Browns have had consultant "in the building" the past week

As we continue to hear from more and more folks that (possibly former) Browns G.M. George Kokinis was escorted out of the Browns’ facility on Monday, we’re told that the Browns have had a consultant “in the building” for the past week.

Though there’s no specific evidence at this point that a connection exists between Kokinis’ departure and the presence of a consultant, the leap of logic is slightly smaller than the Snake River Canyon.

Given the recent termination of director of football operations Erin O’Brien, it’s also possible that the “consultant” was retained not only to help improve the franchise, but also to develop evidence to support the termination of one or more officials with cause, which would block their entitlement to ongoing salary for the duration of their contracts.

Owner Randy Lerner currently is paying the ongoing wages of former coach Romeo Crennel and former G.M. Phil Savage.

Lerner suggested Sunday that he would like to hire an upper-level executive.  Lerner’s words implied that he’s interested in someone who would essentially run the football operations and supervise the head coach and the General Manager.  It could be that the new hire will operate essentially as a G.M., possibly with some of the scouting duties deferred to a director of player personnel.

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  1. It’s never good when you see the “Two Bobs” roaming the halls of your workplace.
    I could just see their interview with Kokinis. It probably went something like this, “What is it that you actually do here?”

  2. At least they realize their is a problem throughout the organization. Unlike the Skins who seem to think the NEXT new head coach will magically turn it around.

  3. It has been confirmed by Jim Donovan on his “Point After” show that the facelass GM Kokinis has been fired.

  4. I’m not a hundred percent sure how I feel about this as a football fan. Lerner is trying to do the right thing. Yeah, he was an idiot for the Mangini hire. But he was a desperate man and Mangini is a crafty SOB. Lerner might not be the best or brightest owner, but at least he is far above Davis/Snyder/Jerry Jones/etc.

  5. There was one thing about Erin O’Brien that was very odd. Her previous position was Mangini’s personal assistant.
    Then she comes to Cleveland and is made Director of Football Operations?
    For some reason, I don’t think the person who was fetching Mangini’s coffee would be qualified to be an executive running an NFL franchise.
    Maybe I’m just crazy.

  6. “Consultant”? You mean other than Bernie Kosar, which has been common knowledge for several weeks?

  7. “Lerner suggested Sunday that he would like to hire an upper-level executive. Lerner’s words implied that he’s interested in someone who would essentially run the football operations and supervise the head coach and the General Manager”
    Hey Randy. I think the word your looking for here is called “President”
    At least your other team isn’t this much of a joke, or else they would have burned Villa Park to the ground by now.

  8. Mr Kosar is in the House.
    Just gotta wonder if Bernie dismisses Mangini for “diminishing skills”.

  9. If Kokinis was escorted out of the building, the implication is that he is NOT going to be returning. Mangini is likely next. As long as Lerner is in the process of hiring the next executive, don’t count on things getting any better. Just a different flavor of the same old crap.

  10. Erin O’Brien had nothing to do with football. Director of Football Operations is the NFL’s way of saying, “person who handles travel arrangements.” She did not have anything to do with the football team. Unless the team has been having trouble with their reservations, that makes that move even more curious.

  11. If he’s actually looking for a football person to run the football team, then he’s smarter than some of the other owners (Snyder) and good luck to him. Even though I’m a Steelers fan, I hate seeing the Browns run into the ground by bad management.

  12. What has Kosar done to merit running a football team? That’s ridiculous—they’d have been better off keeping Kokinis
    Not that I believe he’d take it, but the one guy who could bring instant credibility is Bill Cowher.

  13. Im not entirely sure that bernie would be a good answer but he did take the cleveland gladiators to the conference championship his first year. lerner i think is taking the right steps for once. lets just hope this finally brings light into the future.

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