Week Eight Morning Aftermath: Dolphins 30, Jets 25

In the “Postgame Notes and Quotes” published by the home team, the ever-boastful New York Jets pointed out that the paltry 104 net yards gained by the Dolphins (52 rushing, 52 passing) were the fourth-fewest allowed in franchise history.

But, once again, the only stat that ever really matters is points scored versus points allowed as determined at the end of each game.

The 299 yards allowed on kickoff returns probably had some significance in this one, too.

It was fitting, we suppose, that in the first meeting between these two teams after the Jets refused to credit the Dolphins for superior execution and game planning, the Miami offense was shut down — and 21 points came from two Ted Ginn kick returns and a defensive fumble rumble by Jason Taylor.

And, this time around, coach Rex Ryan again opted not to tip his cap to the Dolphins for delivering big plays via two long kick returns.

“[S]ometimes things just don’t make sense,” Ryan said.  “Statistically, this game is not going to look close.  I truly feel that our football team is good enough to beat anybody in this league, but we also can lose to anybody in this league if we spot a team three touchdowns.”

Or six interceptions against Buffalo.  Or whatever else has contributed to the four losses that now match the four wins.

That’s really the key here.  In each game that one NFL team loses to another team, it’s easy to point to things that your team has done wrong instead of the things the other team did right. 

It’s also dangerous to continuously point out your own flaws instead of explaining that maybe, just maybe, the better team won.  Indeed, eventually, folks will begin to conclude that the inability of the superior franchise to emerge with a victory flows not from bad luck, but from bad coaching.

Meanwhile, it was somewhat fitting that the second-half collapse of the Jets’ kickoff coverage delivered the win for the Dolphins.  In 2008, after “retired” special-teams coach Mike Westhoff had spent time at Miami offseason practices, Westhoff suddenly unretired and went back to work for the Jets.  Based on whispers and scattered rumors we’ve heard over the past 15 months or so, the incident sparked a strong negative reaction from Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells — and possibly has fractured the once close relationship between Parcells and Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum.

So after losing twice to the Tuna in a season in which Tannenbaum’s job could be on the line, the former Parcells right-hand man has been reminded once again of the identity of his daddy.

The Jets now have two weeks to ponder what might have been before embarking on a second-half schedule that features trips to New England and Indianapolis and visits from the Falcons and Bengals.  The other four games look to be winnnable, but this 4-4 team currently has the look and feel of a franchise destined to go 8-8 — and then to make January excuses for not winning enough times to play beyond Week Seventeen.

For the Dolphins, hope remains alive.  (Indeed, Bart Scott thinks they’re headed to, well, Miami for the Super Bowl.)  They needed to win one of the two consecutive road games at New York and New England.  If they can steal a win from the Pats next weekend and move to 4-4, Miami is very much alive for a playoff berth — either via the wild-card route or possibly stealing the division from the Pats, again.

28 responses to “Week Eight Morning Aftermath: Dolphins 30, Jets 25

  1. Rex Ryan clearly doesn’t understand this concept of “special teams”.
    He’s right about one thing. Statistically this game doesn’t look close. 299 yards on special teams is complete domination, and you’d expect the team with those numbers to win.

  2. I love my Dolphins, but without some kind of major change in execution from yesterday’s game, even Jim Mora couldn’t mock the Fin’s playoff hopes enough. Our defense (except on the “fumble rumble”) is HORRIBLE. Our offense is spotty at best. The only positive I took out of this game, other than the W, is being glad Ginn started to redeem himself. Other than that, it’s a long season still left, and we are barely scraping by.
    I really wish they’d work on Henne’s long ball. With the dump offs and screen passes, we might as well have Pennington, bum shoulder and all, in there throwing the rock. If we could just get some vertical game going, I think it would really open things up for this team. Maybe they’re waiting to unveil it to NE like they did with the Wildcat last year. God, I hope so.

  3. Cowboys loss = top story all week. Cowboys win = buried afterthought, lucky to read anything about them all week.
    Gonna put the Eagirls at #1 now since they beat the defenseless frauds from the Big Apple?

  4. Interesting that, after posting multiple articles being critical of him leading up to the game, you find a way to not mention the name Ginn in your article. Even though he did something never done before in the NFL. Even though he had a huge hand in the Dolphins winning the game. Fair? I think not.

