Favre's performance could extend other quarterback careers

The fact that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is still getting it done at age 40 could go a long way toward pushing the age ceiling for quarterbacks higher.

Though several have played into their fifth decades of existence (e.g., Vinny Testaverde), Favre has performed this year at such a high level that it appears he could do it for a couple more seasons, if he wanted.

One other quarterback who has noticed is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a mere pup in comparison at 32 years old.  Earlier this year, Brady told Peter King of plans to play ten more seasons, which would take Brady to 41. 

It sounded foolish at the time.  Based on Favre’s level of play, it doesn’t sound so goofy now.

Brady revisited the issue earlier this week, on WEEI radio in Boston.

quarterback, typically, guys retire due to injury,” Brady told WEEI, via the Providence Journal.  “A lot of other
positions retire because they can’t run any more.  That’s what the game
comes down to for 90 percent of the other players.  For
the quarterback, running is not the issue.  I was slow to start, and I’m
slower now, and I’ll be slower 10 years from now, but so is Favre, and
so is Peyton Manning.

“What the quarterback needs to be
able to do is direct the offense and lead, use their experiences and
intelligence to get the ball to the guys who can do something with it . . . . Assuming my arm feels great, there aren’t a lot of other things that
are going to keep me from wanting to be out there and wanting to play.  Five or six years ago, my arm would hurt every day throwing the
football.  Now my arm never hurts.”

In a league where there never seems to be enough good quarterbacks to go around, the ongoing presence of players like Manning and Brady could indeed be a welcome development. 

Except for the teams in the AFC that would love to see the Colts and Patriots sink back into mediocrity after their franchise quarterbacks retire.

31 responses to “Favre's performance could extend other quarterback careers

  1. As long as there are bad QB’s like Tarvaris Jackson, there will always be a market for Brett Favre.
    As for Brady, even if he played 10 more years he will never catch up to Brett Favre’s stats.
    Peyton Manning will have to play another 7 years after Brett Favre actually does retire. If Brett plays another 3 years can Peyton go another 10 years? Very unlikely.

  2. nooooo if brady manning brees rivers and palmer all stay around for the next decade or so, it will pretty much ruin the next decade or so for football…as long as theyre there, their teams will stay as contenders. and that wont allow the balance to shift as it naturally should. and nobody wants that.

  3. I think that every NFL player should announce his retirement every year… pending sufficient fan and management butt kissing to lure him back.

  4. We know Brady won’t suffer a career ending injury since the league won’t let anyone hit him in fear of him bruising his vagina. He could very well play 10 more years

  5. With the quality of play put out by a lot of these young guys, Favre and Brady may have to play another ten years. Things have changed dramatically for QB’s. With all the rules protecting them now the modern day QB doesn’t take the pounding quite as much, unless you’re Karen Rodgers.
    Fewer times getting pummeled means a longer career.

  6. If they keep changing the rules everytime a D-lineman gets to within arms length of him, he could play until he’s 60. I find it humorous that Brady is the guy you talk to. Heck, when he’s 55, the NFL will finally make it legal for Tammy to wear flags on his hips.

  7. What is happening with Favre and the Vikings is a phenomenon and will never become the norm because teams that are loaded with talent, like the Vikings, normally have a dependable QB in place and don’t need to rent one for a year or two.
    This wasn’t the sentiment last year when Favre was playing for the Jets.
    Why? Because the Jets weren’t overloaded with talent like the Vikes.
    And let’s not forget about the impact by the headcoach and offensive system.

  8. Forio…..you seem to be slowly changing your stripes! Going from a Favre hater to warming up to the guy….what’s up with that?! People like yourself and others in the media owe Favre bigtime as without him you would’ve had so much less to write about.

  9. I think it’s a little premature to start talking about Favre’s high level of play. Remember that last year he was playing outstanding until his body caught up with him, and then he stunk up the joint.
    This year does appear to be more promising, however, given the AP hasn’t really done squat yet (fresh for the finish), and the team that he is playing for is much better than the Jets team he played with last year. We’ll see how it all plays out by season’s end, but to act as if he is the bionic man halfway through the season is foolish.

  10. bob nelson, you said brady playing 10 more years wouldnt matter for brady because he still wouldnt match favres stats? really? brady has over 200 td’s. if he plays another 10 years, and say he averages 25 td’s, well, hate to break it to you, but he will be right there, as will peyton manning. the only record that favre is guaranteed to keep is the interception and games played in a row. favre is and has been soooooo overrated for the last 10 years, and for you viking fans, remember, the jets started 8-3 last year and everyone was annointing them super bowl contenders. how did that turn out?

  11. Little Bobby Nelson!
    where the hell have you been hiding you little weaseel? HOW ABOUT THEM packers?….and for the record F%@k favre’s stats. Tom Brady is already a better QB than Brent will ever dream of being

  12. .. great Favre can continue to add to his career totals.. including the one nobody mentions.. his record total of intereceptions thrown!!

  13. Favre’s career interception record is safe forever, pretty much.
    Advances in medicine and supplements make it possible. Still don’t see it being the norm anytime soon. Manning is one of the few QB’s who rarely gets hit, Brady hasn’t taken many hits although he is starting to this season. The ability for a QB to play into 40 is more dependent on his o-line than anything.
    Ask Aaron Rodgers about that.

  14. Yea, I kind of feel bad for Aaron Rodgers. He’s getting his ass kicked out there! He’s got a foot injury already.
    He’s never going to make it with a O-line like he has!
    One more thanks to Ted Thompson.

  15. Just like most others wrote, the NFL rules for hitting QBs is overly protective and the QBs will be able to play until they are collecting social security.

