Roy Williams says he's not on the same page with Tony Romo

Last year, Cowboys No. 1 receiver Terrell Owens reportedly believed that quarterback Tony Romo was throwing too many passes to other players, and not enough to T.O.

This year, Terrell Owens is gone, and the team’s new No. 1 receiver is expressing a similar sentiment, but with a decent amount of tact.

It’s just not even close,” Williams said, per Tim MacMahon of  “It’s not even funny.  Not even close. . . .  I’m the No. 1 receiver.  But things are just going No. 2’s way.”

The No. 2 is Miles Austin, who has broken out dramatically in the past few weeks.

“He gets the ball thrown correctly his way,” Williams said.  “I’m stretching and falling and doing everything.  Everybody [else]
who’s been here’s balls are there.  Our footballs [from Romo to
Williams] are everywhere right now.”

So who’s at fault?  Well, if Romo is on the same page with all of the other wideouts and he isn’t on the same page with the guy who has underachieved from the moment he arrived, we think it’s safe to say that Williams might be the problem.

67 responses to “Roy Williams says he's not on the same page with Tony Romo

  1. Yep, it is about that time in the season when the Cowboys start to self destruct and throw each other under the bus, isn’t it?

  2. Roy, stop sounding like a victim. You shouldn’t really be mentioning this to of all people the media.
    By no means is Romo perfect but let’s not make it look like he doesn’t like you or something.
    Work with Romo and get this thing ironed out.

  3. Waaahhh. Hysterical. Williams had horrific practice habits in Detroit and probably has brought those to Dallas. Anyone who has watched him this year sees a terrible route runner who hates going over the middle. His only asset is fly patterns or jump balls with the occasoinal quick slant. Additionally, he has never taken responsibility for any shortcoming which, when you put it together, makes him a poor mans Braylon Edwards. Not the tag you want.

  4. Wow. It’s a first! Florio with a fair article about the Cowboys. As a Cowboys fan I saw Roy Williams drop a few passes last week, much like TO. Maybe the problem is that the #1’s arent as good as the #2’s. In this case Roy isnt as good as the #3 or #4. What is interesting is that who gives a damn if he is getting the ball? The Cowboys are winning.

  5. “He gets the ball thrown correctly his way,” Williams said. “I’m stretching and falling and doing everything.”
    I kid around about Romo being stupid, but Williams looks to be the real thing.

  6. Absolutely, Roy Williams isn’t on the same page. Even on the sideline you see Romo trying to coach him or ask him to run a route a certain way. It took Miles Austin one missed grab and a single consultation on the sideline from Romo to get on the same page…Williams just doesn’t get it. How long has it been? A year? Maybe, his mind gets it but there’s a total dis-connect from mind to body. Even Ogletree had a 19 yard catch–a nice one, and he’s what, the umpteenth receiver on the depth chart? It’s no wonder why Romo hung Williams out to dry, he’d rather throw to receivers who listen and can actually learn. I wonder how good this offense would be completely without Roy Williams. Excuse me, Roy E. Williams…they already got rid of half of them.

  7. Wow, Roy Williams never seemed like the Whiny little B$tch type when he was on the Lions. Guess that star really changes a man.

  8. He wasn’t even reading the same book in Detroit and he can’t seem to get in sync with Romo. Hmmmm….
    Me thinks Roy might have a learning disability.

  9. If Romo’s supposed to be a leader, then HE needs to work with Williams to get on the same page. Nice try, but unfortunately even the cowboys qb has responsibilities.

  10. “But things are just going No. 2’s way.”
    Who does Number Two work for? Who does Number Two work for?

  11. Well No SH%T Williams, what makes you think you have to tell us that.!!!! We gave up a 1st, 3rd , and 5th pick and money for your A##. That’s the only reason your not GONE. In my opinion the Boy’s should bench William’s and put Sam Hurd in his place. Holy shit where’s the TYLENOL….lol.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Shhh! Be quiet, Roy! You know what happens when you start to complain about the throws your way! Do you really want to be banished to Buffalo?

  13. So they get rid of TO because he was a dirtbag who didn’t care about whether the team was winning or not as long as he got his catches.
    And now the guy they replaced him with doesn’t give a sh*t that the team is on a winning streak because he isn’t getting his catches.
    Guess they could always ship him back to Detroit, the Lions are probably stupid enough to go for it.

