Ward, Porter, Haynesworth called NFL's dirtiest

A Sports Illustrated poll of NFL players has found that Hines Ward is considered by his colleagues to be the dirtiest player in the league, with Albert Haynesworth and Joey Porter tied for second.

The question, “Who is the dirtiest player in the league?” was asked of 296 players during training camp this summer, and Ward, the Steelers’ wide receiver, got 11.6 percent of the vote, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Haynesworth, the Redskins defensive tackle who as a Tennessee Titan in 2006 received a five-game suspension for stepping on the helmetless head of Cowboys center Andre Gurode, got 6 percent of the vote. Porter, the Dolphins’ linebacker, also got 6 percent.

Rounding out the Top 5 (or should it be Bottom 5?) are Bengals safety Roy Williams, who got 5.1 percent of the vote, and Titans center Kevin Mawae, with 4.6% percent.

92 responses to “Ward, Porter, Haynesworth called NFL's dirtiest

  1. These SI player polls are so great. Finally we get the truth about Ward, instead of the constant media-slobbering “He’s just having fun out there.”

  2. All time leading receiving yards in Steelers history… Check
    NFLs longest consecutive games with a catch streak… Check
    Super Bowl MVP… Check
    Super Bowl Ring… Check, Check
    Dirtiest player award… Check
    You gotta love Hines Ward… unless you are a fan of 31 teams not named the Steelers!!!

  3. Ward only won because all the dirty players on defense split the votes from the guys on offense. The voters on D only had one candidate.

  4. To be a wide receiver and get the games dirtiest player in a league full of monster sized men is quite an honor Hines Ward. Wear it proudly! Bravo! I am not being sarcastic,I love it! What a bunch of defensive sissy whiners! A classic example of the wussification of the NFL! Right Tom Brady?

  5. 11.6 percent? BFD. My Blood Alcohol Level was higher then that when I drove home last night.
    So the numbers prove that everyone thinks everyone is a dirty player.
    I would think Mike Vick would be thought of as the “dirtiest Player” or uh Ron Mexico.

  6. hmmm, suprised it wasnt the cheapshotting secondary in GB, but i suppose they split the votes enough to avoid any one of them making it into the top 10.
    all you pansies complaining about allen, you’ll notice that he’s never tried headbutting a guy after the play, or grabbed players that had the touchdown allready, and yanking on their necks as hard as possible.

  7. Hg Harrison is still taking cheap shots and late hits while wearing a suit on NBC.
    Vince Wilfork is dirty. His shot on Edwards knee a couple years ago was one of the dirtiest ever and he should have been suspended.
    Ward deserves the award though, but those other guys all deserve dishonorable mention.

  8. How is Ward the dirtiest? Because he can actually block and isnt a typical offensive player who just stands around? And also, how is Flozo Adams not in the top 5? Instead a great guy like Mawae is put in that category, thats not right.

  9. LMFAO, for the last 10 years I have heard every argument in the book for why Ward is NOT the dirtiest player in the league……..so what happened?

  10. Ridiculous to think players vote that a tough blocking wide receiver is a dirtier player than a guy who once cleated a helmetless player in the face. Just goes to show how jealous people get of the champs… and the pity they have for the Skins.

  11. @pervy…. well put. I’d wear that badge with pride. That is pretty sad that an offensive player got that award. What a bunch of sissy’s.
    In the famous words of Herm Edwards
    “Hello…….you play to win the game.”
    I love it.

  12. I dont believe Hines Ward has ever stepped on a players head while they were at the bottom of a pile with their helmet off. I dont believe Hines has ever dove at a QBs knees, or any players kness for that matter.
    Porter gets it for all the shit he talks and people he pisses off. Hes not a dirty player, he just makes alot of enemies with his mouth.
    As Kevin said, all defensive players really only had 1 candidate. Unless Favres chop block on Dimico Ryan’s was enough to win him a couple votes.

