McNair's son will play at Southern Miss

Steve McNair Jr. has decided to accept a football scholarship from Southern Miss, according to

“I’m going to Southern Miss,” McNair said.  “It’s
close to home, and my family and my coaches can all come and see me
play every week.”

The son of the late Titans quarterback had offers from many big
programs from around the country, including Minnesota, Mississippi, and West Virginia.  He has caught passes from Brett Favre the last few years as Favre has kept his arm loose while he decided whether to unretire or not.

9 responses to “McNair's son will play at Southern Miss

  1. I’m guessing he’s a wide receiver based on the fact that he’s caught passes from Favre? I thought I had heard he was also a QB…

  2. good for him! i know its tough to lose your matter what the circumstances was still his only Dad!
    R.I.P. STEVE!!

  3. You thinking maybe Favre did a little string pulling &/or “fatherly” advice? Not to diminish the kid’s talents, but I know McNair & Favre were pretty close freinds. Good luck to him!

  4. He’s a wide receiver. We really wanted him at Ole Miss but he’s gonna do great for Southern.

  5. I hope Brett continues to have a relationship with Steve Jr. With his dad gone, it’d be nice to have a local mentor type in the Hattiesburg neighborhood. Also because Steve Jr. will be going to the same school Brett did.
    Good luck Steve, I was a major fan of your Dad and mourned his loss and I’m sure he’d be proud of you.

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