  14. If Williams is upset about the “kwality and kwantity” of balls being thrown his way, Williams should try and do whatever he can to work with Romo outside of practice. One of the things that made Aikman so successful (as well as other Qb’s, such as P Manning) is that they understand that the more time you can spend getting acclimated to your receivers, the more you’re trust them, and the better you’re going to be. Sometimes you have to put in hours before/after practice and or games. You think there’s a coincidence between Manning and Wayne out before every game just running routes/throwing balls and how perfect those balls get thrown to him?
    Normally I’d put the onus on the QB for this, but the fact is that Romo has Austin and Witten clicking pretty well. If Williams isn’t happy, then he needs to show leadership, take initiative, and earn his way into a No 1 receiving role by putting in the hours. Just showing up and expecting it bc he’s getting paid to be one is how you become a member of the waiver wire, as opposed to a member of a team.

  15. I wonder if Williams could read this (the “could” may be a fair question) if he would recognize how weak he sounds. It is absolutely pitiful.
    Jones gave up a lot to get him and is paying him a fortune but if he could get a fourth round pick for him right now I would be amazed.

  16. Maybe Garrett’s offensive system is actually not set up properly and it actually works better for the 2nd receiver.

  17. Williams is not imaging things. He is right that Romo’s passes to him in particular are not good. How is it that he cannot hit his biggest target? Something is going on here.

  18. # chapnasty says: November 4, 2009 4:08 PM
    Wow. It’s a first! Florio with a fair article about the Cowboys. As a Cowboys fan I saw Roy Williams drop a few passes last week, much like TO. Maybe the problem is that the #1’s arent as good as the #2’s. In this case Roy isnt as good as the #3 or #4. What is interesting is that who gives a damn if he is getting the ball? The Cowboys are winning.
    Actually he’s right. The first too passes Romo threw his way the first was way over his head, the second was about 2 yards behind him. I don’t know what the answer is (if I did I’d have a million dollar contract as a coach). I just hope they get it worked out. If Williams becomes a credible threat, it would make our offense as unstoppable as the Saints.
    I think Williams is just frustrated and I can understand that.
    SottP – last week Williams took full responsibility for his play, saying he was ‘terrible’ and played the worst game of his life. He has good practice habits in Dallas (or so Romo and others say).

  19. geez, roy, run the routes & like you’re supposed to & i bet romo will throw you a better ball…you stink!!!

  20. Roy Williams is not a very good route runner. He has decent hands and can break tackles, but his speed isnt anything to write home about and the man is never open. And its not like he is being double teamed. He can not run good routes. Jerry Rice, Marvin Harrison, Art Monk, Chris Carter. I mean these guys were never the fastest but ran excellent routes. Williams will be out of Dallas by next year, and probably out of football in 4-5 years. He just isnt that good.
    Now on another note, this is Jerry Jones fault. He brought Roy in to be a number. Told him your number 1. Is still considered number 1 on the depth chart for no other reason but to make sure people dont realize how awful a trade Jerry pulled for this number 3-4 receiver last year. This will go down as one of the worst trades of this decade, hands down.

  21. I hope this trade resurrects the woeful Motor City Kitty’s. Pettigrew should pass Willams career stats as a tight end. And they still have picks to make.

  22. Wait – I thought TO was the problem
    Now it’s Roy?
    What happens next year – will it be Austin’s fault?
    How about Romo leaving Roy out to dry against the Broncos so someone can come break his ribs…

  23. Are you kidding me!?!!?!?!?
    At one point, against the Falcons, Romo was 15 for 20. Of the 5 incompletions, 3 of them hit Roy Williams square in the hands!!!!
    Why do I not hear any other Cowboy WRs saying the same thing?

  24. dcfan:
    if your trying to make Williams sound bad, saying he’ll “probably be out of football in 4-5 years soesn’t do it. That would give him and 8-9 year carreer which is pretty good at that position.

  25. Tony Romo has thrown bad passes on purpose. I have watched him look at Roy Williams and throw the ball at his feet and turn away knowing full well that there was no way to catch that pass.
    The problem is Romo, he does not like Roy Williams. Pay attention and watch this Sunday the way Romo throws Passes to Williams and you will see what I mean.

  26. “If Romo’s supposed to be a leader, then HE needs to work with Williams to get on the same page. Nice try, but unfortunately even the cowboys qb has responsibilities.”
    You’re right. What the hell is Romo doing skipping all those practices?

  27. “Good thing the Cowboys are drama free going into the biggest game of their season. ”
    No game in week 9 in the biggest game of anybody’s season.

