Week Eight Morning Aftermath: Bears 30, Browns 6

There’s really nothing to say about this one that isn’t obvious from the score.  The Browns are inept, and the Bears are good enough to exploit the Browns’ ineptitude at home.

Whether the Bears are good enough to finish the month with more than two more wins against the Cardinals, 49ers, Eagles, and Vikings remains to be seen.

Most encouraging for the Bears was the return of the running game. 

Then again, they played the Browns.

And the Browns are the ones who must figure out what, if anything, can be fixed during the bye week.  Charley Casserly of CBS suggested Sunday that the Browns will reassess the quarterback position, possibly giving the ball back to Brady Quinn.

At some point, frankly, we think that the “other” Brett from last year in New York — Brett Ratliff — will get a chance to show what he can do.

But the real question becomes whether owner Randy Lerner will take drastic steps to improve his dreadful team.  It sounds like he’s thinking about hiring a Bill Parcells-style executive to oversee the entire operation.  Since Parcells is operating under a “cash and carry” arrangement in Miami, whereby he can leave at any time and carry the balance of his cash with him, Lerner’s public musings might have been intended to send a tamper-free message to the Tuna.

Either way, something needs to change.  But for a muffed punt by Roscoe Parrish late in Week Five’s game between the Browns and the Bills, Cleveland could have been winless at the break.

Based on their schedule, they might dig out a bit in the second half, courtesy of games against the Lions, Chiefs, and Raiders.

Still, that adds up to another 4-12 finish at best, and it could mean another thorough house cleaning for a place that has been infected over much of the past decade not only by staph, but also by suck.

20 responses to “Week Eight Morning Aftermath: Bears 30, Browns 6

  1. Tony Dungy likes to help players that have hit rock bottom, would he be willing to help the Browns? Please?!?

  2. Seriously. This guy is getting exactly what he deserves for hiring Mangini.
    Can’t believe that they aren’t at least playing Quinn. Even the Titans have figured out that it’s time to see what type of return they’re going to get on their draft pick.
    You can’t asses him and he’s not going to get better on the bench.

  3. That game was pathetic. Luckily the Bears were playing the Browns. Cutler was getting destroyed back there, as their biggest weakness let him take hit after hit. Its just a matter of time before he’s knocked out for the year.

  4. That was one of the worst 30-6 win that you can imagine. The Browns are unbelievably bad. Not putting Brady Quinn in until three minutes to play is mindboggling. Browns fans have my complete sympathy.

  5. As a Browns fan that sat thru this entire game, Florio, you WAY over typed this. Let me help you out:
    The Cleveland Browns were once again “prison shower room” raped. They do not belong in the NFL.
    Jay Cutler looks lost without Shannahan. The Bears offense is horrendous. Seriously, you can’t punch it in against the mighty Browns defense?
    Why does Eric Mangini still have a job?
    See, about sums up the lost 3 hours from my sunday.

  6. Why not just run Josh Cribbs in there at QB? He can do the wildcat and also throw out of the shotgun like Tyler Thigpen did last year on another dreadful offensive team, the Chefs.

  7. Cue the Bears fans who are convinced Florio is a Browns fan who is unfairly painting their great victory against the inept Browns as something less than it should be.

  8. I dont think Bill Parcells is going to leave Miami. If the Browns are serious about hiring someone to oversee everything they should look at Marty Schottenheimer. He has always been good with knowing talent and building teams. He has the respect of every coach and player in the league which goes a long way. I’m a life long Browns fan and I would be pumped if they brought in Marty in the same facet as Bill Parcells in Miami. The 2010 draft is the most important draft in decades for Cleveland. They have 11 picks, the draft is being talked about as the most talented, most deep draft in years and years…if the Browns are going to inject talent into a roster lacking it they are going to have to do it in the draft. They have been the worst drafting team in the league since 1999. If they ever want to get it turned around it’s going to start in April.

