More information on Chambers's off-field issues comes to light

When the Chargers cut Chris Chambers earlier this week, the wide receiver intimated, without giving any details, that it had more to do with off-field issues than a desire to give more playing time to Malcolm Floyd and Legedu Naanee.

Now some details have come to light about the messy situation that Chambers, now a member of the Chiefs, was dealing with in his personal life. Chambers filed for divorce from his wife this summer, a few months after his soon-to-be ex-wife Christina told San Diego police that she was being harassed by a woman named Stacey Saunders. Chambers admitted in court documents that he had a romantic relationship with Saunders and then filed for a restraining order against her.

The San Diego Union-Tribune has the details of Chambers’s allegations against Saunders.

“Beginning in April, Ms. Saunders became aware that our affair, now
broken off, was known to my wife,” Chambers wrote. “Since then she has launched an incessant attack verbally on me, and now my
wife, her mother and sister. All calls, text messages and e-mails are
abusive, vulgar and irrational. They have begun to mention intimate
details of my life such as my son, home address, and family member

The restraining order was never issued because neither Chambers nor Saunders appeared at a hearing on the matter in late June, and Chris Chambers filed for divorce a week later.

Christina Chambers declined to comment when reached by the paper, citing ongoing legal proceedings, while Chris Chambers did not return a call.

26 responses to “More information on Chambers's off-field issues comes to light

  1. Did you ever stop and think there might be a reason this wasn’t widely known before this?
    Leave it Perez Hilton and other sleazy journalists (like you are becoming) to get into someones personal affairs!

  2. CRAP! The Chiefs took him already. Al Davis you suck. This guy will score a TD to win when the Raiders play the Chiefs! Raider front office is absolutely inept and pathetic. They should have signed him just to block him going to a rival team. What a bunch of losers running the Raiders! CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like he was fitting right in with the classy Chargers.
    I believe the front office was being truthful about giving Malcolm Floyd and Legedu Naanee more playing time.

  4. If Chambers hadn’t dropped so many passes this season it wouldn’t have mattered.
    Lame to blame the team and off-the-field issues for slow routes and butterfingers.

  5. Don’t be so ignorant, RaiderChile. Chambers was waived. Even if the Raiders submitted a claim on the guy, the Chiefs are higher on the waiver list than are the Raiders. As such, the Raiders had no opportunity to claim Chambers. Chill, Chile.

  6. Luis Castillo and Shawne Merriman have admitted cheating through drug use…
    Whatever the hell happened with Tila Tequila…
    etc etc
    Chambers’ career must really be over if he was jettisoned for a little extracurriculars….

  7. WTF does this have to do with him playing football?
    Are they insinuating that bc of the threats/harassment, he wasn’t playing/practicing well?
    Are they stating that since he had an affair and its now public, they’re embarassed by his actions?
    Its too bad they didnt just own up and say that he’s not the right fit for this football team, instead of giving some bs excuse.

  8. NFL football teams will not put up with a player divorcing his wife or putting retraining orders on thier ex-girlfriends.
    Teams can overlook small things like beating your wife or hitting a cop with your car… but they have to draw the line at angry ex-girlfriends.
    I almost cant believe that the Chargers gave up on a such a highly paid player after only 3 years of average performance. I mean, he had one 1,000 yard season in 2005 and hes only 31 years old. The Chiefs just hit the lottery.

  9. Grulks says:
    November 5, 2009 11:39 AM
    WTF does this have to do with him playing football?
    Are they insinuating that bc of the threats/harassment, he wasn’t playing/practicing well?
    Are they stating that since he had an affair and its now public, they’re embarassed by his actions?
    Its too bad they didnt just own up and say that he’s not the right fit for this football team, instead of giving some bs excuse.
    To be fair the chargers never said cutting him had to do with off the field issues, he said that.

  10. Sounds to me like perhaps the woman was being truly threatening, and that people in the comments are just dismissing that possibility a little too quickly.
    Perhaps recognizing the diminishing size of his role in San Diego’s offense, Chambers request to be waived so that he could move out of town and away from psycho lady.

  11. I second the commet by Grulks: what does it have to do with his football play? What he couldnt catch because some scorned chick was stalking him? Yeah right.

  12. Chiefs added this guy to the roster…. this is awesome, with his strong moral background now he can team up with LJ to be a good example to other young Chiefs on how to be professional on and off the field.
    whatever happened to the philosophy of adding Vrabel and other seasoned vets to help show the young guys the way,
    message to Pioli/Haley, not time to panic yet, its your first year, stay calm and stick to your guns, load up with quality draft in 2010, a re-load next year
    this move smacks of panic

  13. @Grulks: Chambers wasn’t playing well, at all. Chris was let go because he can no longer get open and he no longer catches passes or scores TD’s. In addition, and this is what you obviously don’t know, the Chargers needed to free a roster spot in order to add a LB due to injuries. The Chargers needed someone who can also play on Special Teams (ST’s), both Floyd & Nanee play on ST’s. Chambers did not contribute to ST’s thus his poor on-field performance and the inability to play ST’s led to his dismissal. His off-field issues may or may not have played a part in his poor play on the field…but I think it is fair to say that Father Time is catching up to him and that also contributed to Chris being let go by the Chargers.
    I hope this info makes your sick tummy feel better.

  14. “He better be happy he didn’t get the Steve McNair treatment.
    To soon?”
    Yeah, probably a little too soon.

  15. I’ve been to San Diego a few times. The women never seemed crazy to me. Maybe it’s just the ones that hang out with the Chargers?

  16. His biggest mistake was that he shouldn’t have broken up with her in a calm and gentleman like manner.
    Instead, he should have just slept with some other girl in her bed, and choked her when she got mad!! He’d still be with the Chargers today…. right Shawne???

  17. to those asking what this had to do with playing football and the chargers – this girl, his ex-mistress was placing harassing calls to the club’s training facility & front offices.
    if you have a player who is having an affair while on your team, and his mistress is constantly calling & harassing, you’d probably be not-so-inclined to keep him as well.
    if i had to guess i’d muse that the chargers were probably close to done with chambers anyway, and now that they have floyd back they didn’t need chambers anymore. the extra distraction of the affair might have just been the straw that broke the back?

  18. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
    There is nothing she will not do to damage the guy. The more shameful the better.
    I’m sure the Chargers security people were very familiar with her and gate guard had her picture posted in the guard shack.
    Not only is none of this Chris Chamber’s fault, but he should be commended for his efforts to escape a nightmarish marriage!!

  19. @Bob Nelson
    He’s not divorcing the crazy lady. The crazy lady was a mistress he was having an affair with. This affair has come to light, Chambers, wife, family, et al are receiving threats from the crazy mistress. She’s probably divorcing him because of the situation he put his family in.

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