Hines Ward reflects on "dirtiest player" label

When told that he came in first place in a Sports Illustrated poll asking NFL players to name the dirtiest player in the league, Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward said he was surprised to learn he came in ahead of his former teammate, Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, who came in tied for second.

I beat Joey? Wow,” Ward said, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “How can I be the dirtiest player on the field — a little, old wideout with no speed? I don’t know whether to be happy or mad about it.”

This week’s Sports Illustrated, which features the results of the survey of 296 NFL players, notes that Ward broke the jaw of Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers with a blind-side block, and quotes Rivers’ teammate Chinedum Ndukwe as saying, “He’s a blind-side guy.” But Ward said he has no intention of doing anything differently than he’s always done.

“I’m not going to change the way I play,” Ward said. “If people think I’m dirty, I apologize to them now.”

Ward said he was surprised to learn that Steelers safety Troy Polamalu was on the list of dirtiest players, coming in ninth. The Steelers were one of two teams to have two players on the list of the 10 dirtiest players; Titans center Kevin Mawae and cornerback Cortland Finnegan were both on the list.

77 responses to “Hines Ward reflects on "dirtiest player" label

  1. Benny Sapp should be high up there too with all those dirty tackles against the Steelers last week

  2. Cheap shots are part of the game, and being perceived as a cheap shot artist won’t keep Ward out of the HOF. It is interesting that it is something most players choose not to do.

  3. This is all about (1) a split vote amongst the defensive “candidates” and (2) the fact Ward is basically a pioneer in a WR throwing his weight around in ways never before seen.
    Ward is the ONLY monster EVER to take a blowtorch into the teeth of every defensive player he’s ever faced. No alligator arms. No sir. No scurrying out of bounds. No shying away from contact. Nope – just throwing his 3 pound manhood around every defense in the league.
    Defensive players don’t like that. Many have been known to say that they specifically play defense rather than offense because they’d rather be the hitter than the hittee. Ward makes them the hittee.
    Half the league plays defense – and there presumably lies half the “voters” who only have to face Ward. Do the math – OF COURSE Ward is considered a bad man to HALF THE LEAGUE (i.e., half the voters).
    Only ONE offensive player has them all mind-twisted, freaked, their heads on a swivel – sent them off to the sidelines with freight train whistles blowing in their heads. Name one other offensive to routinely light up defenders like Ward from the WR position. Ever. I’ve seen him tag noseguards and d-ends too – it’s not just LBs and DBs. He’s an equal opportunity “enthusiast.”
    Ward’s teammates and coaches LOVE Hines. Steeler Nation LOVES Hines. And any player or fan ANYwhere willing to be honest about this and put bias aside would LOVE to have a Hines Ward on their team, or their back in a foxhole or a dark alley. Ward is da man – see ya in Canton, baby!!!
    Mad respect.

  4. Cue the Steelers haters.
    Guess what? We don’t care.
    It’s not our fault your team’s a bunch of little girls.

  5. Chinedum Ndukwe should just STFU! That rookie Keith Rivers forgot NFL rule #1. Keep that head on a swivel boy! This isn’t college son. Ward put a good,clean lick on him. Jaw broke? Ali fought Norton 11 rounds with one. Get back in the game and play!Quit crying. Ward plays hard, big deal. See Jared Allen and Troy Polomalu made the top ten too. Sounds like some of the leagues best are hated for playing hard nose.

  6. So let me get this right. SI does a poll, of only 296 players, during training camp, and then they do an article about it? Sounds like something National Enquirer might do. Not exactly scientific.
    But after reading that Troy was actually on the list, I think the 296 players (and how many are still on NFL rosters?) voted for “who are the players that I don’t want to get hit by because I am afraid?”. LOL. I think SI should release the names of who was polled and who they voted for. Now THAT would make a great story.
    As a Steeler fan I have watched Hines play every game since he joined the team. He is clearly a hard hitter and aggressive, but dirty? Considering his career overall, I would say absolutely no way. I am glad he is on my team, and if he was on yours, you would love him.
    Like Lambert once said, put dresses on ’em!