  13. I thought this was a serious poll until I saw Joey Porter listed there. The man is more bark than bite.
    Ward makes sense since defensive players are hurt because he’s a WR who hs no qualms about blocking them like a lineman would.
    Haynesworth does mostly because of his cleat incident.
    Roy Williams has got to be a dirty player when a rule is instituted because of a tackle he consistently made.
    Kevin Mawae I’m not so sure about.

  14. So true. I’m glad that Ward got title because he deserves it. I’m tired of hearing how he’s the “consummate pro”. When you get a rule named after you, you’re dirty. I love how Hiney avoided Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga like the black plague during the bengals win over them in September. What a fat-faced bitch.

  15. Stillerz says:
    NFLs longest consecutive games with a catch streak… Check
    Put down the blind homer crack pipe and uncheck that one Stillerz. The record, correctly known as “Most Consecutive Games, Pass Receptions”, belongs to Jerry Rice. Ward isn’t even in the top 5. If you mean active players, that’s one thing, but all time? Not a chance.

  16. “Instead a great guy like Mawae is put in that category, thats not right”
    Uh, Mawae has a long history of dirty play with the Jets before the Titans. He is not a “great guy”. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he was voted in.

  17. To all of you saying that Hines Ward is a tough blocking WR so he cant be dirty you are out of your minds. You are probably the kind of people who get into a fist fight and ask 5 of your buddies to help you beat up someone who is smaller than you. Taking shots on guys who arent looking and knocking them to the ground does not make you tough. I’d like to see him throw that infamous block on a LB that is waiting and expecting it. Ray Lewis would put Hines Ward on his back and then Steelers fans would be comlaining about how dirty Ray Lewis is. No one is jealous of the Steelers and no one is Jealous of Hines Ward.

  18. I’m a Pittsburgh fan and even I think Hines Ward is a dirty, dispicable player. He’s got a severe case of Napolean-syndrome and doesn’t seem to give two hoots about who he hurts on the field as long as he is known as a “hard hitting wide receiver”. In his mind, people expect wide receivers to be fragile, so he has been on a mission to not only be looked at as a little-man-tough-guy, but a toughguy in a supposed fragile role. I’m sure it swells his ego, but being a cheapshot dirtbag isn’t actually something you should be proud of.

  19. I’d rather have the league’s dirtiest player than pretty much anyone else. The guy is still a beast…and it’s rubbing off on Santonio Homes too. I see him sticking his head in there from time to time trying to make some rattling blocks. He’s still a novice though, he’ll get better. Loving this….

  20. “You gotta love Hines Ward… unless you are a fan of 31 teams not named the Steelers!!!”
    I’m not a fan of the steelers, but you still gotta love Ward. He’s like the Dick Butkus of offense 😉

  21. Obviously no QB’s were among the 296 that voted. Cheapshot hit-em-in the-knees Jared Allen was not included.
    After all the fined assessed him for his dirty play last season it is clear no QB was included in the 296 voters.

  22. this reminds me of the nhl. where guys like ken linseman and ulf samuellson are consistently called dirty, yet every player in the league wanted these guys on their team (except maybe neely wanting samuelsson). ward is the prototypical player that you hate to play against but would take on your team guaranteed.

  23. may be Ward is the dirtiest, we don’t see him on every play, nor do we face him on every play … just because TV doesn’t show it, it doesn’t mean that he’s a clean player
    they are all dirty, they wouldn’t be in this league if they weren’t going dirty regularly

  24. Haters gonna hate. If you can’t beat a guy might as well try and tarnish his reputation. Those clowns couldn’t knock the smile off Ward’s face if they tried. And trust me they do try.

  25. “Dirtiest player award… Check
    You gotta love Hines Ward… unless you are a fan of 31 teams not named the Steelers!!!”
    Lookyhere, a Pittsburgh fan heralding the league’s dirtiest player. Same douchebags who were the first to talk s^*t about Rodney Harrison being dirty.
    You sicken me.
    All of you.

  26. And in other news… Defensive players around the league are weeping from their vagina’s over consistently getting blocked and knocked to the ground by an offensive player for the past 10 years.
    Taking shots on the other team is their job, right?
    How dare he play hard!
    It’s stuff like this that is cementing the already solid case for Ward’s enshrinement in the HOF.

