JaMarcus thinks he did "a pretty good job"

Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell completed 14 of 22 passes for 109 yards, with no touchdowns, one interception and one fumble in Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

Those aren’t exactly stellar numbers, but Russell was satisfied with the way he played.

I did a pretty good job,” Russell said after the game. “When it all boils down to it, you had a chance at the end to try and win. Didn’t do too much damage with the interception. No matter what happened, I think we came out and fought despite the score and just kept pushing and just came out short in the end.”

By completing 63.6 percent of his passes on Sunday, Russell had his most accurate game of the year. But that sounds a lot less impressive when you consider that Russell almost exclusively dumped off short passes to tight ends and running backs — he only completed two passes to wide receivers all day. When the Raiders chose Russell with the first pick in the NFL draft, his ability to throw the deep ball was supposed to be one of his strengths. He hasn’t shown that yet in Oakland.

Still, coach Tom Cable thinks Russell showed progress.

“I thought he did some really good things that way today,” Cable said. “Very much seemed to be in control today. A couple of throws he’d probably like to have over again but for the most part he gave us a chance to win today and that’s what you ask your quarterback to do.”

Actually, most teams ask their quarterbacks to win — not just to give the team a chance to win. In Oakland, however, Russell’s play has led to lowered expectations.

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  1. If a QB throws for 109 yards with no TD’s, an interception and fumbles AND the coach says that QB is “showing progress,” that is a complete joke. I respect Raider fans for not showing up to games.

  2. I watched the Raiders and they have the worst recievers on planet earth my sons highschool team has better recievers,i cant blame JMARC for this one …that being said he needs alot of work

  3. Why is it so hard for Raider mgmt. and coaches to see what the rest of us see…….Russell is a BUST. If he was even half as good as his ego says he is, he would be serviceable at best.

  4. Is he delusional? Two turnovers and no TDs, 109 yds, and another loss – how is that a “pretty good job” in the NFL? JR has no clue what it takes to be a successful QB in the NFL, and he obviously has no clue what the definition of a successful QB is. Betcha’ he’s cashing those checks every week, though.

  5. I know you have to walk before you can run, but this is pathetic that a guy with his hype can look at a very pedestrian performance like this and say he did “a pretty good job”.
    Me, I want a quarterback who looks at this and says “hell, I KNOW I can do better than THIS!”.
    If the Raiders needed any more proof that this isn’t the guy who is going to lead them out of the basement, this was it. And the fact that Cable is encouraged by this performance simply shows that he isn’t the coach that’s going to lead this team to anything more than mediocrity.

  6. this is why this team cant win. the praising of a guy who with that stat line is ridiculous. this isnt pop warner. you’re not going out for ice cream after the game. quit being so democratic, and give this guy a wake up call. settling for qb play like this will never develop him into a premier qb.

  7. “his ability to throw the deep ball was supposed to be one of his strengths. He hasn’t shown that yet in Oakland.”
    He can throw the ball clean out of the stadium, he can’t throw it deep ACCURATELY though.
    Actually, he can’t throw ANY ball accurately.

  8. kenyatta – Try some punctuation next time. You what those are know, the rules of grammar we learned in school. Its almost nauseating trying to read your ramblings.
    Anyway, having known what it is like to have a QB with ultra low expectations, I feel the Faiders fans pain. However, that pain is going to continue as long as Al is in charge. Just like Dan Snyder and his fantasy football style of team ownership, Al needs to be forced out.
    Heyward-Bey is horrible. He can run like the wind, but he couldn’t catch a cold if someone coughed on him. Russel might be able to throw the ball to the moon on his knees (or whatever that dumb stat was) but he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn 5 feet away. Don’t get me started on the rushing game.

  9. You know Al Davis may have been onto something when he compared JaMarcus to Aikman and Elway: in their third seasons, they both lost 5 games – JaMarcus has lost six games in his third season. Not much difference. Al Davis also sighted Jim Plunkett, who was successful in his 9th season, and third team – so Raiders fans just need to be patient, six more years and two more teams to go!

