Stafford says Lions fans "aren't going to run me out of town"

We assumed that Detroit Lions fans had grown numb to following a football team that stinks.

But with news that some members of the official crowd of 40,857 opted to jeer rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford during the closing moments of Sunday’s loss to the Greatest Turds on Show, apparently not all of the locals have undergone a football lobotomy.

After Sunday’s game, center Dominic Raiola said that he let the fans have it.

Stafford, who remained stoic in the moment (maybe he was thinking about his bank statements), talked about the situation on Monday.

They’re not going to run me out of town,” Stafford told a Detroit radio station Monday.  “I’m not too worried about it.  They didn’t get to me, so I’m cool with it.”

Indeed, Stafford seems to understand that customer dissatisfaction goes with the territory of not winning.

“We’re losing the game and it’s fourth-and-20 and we don’t convert,” Stafford said.  “I
was standing by the water cooler and just getting it from fans.  That’s
understandable.  They want to win probably as bad as we do.”

As the season continues, Stafford won’t have to worry as much about getting the business from the fans.  With barely 40,000 showing up on November 1, there might be barely 4,000 on December 20 (Arizona) or January 3 (Chicago).

19 responses to “Stafford says Lions fans "aren't going to run me out of town"

  1. Jeebus effing Kreeist.
    Listen, Lions fans. You should be used to being godawful right now. So what’s the problem enduring another bad season or two while Stafford develops? Look, if you want to turn on a bright, hard-working strong-armed kid who has less than a half season of starts under his belt, I’ll make you an offer: I’m sure my Raiders would trade JaMarcus Russell to you straight up for Stafford.
    To not put too fine a point on it: THINGS COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE FOR YOU RIGHT NOW.
    Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. Sheesh.

  2. The Rams were really bad, and the Lions showed some climpsed of offense this season, scoring 27 against New Orleans, beating the Redskins with drives of 99 yards and 93 yards, and having leads against teams like Minnesota. But that perfomance against the Rams, who have 1 player on the entire team in Stephen Jackson, was bad. Like we are in Washington, its worthy of booing when you lose like that.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding. What a bunch of morons. Booing a rookie QB halfway into his rookie year says a lot about Lions fans. I don’t know if it’s because of fantasy sports or if fans are just getting dumber, but this is ridiculous.

  4. i say the lions move to Toronto they are used to crappy teams there that under perform as well the Toronto lions sounds pretty good

  5. “I’m sure my Raiders would trade JaMarcus Russell to you straight up for Stafford”
    ROFL thanks for the laugh raybin !

  6. With all due respect to the Raiders and Redskins fans that have commented already. You have no idea what it is like to be a Lions fan. Has your team never made it to a super bowl? Has your team ever went 0-16. Have you won more than 30 games over the last 10 years? Did you take 4 1st round WR’s in 5 years only to have WR be one of your biggest weaknesses? No, so don’t act like we don’t deserve every second of bickering and booing that we may give to our wonderful franchise.

  7. did all those Detroit fans miss the dropped passes? why is Stafford getting blamed, the intelligence of the Detroit fans makes me feel that they don’t deserve a good team.

  8. Fold the damn team already, and put an expansion team in LA. (No sense packing up and moving a turd from one city to another.) Two problems solved.
    Might as well put a fence around Michigan while we’re at it. Last one to leave, turn out the lights.

  9. Gotta feel for you severs28. It is tough to be so loyal and have the work of idiots turn it to crap year after year. You have every right to boo and hate everything about this team, except maybe Stafford, C. Johnson, & K. Smith. There is real talent with those three and if you could get an O line in front of them things will change to the better in a hurry.

  10. The Lions are a few offensive and defensive linemen from being a fairly competitive team.
    Jim Schwartz is doing a great job.

  11. I used to simply be ashamed to be a Lions fan, wondering when the pain would end. Now, I’m ashamed to be one because the fans are such idiots. This team is getting better. They haven’t come together yet but they will, just need time.
    All you idiots that gave the gears to Stafford should just go and watch another sport. This kid is good and he’s only going to get better. You’re probably the same idiots who said to start Culpepper. Stafford is playing good. He only started playing bad and overthrowing people when he reallized that the only players on the team that can catch a football are his FB, Kevin Smith and Pettigrew.
    If I was the lions coaching, Northcutt and Bryant Johnson would be benched immediately and Williams and Standeford would be my new number 2 and 3 receivers. That was the most pathetic job of receiving I have ever seen. You can’t throw the ball better than he did and still have it dropped, not once, not twice but 7 times. One of those even led to an INT.
    Keep playing Stafford. In time all these idiot fans will see how wrong they are.

  12. Every city has the pessimistic fan. I don’t wanna hear about the 4 guys that were yelling at Stafford. There’s no way that there hasn’t been 4 guys yelling about their team in the stadium. No Calvin = No Win. That’s why the offense doesn’t move. You can’t take the most talented player off the field and expect the same results. Also, I live in Chicago… Every week Cutler is either their hero or their goat. Atleast Stafford understands what he has to do and he’s already more hard headed than pussyfoot Harrington.

  13. Jeez florio you call the rams turds (real nice) and bash a rookie Lions qb that will likely be a good qb as he learns the game? It’s stuff like this that earn you the rep of @#&hole.
    Get off their back. It’s hard enough on the teams and their fans as it is without you kicking them when they’re down.

  14. danlinker says:
    November 3, 2009 12:25 PM
    Jeez florio you call the rams turds (real nice) and bash a rookie Lions qb that will likely be a good qb as he learns the game? It’s stuff like this that earn you the rep of @#&hole.
    Get off their back. It’s hard enough on the teams and their fans as it is without you kicking them when they’re down.
    Yes – maybe someone needs to remove the scoreboards so no one knows who wins and then take them out for pizza after the games.
    Get a grip – it’s PRO football. These losers are taking our money and getting paid handsomely for their incompetence.

  15. You can understand the frustration, can’t you?
    I mean, losing to the Rams? The Lions had a chance to all but ensure that a team from a city other than Detroit went 0-16 and they blew it.
    Should it all be on Stafford? Probably not, but it’s understandable. He’s supposedly the most important player on the team. He got paid a staggering amount of money to come in and Save The Franchise. And if the team ever does get things turned around, he’ll be the one who gets the credit. So right now, he’s the goat.
    It’s the nature of the position?

  16. great article florio, and I thought that smell was the Lions getting beat by the Rams. Guess you are the same to sports writing that they are to football…phew

  17. raybin, You think Stafford is a gift horse??? I got some news for ya. The Lions (and Lions fans) paid a HUGE price for him… They lost SIXTEEN GAMES last year. BTW 16 is the number of games on the NFL schedule. That means the Lions won NO games…Stafford is NOT a gift horse.
    Having said that, I think the fans who boo Stafford are idiots without a clue. Right now Stafford is an unproven player. I will be right there booing him IF he is playing badly in his third season, but to boo him now only shows how clueless people are.

  18. First of all, you cant just sit there and blame stafford. Its just as much fault as the offense as the deffense. The deffense should be able to stop the other teams so they wont score. So stop blaming the quater back

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