  27. Look at all these sissy posts by Steeler haters. Please explain to me what he does that is dirty? Blocking someone when they are not paying attention or not expecting to get hit by a WR?
    Football is a violent sports and Ward hits hard. LEave it to Florio to post a negative story on a Steeler. But in the end, even one of you haters wishes you had someone like Ward on your team. Someone who is clutch and can level LBs.
    I apologize if the Steelers are too tough for your teams. Maybe you should push for skits for your team.
    Geez. I’ll say it again. Give me some proof Ward is dirty. I think it’s just a bunch of players who are sick of getting beat by him over the last 10 years.

  28. Porter is not a dirty player at all. Stillerz nailed it, he just talks a lot of garbage that gets him a few enemies. I can’t recall a play that Porter blatantly did something dirty. That alone makes this post lose it’s credibility.
    Ward isn’t really dirty either. Dirty is out to hurt someone, and he isn’t, he just wants to win really bad so he doesn’t cry. Anyone who quotes that with a derogatory statement following is simply a Steeler hater, and a Ward hater to be more specific.

  29. “I’m not a fan of the steelers, but you still gotta love Ward. He’s like the Dick Butkus of offense”
    I think Head is the last name you are looking for.
    True opinions come out with anonymity. The fact is, when you’ve got a penalty named after you, this is the kind of thing that follows.

  30. Wear it as a badge? You guys are idiots. All anyone could say for the last three years was how much of a menace Rodney Harrison was after being voted the dirtiest player. Now you want it to be something that is embraced? Just shows what a bunch of hater hypocrites you all are, especially Steelers fans. Then again, Steelers fans talking out of their ass is nothing new.

  31. @ Stillerz -Don’t have to be a Steelers fan to like hard nosed players. I like em all,regardless of team.
    @cfuska – I agree. An offensive player getting it? Butkus,Bednarik,the late Nitschke,Lambert. They would all puke to this story. Man up.So he blocks a little? In boxing,there is a code that you don’t really whine about elbows and headbutts,unless you are a pussy. Man up guys,you are wearing armor!

  32. Ok, if a safety hits a WR from behind as the WR was going up for a grab, not seeing the safety, that wouldn’t be dirty, right?
    Why is it dirty for Ward to knock out LB’s who are trying to get to a ball carrier? They should be paying attention to where other players are. Ward’s hits aren’t illegal. Even the hit on Rivers that precipitated the “Hines Ward Rule” wouldn’t be illegal under the rule. Hines only hit him so hard, IN THE BODY, that Rivers head snapped forward.

  33. Ward is definately a dirty player. But I think there are dirtier defensive players out there and like someone pointed out Ward is one of the only offensive players known for cheap shots so he gets the most votes. But yes Ward intends to injure his opponent every chance he gets.
    I’d consider the Packers cornerback Al Harris to be the dirtiest but only because I have to watch him twice a year take cheap shots at my team’s best players. He once knocked All Day out of a few games by flying in late from the side and literally throwing his back into the side of Peterson’s knee while rolling his body like a barrel.
    Another time he came in while AP was getting pushed back and again rolled his back down into AP’s back of his knees. Both times Harris could have put a shoulder or helmet into Peterson’s defensless ribs from side angle but rather went for the season ender to try to give his team a better shot at winning the division.
    On a third occasion he had AP running up the side and he faked high and then shot at his knee. That time Peterson predicted the move and hurdled him for an additional 20 yards before someone else took him on like a man.
    That’s why All Day obliterates Packers secondary members every chance he gets. He even said so after this last game in an interview. He doesn’t want them to think he’s a punching bag that won’t hit back. There is a reason he said that specifically about the Packers secondary. They are very cheap and Harris is the grand daddy of them all.
    At the end of this last game Harris tried to rip Berrian’s head off after he caught the game sealer. The guy is just such a loser.
    When I talk about how cheap the Packers secondary is I actually omit Woodson. I’ve yet to see him take cheap shots. When he gets in late on a defenseless player he’ll try to ear hole him or strip him like a man, unlike the other chumps that just go for the side of the knee shots.

