Raiders take aim at ESPN

On the same day that the Raiders issued a response to the recent allegations made regarding coach Tom Cable (more on that to come), the Raiders also took aim at ESPN for its role in providing a public platform for two women who claim that Raiders head coach Tom Cable committed violence against them.

“ESPN’s role in this matter must be carefully examined,” the Raiders said in a statement released within the past half hour.  “ESPN routinely
disseminates falsehoods about the Raiders.  During the last year, ESPN
(working with someone who was in this organization) engaged in a
calculated effort to distort the truth about the Raiders, utilizing lies and

The statement does not specific the former employee with whom the Raiders contend ESPN has been collaborating.

Last year, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that controlling interest in the Raiders was available for sale, without giving the Raiders a chance to respond.

“The Raiders have lost the privilege with me of running stories past
them for comment,” Mort said at the time.  “This stems from their history of denials to most
stories I have reported — as well as others in the media — when those
stories have eventually proven to be true.” 

Mortensen later admitted that he was wrong not to check with the team, and he apologized to the Raiders.

We’re aware of no other specific incidents between ESPN and the Raiders.        

The good news for ESPN is that the Raiders have not yet reiterated the charge that NFL insider Adam Schefter is a “false rumor monger.”

But it’s still early in the evening.

29 responses to “Raiders take aim at ESPN

  1. If Adam Schefter is a “false rumor monger,” then Tom Cable is a “competent head coach.”

  2. This is what happens when you have nothing worth watching happening on the field. The front office is so frustrated now that they are fighting with the media.
    As much as the raider nation will deny it it may be another 10 years at least before this team does anything worth watching.

  3. Can we please disband this franchise? Wipe it from the face of the earth. I’d rather hear lions or jaguars news.

  4. Things havent always been easy as a lifetime Raiders fan. There have been numerous things that the raiders have done to make me almost give up on them!! But in this situation it truely is ESPN’s fault. They love to bash the Raiders. Hell, they are an easy target. But to give these trailer trash women a stage to make a name for themselves is completely ludacris. ESPN is a sports network NOT an episode of Judge Judy or Montell Williams!! Tighten up in Bristol!! Bring sports back to my TV!!!

  5. i hate the raiders but they are right about this one. ESPN refuses to run stories about Ben Rothesberger because “all the facts arent in” they don’t run any stories about the gigantic amounts of steroids the steelers take, and they refuse to say anything bad about goodell, when it is clear he is doing a horrible job.
    But Espn loves stories about black football players at strip clubs, whom they can demonize, they love stories about any black guy who carries a weapon (we all know athletes need protection and it is their right to bear arms)
    Not to mention they drove Terrell Owens to try and commit suicide because all of the negative stories by ESPN>
    It is sad that disney allows such blatant racism and yellow journalism by this once great sports channel. i wouldnt talk to ESPN if i were the Raiders either.
    PS. Schefter lost all credibility when he left the NFL network to go to this joke channel

  6. Once all the dirty laundry starts to air out, everyone wants to play the blame game. Is there ANYONE at the helm of this ship anymore?
    Side note – I wonder if Al Davis’s Members Only track suit is dry clean only?

  7. “Early in the evening” means “Early in the morning” for Al who shows up by late in afternoon and stays till late night. So I’m sure Al will have something to chime in with his sharp football acumen.

  8. Now lets get Mort to expose the “dirty laundry” in the most deviant sports team of all time “the Pittsburgh Steelers.” This organization has paid their way through at least two championships as the Rooney family money trail (through sports gambling) goes right through and into the pockets of the entire NFL officiating dept.
    I just wish I had the money to prove it!
    Come on Florio you know there is a real story here
    check it!

  9. If he was pulling a Steve Phillips ESPN wouldn’t have noticed….
    The World wide leader in sex offending.

  10. “the gigantic amounts of steroids the Steelers take” …..LOL……not really.
    Anyone who thinks that the physical freaks in today’s NFL are mostly “natural” is really naive. But to single out and name the Steelers? Come on man….what? Did we beat you w/o the ref’s help? Or without a “phantom call”? Or without a “fluke play”? HAHA. Actually…other than James Harrison there is noone on the Steelers that actually looks “freakish”, while I could rattle off dozens of players from other teams. Think of a better excuse as to why the Steelers beat your team sweetheart. I can taste the hate it’s so strong on this board….