  7. A WR is considered to be the dirtiest palyer in the league?
    Sounds like a compliment.
    On a side note, anyone else having trouble commenting? It says I have to register when I am already logged in. I have to log out and log back in for it to work.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  8. Man I love Hines Ward, and I’m a Pats fan. Anyone who has played football before and did not try to put someone on their ass while doing it was playing the wrong sport. Don’t hate the lil guy for being a hard hitter, its the reason they wear equipment.
    The “No Fun League” needs more players like this before it becomes the first professional flag football league.

  9. Troy’s reply to being on the list?
    Said Polamalu when asked about his supposedly dirty play, “I always do my hair before the game.”

  10. Yes, Hines is and The Steelers love it. Why doesn’t The NFL do something about it ? Do they not believe their players ? They surveyed almost 300 players that have a consensus, yet The Steelrs/Hines get a free pass ? Hello ?

  11. when psycho knocked the s out of rivers, rivers was going for the ballcarrier. Whats the problem with that?
    yes steelcurtnDee all lot of nfl teams are like little girls and thats fine, the steelers will keep piling up trophies.

  12. You’re right steelers fans. The rest of the nation that voted him the dirtiest player is wrong, and as usual, Steelers fans are right. He is definitely a great player. All people are saying is that he’s the dirtiest in the NFL. Why do you care? Steelers are a very successful team, so calm down. We couldn’t possibly have anyone say anything negative about a Steeler, now could we?

  13. Rivers was trying to tackle the ball carrier. Was Ward supposed to stand there and watch him do it?

  14. @ stellcurtndee,
    If you guys don’t care, why are the first few responses on here from Steeler fans feeling the need to defend Hines?

  15. Quite a few current or past All-Pro players on the list.
    Hate Ward, for nor particular reason, but always liked his attitude. He is almost always smiling and enjoying himself. Or making funny comments.
    “a little, old wideout with no speed?”

  16. @ Wick…
    Agreed! Not a Steelers fan, but I am a Hines Ward fan. He is a man amongst a bunch of whiny, me-first boys! I think Marvin Harrison was one of the best ever, but I would always shake my head everytime he’d toss himself onto the turf after every catch. Think of the YAC he could have racked up if he would actually look to break a tackle.
    Love to watch Hines play. Steeler nation should love this guy, I know I would if he was a Colt.

  17. as i said in the other post, its not illegal to hit someone who isnt looking. and you dont have to announce your presence, or inform the player you will be blocking or hitting them
    for all of you who cant take it that he hits people who arent looking, is the blindside qb sack a dirty play too? the qb isnt looking at the defender, and he gets hit.

  18. Agreed SteelCurtnDee , We dont care, We as Steeler fans love this guy, the linebackers maybe need to learn to take a hit.

  19. I would have loved to see Ward say what Ulf Samuelson did back when he was asked to vote on the dirtiest NHL player….
    ‘can I vote for myself?’

  20. Palmer09, you got it! Finally, you understand what is really going on with us Steeler fans and the team! We are always right and everyone is always wrong. And please don’t forget, the refs are intentionally making bad calls to allow us to win the games too! Our contract with the league clearly indicates we are supposed to win at least 20% of all Super Bowls ever to be played! LOL. Give me a break.
    Since when is 296 surveyed players equivalent to “the rest of the NATION”??? You dope.
    Ward hits hard and plays with enthusiasm. He is old school. You would love to have him on your team. Get over it.

  21. Do you stupid steeler fans even watch the games! When ward put the block on rivers, he led with his helmet. When you do that, yes, it is dirty. There is no doubt in my mind that Ward is the best blocking WR ever to play, but to that sort of thing on a consistent basis, would entitle him to the dirtiest player award.

  22. Boy, this is funny! When Patriot fans defend Rodney Harrison for this award, we’re ‘homers’ and scum for defending a cheapshotter. But now that Ward gets the award, it’s just others in the league ‘complaining’ or ‘jealous’. The douible standard is amazing..

  23. The only reason SteelCurtnDee and other steeler fans were the first ones to post is because we know this story will bring the Steeler haters out of the woodwork. I agree with holeinone09 who said it sounds more like it was a poll where the players were asked who are you most afraid to get hit by, and then they just changed the title of the poll around to make the story juicier and build more angst towards the Steelers.
    Good job Hines. Keep up the great work. You will be enshrined some day.
    Pervy… love your post.

