Cable, Davis discuss allegations

Raiders head coach Tom Cable and owner Al Davis met to discuss allegations made in an ESPN story that Cable hit women, Cable confirmed Wednesday.

The team has promised a “serious evaluation” of the allegations, and this meeting appears to be the first step.  Unsurprisingly, Cable did not discuss what the conversation entailed.

“Al and I have spoken,” Cable said. “What we talked about is between us, and we’ll keep it that way.”

There was immediate speculation after the report aired that Cable could be shown the door immediately.  The Raiders coach says his employment in the near future didn’t come up in the meeting.

“We didn’t even talk
about that.  We talked about, like you’re supposed to, the
team, personnel moves, the second half and upcoming [games]. Those are
not issues for us to discuss. There’s no need to right now. Right now,
it’s about trying to turn it around and get us on track,” Cable said. 

If the Randy Hanson incident and the ESPN allegations never happened, Cable’s job would likely be at serious risk at year’s end simply because of Oakland’s performance.  Cable’s off-field drama has given the impression in Oakland that his firing is inevitable.

In two months at most, it appears the Raiders coaching spin cycle can begin anew again.

8 responses to “Cable, Davis discuss allegations

  1. Heres how you can tell the worst team in the league.
    The Titans wont fire their coach.
    The Lions wont fire their coach.
    The Rams wont fire their coach.
    The Bucs wont fire their coach.
    The Chiefs wont fire their coach.
    The Skins should fire their coach right now and wont.
    The Browns just hired a coach and will probably fire him.
    The Raiders have had 6 coaches since the turn of the century and NOBODY on this planet will be surprised when they make it 7 at the end of this season. NOBODY.
    That’s what separates the Raiders from the rest of the league. Nothing they do is surprising, anymore. Hell, everybody knocks the Browns but they’ve only had 5 coaches since their re-entry into the league and one of those was an interim. The Raiders are run worse than an expansion franchise. The Raiders have existed since ’60 and Al Davis has been there since ’63, there is no excuse for a team with that history to be so poorly run.
    Everybody has an opinion on Al Davis, either he’s a football legend or a crazy, windbreaker wearing, Emperor Palpatine look-alike. The sad thing is both groups are right. He is the football version of George Steinbrenner. Just like Davis, when Steinbrenner was lucid, there is no doubt he was a genius in his department. But The difference between the two is this….Steinbrenner knew when to hand the keys to Ferrari over to someone else before he wrecked it in a horrific, fiery blaze all because he was traveling way too fast(23 mph.)

  2. The Raiders aren’t going to do any better than Tom Cable. Not that he’s great, but what decent coach is going to go there? Cable buys into Davis’s system and doesn’t fight it.

  3. Do the Raiders really need a coach or coaches? Seriously. What does it matter? So much is put on the “head coach”…Let the QB call some plays, make sure 11 guys get on the field, who cares

  4. Shorter version of what I said yesterday:
    1) Davis will try to lure Gruden back, who will tell him to go jump.
    2) Davis will try to get Rick Neuheisel or Jim Harbaugh, both of whom will either stay in the NCAA or jump to an organization with things like stability and freedom to actually coach.
    3) Davis will make a run at Kevin Gilbride who might accept, but probably not.
    4) Davis will hire Jim Fassel, the one guy who’s demonstrated the ability to coach in the past who will be willing to actually take the job.
    Outside possibility: Mike Martz, depending on how much he wants back into the league.

  5. “Steinbrenner knew when to hand the keys to Ferrari over to someone else before he wrecked it in a horrific, fiery blaze all because he was traveling way too fast(23 mph.)”
    Did you ever watch the Yankees during the entire tenure of Don Mattingly’s career? George was pretty lucid back then and made some of the worst decisions an owner could, not to mention having too many head coaches and not rebuilding from within… Sure Al needs to step aside and let someone else manage this team, but to say that George Steinbrenner was without fault as owner of the Yanks is ridiculous….

  6. When will the hurting stop?
    The head coach is a distraction to this already terrible team. Heck, even the owner is. (Palpatine look-alike! Love it!).
    Davis should coach a season himself so he can fully understand age has deteriorated his football mind.
    In my opinion, even with the possibility of Cable’s innocence he should be fired. His record, and the play of his team are solid indications of his inability to coach in the NFL.
    Who wants the job? Who cares. Roll the dice and hope for the best, Davis.

  7. Wow… Al Davis just has the worth luck imaginable. Don’t the Raiders conduct background checks on potential employees? And to think, I thought that Davis was supposed to be paranoid. Guess not.
    This bye week gives Davis the window to cut ties with Cable. Also, due to the reports of domestic violence in his past, Al can fire Cable with cause as well. Cable doesn’t make anything compared to all the other incompetent coaches in the league, so his firing will come cheap.
    The National Organization for Women have chimed in on this whole incident. The pressure on Davis will be difficult to withstand, especially if they start protesting. As if the Raiders performance these past seven years haven’t been debacle enough, now this. The NFL needs to intervene since Davis is proving that he’s no longer competent to run his team.

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