  34. How long did Steeler fans whine and cry about Rodney Harrison? Now they got one and it’s the best thing ever. I swear, they continue to be the worst of all time.

  35. I believe he cant dive at a QBs knees because he is always on his knees in front of BIGBEN

  36. Isn’t it amazing that this comes out AFTER the season starts. I guess instead of being a dirty player(results of an SI poll) he could be a CONVICT (Buress) or a MURDER (Porter) (oops he made the list. ok Ray Lewis, Stallworth) but instead he has SB rings for being a player who makes plays, catches balls and tackles like a TRUE FOOTBALL PLAYER is suppose to do. I guess if he was a wussy like Brady ALL of the grippers in town would probably love him then. If you guys can still watch (and pull for ) New England after what they did with the taping and the lying and the whatever else…you are the DIRTEST PLAYER of the game. It sounds like to me that you would rather pull for a cheater. So take your a@# to New England, sit down, shut up or turn your TV remote to something besides watching the Steelers play. It’s a free nation and we can still watch what we want to . Turn off your TV if you don’t like it.

  37. All you Steelers haters are all the same.
    Pathetic Ravens/Bengals fans… put it this way, if for a minute, you had Hines Ward on your team, would you still hate him?
    The realism of that is, no, you would absolutely love him, and realize he is all about toughness.
    The bashing of Hines is blantant, ‘if he’s on your team, you love him, if he’s not, he’s the kind of player you hate.’
    Don’t look at everthing through orange/black or purple/black glasses.
    It is obvious to real fans of football, that Hines is the consumate professional at his position. A tremendous route runner, catcher, and blocker… hard to find any better at what he does.

  38. # chapnasty says:
    “No one is jealous of the Steelers and no one is Jealous of Hines Ward.”
    this is monumentally untrue. I’m jealous of the Steelers. Where else can you get paid to play football by a bunch of ignorant troglodyte bums, all chanting something archaic and ridiculous like “here we go steelers, here we go”?
    The only down side is I’d have to pander to the fan base that routinely believes that by rooting for the players, they’re something special, instead of an overrated group of douchebags/out of work plumbers.

  39. I could have sworn this story was posted during the summer. First one liners are turned into posts, and now recycling from the summer. Great.

  40. @ Triyche
    What’s obvious to REAL football fans is that you are a Steelers fan blinded by reality. I am a Cowboys fan and hated the intensity that Roy Williams played with and his cheap shots. Those of us who know the game call it how we see it.

  41. 11.6% of a miniscle sample of players.
    Hey SI call me when you actually create a real story.

  42. @ Grulks
    I think you were only one not to get that he was talking about current players. lame post dude. Go Stillers n nat!!
    Stillerz says:
    NFLs longest consecutive games with a catch streak… Check
    Put down the blind homer crack pipe and uncheck that one Stillerz. The record, correctly known as “Most Consecutive Games, Pass Receptions”, belongs to Jerry Rice. Ward isn’t even in the top 5. If you mean active players, that’s one thing, but all time? Not a chance.

  43. i think there is a big difference between talking dirty & playing dirty. many players just talk incessantly, but they don’t necessarily play dirty.
    when talking about playing dirty, i think what the NFL players are reviewing are who actually take the most cheap shots. you guys realize that the cameras seldom catch all these acts, right?
    i’d tend to believe what the NFL players vote on over what fans do. so in other words i’d put some weight on this one. 🙂

  44. “I agree. An offensive player getting it? Butkus,Bednarik,the late Nitschke,Lambert. They would all puke to this story. Man up.So he blocks a little? In boxing,there is a code that you don’t really whine about elbows and headbutts,unless you are a pussy. Man up guys,you are wearing armor!”
    I couldn’t agree more. I hate Ward like I hate all steelers players. From the perspective of being a Ravens fan I absolutely hate them. I do, however, respect the hell out of them for being a good physical football team. Would I love to see a Raven take Ward’s head off? Hell yea! That doesn’t mean that I don’t respect Ward for being able to light someone up as well. It’s a violent game, that’s one of the things that makes it so much fun!

