Week Eight Morning Aftermath: Ravens 30, Broncos 7

As the Bengals and Steelers enjoyed their weekend off, we’re assuming they took in a bit of the Broncos-Ravens game.

And we’re guessing that, if they did, some of them likely peed a little.

The AFC North is no longer a two-horse race between 5-2 Cincy and 5-2 Pittsburgh.  The Ravens, who had plunged from 3-0 to 3-3, have confirmed that each of their three losses could have been wins, via a trouncing of the previously unbeaten Broncos. 

The offense, for years the weak link in this franchise, scored 30 or more points for the fifth time in seven games.  And for only the second time this season, the Ravens defense — wobbling a bit after a decade of dominance — allowed fewer than 10 points.

Jared Gaither returned to action after a neck injury, reclaiming his position at left tackle and bouncing rookie Michael Oher to the side other than the blind one.  Most importantly, they combined to keep linebacker Elvis Dumervil from adding to his 10 sacks in six games.

After the game, Oher was far more charitable in his assessment of Dumervil than the first-round pick had been two weeks earlier regarding Jared Allen of the Vikings.

“He’s one of the best in the league. I can
guarantee that,” Oher said of Dumervil, per the Carroll County Times.  “He has every tool he needs, and he is a
great pass rusher.”

Then again, Allen’s three sacks from Sunday vaulted him past Dumervil.  And if sacks are the measure of the greatness of a pass rusher, Allen is currently the better man, by one-half a bag.

Meanwhile, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels tried to turn the 23-point loss into chicken salad.

Anytime you have a game like this, it
forces you to look in the mirror
and really tell yourself where you’re
at, individually and as a team,” McDaniels said.  “You can find out just as much about one another and your team and your
staff through the adversity of a loss as you can through six [consecutive] wins.”

The Broncos weren’t going to win 16 games.  Their only convincing victories had come against the Browns and the Raiders.  Surely, a desperate Ravens team that had fallen to third place in its division wasn’t going to fall to 3-4.

So now the question becomes whether the Broncos will respond to their first loss by getting back on track with a win over the Steelers next Monday night, or whether they’ll mimic the Giants and begin a slide from which Denver will struggle to emerge.

Looming in the weeds are the Chargers, who have won two straight and will come to Denver in 20 days for a rematch of their Monday nighter from last month.  Though it’s too early to predict a repeat of last year’s Colorado collapse, folks in Denver likely feel a little more nervous about the current standing of their local football team than they did 24 hours ago.

39 responses to “Week Eight Morning Aftermath: Ravens 30, Broncos 7

  1. You don’t think their win over the Patriots was “convincing”, Mike? A lot of us here in New Engkand were convinced after that game. We were expecting Josh McDanials to be another non-performer from the Belichick tree, but the Broncs really showed us something that week.

  2. The defense is deffinatly not what is was last year ,but still a great defense.
    THis new offense is amazing, I bet Flacco is very pleased that Derick Mason stuck around for another year.
    Ed Reed’s hit on Knowsean Merino was one of the best of the year, especially because it was legal.

  3. From a guy that picked them to go 4-12, here is the rest of the season:
    Chiefs (x2)
    Thus: 12-4.
    Who knew.

  4. Ravens are too inconsistant for the Steelers to be worried about them yet. Plus the whole 3-0 thing last year…
    Steelers 31 – Broncos 6

  5. McSixenOne is still far better than most expected.
    The Ravens deserve a ton of credit on this one– they got inside Orton’s head very early and lived there all game.
    I’m very impressed with Flacco. I knew he was good, but that guy is going to be special…kinda already is. He made some big time plays.
    I can’t say I respect the Ravens much, which I put in a different category than whether they’re good or not. They carried on like you’d expect a bad team to act on a good day– like they weren’t accustomed to it, and Rey-Rey was leading the charge…still running his jaw and taunting long after the outcome was determined. They call him a leader, but somewhere in that package you might find an explanation as to why he’s only got one ring, considering that light’s out defense. They looked very good– as they always do in spurts. Maybe they ought to can the showmanship and try to preserve the energy for a 16 week schedule. Considering the character they displayed, I’m guessing that this will be the high-water mark this season for Ravenland.