  24. @Palmer
    Where am I defending him? If I was defending him I’d bring up like Wick did… of course he won because basically all D players vote for him, where offensive players likely split their votes.
    I’m not defending anyone, just saying I don’t care.

  25. jwitosky says:
    November 5, 2009 10:32 AM
    Do you stupid steeler fans even watch the games! When ward put the block on rivers, he led with his helmet. When you do that, yes, it is dirty. There is no doubt in my mind that Ward is the best blocking WR ever to play, but to that sort of thing on a consistent basis, would entitle him to the dirtiest player award.
    actually, this steeler fan sort of agrees with you! go figure. There is hope.

  26. I can see many reasons why people would hate Hines. I know I would if he didnt play for Pittsburgh.
    TP7 – you better recognize and respect.

  27. when did it become legal to throw your helmet first into the jaw area, the lower face mask, of an opponent?
    last time i checked that was considered leading with the helmet…
    i love the guys intensity, but when you go helmet first into people, thats considered a cheap hit.
    a fan of the game who isn’t stupid

  28. Hines Ward is my favorite wide receiver to watch play since Michael Irvin was in the league.
    While I believe Irvin to have set the modern day standard when it comes to physical play from the wide receiver position…Ward definitely continues that tradition.

  29. Well, it looks to me as though most of these posts are Pro-Hines, even from non-Steeler fans. That shows a lot of character guys and I commend you for that. At least you can see that he is a hard hitting player and is arguably the best position player in the league.
    Steeler haters, quit hatin just for the sake of hatin. Get over it.

  30. Of course the defensive guys are gonna say Hines is a cheap shot guy. What defensive player wants to admit he got knocked out by a little wide receiver? Hines just plays the game man. Football is just like boxing, you got to protect yourself at all times. You play the game to win right? Is he just supposed to let the defense have their way with him? The fact is Hines is a BEAST and knows no other way to play. I am actually disappointed he hasn’t knocked anyone out yet this year. I hope he passes his playing style on to the other receivers. I seem to remember Limus Sweed knocking someone out earlier in the year.
    Keep up the good work Hines. Steeler Nation for Ever!!!!

  31. The Steelers are the premiere team in the NFL, and they have tough, hard-nosed premeire players. Fans of other teams just can’t handle it. The reality of the situation is that Ward will be in the NFL HOF some day. If you can’t deal with these facts, then go @#$* yourself.
    Where are all the sissy Raven fans?

  32. You guys are nuts. I took pride in Rodney Harrison getting this vote when he played for the Pats. He saved alot of TD’s by opposing teams b/c their WR’s were too scared to come over the middle. I love that guy.
    And as a Pats fan, the rest of the league is pretty much filled with lil girls in skirts complaining about being hit. Call the whambulance. Or better yet, start playing gold pansies.
    I do however love Hines Ward, he is the shit. Throws his body around, plays hurt all the time and always plays til the whistle blows. Just goes to prove that a guy who hustles and plays hard, doesn’t need to be the biggest guy on the field in order to make an impact. Keep up the good work Hines. As for Ryan Clark, practice on your coverage skills you punk. You still suck and I’m glad Brady exploited you the way he did, you cheat shotting big mouth.

  33. Real Talk,
    My 11 year-old son is a wideout. He’s not the fastest kid on the team. He’s not the biggest kid on the team (as a matter of fact, he’s always the smallest starter since he was 5 years old. But he will out-work you and hit you hard. We are converting him from the starting fullback to wideout.
    So guess what player he’s patterns his play on? Hines Ward. He loves the guy and thinks that if you can get some defensive backs and linebackers to whine about how hard and tough you play- you just gotta be doing something right! (Plus he’s a Georgia alum from up the street.)
    So I told him about the Sports Illustrated piece on him being the dirtiest player. He loves it!

  34. I am by no means a Steelers fan… But I have to say, I have tons of respect for Ward… He plays the game they way it should be played, with heart and balls

  35. another complaint i have is that everyone is basing their assessment of him because of the rivers hit. can you find another example of him being dirty? the block on ed reed is textbook. what else you got. how about guys who have numerous offenses, and numerous fines.