  45. Chapnasty:
    You are living proof as to why lions eat their young.
    It’s okay. Look yourself in the mirror, and keep telling yourself, “i like myself, i am somone special, and have something to offer the world.”

  46. its funny how steeler fans always said rodney harrison was a punk, yet when a scumbag like ward gets named the dirtiest player, they wear it like a badge of honor. i have news for you, this is the OPPOSITE of being considered a tough player.

  47. @Superbelt
    Do you expect us to believe that Rivers’ chinstrap broke his jaw? Stop spinning your ShamWow in front of your face, and you might see that Chump Ward caught Rivers’ at the bottom of his helmet.

  48. @ Chapnasty
    It is obvious you are lying. There is no such thing as a REAL Cowboys fan.
    It is my personal experience, that they are only around when they have either a winning record, or they have a win streak going. Beyond that, they tend never to say anything.
    I believe it is where the term, “bandwagon jumper’ originated from.

  49. chapnasty.. go to Youtube and look up Hines Ward destroys Ed Reed.. He hit Reed from the front, in the mouth

  50. @ Sando- Yah,it is such a pleasure to have the biggest wrecking machine in the NFL on our team,AD. Next they will say he is dirty for his trucks border on felonious assault. Atari Bigby was like a scared lil girl with AD coming,glad he got a taste of AD’s rage. With trucks like Gay,Harris and many others,expect more reactions like Bigby’s. I don’t want no AD!

  51. # Stillerz says: November 3, 2009 2:58 PM
    “As Kevin said, all defensive players really only had 1 candidate. Unless Favres chop block on Dimico Ryan’s was enough to win him a couple votes.”
    The chop block was on Eugene Wilson.
    Just sayin’

  52. @ Igottz5onit
    Ridiculous to think players vote that a tough blocking wide receiver is a dirtier player than a guy who once cleated a helmetless player in the face.
    You’re right, he didn’t cleat a helmetless player in the head, he simply speared a rookie lineback headfirst breaking his jaw and ending his season.
    @ Stillerz
    Porter gets it for all the shit he talks and people he pisses off. Hes not a dirty player, he just makes alot of enemies with his mouth.
    What, are you delusional? I remember seeing Porter in a pile, laying on top of Jamal Lewis, rapidly poking at his eye like it was a two-bit whore.

  53. Himes is the worst of them all becuase he spears guys who are not looking, helmet to helmet. If he would block with his shoulder and not try to go for illigal type contact with a guy who is not looking at him, maybe less players would have voted for him.
    He also pushes off, grabs face masks, pushes guys in the back out of bounds to get them to react and get a BS flag while he only gets a fine during the week.

  54. I am a Steelers fan and Wines Hard is incredibly overrated however, if you are saying the hit on Keith Rivers was a cheap shot you are wrong. Isn’t everyone looking for a highlight hit? That is why tackling sucks today. It looks to me like Mr. Rivers was just seeking the ball, not being an athlete, and reacting to surroundings, that would have happened to Rivers eventually had he played the entire season. It isn’t the Pac-10 anymore.

  55. @ DocBG
    Beleive it or not there are 30 other teams in the NFL–not just the Pack & the Vikes. Johhny Jolly’s headbut was not dirty–just incrediblly STUPID!! Now had he knocked Taylors helmet off first, maybe. Kinda curious though, since he ended up no the ground why there was not a 2nd flag thrown.
    Look dude, we’ve already trained your kicker & your QB for ya, obviously it couldn’t get done in MN. In addition to that we also trained you a damn good safety that you were just too dumb to keep. In addition to that we’ve already spotted you 2 games in the division. What else do you want? I’m sory but with all those gifts you’re kust going to have to make it back to that SB by yourselves. There’s just nothing else we can do for ya. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get that done but somehow I doubt it.
    @ Sando
    You’re worried about big ol’ AD getting hurt by a little gnat like Harris. I thought he was such a beast. Harris should bbounce off him like a rubber ball but he doesn’t–cause he knows how to hit. The reason it looked like Harris was going for the knees is because AP jumped him. Hell, you said it yourself.
    Wasn’t a damn word said in that post about GB or MN but here you two come–cry me a freakin river dudes. Why don’t you just enjoy the season the Packers are allowing you to have and stop with the whine. Hell, I thought whine only went with cheese.

