Del Rio reducing Garrard's ability to audible

Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t touch the ball in Sunday’s loss to Tennessee until midway through the second quarter, a strategy that led to some criticism of the Jaguars coaching staff.

It turns out head coach Jack Del Rio wasn’t happy about the development either, partially blaming MJD’s lack of touches on quarterback David Garrard’s decision to audible called runs to passes.  Del Rio was frustrated enough to limit Garrard’s ability to change plays late in the game.

“We took that privilege away or that ability away and said, “Look, just
hand it to him and let him run the ball,’ ” Del Rio said.

Garrard changed some runs to passes in the team’s previous game against Tennessee to much better results, but he struggled badly in the rematch.  Del Rio won’t take away Garrard’s ability to audible completely in the future, but he said there will be some calls that Garrard’s not allowed to change. 

We wonder how Garrard feels about this.  Del Rio is essentially giving his quarterback’s decision-making skills a vote of no confidence.  Del Rio is also re-directing some of the blame for Sunday’s gameplan towards Garrard. 

Garrard has thrown four interceptions with no scores in his last two games and his play has been uneven this season. The Jaguars owe him $7.975 million next season, and it’s fair to wonder if Garrard will be playing to keep his “franchise quarterback” status in the final half of the season.

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  1. They played against one of the worst secondaries in the league and his top 2 receivers had a total of 4 catches. Not good.

  2. Long as he doesn’t give the audible responsibility to some guy he brings in as a consultant who was calling bingo games a week ago.

  3. With the 8th overall selection in the 2010 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Christian Ponder Quarterback, Florida State….

  4. JDR is an assclown. Why does he always feel the need to throw his players under the bus publicly? Oh yeah, because he’s not and never was a real leader of men and wants to make sure everyone in the world knows the utter suckage of the Jags is not HIS fault. Nice. If I were a player, I wouldn’t play for him for a billion dollars.

  5. Garrard must be pretty stupid to not want to hand it off to MJD 60-70% of the time….it’s not that difficult to figure out that by doing that the play action passes will become available & probably be EXTREEMLY successful!!!!

  6. HERE WE GO: Now let’s shift the blame from me and my coaching staff to my QB. By golly Jack, you’re on a roll. I’ll give you the benefit, maybe Garrard did call audile plays and opted to pass when he saw some in the defensive coverage. Isn’t that what you want in a QB? Inconsistent play dosen’t play sell tickets.
    Bottom Line Jack, there’s no excuse to lose to and 0-7 team. You and your staff are behind the times. Are we just going to keep division away to the Colts every year. Now with the Texans finally coming around and with a solid consistent Titans team we are the scum of the AFC South. It’s time for a change Wayne Weaver. It’s now or never b/c unless winning is the ultimate goal we’re going to find this team in Los Angeles, unless that is YOUR ultimate goal.

  7. I love how the Jags give up a franchise high for rushing yardage and Vince Young has a 114 QB rating and the news of the day in Jagville is that Del Rio is limiting Garrard’s ability to make audibles. Talk about deflection. If any of the local hack media has a pair left why don’t they ask Jack, as a defensive coach, how he feels about the 104 AVG Passer Rating of the Jags’ opponents this season. After he deflects that ask him how he feels about allowing the most rush yards in franchise history. After he deflects that ask him what was more disappointing, allowing a record for completion percentage in playoff history to Tom Brady or allowing a record for completion percentage in regular season history against Kurt Warner. And then ask him how Garrard can help improve that sorry ass defense he has his fingerprints all over.

  8. “We wonder how Garrard feels about this. Del Rio is essentially giving his quarterback’s decision-making skills a vote of no confidence.”
    why shouldn’t he? garrard is not giving del rio reason to have any confidence in him. i can’t fault del rio here at all.
    you have one of the best runners in the league, and one of the worst starting QB’s. the QB is calling audibles away from the stud RB so that he (the crappy QB) can throw.
    this all makes sense to me. remove the QB’s ability to audible so the proper plays can be called and you can go to your real playmakers.

  9. I hope Jax cuts Garrard and the Raiders waive Russell and pick up Garrard.
    Upset at him for an audible??? Russell doenst even know the playbook.
    The grass is always greener, Jax fans.

  10. TealDeal:
    “With the 8th overall selection in the 2010 NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Christian Ponder Quarterback, Florida State….”
    As a Seminole fan I completley agree with you. Ponder is NFL ready. The only problem is these Tebow loving Gators fans in Jax area only care about one thing, getting lil’ Timmy in a Jag jersey. Now I can’t hate on Timmy too much, he does win games and he is a great college QB and maybe, just maybe he might be a successful NFL QB. But if any of you Gator fans know anything about college football and the history of college spread offense QB’s in the past they just don’t work in the NFL. You have to take snaps from the center and must know 3 and 5 step drops and you must be able to go through your reads. Here’s some numbers so far this season b/t the two:
    QBRat: 151.2
    Att: 297
    Comp: 206
    Yds: 2453
    Y/G: 306.6
    TD: 13
    Int: 3
    TEBOW: QBRat: 153.7
    Att: 153
    Comp: 99
    Y/G: 165.4
    TD: 10
    Int: 4
    As you might notice I didn’t put rushing yards and rushing TD for a reason. They’re QB’s not RB’s. Ponder can run just as well as Timmy, but he goes through his reads and then runs if need be, not b/c he has too. Sorry Gator fan, you lose.

  11. Jag4Life:
    You’re on the money about Ponder (full disclosure: my kid just graduated from FSU in May). He has a lot of the skills you look for in a pro QB, and I think he’d be up to the job. No matter what kind of season Garrard has (and I like the guy a lot), the Jaguars have to consider the future at the position, and McCown and whoever the third guy is this week are not long-term solutions. I believe they will give Ponder a serious look, especially if he falls to later rounds. (Hell, he might be worth a second round pick).
    As for Tebow, I’m about as sick of the “Tim-Is-Jesus” cult as you can get. He fits in Urban Meyer’s system. He isn’t a great quarterback. He’s got a decent arm, good accuracy and lots of mobility, and he fits that scheme perfectly.
    If he didn’t have the loads on that o-line protecting him, and the down field weapons he’s had (especially a guy named Harvin who’s doing well on Sundays now), he’d be above average at best.
    Any team that takes dude in the first round is going to be severely disappointed. He’d make a good NFL tight end. Not under center.
    But you’ll never convince Gator Fan of that. They’re going to demand the Jaguars draft the guy (like they have anything to threaten the team with anyway…very few of them come to games on Sunday), and the Jaguars will ignore them (any team that listens to fans regarding the draft should be shut down anyway). Or, maybe they’ll take him and make a tight end out of him.
    Or even better, a linebacker.
    Let’s see how long Gator Fan sticks around after that.

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