Chiefs emerge from bye week with new message

With the Larry Johnson saga taking so long to play out, the Chiefs had a more eventful bye week than most teams.

The full squad is back in Kansas City and preparing for this week’s game. The Twitter account of a team employee showed a new sign that greeted players upon their return.

“Losers assemble in small groups and complain about the coaches and other players,” the sign reads.  “Winners assemble as a team and find ways to WIN.”  (The sign also has the word “team” placed over the Chiefs logo.)

Not assembling as part of the team Wednesday, of course, is Johnson.  His two week suspension will run through Sunday’s game. 

We’ll see how the team responds to the sign’s not-so-subtle message in Jacksonville Sunday, which should be a winnable game. 

Johnson’s response next week, assuming he’s still around, will be even more interesting.

26 responses to “Chiefs emerge from bye week with new message

  1. The only reason the Chefs haven’t cut him is because that’s what he wants. I expect the team to come out and play well on Sunday, though the Jags are against the wall right now, too. For a couple of bad teams, this game might be entertaining to watch.
    Everyone’s geared up for Jamaal Charles but they seem to forget that he went to the Steve Slaton school of holding the football. If Kolby Smith is healthy, Charles will be on a short leash, IMO.

  2. They should have parted ways with him already. Really if he goes and helps another team who cares. It isn’t like he’s really helping the Chiefs. (yeah, he is on my fantasy team so what!!!)

  3. What is going to be interesting is how many small groups are going to form up in Kansas City on sunday night.
    Which small group has Todd Haley been a member of, anyway?

  4. Real Creative Chiefs. One of two things happened. Probably the same person who created the annoying local commercials with Trace Adkins saying, “From the 50 anything is possible” (which is a straight up lie with this team) created this sign.
    Or this is the doing of Todd “Monotone” Haley. He might as well place that ridiculous sign in LJ’s locker and not subject the grown men in the locker to high school antics.
    Haley is not the answer. End of the year, clean house….bye bye Todd, bye bye Larry, bye bye Brian “trade me” Waters.

  5. How embarrassing. Maybe LJ should have directed his comment towards the coaching staff instead of the reporters…

  6. Bullying and humiliating players has worked out really well for Haley, so far. There’s no reason to think this won’t inspire them to absolutely demolish the Jags on Sunday.
    Has anyone gotten Kurt Warner’s opinion on the sign?

  7. I’m glad everyone thinks this dign was a cration of Haley’s. I bet Scott Pioli is really the man behind it, and to be completely honest, I like the sign. Let the players know you either come in here work together and WIN, or else you won’t have a job.

  8. Guess we know what Todd did during his off week…..busy weekend out in the garage building signs for the locker room. Was this approved by Scott “Look at my Rings” Pioli?
    Maybe he will have the cheerleaders line up under the goal posts and hold up some large paper sign for the Chiefs to run through from now on at Arrowhead.
    This team continues to be a joke.

  9. I would have preferred the sign say:
    Hey loser it’s time to take the diaper off.
    Seeing Larry’s face……priceless!

  10. Someone tell Haley the high school coach act only works in, well….high school. Maybe some of the crappier collegiate programs. I fully expect both him and Mangini to be there for the 2011 season at farthest.

  11. what else is the guy gonna do? talent wise they are at least a couple years away from seriously contending, especially if denver is legit. He’s got to inspire the confidence of the team and make them believe that they have a shot every single game. from the standpoint of an outsider, most of the guys seem to have bought the line and are actually getting better (hello cowboys game)
    Give the chiefs 2 or 3 years and they should be comptitive, but its not going to be sissy’s like larry johnson that are leading the team, its going to be guys that step up when called out, like bowe and cassel.
    btw, also drafted LJ for my fantasy team, cut him the day after this crap happened, picked up correl buckhalter, we’ll see…

  12. People who don’t give money are losers. People who give me lots of money are winners.
    Be a winner.

  13. Just let LJ go and try to pick up a Patriots RB. That’s what the Chiefs are trying to do, build a team from former New Englanders. Cassel of all people knows, “misery loves company,” what better than an old training camp teammate?

  14. @DocBG
    “most of the guys seem to have bought the line and are actually getting better (hello cowboys game)”
    You obviously didn’t really watch that game. The Cowboys tried their absolute damndest to lose that game, but the Chiefs tried to not win even harder.
    The following week against San Diego was a gross embarrassment.
    The sign is missing a few lines:
    “Bad coaches assemble by themselves and call out their players”
    “Good coaches rally their teams when times are tough and find ways to win”
    There’s probably a couple lines missing about what Scott Pioli should be doing (like not finding OL and not hiring Chris Chambers).

  15. Hey KC, Looks like both our lousy teams with great fans are finally showing some fire that us fans deserve . See you in the AFC title game next year!

  16. just more ego (and a hint of insecurity) with this new regime. this is not how you respond to the handful of players who feel a need pout. this motivates no one. it just eggs on the battle between the “chiefs” and the “indians” ….
    just get rid of the malcontents, and move on.

  17. @KC_Vols
    You’re a moron. If you thought the Chiefs would turn this team around in seven games you are an absolute idiot. A true fan must have patience. It will obviously take time to resolve years of regression. Meanwhile if you submit a comment, at least make it meaningful or funny. Your comments are neither. True fans will be patient and watch this space. As for you, check back next year moron.

  18. Is this story about Rockhurst High School or an NFL franchise?
    High school trick for a high school team in a minor league town.
    The Royals and Chiefs – LOL

  19. Bank on it, the Chiefs won’t win until Larry Johnson is gone.
    He’s complained about KC since he got there and after all these years that has got to be all over the building.

  20. We’ll see how the team responds to the sign’s not-so-subtle message in Jacksonville Sunday, which should be a winnable game.
    Jaguars 30, Chiefs 10.
    Rack me.

  21. that banner/poster just sounds like the coaches/front office are trying to tell the players they are at fault, not the coaches.
    it might be an attempt at motivating, but to me it just sounds like blaming.

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