  6. Yep, the Broncos will lose to Steelers and Chargers will beat Giants next week. When the Chargers beat Denver the following week, it will be all tied up, and everyone will be talking about another typical Donkey collapse.

  7. McD had two weeks to prepare, and his gameplan SUCKED. It was horrible, the execution was horrible. Should have been a shutout, without the pass interference call we get 0 on the board.
    Orton looked scared, was running for his life, the protection was bad, and the one thing that was working somewhat, they didn’t go to enough, RUN THE BALL!
    Way to many weak screens, Orton threw downfield twice the whole game. It was sad.
    Coaches and teams have bad games, next week we find out a lot about this team and our coach.

  8. Steelers are in BIG trouble. Steelers did beat the Ravens and their rookie QB three times last year, but before that, the Ravens won FIVE straight. against the Steelers. Flacco is no rookie this year and there will be a return to the good old days of the Ravens beating the crap out of the Steelers. Mark it down.

  9. As a Broncos fan, I can tell you the Ravens put on one of the best defensive displays I’ve ever seen yesterday. If they keep playing like that, they will not be beat.
    Denver’s D played tough (7 points were from the kickoff return plus lots of short fields), but when your offense is going 3-and-out all day the D will eventually wear down.
    With that said, Denver will be just fine. They looked a little flat coming out of the bye week and were playing against a clearly-inspired home team. There’s nothing to panic about — I never expected them to look sharp in 7 straight games anyway, so I’ll give them a pass for yesterday’s non-performance.

  10. I’m a Ravens fan so I was happy with yesterday’s outcome but those down on Denver need to relax they are 6 – 1.
    Sure any team could collapse at any time but there is no reason to think that so far. the chargers beat 2 in a row KC and Oakland but they were both bad teams, so that doesn’t mean San Diego has improved since the 34-24 loss to Denver.
    I don’t care either way I just don’t get the collapse people seem to be predicting.
    That said milehiclown I don’t know why you would just assume Denver over the Eagles or the Giants are sure wins. The other teams you named though might as well give Denver the “W” now though.

  11. Um, Mac? No.
    The Steelers are 18-10 against the Ravens since they moved to Baltimore/were stolen from Cleveland.
    The only year the Ravens beat the Steelers in both matchups was in 2006. The Ravens won three in a row 2005-2006, but never five. The Steelers have won five in a row twice, in 1997-1999 and 2001-2003. So these “good old days of the Ravens beatin the crap out of the Steelers”? Never existed.

  12. “Stihler fan says: November 2, 2009 10:59 AM
    Purple Clowns (formerly the Cleveland Clowns) do not frighten the Black & Gold. Mark THAT down!”
    Black and Gold? This is why people think Stool fans are retarded.
    Put down your ICB and riddle me this Stool fan: If the Stoolers are “Black and Gold” then what are the Saints?

  13. The Broncos were who we thought they were.
    And now here comes Ravens fan out of hibernation popping off after getting above .500.
    You guys are so precious!

  14. “Flacco is no rookie this year and there will be a return to the good old days of the Ravens beating the crap out of the Steelers. Mark it down.”
    HAHAHA exactly when were those good old days when the Ravens beat the crap out of the Steelers? Ravens NEVER beat the Steelers 5 in a row stop making shit up. Ravens fans dissappeared after losing 3 in a row and now that they won ONE game they are beating their chests and saying that the Steelers are in big trouble. HAHA come on now…
    P.S. Flacco is 0-3 vs the Steelers, it doesnt matter what Kyle Boller or Steve McNair were able to do

  15. Easy to predict.
    Denver was overdue for a loss.
    Ravens were desperate for a win and at home.
    Now the Ravens travel to tha Nati after a very emotional win.
    The Bengals are rested have a two week game plan, and treating the next 9 games as a whole new season. 0-0
    Be wary Raven fan. We are no joke and I couldnt be happier that you won yesterday!
    Now, get ready to lose.
    Next is Steelers.