  56. I am not a steelers fan, and I would take Ward with or without the vote, BUT, any of you who say that Ward is not a dirty player are ignorant.
    It is a fact according to 296 of the people who have the experience to answer the question. Your comments to the contrary, for whatever reason you dreamed up, will only convince other ignorant people. Don’t fret, you obviously have a large audience here.

  57. @Grulks
    As a “douchebag/out of work plumber”, I take offense to the inferrence that I might be a Steelers Fan.
    There are some things a man shouldn’t call another man.

  58. Apparently inbreeding also results in the inability to locate the caps lock key. That is one of the worst posts I have ever had the displeasure of attempting to read. I think everyone who read that just lost some small modicum of intelligence from viewing that garbage. Congratulations.

  59. Defenders expect to be the intimidators, but Ward won’t be intimidated. He runs up the middle, smiles when he’s hit, and blocks like a lineman. They HATE that. So they call him dirty and vote him to the top of polls like this one. Good for him.
    As for breaking that rookie’s jaw when he wasn’t looking–yeah it was a brutal thing to watch. But at the time, it was a legal hit. And that kid should have been looking. He was being paid to look. He’s not the first rookie to get that kind of reminder that he’s not in college anymore. But I’ll bet he never loses awareness on another play for the rest of his career.
    Joey P? Now that’s ridiculous. He’s a passionate player with a big mouth, but that’s it. If the rest of the NFL can’t take listening to him, players are getting more fragile than I thought.
    Instead of the chatter, let’s see footage of either Hines or Joey actually engaged in dirty play.

  60. I love how these blog posters are telling 300 nfl players that they don’t know what they’re talking about. LOL.
    There are about 1700 players active right now. Yet one single guy got picked by 11% of his peers. That makes him dirty…….doesn’t matter how many bloggers say otherwise. Ain’t one person on this board ever played against Hines.

  61. Props to JustinG for not being a homer or making excuses for your player.
    The game is supposed to be played within the rules. I’m sure Hines would be upset if someone hit him helmet to helmet when he wasn’t looking and injured him. People want to praise him for that crap?
    Ward is like someone who suckerpunches you and brags that he won the fight. That’s a hard guy to root for.

  62. @pkrlvr …
    Let me get this straight. You’ve just pointed out that there are about 1700 active players in the NFL. SI polled 296 of them. And of those 296, 11.6% said Hines Ward is a dirty player.
    That’s approximately 34 players … out of 1700.
    And we don’t know how many of THEM ever played against Hines.
    You were saying?

  63. @ Deb – Yep. What ever happened to keeping the old head on a swivel in the NFL? Live and learn rookie Rivers. It’s a mans game bitch!!! It was a pretty shot. Kind I slow mo a few times.

  64. Doesn’t anybody remember joey porter knocking Todd heap over, on a spike play, while Todd Heap was clearly injured?
    And I don’t know if I made myself clear but Ward is a dirty player.

  65. Ward is not a”play-maker” Bruce Arians puts him in the right spots at the right time. He is a possession receiver at best. Who makes the plays at wide receiver? Mike Wallace. It is always the number 3 receiver making the plays, Nate Washington. You are totally wrong augustusmccrae.

  66. I bet the votes came from the very same players calling Tom Brady a sissy! This is absolutely hilarious that a 6′ 180lbs WR is the “Dirtiest player” in the NFL when we know that the defense can’t wait to lay someone out!! Please. All of Ward’s hit are relevant to the person with the ball. Not across the field & irrelevant. He needs to continue to dish out what WRs have been getting helplessly in the air all of these years! Take it like a man…this is the NFL!