  28. Beastie Bills says:
    November 4, 2009 4:10 PM
    You’re such a douchebag, Florio.
    How is this any better than what T.O. said?
    Uhhh maybe because T.O. said that Romo, Witten , and Garrett were all conspiring against him to not through him the ball.
    I think that is worst than what Roy said. You disagree? I can’t really see why you would call him a douch for that unless you are insane or dumb.

  29. Does anybody find it odd that the Cowboys #2 and #3 WRs, an undrafted guy and a seventh round pick, have the same number of TD receptions as the Eagirls’ entire WR corps, which includes two second round picks and a first round pick? And they don’t have a former #2 overall pick throwing to them.
    And when you add Roy Williams’ and Sam Hurd’s TDs…

  30. “The problem is Romo, he does not like Roy Williams. Pay attention and watch this Sunday the way Romo throws Passes to Williams and you will see what I mean.”
    So if he doesn’t like him, why would he throw to him at all? You Eagirl fans need to stay in school, man!

  31. This has got to be the quietest Cowboys regular season in years. When the top two regular season stories are the scoreboard and Roy Williams’ scrubbiness, Dallas fans can’t be all that upset.

  32. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! They’ve got another TO now. They got Roy b/c TO wasnt producing, now Roy is being replaced by Miles…who can’t even dunk a field goal like his predecessor. ( TO ) Haha, there is always some cry baby with the Cowboys. As for Romo…he’s just too easy to attack.

  33. By the way, since Florio ain’t gonna report this…,0,128928,full.column
    “I was in San Diego working a game, and we did a game-break in the second quarter saying that Donovan McNabb looked like he might have broken his [ankle],” Aikman recalled in a phone interview. “All of a sudden a producer says in my ear, ‘Hey, I need you to call somebody at halftime.’ I said, ‘What?’ He had never done that. He gave me a number and said, ‘It’s Andy Reid.’ ”
    Would have been funny to see Aikman take McNabb’s job.

  34. Did you ever stop to think the problem is you, Roy? You’re lazy, you don’t run half your routes to completion, and the times you run the full route, it’s usually wrong! Why is it when calvin Johnson is healthy in Detroit, he does it right? Miles Austin does it right in Dallas. Notice any similarities, Roy??? But, none of it’s your fault, right?

  35. Vox, is your beloved qb a team leader or not? TO ran over him, and now williams might. Some leader there dude. He needs to stand up for himself and his team and get these things right. You see Vox, that’s what a leader does.
    It’s no secret that I am a cards fan. Do you think Warner would allow this bs? NO (see the ring and MVP). I will also bet Warner could actually hold a football still while his kicker approached it too. Even with a contract complaint, you never heard boldin bitch about warner did you?
    Catch the game last year? I noted that after that game, the league did not schedule the girls for us again. Used to be every year even after the division move. Too bad. We would have loved smacking your “leader” around again.
    Signed, current NFC champs fan.

  36. Williams is a bust. He isn’t going to rise to this occasion. He is a loser, a non-player. He has the ability, but not the mind-set. He will not get it done.
    I hope JJ got some stips with his decision to trade for R Williams. Performance based stipluations that reduce the Cowboys debt to Detroit if R Williams sucks. ‘Cuz R Williams sucks.
    JD- Houston TX
    GO COWBOYS. Philly sucks.

  37. Maybe Roy Williams just sucks, Romo is doing just fine to everyone else. All 3 backs are running well, witten is playing well #2-5 wr’s are playing well. The only oen who doesnt get it is Roy…. let him go.

  38. VoxVeritas says:
    November 4, 2009 5:09 PM
    Does anybody find it odd that the Cowboys #2 and #3 WRs, an undrafted guy and a seventh round pick, have the same number of TD receptions as the Eagirls’ entire WR corps, which includes two second round picks and a first round pick? And they don’t have a former #2 overall pick throwing to them.
    Vox, your teams blockbuster trade for Roy eclipses anything over Philly’s good drafting of late.

  39. Williams should call Al Sharpton cause Romo is obviously a racist.
    What the Cowgirls need is a strong HC who can kick some butt when needed, instead of a puppet for Jerrah.
    The inmates are running the asylum again and this is about the time of year that it really starts to show.

