Roethlisberger's accuser resigns from Harrah's

The Harrah’s employee that has accused Ben Roethlisberger of sexual assault has resigned from her position at the casino, according to multiple sources.

The woman was not forced out from her job, but she resigned reluctantly after returning to work. 

We’ve previously reported on the accuser’s attempt to sue Harrah’s as part of her pending legal claims. 

It is not surprising then that the accuser felt like a pariah while still employed at the casino.  The uncomfortable environment apparently led to her resignation.  As one source with knowledge of the situation told us, “She quit when she couldn’t get any colleagues to sign
on with her and they began to avoid her.”

It appears that a trial could still be coming despite some clear problems with the accuser’s case.

30 responses to “Roethlisberger's accuser resigns from Harrah's

  1. ESPN called. Didn’t you get the memo? Your not supposed to report on this!
    What next? An expose on the 70’s Steelers and Steriod abuse?
    I thought you were PC!

  2. um, is it just me or do you have to be really dumb to sue your current employee and not expect working conditions to atleast become uncomfortable. I feel sorry for this girl in a way but unfortunately for her, I don’t think the word dumb even scratches the surface

  3. In unrelated news, as “rapelisburger” and the steelers travel to Denver this week, Kobe Bryant has ignored Ben’s frequent texts asking Bryant to “hook him up”.

  4. I’m surprised she lasted this long. They probably avoided her like she was a leper. Oh well, this was something she asked for.

  5. “Oh well, this was something she asked for.”
    If her claims turn out to be true then this is blaming the victim. Most people try to avoid this sort of a statement… especially in rape accusations.

  6. Maybe having her standing outside with a sandwich board with THE LOOSEST SLOTS IN TOWN

  7. Krow, Have you not read anything on this case. Her story has more holes in it than swiss cheese. Her case is sinking faster than the Titanic. She might as well resign, because she figured she would save herself the embarassment of being fired when this case is throwed out. Florio, you are right she ahs problems with this case but go to trial, no I think it will be throwed out after the summary of judgement, when her and her ambulance chaser have to prove what she said is true,and I dont think they can. So no I do not think it will be proven true, She will be exposed, and the only person she is hurting is the true victims.

  8. The woman was not forced out from her job, but she resigned reluctantly after returning to work.
    You are stating this as if it is fact. You know for a fact that this happened? I doubt it.

  9. Biff, Biff, Biff … sigh. Even if it’s a great line, sometimes you should hold back 😉
    @ Krow … Her claim can’t “turn out” to be true. Because of the way she handled it, her claim will ALWAYS be she-said/he-said with no physical evidence to support it (except possibly Ben’s semen on clothing–which proves sex, not rape). The only remaining question is whether she can persuade a jury to believe her. Given the texts, e-mails, and conversations in which she indicated consent, that’s unlikely. But juries are unpredictable. No matter what they decide, it won’t PROVE her claim. As for the cold shoulder at Harrah’s, by suing her employer, she did ask for that.
    @ the “Raplisberger” “Roethlisraper” (ooooh, you’re sooooo clever) gang … We know you don’t care about victimization of women, this crazy girl, or the merits of the case. You just love to hate on Ben and the Steelers. I get that. But really, boys, this is a grown-up story. Don’t you have someplace else to play?

  10. When all is said and done, this still looks bad for “Big” Ben. Being known for having a proclivity for sexual relations with loosely wrapped strangers will not get you many endorsement deals without some image rehab.

  11. Hey Ben-hating dopes, read the “some clear problems” link in the story. The woman sent an email ONE DAY EARLIER musing she hoped she didn’t have to go to Ben’s room and fix his TV. LOL she must be psychic. And there are many other “problems” with her story if you followed this.
    My opinion is that she is a liar out for quick money, and will get her ass handed to her at the end of this.

  12. Guess what losers, Ben’s completion percentage is tops in the NFL and he’s on pace to throw for 4,700 yards.
    You losers can make up names and play the hate game but us Steeler fans and Ben are enjoying another successful season.
    Go get a life.

  13. Good, she doesn’t deserve that job. Look what she did with her time around celebrities. Typical gold digging chick.

  14. You people just don’t care what it is that helps you hate on a Steeler or Ben, you’ll just jump on any story that comes out there, whether the accusations are true or not. Now what does that say about you?
    Hmm…. makes you stop and think. Maybe you should stop hatin and listen to my girl Deb.
    Deb knows all 🙂

  15. I agree holeinone09 I think she thought she would get a quick payoff and this would all go away , I really dont think she thought Ben would fight this like he had, and I applaud him for that, for not letting this woman shake him down, This says alot to me, the easy road would have been to pay her to shut her up but no he has chosen to fight thisand I hope in the end Ben does turn it around on her.
    Deb, I agree with you about the evidence, even if there is semen on the clothes that only proves sex and Ben has admited to that.; and the cold shoulder at Harrahs, yes she asked for that, when she started this. And did she really think that anyone would back her story , after she bragged about it. The only one she could get to say anything bad about Ben was the bartender and I have issues with his story also, a year later after nutjob , I think his story is suspect at best, but it had nothing to do with Ben raping this woman, only that he was being an ass. LOL
    And I am like you the Rapistberger comments are inmature at best..Grow up boys , I hope this never happens to you, that a woman falsley accuses you, you know what they say , what goes around comes around, that name calling could get you in trouble.

