Kokinis escorted out of building in Cleveland

There’s a very strong rumor in league circles that the Cleveland Browns escorted G.M. George Kokinis out of the building today, the first business day into the team’s bye week.

Jay Glazer has heard the same thing, and he’ll be posting something soon at FOXSports.com.

For now, it’s a rumor — but a very, very strong one.  (Or just “very”.  We’re on the fence about it.)

Recently, the Browns fired Erin O’Brien, the director of football operations.  O’Brien served as coach Eric Mangini’s personal assistant when Mangini was the head coach of the Jets.

Kokinis was hand picked by Mangini to be the G.M.  In many cities, the General Manager supervises the head coach and holds “final say” authority over the roster.  In Cleveland, Kokinis is (was?) second fiddle to Mangini.

There previously had been speculation in league circles that Mangini would throw Kokinis under the bus if necessary to save Mangini’s job.  If the rumor of Kokinis’ departure is accurate, the speculation will now be that Mangini sacrificed Kokinis now in order to get through the rest of the year, and possibly beyond.

UPDATE:  We’re hearing the same information from more and more sources, including one source who witnessed Kokinis collect his things and exit the building.

40 responses to “Kokinis escorted out of building in Cleveland

  1. This could be a pretty big breaking story, Florio.
    Kudos to you if it’s on the money.

  2. As someone who isn’t a fan of the Browns, obviously it is in my best interest for them to stay bad. Less competition.
    Conversely, the Browns really do have one of the most loyal, least douchebaggy fanbases in pro sports, so I feel bad for them.
    But then, the owner is an idiot who hired a bigger idiot for no reason when better options were available, so I don’t really want to root for things to get better for him.
    It’d be a much more enjoyable trainwreck if it happened to a team with an assholy fanbase. Like Oakland. Oh….wait….

  3. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It’s everybody for themselves from here on out. There will be some major backstabbing and asskissing going on before this one’s over.

  4. ….and shame on Lerner for hiring a complete and total scumbag like Mangini when no one else in the NFL would have hired him for free. Why would even one player rally around him when he’s throwing every one he brought in under the bus to save his own hide?
    Looks like Lerner is taking his meeting tomorrow with those two season ticket holders very seriously. By the time that meeting is over, they make talk Lerner into hiring them at GM/coach…….

  5. Leave it to Mangini. I cant believe anyone would go to bat for him. When he finally is out at Cleveland he will be out of the NFL and it will be none to soon for this loser.

  6. kokinis is gone. It is lead story on the Browns Monday night show The Point After ( this one wasn’t blocked)

  7. This story was just confirmed by WKYC Channel 3 Cleveland on their Monday post game show, “The Point After”.

  8. WKYC Ch 3 Cleveland is currently showing the weekly Browns show aftermath show and has confirmed this story.

  9. Way to make a big splash, get rid of the guy who executed the great trades to bring in former Jet players who have made no impact. Oh wait a minute was that Kokinis or Mangini that made those moves, get rid of Mangini while the door is still open and have Kokinis help Mangini carry out the boxes for Mangini too.
    Let’s get this right, instructions on how to build a winner:
    1. Hire an experienced GM
    2. Have the experienced GM hire the next experienced former Super Bowl winning coach that is still available
    3. Have the experienced GM and the new experienced head coach build a winner with 11 crucial draft picks in the 2010 draft
    4. Rebuild the trust that this town and it’s loyal fans have placed in this organization

  10. What did Kokinis do anyway? Really! Can anyone tell me what he did other than hold the GM position? This means nothing to me. I want Mangini out! Enough is enough. I don’t need to know anything other than how he has mishandled the quarterback position. He is an idiot. Put Rob Ryan in as the interim head coach.

  11. WOW! What a friggin trainwreck! Can the Browns overall roster be that much worse than say the Raiders, Bucs, Rams, Lions? Seriously folks something is very wrong here. But…………….being a Steeler fan all I can say is hahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahhaahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha….. (breath) hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhaahahahahhahahhah …. wheew thats funny!