  40. Well isnt this what the great readers of PFT wanted? A supposed distraction in Dallas. I mean you guys reached on the screen being a problem. Then didnt yall mention the curtains being a problem too? What a joke. That was all you had up until this point. And now you have idiots truly trying to pin this on Romo. Is he in everyones dreams that much that he has to be brought up in every argument, even when its clearly the receiver not running good enough routes? Romo hit 10 different targets last game, thats 9 other guys who are on the same page with Romo, but its his fault when it comes to Williams. I used to hate when Florio would post Cowboys topics, because it just gave people an avenue for hate. Now I realize it exposes their stupidity. Thanks Florio!

  41. Trade of the century. I guess Karma’s coming back in a smaller way for the Herschel Walker fleecing.

  42. well, after having watched roy e play in detroit, he wont go over the middle without his alligator arms. they should put him on the scout team so kitna can chew his ass all day.
    but, i plan on taking the points sunday night. if successful, i wont post 6-44* as often. this could be the game of the year for the cowboys, if they lose big again. or if they win and fail to make the playoffs, this game would be a high point.
    even so, as a qb this year, romo is 5-2. mcnabb us 5-1.
    since the cowboys reliance on austin etc has coincided with a nice win streak, roy e should just stfu.

  43. Go Dallas! Just remember Philly fans, you have never won a Superbowl (and no, beating Dallas is not the same as winning a Superbowl). At least Jerry did not give up two #1’s like he did for Joey Galloway! Still hurts to think if Jerry did not make this trade, he could have drafted Pearcy Harvin or traded for Boldin. Roy needs to shut his mouth and work harder.

  44. Vox, I must have missed the part where the article remotely mentioned anything about the Eagirls. Please stop bringing them up every chance you get. You sound completely foolish.

  45. Absolutely love all these douchebag Cowboy hating trolls…..Let me give you morons alittle advice – stop trying to give your limited intellectual advice on the Cowboys. All you do is listen to that fat ass moron Berman and the rest of the Cowboy hating national media types then spew your BS on these articles.
    Again, any true Cowboy fan realizes that Williams is a bag of shit who is getting shown up by #3, #4 and if he doesn’t watch his ass by an undrafted rookie out of Virginia.
    Oh yeah – most of you a-holes would take an owner like Jerry Jones because for bad decisions he occassionally makes he will continuely try and put a solid product out there and put his money where his mouth is.
    Love his passion.

  46. STFU Roy! Ever think a guy from nowhereville just might be better? I have seen blind people do crosswalks with more precision than your routes. Face it Roy, you suck!

  47. @ KissMyArse – Kiss My Arse!!!! Jerry Jones is a weathered bag of shit! He could learn a few things from Ziggy up here in Minnesota. You can keep him douche!!!

  48. Hey PervyHarvin – Your a freaking loser with a small pecker.
    Be careful your dipshit of owner can’t even convince your faithful for a new stadium, you a-hole. Big Jerry has to say a few words on the behalf of your lame ass crew.
    If you get a new stadium I expect you to get on your hands and knees and kiss that weathered bag of shit’s left testicle.

  49. @ KissMyVikingAss – LOL You are a comical lil’ puke! First of all,my pecker borders on Mandingo son. Second, Geriatric just likes to hear himself talk! Thirdly, when we get a new stadium, we won’t put up a Godzilla Tron to compensate for Texas short horn!!!LOL

  50. somebody actually claims that romo is missing williams on purpose. you’re an idiot.
    i dont care if you like romo or not, but why would an nfl qb intentionally miss his target. the problem is that williams isnt running the proper routes.

  51. Yeah you tell them Vox ( my HERO) It’s all roys fault ( he’s probably an undercover Eagle) Tony Romo is the Best ever!
    I’m Glad you found a way to work the Eagles into the conversation so you could call them Eagirls again HA HA HAA that is the funniest thing ever!!
    I’ll be hanging on your every post Vox , You are the Best! see you at recess.

  52. And apparently he doesnt listen to HOF’ers like Michael Irvin when they give him advice. But who knows how true that self serving statement is. Michael Irvin doesnt shy away from patting himself on the back or trying to make himself bigger then he actually is. But it has to mean something that the number 1 homer of dallas is putting Williams down. Saying Roy Williams doesnt listen makes Jerry Jones look like an idiot for trading for him, and we know Michael Irvin will do everything possible to kiss Jerry Jones as$. So if Irvin is willing to put Jones out there like that he must really believe Williams is the problem, or Irvin is really dumb and doesnt realize that patting himself on the back in this case is the same thing as stabbing Jerry Jones in his.

  53. Definitely not on the same page.
    Roy Williams is on Page 1: Welcome to Football!
    Tony Romo is on Chapter 3: What exactly is The Superbowl, and how can I get there?

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