  5. Ryan pukes at the press again…. yes, the stats are out of whack if you ignore the returns (head slap) , and (insert excuse here)… so the Phins (to paraphrase) didn’t deserve to win….
    The Phins tried really hard to lose and yet Ryan still beat them to it and now gave them 3-0 in the division… New England is hating the Jets more than usual today.
    Ryan is leading the team… in attitude, execution, performance, and maturity…. and it really shows

  6. Rex Ryan will feel much better once he has the
    twins he is carrying. Perhaps the statistics exemplify a need for better coaching from the New York Jets.

  7. and this closes another season where the JESTS capture another “preseason” Super Bowl.
    I think that officially qualifies then as THE “preseason” Dynasty of all time.

  8. mbroz beat me to it!.
    Not to mention Ginn after the abuse he took on this site this past week is pretty lame.

  9. I thought both teams looked pathetic but I’m glad that Miami came away with the win. As long as Ryan makes excuses he will not win anything. In the NFL there is a small margin of difference between a good team and a bad team. The Jets are a bad team.
    @Vox Veritas: stop making every post about you and your team. Loser.

  10. “VoxVeritas says:
    November 2, 2009 8:12 AM
    Cowboys loss = top story all week. Cowboys win = buried afterthought, lucky to read anything about them all week.
    Gonna put the Eagirls at #1 now since they beat the defenseless frauds from the Big Apple?

    Let me let you in on a little secret. This is an article about the Jets and Dolphins, no one who clicked on this article gives three craps about what PFT had to say about the Cowgirls.

  11. VoxVeritas,
    You beat the Seahawks…whooptie-doo. Quit beating your chest because you picked apart an awful team.
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    Return to the original entry.

  12. From the article, “and 21 points came from two Ted Ginn kick returns and”.
    mborz – try reading before commenting. Fair? I think so.

  13. I don’t know what is worse??
    A) Losing to a gameplan you were prepared for but still got stomped on.
    B) Stoping the gameplan after seeing it for the second time in 3 weeks only to get romped by an under achieving first round bust.
    and then on top of everything not being able to suck it up and say they played good enough to win. Why talk about how you lost the game? Why expose your flaws to the media for all to hear? I hate the Patriots but when the Wildcat embarrassed them last year Belichek,( who i hate more then anyone) came straight out and said the Dolphins “OUTPLAYED” us. Take some notes Rex and stop the childish media games. Give credit where credit is due. Everyone can see the stat sheets and knows the total offensive yardage, too bad stats dont matter and points do. Could there be a more classless team in the NFL??
    Jets fans, I hope you are proud to be making the Raiders the 2nd most embarrassing team in the NFL this year. You are a bunch of losers led by the fattest man to ever coach in the NFL.
    How do you preach strength and conditioning when you look like that??? Make an attempt fatty, isnt the NFL a frequent customer to Nutri-System? You should get a discount, Get on it Rex.
    Bart Scott is only a Pro-Bowl OLB when he has a Pro-Bowl MLB, DT, and SS to make him look better.

  14. As a Patriots fan I Loved the way Rex Ryan came in and showed the jets he had a pulse unlike Eric Mangenius I really liked Rex when he was in Baltimore but after all the big talking and failure to give the Dolphins and Bills credit for actually beating them, and oh did I mention the constant running of the mouth by Rex and his players is now getting played out if your so damn good prove it on the field instead of the constant chatter with little result, the big difference between teams that are good like the Steelers, Colts and Patriots, and teams that have to try and convince you that their good like the now 4-4 JETS is good teams prove it on the field without a bunch of chatter I’m all for trash talking but when you trash talk don’t forget you still have to prove it on the field. I actually feel sorry for Sanchez his teammates and head coach continues to write checks with their mouth he can’t cash.

  15. Ginn lost 2 games: Indy and New Orleans. I was one of the guys that thought he would succeed with a strong arm QB, but he drops passes. He lost me.
    Now, he won 1 game.
    1-2 on a personal level is terrible. It points to a guy who is uncomfortable catching passes but ok when he can see everyone coming.
    It does occur to me the phins need to get him in motion at WR more. Get him moving presnap to avoid the jams.

  16. Ted Ginn Jr. has come up with 3 big TDs that helped the Dolphins SWEEP the jets, that is enough for this Fins Fan… I’d still rather have Patrick Willis, though Ginn in two or three years with other wepons around him could be a nice piece to a contending team..! Poor guy was just drafted to high because if his speed… He’s like a funny car going 200 mph trying to beat an Audi on a road course!

  17. “laxcoach says:
    November 2, 2009 9:23 AM
    Ginn lost 2 games: Indy and New Orleans. I was one of the guys that thought he would succeed with a strong arm QB, but he drops passes. He lost me.