  12. “Why would even one player rally around him when he’s throwing every one he brought in under the bus to save his own hide?”
    Would that be the bus he made the rookies ride on to his football camp last summer ? ROFL

  13. Randy Lerner is a dumbass who’s lucky his dad was rich. I hope Kokinis got his contract paid out in full via wire transfer when he left . If not, he better hire a good attorney, take TrustFund boy to court and get his money. And Mangini should be cleaning dishes at Olive Garden tomorrow after he gets fired.

  14. Mangini is NEXT!! Bill Cowher will then be offered a billion dollars to run the ship!!
    If not Cowher there are still way too many good coaches available to keep Mangini around any longer after this season!! Billick, Holmgren, Shanahan, just too many names out there to keep this guy around!! It was a mistake the Lerners need to OWN it and move on!!
    Hell I’d take any of the UFL coaches over Mangini at this point!!

  15. Browns fans…….Not sit down take a deep breath and then explain to me why the hell Cowher, Shanahan, Holmgren, Chucky and fill in the blank_________ (blank added for effect) would want to inherit this roster. That would be like Jimmy Johnson driving a Kia next year….. It ain’t gonna happen folks. These guys egos are bigger than their salary demands and none will risk tarnishing their future HOF (well maybe not Chucky) chances. How long do you think it would take to replace 50 players??? 3-4 sub .500 seasons?
    Wish you the best Cleveland ( not really) but you will NOT get one of the big boys.

  16. Copterman says:
    November 2, 2009 7:32 PM
    Randy Lerner is a dumbass who’s lucky his dad was rich.
    His Dad also died and he was thrown into it. He’s doing the best he can in my opinion. His bank is also one of the few stable banks in the country. I know one thing, I bet he’d give it all away to get his dad back.

  17. PGHDON, I don’t know if that is actually the case. The team is one year removed from a 10-6 season (two by the end of this season). There biggest need is a real QB, but I think a lot of their failings come from coaching and cancerous players (some of whom have been excised).
    That aside, the Browns still have a very proud tradition, and turning them around could be a real feather in the cap of an already good career for any of those guys.
    But me? I think they should bring back Schottenheimer. Not great at getting a team over the hump, but very good at turning a franchise around.

  18. Hey Mangini! Chris Chambers is available…… You will have to sign him since you don’t have a GM ( or a job pretty soon!)
    I think Romeo is still unemployed
    Wade Phillips should be available next year……
    The list goes on and on Cleveland fans.
    The Wizard says pay no attention to the Mangini behind the curtain.

  19. There is a nucleus of talent on the Browns: Shaun Rogers, Josh Cribbs, Joe Thomas, and Mohamed Massaquoi. D’Qwell Jackson will be back next year. Donte Stallworth will be back next year, I believe.
    Plus good draft position in 2010.
    It’s not like the new Browns GM will be starting with nothing.

  20. Bill In DC says:
    November 2, 2009 7:22 PM
    Escorted from the building? Is that really necessary?
    Pretty sad.
    I’m with you on this one, what did they think he would do?
    I feel for Browns fans, every team goes through their bad years but to go through a season where some thought Mangini was going to turn things around and end up having the entire organization look so chaotic is very sad.

  21. Since when does an employee get to pick his manager? With that F-ed up chain of command, and giving so much control to a guy like Mangini, who has done nothing to prove he deserves it, it’s no wonder the Browns are such a steaming pile.

  22. # urbusted says: November 2, 2009 8:01 PM
    Copterman says:
    November 2, 2009 7:32 PM
    Randy Lerner is a dumbass who’s lucky his dad was rich.
    His Dad also died and he was thrown into it. He’s doing the best he can in my opinion. His bank is also one of the few stable banks in the country. I know one thing, I bet he’d give it all away to get his dad back.
    You are quite wrong. He wanted nothing to do with the bank when his father left it to the family. They sold it after lying for years about it and screwed a lot of great employees in the process while making sure they and the fatcats got “theirs”. RL doesn’t even have the business acumen even to run a lemonade stand. He’s a straight up fool.

  23. Mangina on the ropes throwing people under the bus…possible power vacuum ensuing…watch out, this is where Hue shines. Power grab in 10,9,8……..

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