  10. Cable–
    do us all a favor and clean house before you leave…
    throw a little beatdown to Al Davis & Jamarcus Russell on your way out. Then come on over cross country to DC & smack the hell out of Vinny Cerrato, too.

  11. Maybe Cable should slap him around a little bit. He seems to think that will change people’s ways.

  12. There was a great play on the Raider’s last drive where two Oakland receivers (Higgins and Murphy IIRC) decked each other 5 yards into their routes. It was so horrible that even Raiders fans had to laugh.
    JaMarcus does not look like he has the mental or physical talent to be an average QB in the league. But the Raider receiver corp is about as bad a unit as you could hand a developing QB to work with.

  13. The Niners did pretty good at letting the Colts come back in the 4th qtr.
    The Lions did pretty good at letting a potential 0-16 team squash that wish of mine.
    The Giants did pretty good at having most of us thinking they were a pretty good team.
    There were a lot of pretty good things that happened on Sunday…
    You j.r., however, were not “pretty good”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. DCNINER ,RAIDERS ARE SPELLED with a R not a F,Russell has two l’s,and if a green qb has no help he will fail,see BRADY QUINN, Jmarc sucks but its not all his fault,he only has a tight end to throw to.

  15. JakeDSnake says:
    November 2, 2009 10:12 AM
    Al Davis also sighted Jim Plunkett, who was successful in his 9th season, and third team – so Raiders fans just need to be patient, six more years and two more teams to go!
    Great line. That’s funny
    JaMarcus needs to realize that if analyst want to say he done a pretty good job in a lost then fine. But no one (teammate, coaches, or fans) want to hear their starting QB damn near patting himself on the back after a loss and especially not after a loss where he had a stat line like that. He should keep saying after each game that he was not satisfied with his performance and he should mean it.
    If this kid ever gets a 200 yd 3 touchdown game even in a loss you won’t be able to tell him he isn’t Brady or Manning. I feel for Raiders fans having to put up with a QB with so little self motivation.

  16. As bad as Russell has played, he has no receivers to work with. The tight end was good, but he got injured. Darren McFadden is out, too.
    If I were Raiders GM, I would be worried that Russell seems delusional about the level of his play.

  17. Quite funny how you can place all the blame on Russell,his recievers and line stink,if his supporting cast was better he would be a little better,he still needs work and you cant throw a long pass if you don’t have time,or the recievers are covered.
    AL Davis no comment,the game has passed him by

  18. Quite funny how you can place all the blame on Russell,his recievers and line stink,if his supporting cast was better he would be a little better,he still needs work and you cant throw a long pass if you don’t have time,or the recievers are covered.
    AL Davis no comment,the game has passed him by

  19. kenyatta – Apparently you fail to understand irony, nor a play on words. Hence the F in Faiders. They are fading? Does that compute? Maybe I should have said F(R)aiders, then you might have grasped that. 😉
    Again, try some punctuation and sentence structure. Just a tip, might make you look a little more intelligent. Then again, you are a F(R)aiders fan. They aren’t widely known as intelligent.
    And who really cares how Russell spells his name? The only way he’ll be remembered is akin to the way we remember Ryan Leaf, ie, on NFL films biggest draft busts.

  20. I just took a leak and didnt piss on the seat or floor. I did a pretty good job too Russell….

  21. Give the kid a break Florio…so he throws dump offs. If you ever go to a game live you will see that none of his yound WR’s are getting open and we have a back up LT and RT thus the 5 sacks by a weak San Diego team. If with Chaz comming back after the bye it will help him with the deep routes.
    Did you see JLH and Murphy bump in to each other on the two minute drive? Just more proof we cant count on our wideouts. When was the last time a NFL team started 2 rookie wideouts?