    I know what you are trying to say, but last time I checked, Ginn didn’t play Defense.
    His drops could have helped win either game, but when your Defense gives up that many points, it’s not fair to put the loss solely on his shoulders.
    Let’s face it, our Pass D needs a lot of improvement.

  18. The problem with Ginn is that while he is fast, it takes him a while to get those long strides going. He has no quickness. Now, Devon Bess is very quick and also has had a bit of the dropsies the last few games. Throw in that ST fumble as well and he better watch his ass.

  19. I’m surprised by the lack of coverage Ginn has received nationally based on the fact he did something that’s never been done before in a game. This game was a fluke and he’s still useless as a receiver, but an ugly win is still a win.
    “F” the Jets. If it makes them feel better that they lead the league in diarrhea of the mouth and worthless excuses, well good for them. The Dolphins play hard and relative to the level of talent at their skill positions (other than running back), I think they perform at a pretty high level. They’re still only two years removed from 1-15, so it’s going to take some time before they’re a consistent force to be reckoned with.

  20. Hmmm, you think having a great special teamer like Trusnik might have prevented at least one of those two touchdowns? That Braylon Edwards trade doesn’t seem as great now, does it?

  21. I can’t believe you guys are being critical of Rex Lombardi Ryan.
    Dont you realize the superior culture that he has created?
    What about how superior he treats his players to that evil loser Mangini?
    The media tells me he’s a “man’s man”
    For weeks we have had to listen to how superior he is in everyway. Well, he now has a quaterback whose arm isn’t about to fall off. A significant upgrade in wide receiving (giving up nothing in return). A much improved running game and players who are finally stepping up on defense.
    The Jets are much, much better off!
    Just look at their record.
    Mangini is such a loser. Rex good, Mangini bad.
    Parcell’s was wrong, you aren’t what your record says you are. Rex, the next coming, could never have a significantly worse record that the evil Mangini.
    Greenie, tell me once again, what should I think, what should I believe?

  22. Sweep, oh how sweet it is.
    I can’t wait til fat ass Rex punches someone.
    Oh, and Vox. In case you haven’t noticed, this is a post about the Jets-Dolphins game. If you have nothing to say about it, STFU! Go away, no one cares.

  23. “Rex, the Blowviator Ryan, can’t even admit that the Jet’s are an average team and will finish 8-8 record!”
    Why? He put his team in this mindset! We are a good team…. The Patriots have a better HC and QB but, we’re the better Team!
    I’m an idiot and bigmouth! I have never been a Head Coach. I was a coordinator of a defense that was stacked with excellent personell.
    Whatever happened to walk softly and carry a big stick mentality? Good thing you won the week 2 SuperBowl…..if you’re going to talk the talk, better learn how to walk the walk first!

  24. mborz – PFT had two separate posts about Ginn’s TD runs yesterday on this site, not to mention a mention here in the blurb with a link…. just go a couple of pages back and look.
    this win felt great – not because i have any confidence in the dolphins, but because the jets got sweeped after running their mouths.
    one good thing is coming from the Jets – they’re uniting Bills, Patriot, and Dolphins fans in hating the classless Jets. keep on talkin, fellas.
    Ginn can return kicks all day, as long as we don’t put him back on offense we should be ok. we need WR help bad though…. Hartline was never thrown to that i could tell and henne was settling for quick dumps to RB’s, or over-the-middle passes to TE’s.
    Get us a WR please!

  25. ah, and to those pointing at the 100 yards of total offense, that was only for 3 quarters. 😉
    had our offense seen the field in the 3rd quarter, i’m sure we would have had 150 yards of offense in the game! 😀

  26. I agree 100% with you Florio(for once). Ryan is trying to make it seem like they got lucky with those 3 plays. That they shut down the Dolphins running game and did better statsically. But did he consider that those 3 big plays kept the Dolphins offense and running game off the field? Maybe if Ginn didnt get those 2 returns Williams and Brown would have ran all over them in those 2 drives. Also maybe if Taylor didnt get that td the Dolphins defense would of stopped the Jets which would have got the dolphins running backs on the field. Instead they didnt get the chance b/c they didnt need too. You cant say your stats are better b/c maybe they wouldnt have been if your team didnt give up the big plays.
    Coaches and players dont think of these things when they talk and in my opinion alot of the time the look dumb because of it. But Rex is a Ryan and looking dumb obviously doesnt matter to them. I actually like the Ryans and its kind of embarassing to admit that.

  27. Rex Ryan only know offense and defense in football, he didn’t realize that there is a SPECIAL TEAM in football that is DUMP.

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