Arthroscopic surgery for Anthony Gonzalez

Colts receiver Anthony Gonzalez injured his knee during a Week One game against the Jaguars.

He hasn’t played since.

And he might not be playing for a while longer.

The team announced that Gonzalez suffered a recent setback, and that because of it he underwent arthroscopic surgery on Thursday.

The purpose of the surgery, per the team announcement, was to clean out loose particles.

The 7-0 Colts host the 5-3 Texans on Sunday.

7 responses to “Arthroscopic surgery for Anthony Gonzalez

  1. With the way he went down, he clearly looked down for the count. The colts always conceal their injuries and this is not a shock to me. Go Colts tho and Anthony get better for the playoffs!

  2. I don’t think it had anything to do with the Colts “concealing their injuries.” What possible benefit would it be for them to delay necessary surgery for one of their up-and-coming stars?
    PS: Of course, the bitter fantasy football fan in me, who’s kept Gonzalez on his roster and has been hearing for weeks about how he’s “almost ready”, wants to kick the Colt’s physicians in the nuts.

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