  36. My top 5 active dirtiest players in order…
    1: LB James Harrison PIT
    2: LB Joey Porter MIA
    3: WR Hines Ward PIT
    4: CB Al Harris GB
    5: OT Gosder Cherilus DET
    Honorable mention: DE Warren Sapp
    Single handedly the dirtiest player I’ve ever seen. All you need for proof is to watch the video of his horrible cheap shot on Chad Clifton, followed by his explicative filled tirade against Mike Sherman.

  37. Would have loved to see Ward and Harrison on the same team. Just to see how many games they would have missed from knocking the snot out of each other in practice.

  38. I love the ignorant bliss of Steelers fans, pretending Ward isnt dirty. Let me preface this by saying, I love the way Ward plays, as a receiver, he embodies everything that a receiver should be!
    With that said, there is a difference between putting your shoulder into a players chest, and putting your helmet into a players jaw. That is why Ward is dirty.
    Lets take the block on Rivers. Totally legal play! Totally dirty play! He could have accomplished the same thing (devastating block) by going a little lower, and putting a shoulder into Rivers chest, but he chose to go high, and he hit Rivers right in the jaw, with the crown of his helmet (yes Steelers fans, he also used his shoulder, but his head got there first…).
    The Steelers have long been a team of dirty players, they must teach that crap. Lee Flowers dove at Tom Brady’s ankle 3 times in the 01 AFC title game, successfully getting Brady out of the game after third one (all after the ball was released). Kimo von Olhoffen, took out Carson Palmer, in the playoffs, after he released the ball. The votes for Polomalu speak for themselves, the votes for Porter speak for themselves (though he is now a Dolphin, he started in Pittsburgh). Ward is now the “dirtiest”, there is a theme here….

  39. Given the quantity of bawling that has been done by Stealer Nation about Rodney Harrison, the cheat thumping in some of these posts prove that Steelers fans are even more pathetic and loathsome than Ohio State fans.

  40. Didn’t Haynesworth do the stomp on a guys unprotected face once? That’s about as dirty as it gets. And Roy “i get beat like a readheaded stepchild so i gotta horse collar tackle guys from behind as my last chance” Williams gets a rule created to stop the horse collar tackle but still uses it. He would be a top 2 for sure.

  41. What is with all of this “I love this guy” shit? Steeler fans would root for Osama Bin Laden if he was wearing one of their uniforms. As for you other kiss-asses from other teams, tell it like it is. Hines Ward is a cheap-shot artist. He is a marked man and will hopefully get blown out soon. As for Mr. Head and Shoulders (due to come out of the closet soon) he constantly dives at offensive players knees. That’s why he has made the list.

  42. What, we’d rather have a league full of Welkers, who catch 3 yard passes, run 2 yards, then go down and curl into a ball before they can get hit?
    If you don’t love Hines Ward, you are a pussy.
    And you probably have them, too.

  43. Wonder who the cleanest player in the league is? I’m going to ask 2% of the players in the league and report my findings.

  44. all you steelers fans are a joke, go back and look at all the game film, the only time wines hard would hit someone is when its a cheap shot or a blindside hit. any time the opponent was facing him he wouldnt block. open your eyes and actually watch a game

  45. @Hap … approx. 34 players out of 1700 voted for Ward. Yes, by all means, the NFL should launch an immediate investigation into the Steelers and their nefarious practices. Please, Hap, put down the glue bottle. Call a help line.
    @Palmer09 … You’re name says it all. LOL
    @Bill Cowher’s Chin … When he watched the film of von Olhoffen rolling into him, even Chad Palmer said it was OBVIOUSLY unintentional. Apparently ignorance isn’t so blissful. You sound downright miserable.
    @Keith Rivers … Welcome to the NFL. Rashard Mendenhall got a similar welcome from Ray Lewis. Funny, but no one whined for him. Guess it’s worse to be hit by an itty-bitty wideout than a big bad linebacker.

  46. The true excellence of Hines Ward has been observed and felt by his fellow NFLers since he arrived in ’98. From his rookie year, he showed a fierce work ethic and “blue collar”attitude that instantly endeared him to Western PA’s working class population of highly knowledgeable football fans.
    They noticed that he wasn’t a run of the mill wideout that ran his route and then back to the huddle. Hines played QB and WO for Georgia and learned the game from inside out. His ability to be at right place/time to block comes from a deep well of football knowledge.
    He should be honored that the NFL had to create a rule to bar brainy freaks like him from blocking the less fortunate players without peripheral vision.

