Mangini on Kokinis: "Things didn't work out"

Browns coach Eric Mangini met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the decision to part ways with G.M. George Kokinis.

“I can tell you that, for a variety of reasons,” Mangini said in remarks shown during ESPN’s SportsCenter, “things didn’t work out.  And you never go into a situation like this with the intention of it not working out.  But we felt that organizationally this was the best decision in order to move forward.”

But what didn’t work out?  Was it Kokinis who decided to keep quarterback Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn?  Was it Kokinis who picked Quinn as the Week One starter?  Was it Kokinis who decided to bench him after only ten quarters?

Was it Kokinis who decided to trade Braylon Edwards?  Was it Kokinis who decided to round up a bunch of Jets players who were good enough to get Mangini fired in New York?

And how can Mangini stand at a podium and say he has “respect” for his “friend” amid unrebutted reports that Kokinis was fired “with cause”?

As we pointed out last night, the Browns had to give Kokinis final say over the roster and the draft in order to hire him away from the Ravens.  Kokinis apparently believed that the contract meant what it said.  Mangini apparently believed that he was still calling the shots.

And it apparently went downhill from “hello.”

Given that Mangini and Kokinis were close friends before attempting earlier this year to coexist professionally, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than an even closer friend of Mangini’s faring any better.

Bottom line?  Mangini needs to go, and the Browns need to not put the cart before the horse when replacing both men. 

Owner Randy Lerner should hire a G.M., then hire a coach.
More importantly, he should try not to screw it up.  Again.

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  1. Florio, I agree with you 100% I never thought I’d be saying that. I do believe they should fire Mangini now and make Rob Ryan the interim head coach. I really don’t think it’s going to happen though.

  2. With friends like Eric Mangini ……..
    This man has neither a conscience, a heart, a soul, nor a brain. How does he function?
    (must be an amoeba)

  3. Sometimes I wish the owner would decide to move the Browns to a new city and the NFL would grant Cleveland an expansion franchise….

  4. Florio, normally your Brown bashing gets old, but I agree with you 100%. Reports are that Kokinis was a nice guy who got thrown under the bus and did not deserve this.
    So let me get this straight. They fired the guy who wasn’t making all the ruinous decisions for the team?
    Where is the accountability that Mangini says he is trying to instill? I guess it doesn’t apply to him. He’s alienated both the players and the fans with his BS. Mangini and Daboll need to go. Mangini never says anything of substance. “We’re getting better”, “this is a process”. Sure, if your process is destroying an already weak team.
    Make Ryan the interim HC and start looking for a real team President and GM who can conduct their own coaching search.
    I like that Kosar is now involved. He may have personal issues, but he knows football and loves the franchise. Schottenheimer is someone else they need to talk to about a front office job.
    Lerner needs to hire the right people to run the whole show and get out of the way. He should be making no football decisions. None.

  5. Tip for Randy Lerner.
    Conduct multiple interviews for GMs. Call up guys like Jimmy Johnson, Tony Dungy, and the NFL head office for advice on who to hire as GM.

  6. @Richm2256:
    “This man has neither a conscience, a heart, a soul, nor a brain. How does he function?”
    He had a good teacher, and he learned the lessons well.

  7. I can’t wait till the movie comes out. Fire the clown now, he 1 & 7 and was like 3 & 13 the year before or whatever it is, he can’t coach, he couldn’t play & he has no loyalty. What is it with this fat overbearing guy, who does he think he is.

  8. GM wasn’t the problem, it’s the issues on the field. I am like everybody else! Fire Mangini and have Rob Ryan be the interim Coach, fire Daboll along with Mangini, because he can’t call plays worth a damn!!!!
    Hire a President of Operations, who in turn will hire a GM who in turn will hire a director of pro personnel and a director of college scouting, along with hiring a head coach who knows he can leave and go at any given time, if they put crap on the field like they have right now! Period!