  16. Just as one bad day at the office doesn’t define your career, one bad day on the field shouldn’t define this Broncos team. I remember how bad the 1997 Superbowl winning team looked on a Monday night game against the 49ers late in the season, and the 1998 superbowl winning team looked even worse against the Dolphins in another late season Monday night game.
    There were alot of factors both tangible and intangible that pointed to a Ravens win even before these two teams took to the field. From what I’ve seen of this Broncos team, I think we can expect a solid effort against the Steelers on next week’s Monday night game.

  17. Stoolers: “What are the Saints?” I give up. What are they? They certainly can’t hold a candle to the real Black & Gold. The Purple Clowns have never beaten the Steelers more than 3 times in a row. Yes, Steelers are the refs favorite team. Get used to it!

  18. arc71,
    does your selective memory forget the 58-7 pounding in ’06, and ‘the hit’ that Scott put on Big Ben. yea, I’d forget it too.

  19. Stoolers: Actually, the Saints colors are referred to “old gold” and black…so get a clue, moron.
    Secondly, Ravens were desperate for a win and the Broncs were due for a loss. Ravens D really took it to the Broncs all day. Both teams are quality teams and as a Steeler fan looking forward to playing them both in the next few weeks and getting revenge on the Bungals in Pittsburgh.

  20. The Ravens played great football yesterday. I don’t think the Broncos ever recovered from that big hit and sack on the first play of the game. We got hit in the mouth and were not ready for it. Then they came out from half and got a KO Return for TD. All of the credit goes to the Ravens.
    All that being said…when is the NFL going to adopt a policy about teams going west-to-east?
    Anytime you’re going to play 2 or more hours ahead, you should be playing in the late game. F TV and all the rest of it, because it is a marked advantage.

  21. # Mac-01 says: November 2, 2009 10:37 AM
    Steelers are in BIG trouble. Steelers did beat the Ravens and their rookie QB three times last year, but before that, the Ravens won FIVE straight. against the Steelers. Flacco is no rookie this year and there will be a return to the good old days of the Ravens beating the crap out of the Steelers. Mark it down.
    Mark it down? How ’bout “look it up”?
    Prior to the Steelers beating the Ravens three times in a row last year, the Ravens did have a streak against the Steelers if their own – the won one straight. They beat Pittsburgh on the last day of the regular season. Pittsburgh won the previous game that season. Look it up.

  22. Stoolers- The Refs Favorite Team says: November 2, 2009 11:19 AM
    Black and Gold? This is why people think Stool fans are retarded.
    Put down your ICB and riddle me this Stool fan: If the Stoolers are “Black and Gold” then what are the Saints?
    You’re joking, right? You come to a football message board and argue the semantics about shades of colors and what is the proper term for a particular shade? You need to take that argument to the “Pro-Interior-Decorating” message boards.
    Next thing you know this clown will be discussing the proper order and shades of the colors of the rainbow flag!

  23. Uh, ravens347
    Congrats, you have just made history by making the most idiotic statement ever made on this site.
    You do realize that you are refering to one play during the same season the Steelers won their Fifth of Six Super Bowls? Were you hanging onto that play when the Steelers rolled you 3 times last year (twice at home)?
    Why would Steeler fans ever want to forget ’06?
    C’mon, your better than that!