  47. I wouldn’t have Hines any other way. Anybody who smiles as much as he does can’t be playing dirty.

  48. Actually bigmac33 why don’t you watch the game. Sure most of Ward’s highlight blocks come from clock-cleaners like the jawbreaker he gave Keith Rivers but you can often see him as a lead blocker on reverses, swing passes, and screens. You probably do not notice these because they do not give you a good reason to complain, and apparently people like you need to whine like you need to breathe.

  49. Vince Wilfork should have been in the top 10, if not top 5. Diving at knees and eye gouging.

  50. I would bet that 90% of the players that participated in this survey were on defense that got jacked up by Hines before (Ed Reed, Bart Scott, Keith Rivers) just to name a few. The only reason he is considered dirty is because offensive players are suppose to back down from defensive players. This is football right you defensive pansies!!!!

  51. Az-Wee-Pay!!
    You are so right. Hated the Cowboys–especially in the 90s. But loved Irvin because he was a physical receiver. And I never complained about Rodney Harrison. The only thing Limas Sweed has done to make me smile is the hit Sinjin187 mentioned.
    Good grief, fellas, it’s pro football, not a garden party. I’ll admit I’m not the kind of girl who’d seem at home in the men’s locker room. But I skipped a baby shower to watch the Steelers/Vikes game. And from the whiny don’t-hit-me tone of some of these posts, some of you would fit right in at the hen party.

  52. Frank Burns says:
    November 5, 2009 12:46 PM
    What, we’d rather have a league full of Welkers, who catch 3 yard passes, run 2 yards, then go down and curl into a ball before they can get hit?
    If you don’t love Hines Ward, you are a pussy.
    And you probably have them, too.
    Correction. 3 yard pass. 8 yard run. First down!
    And yes Frank, we are getting pussy. Sounds like you could use some yourself.

  53. Another thing you people have to remember is that yeah, almost 300 players were polled, but only about 30 voted for Hines. And he probably put a lick on half of them and the other half were teammates of the guys he put a lick on. So let’s not pretend like this is a nationwide consensus, because it’s not.
    Just remember that people.

  54. Hines Ward should remember a few things:
    1. WRs are not supposed to hit hard.
    2. If you need to make a block, ONLY do it when if the opponent is looking at you.
    What a bunch of crybabies. Every team in the NFL wishes they didn’t pass 2X on Ward. And every hater here knows their team would have been better if Ward played for their team.
    But go ahead and keep hating if that makes you feel more like a man. Get a life.

  55. @ Wick: Right on — you nailed it and captured the essence of why Ward is regarded by his peers as the “dirtiest” player. In fact, if they termed this the hardest playing player, I’m sure he’d be right there as well.
    @ Deb: you got it right in response to the Bengirls fans who disguise themselves by different names, such as BillCowher’sChin.
    @ Bill Cowher’s Chin … Clearly you forgot to listen to Carson’s take on the hit from von Olhoffen in the divisional game a few years ago. You need to seriously get over it. As a Bengals fan, I can see why you live in the past and always bitch and complain about everything. So sorry you root for the team and jackass ownership faimly, but that’s your choice. Stop worrying about how hard the Steelers hit game in and out and start worrying about your own bunch of sissies like Mr. Ocho I’ve lost my Cinco because I don’t like to get hit and roll over, take it from behind, slide down when a defender might nail me when I dare go aross the middle.
    The only reason Mr 85 jumped up after Ray Lewis decked him (legally by the way – yes he did lead with his shoulder and yes Chad does have a loose chin strap so he can “legally” allow his helmet to come off on the field of play to be sure they snap more pictures of his selfish, self centered ass/face) a few games ago is because he’s so precoiusly tiny and light, his unconscious, all about me, skinny ars body bounced off the turf in Baltimore.
    Oh yeah, what about Chris Henry? Does the guy ever take a hit or challenge a defender? He woudl if they had his cocaine, but they don’t allow that on the field of play.
    When you have guys that go all out on every play, no matter what their position, come talk intelligently to the rest of the league and Steelers fans. Until then, you know what to do.
    @Keith Rivers … get real. Same song and dance as your bengirls loving CHIN fan posting on here. Per Deb’s comment and my comments above, wouldn’t you love to have someone on the offensive and defensive side of the ball in Cincinnati that approaches the game like Ward does. He’s not intentionally dirty, he’s intentionally physical in a physical game.
    Perhaps the Bengirls would have a SB championship if they were in the flag football league. Hopefully once they change all of the rules and penalize defenders and outstanding offensive players for hitting to hard, they come up with the NFFL – National Flag Football League. At least then, I think the Bengirls will have a chance to accomplish 1/6th of what the Steelers have in the NFL.
    Go 86 – keep on keepin on and forget about the whiners and sorry ass fans who can’t appreciate hard nosed football. Ward isn’t dirty folks, he’s just a hard playing, hard hitting, team oriented WR that has done more with his talent than most guys would ever dream of in the NFL.

