An "awesome" tribute to Walter Payton

Sunday was the 10th anniversary of the death of Walter Payton, and the Chicago Bears offered a fitting tribute at halftime of their game at Soldier Field.

After a video recognizing Payton’s life and career was shown, his widow, Connie Payton, addressed the crowd and said, ”Wasn’t that awesome? Thank you for a special day. … We love you. And one more thing: Go Bears.”

Walter Payton played his entire NFL career for the Bears, from 1975 to 1987. His daughter, Brittany, said after the ceremony that she was too young to remember much of her father’s playing career, and that the video tribute taught her something about her dad’s career.

”Looking at the Jumbotron, I truly realize what his legend meant,” she said. ”It’s a sad day, but an awesome day because I see everyone loved him.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and take seven minutes out of your day to watch the video. You’ll see why it made Payton’s family so proud.

13 responses to “An "awesome" tribute to Walter Payton

  1. He was the total package. A real football player. I feel fortunate to have seen he and Gale Sayers play. What makes it even better is his contributions to society off the field. It’s still hard to believe he’s gone.

  2. That was amazing an amazing video about an amazing person and player…and I thank you for letting us know about it.
    Blue Springs, MO

  3. Every time I think of Walter Payton, I think of how much heart he had and how complete a back he really was.
    A devastating blocker and WR hands to go along with his brute power, speed and vision.
    On top of it all though, he was a consummate pro and a hell of a guy.

  4. Vikings fan here.
    Walter Payton will be a legend for all time. He’s a hero and role model. Very classy of the Bears to make a nice tribute for him.

  5. Fantastic Video, thank you for making me aware of it, I will be forwarding it on.
    Amazing & awe-inspiring! We could all do worse than to try to be a little more like ‘Sweetness’ every day in our own lives.

  6. He is one of those players that could play football during any generation and be one of the best at it.
    Starting watching football as a kid in the early 80’s and have been a die hard Bears fan since watching Payton and Singletary.

  7. This is why I love PFT. I would have never found that video if not for this site. Awesome video about an awesome man. So true what they said about how hard it is to believe that the man that took the best care of himself, was the first to go. We love you Walter!!

  8. I don’t care who holds what records he was the best running back ever!think of the yards he got with all those lousy teams he played on before ditka got there and made them champions.they sucked but you but you never heard him complain. and he did not hang on and try and increase his yardage with another team when he was done.class act on and off the field he was called sweetness for a reason.

  9. R.I.P. sweetness, gone but not forgotten, what a truly amazing video, the most complete back, on and off the field, as a football player, and more importantly as a person and a role model.

  10. MDS your letting the company down. Didnt you know your suppose to make fun of Payton’s wife for saying awesome. Czar is gonna have something to say about this.

  11. The greatest player ever and one of my only true heroes. It still chokes me up to think that he is gone.

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