Chiefs claim Chris Chambers

Chris Chambers didn’t stay out of work for long.

In a minor upset, Chambers was claimed by the Chiefs Tuesday off waivers, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.   Chambers is due roughly $2.4 million for the second half of this season, and many folks thought that no one would pay that kind of money for a declining receiver.  (It’s not like the Chargers couldn’t use a consistent wideout.)

Of course, there is no rule that the Chiefs have to keep Chambers for long.  They can get an up close look at him for a while before deciding how to use him. 

Kansas City’s wide receiver group is thin after Dwayne Bowe, with Mark Bradley, Bobby Wade, and Bobby Engram all fighting for snaps.

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  1. or if you’re that far under the cap, why not make sure some of it goes to a veteran instead of the scabs they keep bringing in.

  2. Here, Rosenthal, I’ll help you do your job……….
    The Chiefs are so below the salary cap they must find ways to spend more money in this CURRENT season. So they’ve basically got two options… 1) Re-sign guys already on their roster to longer term deals with more money (but really, who on this terrible team should they sign to a longterm deal that isn’t already signed to a longterm deal?), or 2) Pick up pricy free agents. Thus Chambers’ $2.4 million is inconsequential to the Chiefs.
    Make sense? I’ll leave it to you to figure out the exact dollar amount the Chiefs have to spend this year.

  3. # chief says: November 3, 2009 4:59 PM
    or if you’re that far under the cap, why not make sure some of it goes to a veteran instead of the scabs they keep bringing in.
    Who on this team deserves more money?

  4. Uh, Greg? Apparently you’ve not been watching this year too closely. Chambers has been the model of INconsistency with like 9 receptions all year. Better, younger hands with Floyd, younger, cheaper, Nenee, and true studs in Jackson and Gates, handwriting was on the wall for Chambers. Declining, yes, consistent, no.

  5. Rosenthal, do your homework before you post… Chambers was 6th on the team in receptions and yars (4th among receivers) as the #2 Wideout. The Chargers have plenty of consistent wideouts (i.e. Vincent Jackson, top 5 wideout in the league), which is why Chambers was waived. He can still be a decent player as long as he holds onto the ball.

  6. He can’t possibly be any worse than what the Chiefs already have. Why not bring him in? Dwayne Bowe proves every week that he can’t catch, and the rest of the guys are pretty much scrubs.

  7. My point is that of course the Chargers could use a consistent, quality receiver. He’s not one. And he hasn’t held on to the ball … ever.

  8. bcharge/jimmyy
    instead of jumping all over the writers in anger, think about it for a minute. what he was saying was that many people would NOT pay 2.4 mill for chambers because he is inconsistent (which is why he was released); and that it was surprising that he was picked up so quickly after being released.
    some people on this site…

  9. everyone has a misunderstanding about his money…if he was signed before 4pm they would have to have paid him the 2.4mil, but they waited till after 4pm so they could get the veterans minimum for him, around 900k for him? take that by half the season and they could get him for around 500k

  10. ntea6 says:
    November 3, 2009 5:11 PM
    Could this perhaps be a ploy for Scott Pioli to try and trade him to the Dolphins?
    If that happens I’ll be sick. Chambers is terrible, and always has been. We have a sorry group of receivers, and he still wouldn’t be good enough to start for Miami. I’ve endured too many years of watching his pathetic play, please don’t make me do it again.

  11. To Finsbooyah:
    I’m a Dolphins fan as well (all 30 years of my life) and I know how disappointing Chambers always was, but he would still be a huge upgrade if he decides to handle adversity by actually catching balls instead of missing them and complaining to the officials for a pass interference call (his trademark). Our only sure-hand receiver is Brian Hartline as of right now. I would love to see ANYBODY as an upgrade and a deep threat. Maybe you or I can audition…
    Go Fins!

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