  56. You’ve been Mossed…..
    In no way, shape, or form did Tom Brady ever exploit Ryan Clark. Now to correct you, you’re thinking of Anthony Smith, whom Brady did exploit….terribly. Talk sh*t on a player is fine, it doesn’t bother me…whatever. But make sure you’re talking sh*t on the right player genius. It takes any and all credibility away from your post. Don’t be mad at Clark b/c he made Wes Welker think it was 2011 for a few hours.

  57. “There is no doubt in my mind that Ward is the best blocking WR ever to play”
    Ed McCaffery takes the title, in my opinion. Ward is known for a few cheap shot big hits, but his man-up blocking is average for a WR.
    McCaffery was 6-5 and didn’t mind taking big hits. It’s a shame people forget just how amazing he was.

  58. PatricktheDookie….
    I will give it to you that McCaffery was a great blocking WR…I loved that guy. But you’re argument has a HUGE hole.
    Ward is a menacing straight up blocker….he is not average in anyway. I have no clue where your’e getting these facts from. I can only assume you don’t regularly watch the Steelers.
    Second, Hines does not mind taking big hits AT ALL. There’s a few times a season where I question whether Big Ben is trying to get him killed or not. And what does he do….catches the ball anway.
    As I said, I’m not disagreeing that McCaffery was a beast, but you’re simply taking things away from Hines for no reason. You saying Ward is an average blocker and doesn’t take big hits is like saying Kobe Bryant is an average dunker and doesn’t want to take the shots with the game on the line….BOTH FALSE statements.

  59. PatricktheDookie says:
    November 5, 2009 3:19 PM
    Ward is known for a few cheap shot big hits, but his man-up blocking is average for a WR.
    Are you sick in the head? He is one of the best blocking receivers ever to play. Average for WR??? His man-up blocking is damn good for a FB let alone a WR. Know what you’re talking about, then type. It makes things so much easier and that way you won’t make yourself look so bad.

  60. Long time Cincy Fan here.
    I watched Hines Ward play at U of Ga. The guy is really a hustler and a team player. He plays every play until the whistle regardless of whether he’s getting the pass or is not. As far as I see it, he does the same in the pros. NFL guys don’t like having to worry about taking a hit from a guy who isn’t supposed to be playing that hard. They’d rather go against WRs who shield them or push them a little with their outstretched hands. When a guy actually comes up and puts his pads and helmet on them like a OL, TE or FB would do, it surprises them because so few other WRs are willing to sell all the way out in this manner. I can’t criticize Ward for playing hard and blocking like he means it. And Ward should be going to the HOF with two SB wins, a SB MVP award, 800+ career catches and 10,000+ career receiving yards.
    Now, Keith Rivers is a young guy who hasn’t yet learned to be as physical as his athletic body might allow and his defensive position would dictate. His tackling is very poor at times, and his field sense leaves a lot to be desired. Recently his play has come under question by some commentators such as color man and Sirius NFL Radio host Tim Ryan who condemned Rivers’ play against the Texans when several short screen passes went for long yardage while TE Owen Daniels blew up the middle of the field the majority of the game.
    While I don’t wish injury on any player, Rivers’ injury from Ward last season essentially was a hard-working player laying out a guy who lacks intensity. If Rivers would pick up his game, become more field aware and play with more intensity, it is less likely that he’ll be injured by players who are going full speed throughout the play instead of going through the motions and allowing a short pass to remain a 5 yard gain instead of an 8-9 yard gain (or more).
    I admire the Steelers team and organization because, win or lose, they always play with intensity and always challenge their opponents until the game is over. I want to see the Bengals become that sort of organization as does Marvin Lewis. Players like Hines Ward bring and emphasize that sort of work ethic to a team. Many other players (who want to have the longest careers as possible) and fans (who are pulling for their team) will point a finger at a guy like Ward who jeopardizes the easy road to one’s goals.
    The best way to answer in a physical world is to be more physical. Name calling and finger pointing are simply how pussies deal with a tough player like Ward.