  67. Maybe some of you guys might be better off watching a non contact sport like tennis. when Polomalu said the NFL is turning into a “pansy league” he was right and the sad thing is it appears some “fans” actually prefer it that way. Sorry your feelings got hurt because Ward blasted some scrub linebacker who plays for your favorite team.
    Also, as a Steeler fan and a fan of the AFC North, I’m surprised and a little ashamed that some Ravens fans are crying about Ward. I hate your team but I always respected the way they played. That’s a hardass team and I thought the fanbase would reflect that.
    PS. Rodney Harrison was true football player. I could care less what some Steeler fans had to say about the guy. He walked the line but he demanded respect. If you don’t want him to knock you out then keep your head up. There is no mercy in football. If you all want to see a really dirty player go check out Brandon Spikes. Tried to scratch out some dudes eyes. THAT is dirty, not blowing up a linebacker because he’s about to tackle the ballcarrier.

  68. TCITM, maybe Heap shouldn’t have lined up if he was so hurt. I don’t care if it was the victory formation. You think Peezy is going to stop bringing it against the Ravens? Doubtful. If you’re on the field you better expect to get hit regardless of the situation, especially when those two teams play.

  69. i’m sure sports illustrated conducted a scientifically valid poll.
    everyone knows sports illustrated is a joke magazine.
    with all the comparisons to rodney harrison on here, I wonder how hard hines would hit if he took HGH like rodney? LOL!

  70. TCITM…..Hines Ward is one of the best at finding open spots in the zone…he pretty much has to be not being a speedy WR. He also runs impeccable routes. Believe me….Bruce Arians is not “putting him in the right spots at the right time”….Hines is doing that himself. You can take that to the bank. Arians is a horrible IC and I really hope some other team takes him off our hands soon!
    Personally, I don’t care if you’re a fan of Hines or not…it’s really beside the point. He DOES make big plays, has been for a long time and, god willing, will be for a couple more years. That’s something that only the completely ignorant would try to deny.
    To MitchBergerSays……I completely agree w/ your comment about the Ravens fans. I dispise the Ravens….that is the ONE game ALL SEASON (every season) that you can bet the house on it that I will be in attendance, but I have always respected them as well. I like their swagger, I like their physical play (which is part of the reason why the Steelers vs. Ravens games are the best to watch). I wouldn’t expect so many to be here whining and ripping into Hines. If Hines was a Raven they would be hanging from the man’s jock. Doesn’t matter though….he’s black and gold through and through and will always be 🙂

  71. @TyroneCarterIstheMan … Hines is the top receiver in Steeler history. What are you talking about? And even if I don’t agree with what he said about some of the stuff Hines does being malignant, DO NOT be disrespectful to someone who calls himself Augustus McCrae.
    And hello? MitchBerger, etc. (brilliant name, Mitch) is right. If Heap was unable to perform, why was he on the field? What? He was wearing a flag that day and Joey didn’t get the memo? Are you kidding?
    Tyrone, you are confused. You should lie down.
    @Pervy … stop making me laugh 🙂

  72. Hines is a dirty player cause he hits players not paying attention to the game ? lol ……… I recall watching the Bucs play the Packers and Warren Sapp did the same exact thing to Chad Clifton and he missed games . If thats dirty why isnt that brought up 1000 times a year like Ward is ?
    Next time you say Ed Reed intercept a ball , watch Ray Lewis . He does the samething to the offensive players . Why isnt that dirty ?
    Im not saying one is dirtier than the other or even dirty at all . Its just Hines gets all the attention from those plays . I never seen a reciever or running back complain they get to hard . How many slot recievers get the snot knocked out of him ? It happens in every game from every team ……… Was Ronnie Lott dirty ? Hines is the Ronnie Lott of offense ……
    Go Steelers .

  73. What kind a be-atch only looks to block people who aren’t looking? Hiney NEVER goes across the middle when playing the Ravens because Ray Lewis would put a another hole in his arse.

  74. @TyroneCarterIsTheMan:
    What?? Not a play-maker? If you say so… The guy torches the Ravens every time they meet. My point was more about his propensity for jaw-busting blindsides.
    @Deb: Thanks for having my back.
    Go Broncos.