  11. Adam Schefter reported that Art Shell would be fired at the end of the season with a few weeks to go in the season.
    The Raiders denied the story and said Schefter was biased due to ties with the Broncos.
    At the end of the season the Raiders fired Art Shell. No apology to Adam Schefter.
    Mort is correct in saying the Raiders are not honest or forthcoming with information.
    Has everyone forgotten Irwindale?

  12. Flowerio, don’t you have better things to do? Do you get paid by how many Raider puff pieces you throw out on his site?
    Give it a rest with the Raiders already and actually report on something you know nothing about – the actual GAME of football!

  13. And around NFL head office water coolers the employees say to eachother, thank god it’s only the Raiders

  14. BSPN IS SH*T!!! im a long time PATRIOTS fan and all the spygate b.s. and this w/ the raiders, just goes to show what that busch league network is all about. they wont touch the steelers cause merril hoge would cry and smear his period blood all over the complex. i f’n hate the ch. they have gay wingo that knows nothing about football and everything about ladies underwear on there nfl live show. there all retards. it hurts to see tedy on there. pats should have hired him as a coach. anyways f bspn and f all the patriot haters

  15. What kills me with most of the comments is that in any article or story involving the Raiders you have folks coming out of the woodwork.
    In any Raider article the comments are three fold most other stories. Yet you have many a idiot that will take the time to read and than comment along the lines of the Raiders do not intrest them lol.
    You know the old saying, ” You cannot Fix Stupid”

  16. Didnt the steelers trainer get busted with $100K of steroids? No correlation though, just “coincidence”. Sure. Steeler fans are not allowed to talk. Go make us some more knives in your crappy steel mill.
    I think the Vikings and Saints have handled the steroid issue the right way. Say nothing, don’t suspend them, and let them play. Yay Goddell! High standards! Where is ESPN on this story? They were covering Brandon Marshall and Plax.

  17. yeah shame on ESPN
    they should stop referring to the Raiders as a pro football organization too.
    talk about a falsehood……..

  18. The Raiders are right on both counts. Good for them.
    That’s the first and last good thing I’ve had to say about them.
    The question is– when is the rest of the media gonna stop allowing ESPN to selectively target and try to defame entities and individuals that cross them. The Lawyers have a bar association. Doctors the AMA, etc, etc, etc. Yet the tip of the spear in the sports media world is allowed to operate with impunity and without the restraint of accountability. As Florio so nicely pointed out a few weeks ago, the only power an individual has to take on this type of crap is to open themselves to futher embarrassment and ridicule through the legal process. You have to basically cut off your own nose…in spite of your face. There is something fundamentally wrong with that.
    It reflects poorly on the main stream media as a whole, so you’d think y’all would start calling B.S. rather than turning a blind eye.

  19. If we have learned one thing over the years dont try to win a fight you know you cant win. ESPN back down before you get in to deep… AL always wins. with court battles now only if he could get his and my favorite team to win on the feild…

  20. For those of you with the inclination to read more than a 3 to 4 paragraph article about something other than Favre, the Raiders sucking, Jets trash talking, or Tennessee losing…take a look at the link below. A history of anabolic steroid use in the NFL…a very interesting read. Go ahead…read it…you’ll be surprised. Or you can just keep going ahead believing Jim Haslett.
    Florio (or whoever approves comments), I urge you let this link go through, it’s very informative.
    Winfield….where in my comment did I deny anything??? I just stated that it’s not “the Steelers using steroids”…..IT’S EVERYONE IN THE LEAGUE. And if YOU DON’T believe that then you probably shouldn’t be anywhere talking football with anyone at all. Don’t rearrage what I said to make yourself APPEAR right. It makes you look foolish buddy.
    For the latter half of the 19th century and better part of the 20th century the Pittsburgh Steel mills didn’t produce steel for knives…they produced the steel that is the foundation of this country. Without those mills life today in the U.S. resembles nothing close to how we live today. It’s actually a shame what happened to the Steel industry in this region b/c it left a lot of places in poverty. But you’ll find a way to “debunk” that as well with a comment, that in someway, twists what I say and contains absolutely no factual evidence whatsoever…along with a distinct level of ignorance and unintelligence. Still bitter over the loss?

  21. “Raiders Takes Aim at ESPN?”
    That should read “Al Davis Takes Aim at ESPN.”
    The current Raider front office is filled with puppets and yes men. They are merely the mouthpiece for Skeletor.
    The implosion continues.

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