  9. As a football fan who respects what the Browns have meant to the NFL, I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way for fans in other towns to join the boycott, fire Mangini, and get someone in Cleveland to right the ship.
    10 years after this “expansion” team was brought back to the NFL and they’re worse off today than in ’99
    The owners need to step up to the plate and slap Lerner upside the head…. especially after he moved so quickly to hire Mangini and give him full control of the organization, hiring the GM etc…

  10. @ JoeSixPack,
    Love the thought, but if the owners didn’t slap that scumbag Art Modell upside the head for moving the team in the first place, they sure as hell aint going to do anything now.

  11. As a Bears fan, the Cincy beat down last week told us more about our team than the victory against the Browns this week.
    Our offensive line consists of five human turnstiles, and they will not get any better this season. The Bears O-Line actually made the Browns look like they had a pass rush. Cutler will not have a prayer against a team like Minnesota, and he probably already knows this.
    As far as the Browns go, where do you start? Their best bet is to torch the facility and claim the insurance.

  12. Anybody would look like the Browns with that crew of QB’s. You Browns fans rival even Broncos fans for your tendency towards hysterics. A marginal QB would make them look twice as good right off the top. Somebody to throw the ball to would double it again. The sky ain’t falling in Cleveland, they are just really bad at two very obvious positions.

  13. as a bears fan you losers need to get off cutler’s back!it’s not his fault he plays for a o.c. who has no idea what he is doing!every week it’s the same thing over and over.get within 20 yds. and run it up the middle every time even though that play almost never gets more than 3 yards. people know it’s coming and the line can’t block anybody.they have blamed the qb’s for all the bears problems and now they have 1 of the top young ones and the offense still sucks.the problem is turner and lovie smith with thier we are a running team first phiosophy and thier inability or unwillingness to make adj. during the game.the browns d played great but any other team would have made the adj. needed to stop what they were doing and to score touchdowns!I said before the season turner would be the one holding the bears back and he has not cutler.and just because quinn went to dame doesn’t mean he’s good in fact since dame sucks so does he!he played for that overhyped fat genious remember?

  14. @Scoop
    Obviously you have not fully witnessed the masterful play calling from one Brian Daboll, almost reminiscent of Maurice Carthon.
    And for your statement that the team isn’t in that bad of shape, I would like to point to the team needs:
    1. Franchise QB
    2. RB
    3. #1 WR
    4. TE
    5. RT
    6. RG
    7. DE
    8. LOLB
    9. ILB
    10. CB
    11. FS
    12. SS
    Yeah, think that’s a little more than “really bad at 2 obvious positions.” Oh yeah, those 12 are just for the starting 22. Helluva lot more if you want to take into account the entire 53 man roster.

  15. @ Harrison – Cue the Bears fan that thinks only an idiot would suggest we think this was a “great victory”.
    @ Daffy – It was written as a “Parcell’s-style executive”, not Parcells himself.
    @ Cygnus – I’m not totally sold on Turner necessarily, but you even said yourself, the o-line is atrocious. What do you expect an O.C. to do with a terrible o-line. They can’t utilize Cutler’s big arm if you can’t buy him for than 2 seconds in the pocket. Any play an O.C. draws up is going to be predicated on BLOCKING SOMEBODY. If that doesn’t happen, you can’t totally blame Turner. So I would say as a grade goes so far for his play calling in the Cutler era, I would give him an “incomplete”. Also, you mentioned Lovie’s “get off the bus running” philosophy, that was stated from previous years, under QBs like Grossman and Orton. I think they know by now that their only real offensive weapon is Jay Cutler, so to suggest they are still too focused on the run is just not true. They’ve run the ball 169 times this season vs. 241 passing attempts.
    Still, while I think it’s as a much a personnel issue as it could be a coaching issue, I still wouldn’t necessarily be sad to see any of the coaches go, expect Dave Taube of course. Special Teams continues to be the main bright spot in the organization year after year.

  16. rods:
    I’m not saying they are two positions away from great….but I don’t think they’re as bad as they look. I think its a snowball effect. Nobody has confidence in the QB or the scheme and it rolls down hill from there. Everybody plays demoralized and pessimistic and crap and they look worse than they are. It can’t help when your supposed supporters turn so venomously against you.

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