Report: Tahi injured in horseplay incident

So what happened to Vikings fullback Fahu Tahi to keep him from playing Sunday?  According to Alex Marvez of, Tahi injured the area around his eye in a Saturday horseplay incident with tailback Adrian Peterson.

Per Marvez, the two men were wrestling on Saturday in the locker room.

The Vikings reportedly believed that Tahi would be fine to play on Sunday.  Overnight swelling caused them to change their minds.

Still, the Vikings should have disclosed the situation at some point before listing their inactive players for the game at Lambeau Field.  Indeed, teams often make additions to their injury reports after the final information is provided on Friday. 

In this case, Tahi already was listed as probable with a knee injury.  On Saturday, the Vikings at a minimum should have added “eye” or “face” or “head” to Tahi’s description promptly after the incident.  On Sunday morning, after detecting the swelling and concluding Tahi couldn’t play, the Vikings should have informed the league that Tahi was “out.”

Though Tahi isn’t a quarterback, the Packers had little or no opportunity to prepare for Jeff Dugan playing fullback instead of Tahi.  And, surely, the Vikings wanted it that way.
Meanwhile, we wonder whether Peterson will be disciplined by the team for wrestling with a teammate.  Here’s one thing about which there’s no mystery — if Peterson had been the guy who emerged from the wrasslin’ match unable to play, Tahi would have been in deep doodie.

19 responses to “Report: Tahi injured in horseplay incident

  1. Hmmm…two grown men “wrestling” each other in the locker room.
    Sometimes fact is funnier than fiction.

  2. Oh “DOODIE!!!”
    Watch your language around here Florio! Children could be reading.
    You weren’t screaming ‘doodie’ at the screen when that team you hate so much beat the ‘doodie’ out of the Giants, were you?

  3. I’m waiting on an apology for Mr. Favre, Cornflorio. You spoke of him “basically” throwing out excuses to cover in case of poor play.
    How about you apologize for being a drama queen who “infers” what other folks say incorrectly?

  4. Florio, the Injury Report was created to prevent inside information being spread to gamblers. Was the Vikings fullback being injured on the eve of the game really going to swing the line in Vegas?

  5. Ask any real Viking fan if they noticed he wasn’t playing last night, and the answer is probably no. Tahi is no more important to this team then the ball boy, towel boy, or water bottle boy. Its a good thing he didn’t play because if that had been Tahi instead of Dugan, we surely don’t get a TD there. He would have dropped it, been slow to get to his spot and been covered, or something else would have happened to not get a TD at that point. No big deal at all, and if anything I hope this opened Childress’s eyes a little and realize that Dugan is a better fit at FB for us over Tahi. They should have allowed Tahi to go to Cincinnati when they offered him a contract instead of matching it.

  6. Yeah, Dugan was the difference in the game.
    Here’s the question, counselor. You say teams “often make additions to their injury reports after the final information is provided on Friday.” If the injury occurred after the final report to the league, why would you expect an update or an explanation when none is required? Or is that you’re still crying because no one took seriously your call on Dugan’s touchdown?

  7. “should” have done this, “should” have done that. You sound like somebody’s kid sister dropping a dime on them!

  8. All you guys said “Dugan,” that’s pretty funny!
    I agree w/Sando, you prepare all week and then the Vikes whip out their “Dugan” on (2) TD’s?!? You can’t possibly prepare for something like that! The league should look into this.
    Vox: back to your Momma’s basement! No need for you to poke your head out this morning….
    I picture Will Ferrell’s character from Wedding Crashers, “Mom! The Meatloaf…..! We want it, now!” when I think of Vox…..

  9. Dugan vs Tahi? It’s really tough to prepare differently for those two. Mike, I think either of them could beat you though, and they might after this stupid article.

  10. Tahi has 24 career receptions for 97 yards. That has to be a NFL record for most catches without going over 100 yards. Puzzling that they throw the ball to him that much.

  11. Give Tahi credit for being man enough to try to wrestle Adrian Peterson. I want that guy as fullback on the Minnesota Vikings.
    In all seriousness, Tahi really is a solid fullback. He blocks well. He holds on to the ball. He’s worked his way up the roster to starter and I hope he feels better soon.
    Probably a good idea to lighten up on the horseplay, guys.
    Congratulations on the win in Green Bay. It’s a whole new season that is starting in Detroit.

  12. I was surprised the Vikings were able to win without Tahi! Playing without his blazing speed, pillow hands and his ability to get in Peterson’s way on almost any running play. The Vikings were lucky to pull that one out! Keep up the good work Florio.

  13. Hey Childress, you might want to consider making it clear that NOBODY wrestles-boxes-tackles-touches Peterson. Imagine what would ahve hit the fan if it would have been Peterson that got poked in the eye and had to miss the game!

  14. did someone actually say Tahi is a solid FB???
    Do you watch vikings games or just see AD’s stats and assume he has a good FB lead blocking.
    I noticed on the first series that Tahi was out, and it made me extremely happy. FINALLY!!! i said.
    Tahi is a pathetic excuse for a FB. Watch some game film, the guy obviously doesnt like contact. Let me say that again. A FULLBACK THAT DOESNT LIKE CONTACT. Go watch some game film, he is constantly ignoring guys he should be blocking, and waiting for someone else to pick him up. He doesnt have that killer instinct that a lead blocking FB needs to have. He plays hesitant and scared to hit someone, cant think of two worse qualities for a FB to have.
    I dont care how well a guy can catch (which isnt very well in this case), If a FB cant charge through the hole and clear out LBs on a regular basis he is not worthy of a practice squad spot.

  15. kjl451 says: November 2, 2009 7:26 AM
    Oh “DOODIE!!!”
    Watch your language around here Florio! Children could be reading.
    Not directed at you personally, but children are clearly reading, AND posting replies…. see jimmysmith and dbag nelson

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