  9. You don’t see Belichick throwing people under any bus, Dude17, his loyalty (to those loyal to him) is unquestionable. And one can’t argue about his inteligance with his kind of success in New England.

  10. Funny That all of Belichicks diciples still praise him, and vice versa. Yet bill hates mangini, his close friend tannenbaum fired him, and mangini had his good friend fired. Obviously hes burning bridges, and his next job in football will be as a secondary coach for some school in the MAC. …if hes lucky.

  11. Randy Lerner doesn’t need to fire Mangini. He needs to find a GM who he believes in and who feels can do a good job. He then needs to give that GM total power and leave it up to him whether or not Mangini gets fired or not. Most of the time you switch GM’s the new guy fires the coach and brings in his own guy. This is probably what will happen to Mangini. But it shouldn’t be Lerner doing it. Lerner needs to focus on getting a quality GM to come in. Mangini is almost certainly gone after this season given that they are going to have a new GM who probably wont want him to be the coach.

  12. I love watching this franchise struggle. I don’t even feel bad. The Browns franchise is one of the worst run organizations in all of sports. Keep sucking Cleveland.

  13. When this duo entered the scene, the local media dubbed them “Man-Kok”. So, Mangini now Kok-les?

  14. So they fired Mangini’s personal lackey yet they let that fraud keep his job? I really want a bag of whatever it is they are smoking in Cleveland.

  15. Florio has got it all backasswards. “Randy Lerner should hire a G.M., then hire a coach.” Are you insane? Are you eating one of those hotdogs in a burrito thing?
    Here’s the deal. You hire a shitcky florkin lost case of a coach, and of course he cannot find the right GM. You hire a coach is actually professional and competnent and competitive, and he will NOT work with anyone except someone who is equally professional and solid. That’s who you want.
    You hire a GM and then hire a coach to suffer through all the decisions of the GM? Florio has reached all heights of ignorance and stoopid-ity.
    It’s all about the coach. Let me say something new: it’s all about the coach. And here’s something to pass on to your grandchildren: it’s all about the coach. The coach needs to find his GM.
    Great coaches find great GMs. Not vice versa.
    By the way. It’s all about the coach.

  16. hey Hpac, the Browns are officially an expansion franchise. You want to try that again? You simply got to keep the Browns name, colors, etc… but you got an expansion team several years ago.

  17. Richm,
    Not an amoeba. He’s like a marine pre-tetrapod, a coelocanth. Living in deep marine trenches off southern Africa. I won’t go into the details, but definitely not an amoeba, which has no central nervous system. He has a brain, alright, the size of a pistachio.

  18. Mangini is done. He’s had more than ample opportunity to demonstrate the ability to create a stable organization and a winning culture, and has failed at both.
    Randy Lerner should hire Tom Heckert, Jr. to be the next GM, and then let Heckert hire the head coach.

  19. Mangini is done.
    Most head coaches who get fired find a job with another organization in some coaching capacity. With the bridges he has burned there is no chance anyone holds out a hand to help him.

  20. “Bottom line? Mangini needs to go”
    “…More importantly, he should try not to screw it up. Again.”
    Thanks Cpt. obvious.
    I love how everyone on this forum including the 23lb talking head, Florio, know “exactly” what the problem is in the Cleveland.
    Let me ask everyone on here… what were New England fans saying in 93′, or Dallas fans in 89′?? I bet they werent having parades… but they grinded through the process.
    My point being, at some point it has to end. The constant “Bottom line? Mangini needs to go” crap that you see after 8, yes 8 games of whats supposed to be a complete rebuild from top to bottom.
    How do you think a complete rebuild process is supposed to look? Close your eyes really hard, and open them to see a playoff team in 8 games????
    Buckle up, if its done right were looking at 3 yrs., minimum!