  16. @ bluestree When all is said and done, this still looks bad for “Big” Ben. Being known for having a proclivity for sexual relations with loosely wrapped strangers will not get you many endorsement deals without some image rehab.
    I dont think so, he will bounce back from this, Kobe did after being falsley accused. I think Ben will also.

  17. Raaaaaapelisbergeeeeeer.
    Just won’t go away and I love it. Judging by ‘spygate’, you idiot Steeler fans have another year or two (possibly more) of this. Great stuff.

  18. Ben wants the Broncos defense to report to his room and fix his TV!
    President charlie: Please think before typing it makes you look like and ass along with the rest of the Ben haters on here.
    @CanadianViking Fan: I bet McNulty raped Big Ben.
    That would be a funny story, that would turn it around on her. ” she forced me to have sex with her I told her No but she kept on assaulting me” HAHAHAHA I could read the headlines now.

  19. @cfuska … Love ya!!! 🙂
    @Bens Attorney … Yeah, I couldn’t believe that comment on endorsement deals. Since all this came down, he’s had invites to do Leno and other shows. Most people see it for what it is and ignore it. He’s limited the number of endorsements he takes since his rookie season. She’s damned by her own words and he’ll be just fine.
    @rusH1023 … Well, it’s true we’ll have at least a few more months of buzzing insects like you to swat at occasionally, but unlike spygate it doesn’t have anything to do with what happens on the field. Ben’s stats are better this year than last and … wait a minute. Maybe it’s made him better! Oh yeah–great stuff! LOL

  20. Bens Attorney, I completely agree. I was extremely happy that Ben fought this with gusto.
    I can just imagine what McNutcase will do now. She will claim that she couldn’t possibly work any longer at Harrahs, that it was a hostile environment, and she will hope they will settle with her under their insurance policy, since she won’t get a friggin penny out of Ben. This woman and her attorney are pondscum in my opinion.
    And yes, you losers can call Ben and Steeler fans all the names you want. What the hell does that mean? The bottom line is what happens on the field. Ben is doing great this year, the Steelers are winning, and we could get our 7th Super Bowl win, or 16% of all Super Bowls ever played, this year.

  21. Turns out that Big Ben not only is good at passing footballs, but also various forms of VD.
    Even if this rape accusation turns out be false, Big Ben’s legacy should be tarnished because McNulty was the only woman in Vegas that Big Ben could convince to have sexual relations with him.

  22. This chick isn’t getting a penny. I’m guessing that bragging to your friends that you had sex with an NFL QB over and over kind of kills the whole “he raped me story”.
    If anything Big Ben is guilty of bad judgement and poor taste in women.

  23. I am a Steelers fan, and I really wish you wouldn’t call him Rapelisberger. That’s just plain wrong. Call him Rapistberger. That is much funnier. Sheesh.
    Really… call him whatever you want. As long as he wins the effin’ game!

  24. @# rusH1023 says: November 4, 2009 4:44 PM
    Just won’t go away and I love it. Judging by ‘spygate’, you idiot Steeler fans have another year or two (possibly more) of this. Great stuff.”
    Yea, well Patsies fan get to enjoy an eternity as the most disgraced franchise in all of sports history. And don’t forget the *’s.
    That tops cute grade school names I’d say…

  25. I agree Holeinone09 The more her and her ambulance chaser throw at him, the better he is playing, so call him what you like, I myself , think that it shows their immaturity but “oh well” and like you It is great to be a Steeler Fan and that is something I am not ashamed of.
    Deb: Nice comeback to rush , there is no comparison but I think it has made him a better player this year , So let the hits keep coming he is playing better this year than he did last year. So , I will take that anyday,

  26. The Commish needs to weigh in on this. He has on everyone else. Again, Rapistberger is getting favorable treatment. I LOVE my Steelers… get Ben OUT! I would love to see him gone.
    Why did she sleep with him. HE’s ugly! No, I’m wrong — he’s FUGLY!! That accident messed him up. Too bad his “you know” (I would get blocked on here if I said the C word) isn’t limp. God complex idiot!! GET OFF MY STEELER TEAM!!!

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