  75. Any football fan without basic knowledge of the rules should not be allowed to have an opinion. If you don’t understand that rules governing down field blocking do not require giving prior notice to the player to be blocked, you’ll never get Ward.
    Hines Ward has been known as the best blocking wide receiver in the NFL for years. Sure, there are defensive players that dislike him because they fear him. Why? Because, as a pure football player, he is always ready to block as a play develops. At times, he just knows where to be when a rival may soon arrive. If that rival does not have his head on a swivel, well, let’s just say that Hines teaches him a valuable lesson. Those that take longer to learn the lessons may hold their grudges longer.
    BTW, Hines is always smiling because he actually enjoys playing a boys’ sports while making big$. If more NFL players played like him, the league would be much better off because he, and his team mate Troy Polamalu, are throwback players.

  76. Surprised Ray Lewis isn’t on that list.
    Funny how Steelers fans mostly rejoice at Ward being on the list, but were up in arms when Harrison topped the list. Such hypocrites.
    And as far as the person STILL whining about Wilfork, you should really clean your glasses. First, he was blocked into the worthless excuse for a Qb in Buffalo. Second, he had no reason to TRY and take him out of the game. Taking him out would hurt the Pats chances at winning, since they had his number all day long. If you are a dirty player, you take out someone who might actually help the other team’s chances of winning.
    I have talked with Wilfork. There is no way he is a dirty player. He is though, a very big guy. You try and stop that much momentum. As for all the arguments about how someone falls, not buying it. Evidently the players in the league don’t buy it either, and I think they might know a bit more about it than you do.

  77. Hines Ward prepares well so he gets thrown to more than Santnio Holmes ,Who alread has more yards in his first four seasons than Ward. Does anyone still think TJ Houshmandzadeh is still a playmaker up there in Seattle? No, and on 31 other teams that is what Ward would be, a slightly worse TJ Houshmandzadeh.
    I think you should be a little more appreciative of Arians since you are a Ward fan, personally I think there are plenty of better play callers and game managers in the league.
    Ward and Arians have a hard on for each other, why do you think Ward is even an option for the Steelers at wide receiver.
    Finally, yes Arians is putting him in the right place at the right time, if he wasn’t how would Ward be gaining any yardage?

  78. First of all, all you Stealers fans out there who are cheering for Ward right now are idiots because you are the same people who cried and complained about Harrision when he was in the league.
    Secondly, I will say that yes, I would love to have Ward on my team. He’s a complete receiver who catches, blocks, and doesn’t run his mouth if he doesn’t get the ball.
    That being said, he DOES hit a lot of players when they aren’t looking, when they’re away from the play, and sometimes after the play is over.
    By my definition that makes him dirty and that’s why a team like the Ravens would have a bounty on him.
    Also, that stupid smile makes him the biggest closet case in the NFL.

  79. George: You’re protesting too much, buddy row. Nobody said anything about rules. The shots are cheap, and there is no defending that.
    Deb: Gus is the greatest character ever.

  80. @AugustusMcCrae … Love Call, too. “I hate rude behavior in a man.” He should moderate PFT 🙂
    @TyroneCarterIstheMan … Hines was drafted in 1998. He made the Pro Bowl for four years from 2001-2004. Bruce Arians became OC in 2007. You may feel Arians is putting him in the right place now, but that hardly explains his entire career.
    You say you’re a Steelers fan but you seem to have a deep hatred of arguably the team’s most popular player. As the saying goes, with friends like you …

  81. last time i checked, All of Ward’s so called “dirty” hits were legal when they happened. (yes, i do realize the new crackback block rule)
    No true Steelers fan can hate Hines Ward.
    since when do you have to make eye contact with a player to hit him? hasn’t anybody noticed that quarterbacks get blindsided all of the time. how about wide outs getting blindsided running over the middle? the point is that football is a hard hitting, contact sport. if you don’t like getting hit, keep your head on a swivel.

  82. he hits guys when they arent looking says the whiners. i guess that makes every blind side qb sack illegal. the qb wasnt looking, and you hit him. wahh wahh.
    like george said up there, you dont need to give a guy notice that you are about to block him.
    i cant believe there is this many pansy fans of this game. i thought i was keeping better company.

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