  21. I think the problem with the post is that we don’t really know who made a lot of those decisions.
    Did Mangini pull Quinn? It seems like that would be a decision the coach makes, but given Quinn’s contract we don’t really know.
    Did Mangini trade away Edwards and Winslow, who were both first rounders? Again, it seems like the coach would at least have a say but we don’t really know.
    Most of the personnel moves are just as consistent with assembling a much cheaper roster for the 2010 season as they are with bad coaching, which means that this post is simply speculation.
    That said Mangini does seem like an unpleasant person.

  22. Look, I’m a Raider fan so I can’t really speak about quality coaches, quality GMs, quality owners, etc. But clearly the Browns are a heaping pile of flaming dog shit and Lerner is the only one who can stamp it out. He will undoubtedly get Browns all over his shoes.
    Thank you! I will be here all week!!

  23. I think what most of you fail to realize is that it is obvious that the NFL is a quarterback league, when Mangini has had healthy/somewhat talented (Quinn and Anderson clearly aren’t very talented) he has won. He had a healthy Chad his first year and they went to the playoffs and when Favre was healthy they were 8-3 last year, doesn’t look like the Jets are doing much better now are they? If you watched any of that game on Sunday vs. the Bears you’d realize that if they had any sort of offense they could have competed but Derek Anderson blows, their defense held the bears to field goals their first 3 times in the redzone. It’s tough to win when your defense is on the field the whole game because your qb can’t move the football.

  24. As a lifelong Cincinnatian I have no love lost for the Clowns.
    Having said that Cleveland has some of the most loyal fans around and have not deserved what has happened to them.
    First Modell and now this mess. Even Cleveland deserves better. God I thought our owner was bad. Well actually he is, but Cleveland still deserves better.

  25. Anybody who knows that when george was hired away from the Ravens it was to sit “second chair” to Mangini; that the G.M. moniker was in name only! George Kokinos made as many decisions as you or I.
    Lerner firing George only demonstrates just how dysfunctional this team is.
    Mr Lerner would be best advised to pay the guys contract off as a grievance hearing would only reveal the internal insanity that exists in Cleveland.

  26. Thunderlipps, in 1993 New England had just hired Bill Parcells. You tell me how that sucks? We didn’t care if Parcells went 0-16 that year, because he was Bill Frickin’ Parcells and he knew what he was doing.
    Are you suggesting that Eric Mangini is the Brown’s equivilent of the 1993 Parcells?
    Mangini sucked with the Jets, and at week 7 of his first season with Cleveland, walls of shit are collapsing all around him, many of his own making. He is a wingless fly right now with no hope of getting on track, this season or ANY season; hell, he makes Jim Zorn look like a model of stability.
    The sooner he’s gone, the sooner Randy Lerner can stop screwing things up and get some serious football people in that orgnization.

  27. Ok so I’m going to go against conventional thinking here. The role of the GM isn’t to oversee and manage the coach. It’s to enable the coach’s vision for the present and the future. And if you look at all the successful teams out there you’ll see they use this model. The vision of the coach makes the team successful not the management skills of the GM.
    On what’s going on in Cleveland. Simple. Mangini is on notice. Sign #1 – The team isn’t showing any indicators that it’s improving according to some plan. Sign #2 – Mangini’s assistant is fired. Sign # 3 – Whether it’s Kokinis’ failure to enable Mangini’s vision or Mangini’s failure to execute it, it just ain’t happening. This makes the vision questionable. Sign # 4 – Mangini’s lost the most important battle any head coach has to face – the battle of perception.
    On what Lerner will be doing. He suffers from what all wealthy people do when they can’t find success in a venture they don’t want to babysit. He can’t find the right people. He’s tried a bunch of different strategies and he’s followed conventional wisdom for the most part in who he has brought in. He’s gone the top QB draft route and failed. He’s gone grab the best college coach route and failed. He’s gone poach the best team’s staff route and failed. The question is now whether he wants to follow conventional wisdom in his next hiring.
    On what makes a good coach. Vision. The coaches who have it find a degree of immediate success. Look at Ryan. Look at Smith. Look at Sparano. They have a clear idea of how they will adapt their teams to win. They have a bunch of non-conventional ideas burning holes in their brains about how to succeed and are willing to live and die by these. It’s like that across the good coach spectrum. Belichick, Fisher, Martz, Tuna, Schotty, etc. It’s the old guard who’s had some success followed by mediocrity whose time has passed.
    So back to what Lerner should do. He should throw out conventional wisdom and go with someone who meets the criteria of coaching vision above. The available coaches for next year, other than maybe Chucky (and he seems to have forgotten he ever had it) don’t have vision or don’t want to go to Cleveland. They can all put together decent teams, but I think they’re not long term answers. The long term answer in Cleveland is Rob Ryan. Like his brother he has very clear ideas on what it takes to win. Time to give him a chance.