  61. @shamlamadingdong
    “And yes Frank, we are getting pussy. Sounds like you could use some yourself.”

  62. bigmac33 says:
    November 5, 2009 12:54 PM
    all you steelers fans are a joke, go back and look at all the game film, the only time wines hard would hit someone is when its a cheap shot or a blindside hit. any time the opponent was facing him he wouldnt block.
    Another Ward hater clown served.

  63. This is why Ward is the best, and why you ARE all pussies:
    PITTSBURGH — One of the defining plays this season by Hines Ward didn’t involve a touchdown grab or even a reception. On the TV screen, he was simply a blur.
    Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had taken off on a scramble during a game at Cleveland. Running full tilt, Ward launched his body and leveled pursuing 320-pound defensive tackle Orpheus Roye.
    Again — that’s Ward laying out a 320-lbs. defensive end. Got anything else to say, haters?
    Now sit down and shut up, shamalamadingdong.
    And have your ass kissed more by your lapdog, footballrulz.

  64. Same here, Deb. Not a fan of those Cowboys teams either…but Irvin was a great to watch with his aggressive, no back down mentality from the wide receiver position. Same with Ward.
    Wow, I would equate skipping a baby shower from a female’s view to watch an NFL game…to a male passing up an opportunity to get with his favorite actress/playmate to watch an NFL game.
    You’re a hardcore Steelers fan for sure! Good on ya! 🙂

  65. Newsflash:
    When Ward hit Rivers, it wasn’t the player contact that broke Rivers’ jaw. Rivers flew backwards and landed in his back. His head subsequently snapped down hitting the ground, and THAT is when his jaw broke.
    Rivers’ jaw was NOT broke by the crown of Ward’s helmet. That’s just revisionist crap haters keep spouting off about whenever the Rivers hit is mentioned.

  66. My only regret is there weren’t more Stillers in the top 10. I can hope that this motivates James Harrison to do some real violence this year in his bid for next years list.
    Hines is slowing down a bit, so MAYBE these voters can breath a little easier now, maybe relax a little and concentrate on their assignments. But who wants to take that chance?
    And I never had a problem with Rodney Harrison being a dirty player, I had a problem with him being overrated.

  67. Thanks for the expert, completely biased, Stealer-colored glasses medical analysis, Dr. Debacle. I’m sure you know hundreds of people who have broken their jaw by falling on the back.
    Talk about your revisionist history. Good grief.

  68. SamWhycheForPrez…..
    Debacler is right, it’s been stated over and over again. Watch the hit and you’ll see exactly what he’s talking about. I think you’ll also see that Ward’s helmet never even touched his chin. Take what you want from it….

  69. Soon you will see Adrian Peterson’s name on this list if he keeps freight-training defensive players. Defensers always hat on offensive players who get in good hits.

  70. I’ve been following this thread all day (posted earlier, but it never showed up.)
    I just want to say:
    a) Tom Brady never exploited Ryan Clark. It was Anthony Smith. Clark missed everything in the season after the Denver game, and the Patriots were right after.
    b) Hines Ward was a finalist for the Walter Payton award. Look at what he does for his community, and what he’s done in Korea.

  71. I’m proud my man got this award. After he retires, I won’t just remember #86 as perhaps the best slot receiver of all time. I’ll remember Hines Ward as a great football player.
    Don’t think trophies #5 & #6 happen without Hines. He might not be done winning them yet either.

  72. I am a proud RAVENS fan from Baltimore. I actually like Hines Ward more now that he got this title. But Steeler fans need to stop whinning about it. It’s pretty telling that he got twice as many votes as the next player did. You people can be some of the most obnoxious a-holes out there.

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