  16. I was wondering how you would spin this after seeing the headline. I knew it wouldn’t be respect for Favre. And now I see, a chance to say Brady might be like Favre ten years from now. Not a chance. Not even close.

  17. Bob Nelson says:
    November 4, 2009 7:22 AM
    As long as there are bad QB’s like Tarvaris Jackson, there will always be a market for Brett Favre.
    As for Brady, even if he played 10 more years he will never catch up to Brett Favre’s stats.
    Peyton Manning will have to play another 7 years after Brett Favre actually does retire. If Brett plays another 3 years can Peyton go another 10 years? Very unlikely.
    Can’t believe I’m agreeing with Bob on any point, but he’s right, as long at there’s a team out there, like the Vikings, loaded with top notch talent at every position except QB, there will always be a place for very experienced QBs like Favre.
    But, I guarantee you that Brady wouldn’t trade any of his rings for all of Favre’s records so that point is moot.
    And, why can’t Manning go another 10 years. He’s only had 1 meaningful injury to date in his career, and it was offseason/preseason. Like Favre, I don’t think he’s missed a game since he started. As long as Indianapolis can protect him, he’ll be there.

  18. C’mon, people! Favre hasn’t missed a game in his career and we’re suddenly so quick to assume “any” other QB can play past 40??? Oh, really? You mean to tell us that this is suddenly some type of new phenomenon that is about to take root? Please.
    Brady will NEVER last 10 additional seasons and NOBODY else is Brett Favre.

  19. favre is still around because he had a OL that protected him and he knew when the pressure was there so he could get rid of the ball. Same is with mannings, brady, brees you dont see them eating dirt much.
    On the other hand you see bulger, palmer, schaub and now sharon rodgers and you wonder how there gonna stick around with no protection. Rodgers especially he’s not gonna see next year at this pace.

  20. “As for Brady, even if he played 10 more years he will never catch up to Brett Favre’s stats.”
    Agreed. Brady could play for 50 more years and never reach Favre’s interception totals.
    Oh, you must mean Favre’s Super Bowls won? Ooops!
    So what exactly is your point?

  21. We’ll see…this all sounds good, but football players age in dog years – even QBs over the age of 32, 33 decline fast.
    Sure, some guys like Vinny who kept himself in great shape, and Favre, who is just a physical freak, don’t have the same drop off, but we’ve all seen a lot of QBs who were good once, but lost a lot once they hit their late 30s (see Brad Johnson’s film from last year). Even Elway, probably the most physically gifted QB ever in terms of total package, was much more of a hand off machine his last 2-4 years.
    The NFL is week to week, and even at Brady and Manning’s age, playing 5 more seasons is a long way away and easier said than done. Plus, you will also get into each team’s inevitable desire to draft their replacement, which could push them out of the door faster and typically teams won’t be in the position the Vikings were/are in and willing to bring a guy in on a year to year basis as the starter.

  22. @ Bob Nelson – You’re still around? Wow, thought you would have learned by now that no one cares or respects anything you have to say after the Vikings have become a Top 5 teams and beat down the Packers TWICE. I guess if you want to keep parading around as the assclown of PFT then by all means…go ahead you Sally!

  23. Forget stats, the real question is: if Brady sticks around for 10 more years, will he have as many kids and “baby-mommas” as Travis Henry? (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one)

  24. Refering to CLUBFOOT commence.
    Florio is right, 10+32=41 because he is minus 1 of playing time for Brady due to a knee injury, but any lawyer don’t math, they do practice law from the book, they don’t make sh*t.

  25. Nice. Everybody’s a prognosticator. As if past performance dictates future performance. This game involves human beings, which means all bets are off, guys. They way you’re all talking, Robert Smith and Barry Sanders should still at least be on the sidelines. Yes, RBs get the crap beat out of them, but, Sanders was literally in perfect health when he retired, and Smith said only that he didn’t want to be injured seriously, and rightly so.
    Yes, the QBs get a ton of protection now. Ask Sammy Baugh or Norm Van Brocklin or Johnny Unitas if they think the rules today are different. You can’t, because they’re all dead; the point is that of course the rules are different. QBs are the faces of billion dollar franchises. The paying public NEEDS heroes each and every week or they lose interest and eventually quit paying. No pay, no league, no Billion dollar stadiums, no Ultra-Rich Old Boys Club of Owners (Except Green Bay, whom all believe the world owes them plaudits and championships WITHOUT being rich, based on decades of a “tradition”, defined only by themselves). No pay, no 100 million dollar contracts, no cool ads for shave cream or Head and Shoulders or Sears or radio ads for the local Jag dealership. No autographs. Who would care?
    Bottom Line: QB carousel = poor play, therefore less fans to pony up the $450 for a family football outing from the NFL.
    You cannot say with any certainty who will even play each week, let alone who will win. You’re all trying to decide today when these QBs will decide to retire. You’d better be laying mortgage payments on those corresponding Super Bowl winners, too, ten years from now.
    This is entertainment, and, as such, is propped up with huge dollars to make huge dollars. The strongest and prettiest race horses are also pampered until they go lame or it is decided above them that they will quit. I hear stud service is pretty cool for a horse. NFL QBs get much the same. Except they are humans and they pretty much have to go lame and be forced to quit. Favre, the reason for this discussion, wouldn’t listen to the waterfall of “encouragement”, even from the likes of me (shock) that he should stay on the farm. You don’t see him wimping out in the pocket or scrambling for the sideline. At 40 it’s kind of dumb, but he loves the game and appears to be having as much fun as he’s ever had. What a stud.

  26. Brady will never catch Burp Fatre’s stats? Excuse me? Maybe not yards and total TD’s, but how about SB’s? How about passer rating career? How about interceptions? TD:Int ratio?
    Brett? Puh–leeez.

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