  22. Maybe his line stinks because he holds onto the ball too long.
    Maybe his receivers stink because he is horribly inaccurate.
    It’s not like he’s a rookie…he’s as good as he’s going to get.

  23. @ DC niner – you are a complete idiot, what is this english class? Its a blog moron, last I checked these posts were not getting graded by mr. smith the blog professor. Get a life!

  24. Out of all the comments here, how did Khalif Barnes escape criticism? That guy is Kwame Harris II at RT. He is a total waste of $1M, or whatever Davis reluctantly overpaid him. And to think, Cable had to install him because Erik Pears was somehow worse!
    Both Barnes & Pears will be the next ex-Raiders who can’t even make 2nd string for another team, & end up out of the league in the “where are they NOW?” file when they’re released…just like Kwame Harris, Stu Schweigert, Ronald Curry, Courtney Anderson, Teyo (?!) Johnson, James Jett, Marques Anderson, Grant Irons, Jerry Porter, Travain Smith, Alvis Whitted, Doug Jolley, Doug Gabriel, Brad Badger, Jarrod Cooper, Roland Williams, Derrick Gibson, Terdell Sands, Andrew Walter, Marquis Tuiasosopo, Langston Walker, etc. etc etc

  25. tleg81 – I’m not sure that using proper grammar makes me an idiot, although I must admit I haven’t looked at the definition of the word in a while. Its it too much to ask (apparently it is) for proper speech and grammar? I’m not perfect, to be frank, and I mess up on occasion. However, even on a blog it doesn’t take longer to type in a coherent manner.
    It is rather indicative of many of today’s miscommunication problems. Communication is the key here, my friend. Instead of insulting someone, why not try to better yourself and speak and type in a coherent manner? Just a thought. 🙂 Have a nice day.

  26. i don’t think this speaks well of russell to come out and talk about how well he played when he clearly didn’t.
    even if it is relative, this is still an abysmal performance. part of jamarcus’ problem is his inability to accept blame or fault, or even acknowledging when he makes mistakes.
    that fact alone will prevent him from becoming good. it starts with accepting responsibility, which he has shown he cannot do.

  27. FOR FLORIO: Hey Mike, something that you might have missed, and an act that made me turn off the TV and not watch the second half of the Raiders/Chargers was that right before the half – a 3rd down play – no timeouts remaining for the Raiders, and :15 seconds left on the 20-something yard line of the Chargers, Cable kicks a field goal. No shot into the end zone on third down. No “out” pattern and out of bounds for a chance at another play or two closer to the end zone. Cable trots Janikowski out there to make it 21-10 vs. potentially 21-14. The Raiders kick off and the Chargers have to knell down to kill the clock to end the half. Coach Cable showed NO FAITH in the offense. He showed NO FAITH in winning the game – just “compete”. Russell did a good job of not individually losing the game for us, but if Cable is trying to allow him to gain confidence, then you have to go for it on 3rd down. The season is lost anyway, and the only thing left for Cable to lose is his job.

  28. Patience?
    How about cutting your losses?
    Making a mistake and hoping for a differint result is not patience! It’s pathetic!
    Russell, “I think I did a good job?” Really?
    Stop with the Plunkett comparisons, please!
    Anyone that thinks he belongs in the same sentence as Aikman, Plunkett is dellusional!
    Sort of like Al Davis isn’t pre-demensial….?
    Yeah I know he can throw a bomb from his knees. Too bad they allow QB’s to stand up and even run away from a sack? Maybe you could get a juggs machine and a bag of balls for him?

  29. Russell has the worst QB rating since 1998. That is all of the QB’s that have played before him over the past 11 years. He shares the company of “Ryan Leaf” in the QB rating stat.
    If he tried hard and wasn’t overweight, late to meetings, and make idiotic comments like yesterdays quote I might feel a little sympathy for him.
    The only one who worse this year is Derek Anderson.
    QB Ratings
    Derek Anderson = 36.2%
    Russell = 48.3%

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