  24. I can think of one reason Syringeburg fans would want to forget ’06:
    Dr. Richard Rydze
    “For 22 seasons, longer than the tenure of Franco Harris, Terry Bradshaw or any of the other Steelers icons, Rydze, 58, paced the Pittsburgh sideline as part of the medical team. Then suddenly, in the summer of 2007, like a free-agent rookie signed as training camp fodder, the bespectacled internal medicine specialist quietly parted ways with the Steelers.
    The details are sketchy, but his split with the team came approximately four months after news reports identified him as the buyer of a substantial quantity of human growth hormone (HGH) from a Florida pharmacy during several months in 2006. HGH, a performance enhancer banned by the NFL and other major sports leagues, is the supplement of choice for some athletes because it can’t be detected by current testing.”

  25. Hey, Laxer37, get your facts straigth before you start name calling. The year, 2006, w/ Steve McNair at the helm. Ravens rolled the ‘mighty’ Stillers twice that year with a combined score of 58-7, and won the AFC North. Typical of Stiller fans to distort fact when it comes to their team.

  26. Last year the Steelers beat the Ravens by 3, 4, and 9 points… wow they really beat us good (sarcasm for retarded Steelers fans)…
    Seriously though, previous year stats are pointless… You can alter stats to justify just about any argument in the NFL… then you get a bunch of retards on here arguing about pointless stats all day claiming that they are right because of some random idiotic stat from a million years ago… last time I checked, the only thing that matters was the team that shows up on the field on gameday…

  27. Why are Ravens fans popping off at the mouth already about the Steelers ? Dont you have a game with the first place Bengals next sunday ? Didnt the Bengals beat you once already in Baltimore ? Then i would worry about them …..
    Mister Charm city Raven. That story is a 100% correct . That all happened and its on the record . What i am missing is all the suspensions from using that HGH . Where are they ? Dont make statements and make others think whatever . Come with cold hard facts . Was any Steelers busted using any performance inhancement drugs ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO …. Pot ??? Hell yeah . Nothing wrong with smoking the hippy lettuce . I forgot but didnt your RB go to jail for selling cocaine ????????? HMMMMMMMMMM he who throws stones at glass houses my friend .
    When we play you take the records and throw them away . But if you want to recall dominance all you had to do is look how the Ravens have faired against the Steelers in the playoffs . UMMMMM what is their playoff record against us ?????? 0 fer …. 00000-2 ….. Isnt the playoffs what matters ?
    P.S thanks for the easy road to the Superbowl last season .

  28. Ravens347… obviously you can’t spell. It is the Steelers not the Stillers. You idiot! Par for the course for anyone that lives in Baltimore. How about that North Ave area ? A car backfires and everyone hits the deck!!!

  29. Reba, the word Stillers is intentionally spelled that way, to show disrespect to your team. We here in Bmore Do know how to spell, and we Do recall accurately facts between the two teams, unlike Laxer37, who conveniently forgot the correct year that the Stillers bellied up against our Ravens. I believe the Stillers have a Sunday Night game here in Bmore in a couple of weeks, finally, against the Men in Purple, and I do believe the Stillers 3 game win streak is going to come to an embarassing and humiliating end, you can bet on it!

  30. I don’t understand why the Ravens keep tugging on Super Man’s cape. Pittsburgh usually own the Ravens. They cried last year about how Steelers cheated, barely beat them 2 times regular season last year. They had an invitation to Heinz stadium 1 step away from the Super Bowl and got punched in the mouth. Flacco is not Big Ben and Ravens D gets a lot of publicity but is usually ranked behind us every year. Since their existence they have 1 Super Bowl and Steelers have 2. Steelers have beaten them more times than they have beaten us. Pittsburgh will have more Hall of Famers from the last 10 years than they will. In every category Pittsburgh is just better.

