49ers lose Staley, Clements for six weeks

The San Francisco 49ers’
loss to the Indianapolis Colts got more costly today when two players were diagnosed with injuries that will force them to miss six weeks.

Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat reports that left tackle Joe Staley and cornerback Nate Clements are expected to miss six weeks each after leaving Sunday’s game.

Staley suffered medial-collateral and posterior-cruciate ligament damage on the first play of the game, making it the second straight week the 49ers have lost a starting tackle: Right tackle Tony Pashos  was lost for the season when he broke his shoulder blade a week earlier against the Houston Texans. Staley has started all 39 games since the 49ers drafted him in 2007.

Clements suffered a broken shoulder blade on a punt return, the latest in a string of disappointments for a player who received a major free-agent contract in 2007 but has been ineffective in San Francisco.

The 49ers, who despite their 3-4 record are only a game out of first place in the NFC West, will try to snap a three-game losing streak when they host the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

14 responses to “49ers lose Staley, Clements for six weeks

  1. Niner fans are absolutely ga-ga over Singletary because he talks like a tough guy, but if they lose to Tennessee, it’ll be the same ol’ 3-5 49ers.
    Bad drafting, bad free agent signings, unqualified GM and head coach, no O- and D-line depth, no QB, shitty ownership. Just the same damn thing every year. This will be 8 straight losing seasons.
    And yet, Niner fans somehow think they’re going to the Super Bowl.

  2. Can we just lose Jimmy Raye and Singletary’s stubbornness now? Did you hear Singletary’s BS in today’s press conference about why they didn’t go back to the spread/shotgun in the second half after having success with it just before the half (and the week before)? He basically said he wasn’t that comfortable that Smith could execute it yet and it wasn’t in the game plan to do that. That, I’m afraid to say, is moronic. He just saw that Smith could handle it before the half and the week before and all through his college career.

  3. StevieMO: Have you ever watched a 49ers game? The team has looked pretty good of late, even loosing 4 out of 5! Played toe to toe with the Colts and after a pitiful first quarter dominated the Texans! The team is heading in the right direction and the schedule gets alot easier in the coming weeks! I haven’t heard one 9er fan say Super Bowl. But somewhere between 8-8 and 10-6 is very doable! I haven’t heard you mouthing Crabtree lately? Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to start him?

  4. @SteveiMo – Bad drafting? Really? Take a look at that again. Maybe Alex Smith hasn’t done well but there aren’t many other busts in the last 5 years. Slow starters – yes, busts – no.
    Free agents have and always will be a crap shoot. Nate hasn’t done enough for the contract he signed but Justin Smith has been earning his money.
    This is a young team that is drinking the cool aid. It may not be a Super Bowl season this year but this team is building a great core of young players.

  5. our philosophy is….we hit people in the mouf…..seems like this team is getting hit in the mouf and not doing anything about it….be lucky to win 2 more the rest of the season….forty-niners suck….deal with it…

  6. @StevieMo
    These are all answers to StevieMo’s critique of the Niners
    Bad Free agent signing – Yes
    No QB – Possibly
    No O Line depth – A lot of injuries (Marvel, Pashos, Snyder, Staley) No one to really blame accept bad look
    No D line – Look at the stats in the run game, or last game? 3 sacks on Peyton (he was only sacked twice before that)
    Drafting, Last 5 years – Smith (bad), Willis, Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson not to mention possible steals in Crabtree, Nate Davis, Glen Coffe, Ricky Jean Francois, Scott McKillop.
    Bad GM – He has one year, you saw the draft picks not to mention stealing a first from a bad Carolina team.
    Bad Head Coach – This is his 1st year as full time coach after finishing with a winning record at interim coach so probably a little early to judge.
    So you have some things right but you are way off base on others. The one thing I hate about comments on PFT is people don’t have to tell you what team they like so you can respond to their comments about your team.

  7. StevieMom- Judging from your psot . . . your an idiot.
    Drafts – I think Patrick Willis is not bad (saracasm). Vernon Davis leads the league in touchdowns. Frank Gore in the 3rd round. Crabtree…pretty good in two games. Joe Staley is a very good Left Tackle. Just to name a few.
    Super Bowl? From fans who have 5 . . . I think we know what a Super Bowl team is . . . and this aint it.

  8. StevieMo go screw yourself. You do not know 9er fans or the 49ers organization. You are simply a hater who has probably seen his team dominated the 49ers in the past and you still are bitter. Get a life a**hole, no 9er fan in their right mind is thinking or talking superbowl.

  9. You feel sorry for the 49ers!?!? You should feel sorry for Priority Sports which represents both Pashos and Staley. They can’t keep a client on the field.

  10. Look at all these 49er fans turning cartwheels over their 3-4 team. That’s what happens after 7 straight losing seasons. Anything looks good after that, I suppose.
    None of this Singletary Stroking changes the facts. Yet another 6-10 or 7-9 season in progress. Yawn.
    Make that 8 straight losing seasons. Loserville.

  11. stevieHOMO: I have never seen you post anything besides 49er bashing…It’s always the same…about the Qb’s or the head coach. Yet I have asked you before and you will never give who your team is. So if, for once, you would like to not look like an idiot, make a post about the actual topic instead of just repeating the same thing over and over!

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