Bob Sanders visits Dr. Andrews, again

When we mentioned the other day that Colts safety Bob Sanders, who finally is back from a knee injury that caused him to miss the first five games of the season, now has an elbow injury, the common refrain from the blue horseshoe crowd was, “He’ll be fine.”

Maybe he will, but the injury is bad enough to prompt Sanders to make his way back to Alabama for a visit with Dr. James Andrews.

The team announced that Sanders visited Dr. Andrews on Thursday to “gather additional information,” which presumably includes the letters “M”, “R”, and “I”.

The team also announced that cornerback Marlin Jackson has been placed on injured reserve after tearing an ACL during a non-contact drill in practice on Wednesday, and that defensive end Josh Thomas has been signed to take his place.

11 responses to “Bob Sanders visits Dr. Andrews, again

  1. This is what we have come to expect from “the best defensive back in the league”….? I have never seen a bigger love fest by all of the “experts” in the media…..

  2. Sad to see Indy’s defensive starters dropping like flies this week. Not good news for Colts fans.
    Really too bad Bob Sanders is not able to stay healthy. He is truly one of the great safeties in the game. His game changing ability and toughness are right up there with Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed.

  3. i could not be happier that the colts are having these injuries. this team has been handed the easiest possible schedule and has only been challenged by the dolphins, a game they should have lost. sad to see bob sanders out because he is fun to watch but I have a hard time feeling bad for a team that has matched up against jacksonville, miami, arizona, seattle, tennesse, st louis, and san fran through the first 8 weeks. cmon this is a joke. this team could wind up 14-2 and the nfl will be a step closer to the manning bowl that they yurn for. fortunately elis team is sucking.

  4. I’ve hated the Dolts all my football-loving life, but I’ve developed respect for Manning, Sanders and even Polian. Well, I still hate Polian, but I respect how he gets the job done. Jesus-boy Dungy can eat my ass.
    With all that said, Sanders is made of glass. Too bad.

  5. Sanders has played in more than six games in a season twice in his career and he is in his sixth year (and looking not to make it three times after the season is over). The problem is he wants to be a hard hitter like Rodney Harrison, John Lynch, or Brian Dawkins, but he is very small for a safety.
    All Pro talent who can’t stay on the field. It is a shame.

  6. As a Colts fan, I would have to say that this is disappointing, but at the same time, Melvin Bullit is playing great. Also our defense has started 2 rookie corners 3 of the last 4 games and they are playing great.

  7. @bgcall
    I completely agree as a die-hard Colts fan myself. Bullitt really has been playing good and even got the Captain logo on his jersey. But while we all know Sanders is amazing, the defense is COMPLETELY different with him on the field. His presence alone makes the D play better and opposing teams fear him, as they should. He plays his hardest, no matter what even if it means taking huge shots. Gotta love a guy for that. Hopefully he’ll be fine.

  8. I bought my Bob Sanders Jersey to soon. If he is out for the rest of the year or misses more signifigant time the organization will have to look at restructuring his contract, maybe not for next year with the uncapped year but moving forward after that, especially with the colts tight cap situation.

  9. bgcall:
    While your defense has done OK, you haven’t faced any real tests yet.
    Safe to say, I think the Texans with their talent on offense will be the 1st real test Indy faces without possibly both of its starting corners.
    It’ll be interesting to see whether Mathis, Freeney and that pass-rush can make up for some dimished talent in the secondary.
    Of course, Texans lost Owen Daniels, but Andre Johnson isn’t exactly a slouch.

  10. I just get irratated when I hear about guys like Sanders getting hurt again but no one is calling them injury prone. But they scream it from the roof tops if Mcnabb gets hurt. Sanders has missed almost 3 full season b/c of injury and now he has an elbow injury. Donovan broke an ankle at the end of a season, had a sports hernia in the middle of a season, and a torn acl mcl at the middle of the season, and missed two games with rib injuries. Seems to me like Sanders is hurt more often then Mcnabb but no one seems to want to label him an injury prone guy.
    Im not saying PFT has anything to do with this. Its just the media in general that has a double Standard when it comes to Donovan.

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