New league, same outcome for Koren Robinson

Receiver Koren Robinson, a top-ten pick in the 2001 NFL draft, saw his career at the highest level of the sport disintegrate via a string of suspensions.

But he has gotten another second chance in the UFL.

And he has been suspended.

The UFL’s daily transaction report shows that Robinson has been suspended, but doesn’t provide a reason.  We’re trying to find out what happened.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE:  Robinson was suspended for missing meetings.  The suspension is indefinite.

6 responses to “New league, same outcome for Koren Robinson

  1. A bit misleading Florio – shouldn’t the headline be “Koren Robinson Suspended from UFL”? When you say “same outcome”, most people are going to assume that it’s alcohol related. That may be true upon release of more information, but if you’re reporting on just a suspension without reasoning behind it, I would suggest toning back the headline until further facts are received. (Again, this may be moot in a few minutes)

  2. The Vikings should sign him – if they get to the Championship game Favre can continuously throw the ball to him at the line of scrimmage and let his good buddy the playmaker go to work. This worked well for this duo in the championship game a few years ago against the Giants.

  3. it’s a shame that such a talent can’t behave… immediately reminded me of when he was starting to really contribute to the vikings, and he has this sappy segment on tv about getting his act back together, and gets in trouble almost immediately after.

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