Colts lose starting cornerback Jackson for season

The Tony Dungy era Colts usually had one of the best statistical pass defenses in the league.

That trend has kept up under Jim Caldwell this year, but the Colts secondary will be tested after losing cornerback Marlin Jackson for the season, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Jackson tore his ACL at practice Wednesday, which makes somehow makes the injury seem even more devastating.  The 2005 first-round pick used to be a starter for the team, but his role was reduced this season to nickle back as he struggled to recover from two surgeries to repair a torn ACL last year.

The Colts are first in the league in yards-per-attempt allowed, and should still be in good shape.  They are used to replacing cornerbacks.

6 responses to “Colts lose starting cornerback Jackson for season

  1. i hate the band as much as (i’m sure) you do, but i’ve never heard of the football position called ‘nickle back’. so just bite the bullet and spell out nickelback like mr. florio sir taught you to.

  2. Not a good time for the Colts to lose a DB….first Houston then Brady & Co. comming to town….Colts have been playing good & it kills me to say that being a Patriot fan….I hope they do beat Houston & have to face the Patriots being undefeated, will make the Patriots win that much sweeter!!!!
    Lookin’ forward to a great game!!!
    Go Patriots!!!!

  3. Rosenthal wrote:
    “Jackson tore his ACL at practice Wednesday, which makes somehow makes the injury seem even more devastating.”
    Guys, you’d really benefit from having a second set of eyes proofreading these posts before the submit button is hit.
    Contact the English Dept. at WVU. I’m sure they could get you a distribution list of 25 English students. I’m sure that at least one student would be available to quickly proofread your posts and correct any incorrect grammar.
    Do it. Do it.

  4. Dear Kiss Bills Rings,
    As a Patriots fan you know just how sweet a victory can be against an undefeated team… Oh wait, that’s right… it was the Giants who got that win. My apologies. 18-1!

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