Packers get first big break

After the Packers and Vikings traded a trio of punts, the first break went Green Bay’s way on Sunday at Lambeau Field.

With quarterback Brett Favre in shotgun formation, center John Sullivan snapped the ball prematurely.  The ball hit Favre’s leg and squirted deep into the backfield.  After an extended scrum during which a couple of Packers players tried to pick the ball up and run with it, someone in a green shirt dove on the thing.

But the Vikings’ defense stiffened in the red zone, forcing a field goal.

Packers lead, 3-0.

And, yeah, they’re still booing.

9 responses to “Packers get first big break

  1. Florio, seriously….most football fans don’t give a flying f*** about Favre’s every single move. There’s plenty of other football news going on right now. Don’t become another one of these annoying media types who continues to shove Favre down our throat despite our best efforts to get away. I mean Fox is advertising a “Favre Cam” so you can see Favre scratch his butt on the sidelines…is that really necessary? Please, please, make it stop.

  2. Whoa Johnny Jolly. Take a shot of codeine and settle down. You just cost your team four points by trying to shove around a guy 120 lighter than you after your team made a big 3rd down stop.

  3. That’s not the Pack fans booing Favre. Based on some of the comments you’ve posted, I think that’s Vikes fans ALREADY whining about officials conspiring against them. They’re yelling BOO-HOO! Gimme a break!

  4. @ Deb- In all fairness Deb, THAT WAS CLEARLY A FUMBLE! Don’t matter,we own those lil bitches. They only got 3 by our screwup.

  5. Heeeyyyyy, Pervy šŸ™‚
    Okay, I’ll give you that. It was a fumble. And I’d love to know where the concern for forward progress was when our Logan was stopped dead by five guys and stripped of the ball a few weeks back … but bad calls happen. It’s just that the whiny ones were even on today’s Broncs/Ravens board crying about last week’s imaginary “phantom” call. They make such tempting targets šŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know, Pervy. Hungzhou with a fast-talking Irishman. Sounds dangerous? Maybe we should ask rulz to chaperone šŸ™‚

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