Bengals avoid blackout, again

As the Cincinnati Bengals prepare for one of their biggest home games in years, locals who won’t be going to Paul Brown Stadium will be able to watch the game.

A blackout has been avoided, and the game will be televised locally on WKRC-TV, according to WKRC-TV.

Per the report, a “large number” of tickets were purchased by WKRC-TV, Kroger, and the team.

The 5-2 Bengals face the 4-3 Ravens on Sunday in a game that could given Cincy what amounts to a three-game lead over Baltimore in the division, given that the Bengals already beat the Ravens in their own stadium.

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  1. At some point, the Bengals are going to have to let a game get blacked out to make the point that they’re not going to keep buying these tickets. At the same time, I understand how bad our economy here is doing (damn democratic governor) and I think the whodeyrevolution people have been successful in keeping some fans away from giving Mike Brown (worst owner ever?) money. At some point, one side is going to have to break. Maybe against the Lions.

  2. The Bengals would like to thank Steeler fans, Chad Ochocinco, Motorola, Kroger, and WKRC for buying up all of unsold tickets this year so the homes games can be on TV.

  3. I will happen soon. They will lose this week then the following week to the steelers.Then all the bungals fans will be saying here we go again!!!! That will start there spiral down hill ,they are not as good as they think they are !

  4. Next 3 games won’t sell out due to bad teams. For those who don’t live in Cincinnati – here’s the deal. You have a $hitty economy as mentioned above, you have a really good college football team that just sold out their season, whodeyrevolution did a fine job last year getting approximately 10,000+ season tickets to be given up and TV ratings are through the roof this year (people content watching on their couch). I wish more people would go, but it’s understandable.

  5. @ shinsnake: The ‘worst owner ever’ label belongs to Dan Snyder… or Al Davis. Mike Brown can be third if you like.

  6. And they had this much trouble selling out another game? Let alone a bengals ravens matchup!? if this is the case, my buddy made an extremely valid point when he said, why even spend the money to buy them just to have another “sellout”, if this game cant sell out, then how the hell is home games against KC and Detroit supposed to in December?

  7. “Cincinnati Bengals prepare for one of their biggest home games in years”
    And, the locals don’t want to go? Blackout that game, lazy local fans can watch a feed from the browns.
    Cinci fans, you have a good team, back them up. Even the raiders have people in the bleachers.

  8. what can you say. since Marvin came here in 03 every game has sold out. Bengals fans are sick of the Mike Blown Show. don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of pride in what the team is doing but it’s hard to donate proceeds to this disfunctional owner. with the collective bargining agreement going away this organization will quickly return to being the worst professional team in the USA,…all sports.

  9. Hey Sammy, you left out he most salient point here in that this will be the 49th consecutive home sellout. The records since 2003 when the current streak began with the game 10 victory over then-undefeated KC on the heels of a lackluster game 9 home loss to Houston?
    ‘o3 8-8 (Marvin Lewis’s 1st season)
    ‘o4 8-8
    ‘o5 11-5 /o-1
    ‘o6 8-8
    ‘o7 7-9
    ‘o8 4-11-1
    ‘o9 5-2

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