday night Notre Dame halftime visit that, in 2010, it’s unlikely that both Young and Fisher will be back.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that other teams could contact Titans owner Bud Adams about possibly taking the final two years of Fisher’s contract off Adams’ hands.

So if Adams would like to move Fisher, Adams might be able to do so without incurring a buyout.

And possibly by getting a draft pick or two in return.

Meanwhile, FOX’s Jay Glazer reports that the locker room isn’t pleased with the decision to go to Young, and that Fisher told Kerry Collins “my hands are tied.”

One source told Glazer that, when Young is in the game, he’ll call a play five to seven times that makes no sense.  (Maybe the magic number is, once again, six.)

But while FOX is operating under the clear assumption that Adams told Fisher to go with Young, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen disputes that Fisher made the move to placate Adams.

We think Fisher is just trying to save face.  Then again, we doubt Mort would accept Fisher’s spin at face value.  I mean, it’s not like Fisher ever hired any members of Mort’s immediate family.

Um.  Oops.

9 responses to “Nashville might no longer be big enough for Young and Fisher

  1. Adam Schefter’s an idiot. Unlike players who are owned by the team and can be traded at anytime, ownership has no authority to trade a coach without his consent.

  2. Steve McNair must be rolling over in his grave….Show some class fellas….Act professional….Oops…

  3. The Chiefs did this in 2001 and 2006 in hiring Vermeil and Edwards.
    It was idiotic but Carl Peterson gave STL a #2 in 2001, and NYJ a #4 in 2006.

  4. This is classic.
    Right after Vince Young was drafted so high, I predicted to Florio that Young would turn out to be another Akili Smith.
    And Florio scoffed at me.
    Who’s scoffing now?

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