  28. @ Richm2256;
    “We didn’t care if Parcells went 0-16 that year, because he was Bill Frickin’ Parcells and he knew what he was doing.”
    Right… you were high five’n talkin super bowl after starting out 1-11 after 12 games. “No problems here, were on the right track, just what we thought was going to happen- Parcells is the man!!”
    Regardless of your discontent for Mangini (being a New England guy), the point I was trying to make is that history has shown that in true rebuilding situations, year 1 is really bad, and it “should” go up from there. But if you dont seet the process all the way through you will never get out of purgatory… and IMO 8 games is not seeing the process through.

  29. this team is a mess and not one person is completely responsible. Since 1999 we have been rebuilding a rebuilt team of wannabes and has beens.Art screwed us then the nfl now the management of this so called team keeps screwing themselves.In all this still a fan but even the raiders have something to workon

  30. Kokinis can be fired for cause because he traded a pro bowl receiver (Braylon Edwards) for a bologne sandwich. Isn’t that cause?

  31. The Mangini-Kokinsis “era” (more like fiasco) speaks for itself. Anyway you slice it
    1. Mangini handpicked Kokinis
    2. Mangini-Kokinsis traded Kellen Winslow + Braylon Edwards and the #5 pick in the draft and acquired a bunch of special teamers/ex-jets cast-offs, nobodies, has beens and never weres.
    3. Mangini-Kokinsis in free agency (see comments about acquistions in trades)
    4. Mangini and perhaps Kokinsis signed off on Brian Daboll as O-coordinator.
    5. Mangini and perhaps Kokinsis sign off on pulling Brady Quinn in favor Derek Anderson who is even worse.
    Remedy: Fire both the bums not just one.

  32. “Right… you were high five’n talkin super bowl after starting out 1-11 after 12 games. “No problems here, were on the right track, just what we thought was going to happen- Parcells is the man!!”
    Damn skippy my friend! And how long did it take Parcells to get the Patriots into the Super Bowl?

  33. Thank God for Thunderlipps. If not for him, the cumulative I.Q. of the people replying would be in the single digits.
    You don’t fire a coach after one year. In fact, the NFL should have a rule that head coaches can’t be fired until after they’ve completed three seasons. The same people that dubbed him “Mangenius” his first year in New York are the ones asking for his head on a platter right now.
    And those two retards trying to get people to protest the Browns during the kickoff of the Ravens game should be doing everything they can right now to erase that idea from peoples minds. Randy Lerner, a frickin’ billionaire spent two hours talking to them. For that alone they should be thankful and get over it.

  34. Every single move that the Browns have made – trading their high paid players away, getting rid of the high draft pick etc – is aimed at saving them money. That is not necessarily Mangini’s fault.
    What is true is that he can’t win with the roster he has.

  35. Randy Lerner
    Lil Dannie Snyder
    i think these 2 must be related somehow.
    One hires a coach who hires a GM
    the other hires a coach and then strips the play calling duties from said coach.
    Could it be (and im not saying it is thats why im asking)
    that Mr Ford is these 2 MENSA members biodad?
    Just asking a question here, but you gotta admit……

  36. The Cleveland Clowns need to get rid of the donut eating dough boy and let Ryan take the helm for the rest of the season.

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