Raiola to Lions fans: Don't treat Stafford like Harrington

The last time the Detroit Lions used a first-round draft pick on a quarterback, the year was 2002, the quarterback was Joey Harrington, and the team didn’t have to struggle for long before the fans turned on him.

Now that the Lions have used another first-round draft pick on another quarterback, and the team’s fortunes haven’t improved, one Lions player who’s been in Detroit for all of it is asking the fans to have more patience.

Lions center Dominic Raiola, who snapped to Harrington and is now snapping to Matthew Stafford, is pleading with the fans to be patient with Stafford while the Lions struggle through another miserable season.

He’s the guy here,” Raiola said. “I was very disappointed when I came to the sideline and fans were telling him, ‘Throw it to me’ and ‘I’m open’ — this, that and the other. I popped off and said something to the fans. . . . He’s not going to say nothing. I’m going to say something.”

It’s good that Raiola wants to stand up for his young teammate, but it’s probably not a wise move to “pop off” to the fans — especially for Raiola, who was fined $7,500 last season for giving the finger to fans at Ford Field. For his part, Raiola just says he doesn’t want Stafford to get the Harrington treatment.

“I’ve been through it with Joey,” Raiola said. “I’ve been through it. They sent him packing. Quick. And they’re not going to do it to this guy. I’m going to be right here next to him.”

Ultimately, the fans will start to cheer Stafford just as soon as the Lions start to win. After Sunday’s loss to the Rams, it’s looking like it’ll be a while.

9 responses to “Raiola to Lions fans: Don't treat Stafford like Harrington

  1. I bet Jason Campbell wish one of his linemen stood up for him like that. Then again, because he hasn’t maybe that sums Campbell up nicely.
    9 Games left in the Jason Campbell era in Washington.

  2. Detroit fans are retarded if they think the horrible play on their team is because of Sanchez. while flipping between games on yesterday I caught about 10 or 15 plays by Detroit. at least 5 of those plays were dropped balls on perfectly thrown passes. Calvin Johnson’s absence is huge. poor Stafford, i hope he keeps working hard.

  3. Now the Lions can spend their next 3 #1s on receivers again LOL.
    Don’t really feel sorry for Stafford though. With what he’s gotten paid he’s got nothing to complain about if the boo birds come out.

  4. “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” If Culpepper had been in the game, maybe they would have had at least 2 wins for the year.

  5. i agree, we cant blame sanchez for bad performanec by the lions. after all, he is in new york.
    pullpecker wouldnt have won jack against the rams. he would have gone to 0-9 as a lion qb and lost 17-2.
    re harrington, lets not forget that mariucci gave up on him in favor of rag arm garcia that one year. joey could have got them to 7-9 or 8-8. they were screwed in the tampa game fer sure.
    and lets not forget harrington’s so-called lion teammates. dope addict and fragile chaz rogers. alligator arms roy e. stone hands mike williams. and loudmouth never-was dre’ bly. the lions always played better when he wasnt dressed out.

  6. @WetHog
    Maybe none of the linemen stand up for Campbell because they are too busy on their backs from getting mowed over by the opposing teams D Line.
    I’m not a Campbell supporter, but the O Line has not been touched by a draft pick in years. There is no depth there.
    I guess because O Linemen don’t sell jerseys.

  7. The kid just got back from an injury… he’s a rookie and may have been a bit rusty from not playing for a couple weeks.
    Management/coaches had to know the Lambs were gonna come in fired up and play their hearts out – that was the one game they trully had a shot at winning!
    Detroit kittens had a good chance to get some company in the 0-16 club. YOU BLEW IT!!!
    I am soooooooo glad the KITTENS don’t play Tampa Bay – at least the Bucs still have a good shot to give MISERY (Detroit KITTENS) some company!

  8. I guess Staffords hands are a lot more comfortable on Raiola’s crotch than Harringtons were.

  9. WetHog says:
    “9 Games left in the Jason Campbell era in Washington.”
    You Redskins fan are going to be really pissed off next year when your team is struggling again and Campbell is off someone where having a nice season behind a good OFFENSIVE LINE.

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