  31. Wow, I must admit I am consistently amazed and somewhat entertained at the arrogance of Steeler’s fans on message boards when it comes to the Ravens. After reading through these posts, I feel the need to make a few corrections just for the record. Pittsburgh’s team color is YELLOW, not GOLD. It is not that difficult to tell the difference between Black and Gold ( SAINTS) and Black and Yellow ( STEELERS). Yellow is the more appropriate color for the Steelers anyhow.
    Secondly, I am embarrassed for you people that you continue to hang on to that 3-0 record vs the Ravens last year as if it means something. First of all, that was LAST YEAR, which has nothing to do with THIS YEAR. It would mean something if you dominated us, but you did not. An 11 point difference over three games against a team with a Rookie QB AND Head coach,with one game going to OT isn’t exactly dominating. You VERY EASILY could have lost all 3 of those games without the help from a lucky coin flip, some help from the refs on non-TDs, etc.
    Get over yourselves, SteelerNation. You are really NOT THAT GREAT, and the Ravens are WAY BETTER than you give us credit for. I am not saying the Ravens are better than the Steelers. For the record, I think they are equally talented teams, and the steelers were just a bit luckier last year. But that was last year. You have already shown your weaknesses this year and so have we. now it is just going to come down to who wants it more. The bengals are posers and will be out of the race by the time it matters, so it will just be you and us again, and we are hungry.

  32. Dunn-
    You are wrong in almost every single sentence of your post. If this was a history test, your would have a score of 20. ( for the two facts you did get right.), Yes, you have won two super bowls to our one. Yes, the steelers hold the lead in wins vs the Ravens. Pittsburgh will not have more Hall of Famers than the Ravens ( unless you consider Kordell Stewart a hall of famer, of course, Like Rod Woodson, he was a Raven also). Ravens Defense OWNS this decade, while the Pittsburgh defense has had a few good seasons. No other defense has been more dominant in this decade than the Ravens, and that is just fact that can not be debated. There is NO Category in which Pittsburgh can say they are truly better the Ravens, other than super bowl wins, where you have a one game lead on us. Your offensive line sucks, ours is great. Your Running backs are average, ours are tearing it up., your QB is great, our QB is great. Your receivers are very good ( not great), our receivers are very good ( not great). Your defensive line is very good, ours is excellent. Your defensive ends are great, ours are very good. Your middle linebacker is OK, ours is the greatest to ever play the game, you have an outstanding future HOF safety, we have an outstanding future HOF safety. You have very good corners, we have very fast corners who are not as good. I just dont see where you guys think you are so much better than else in any “category”….

  33. DUNN-
    To say the Steelers “owned the Ravens” last year is simply absurd – you easily could have lost all three of those games. In fact, Ex-Raven Stone cost the Ravens the championship game, and the other two, well, you simply benefitted from some ill-timed penalties courtesy of the Ravens. Also, to think you have more hofs this past decade than the Ravens, get real. At a minimum, they may be equal. Nice try .

  34. Hey raven347, you want to talk about a big hit on Big Ben 3 years ago be my guest. But please consider the spleen rattling hit Ryan Clark put on Willis McGahee last year in the playoffs. There are alot of big hits in the NFL every week.
    Why don’t we just get to the most important stat in football and count super Bowl rings. At last count I believe it was 6-1 in favor of the Steelers.

  35. Bear –
    the city of Baltimore has 4 NFL championships, and we were out of the league for 13 years – Baltimore’s rate of winning championships is higher than Pittsburgh’s. Go back and check the record books. Let’s show some intellectual honesty here, if that is possible.

  36. Intellectually speaking the Colts are 1-1 in Super Bowls. They were 2-1 in the old NFL Championship games.
    So if you recall in my original post. I made reference to super bowl rings. I’ll give that they have been champions of some sort 4 times.
    However intellectually speaking 6 is still greater than 4. Honestly…..

  37. Bear –
    Yes, I agree, 6 is better than 4. However, Baltimore’s rate in winning NFL championships is better than Pittsburgh’s, given that the Baltimore Colts did not join the NFL until 1950, And Baltimore was without a team for 13 years.
    Pittsburgh does have more NFL HOFs than does Bmore, and, imo, has one of the top three QBs in the league right now.
    Let’s resume this conversation after the two meet (in Bmore) at the end of November.

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