DeAngelo Hall takes a shot at Thomas Dimitroff

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who never has been bashful about using his mouth, is now talking again about one of his former teams.

Specifically, Hall had some choice words for Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff, as the Falcons prepare to host Hall’s current team, the Redskins.

I didn’t trust Dimitroff at all,” Hall said Thursday, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “He lied to me several
times.  He promised me he was going to get something done [on a
contract] and he’s behind my back trying to shop me at the draft.”

But maybe Dimitroff didn’t get something done on a contract because Hall wanted far more money than his average-coverage/pathetic-tackling skills would justify.  Dimitroff, in our estimation, likely would have gotten something done with Hall if Hall didn’t want to be paid like he’s a much better player than he is.

And that’s what gets lost in discussions regarding Hall.  He presumes he’s an elite player.  But the only time we hear from him is when he says something — rarely when he does something.

So if he’s not happy with how he was treated in Atlanta, he should save it for the field.

42 responses to “DeAngelo Hall takes a shot at Thomas Dimitroff

  1. I’m pretty sure no defensive coordinator or teammate trusts you either deangelo. your only fans are the opposing team’s qb and wr

  2. Not to mention he is/was a huge Mike Vick homer.
    The Falcons needed to move past #7 and Hall was his biggest supporter. Kill two dogs with one stone. I mean birds.

  3. I can’t wait for this game. I hope the Falcon’s torch him like they did last year (when he sucked, I mean, played for Oakland).

  4. One more player who is more mouth than heart, more attitude than talent, more arrogant than his performance will ever justify.

  5. I have been a Raiders fan for 30 years. I don’t remember any CB play as horrible as Hall did. He should shut his mouth and be thankful he is still in the NFL.

  6. This douche had 1 good game in his NFL career, other than that hew has been very average at best, usually borderline awful. He just needs to SHUT UP.

  7. When will these morons (Cutler, Hall, etc.) learn that they are just pawns, and their true value is only what some other team is willing to pay / trade for them.

  8. I never got why DeAngelo Hall was so overhyped. I remember people gushing over him because he “shut down” TO in the opener in 2005 because Hall held him to a measily 7 catches for 112 yards. You would have thought he held TO without a catch the way the media, fans, and Hall himself reacted. It was 112 yards.
    Hall was never close to as good as his hype.

  9. “Hall wanted far more money than his average-coverage/pathetic-tackling skills would justify” LMAO! DeAngelo Fall is such a biotch, I can’t wait for Roddy White to school him and his pathetic team Sunday.

  10. Hey DeAngelo ,,,”You are who we thought you were,”!!! Now go play some FU&^%NG Football and SHUTUP.!! Oh that’s right can you even still play Football. You and your Progressively Getting worse Career.!!!!!!

  11. I concur. There was a blog out somewhere that talked about if the Falcons should have kept DeAngelo Hall instead of dealing him. See, the Falcons needs a shut-down corner on one side, because they have a good, young player in Brent Grimes in the other. (Plus they have Chris Houston and another young player out there, too.)
    We had Foxworth last year and he worked out well. We had Williams out there, but he’s done for the season. So we are young at the corners.
    Deangelo is durable. My problem is this: Is he really a shut-down corner? I think he’s just OK.

  12. ME-angelo Fall is a bum. One of the most overrated players in the league. He’s garbage. I’ve never seen a CB abused as much as him. PAthetic. Fall’s salary is exhibit A when making the case to fire Vinny Cerrato.

  13. It’s great he’s found people he can trust working for Dan Snyder’s money making machine. Make no mistake – DeAngelo is one of the stalwarts for that excellent football team and contributes to that organization – it’s a perfect fit.

  14. Let’s see who has been more successful in their careers. Hall or Dimitroff. Hmmm….
    Everyone knowledgeable about pro football knew the Falcons snagging Dimitroff from the Pats was a coup.
    Look what he’s done so far.

  15. If I were a Redskins fan, not only would I be ashamed and humiliated on a day-to-day basis, but I’d be further-outraged that *DeAngelo Hall* is the most-prominent mouth of the team. How horrible must a team be when 34 year old Jake Delhomme can juke past one of your highest-paid DBags, I mean DBacks??? $10 Million on average in his first three years??? For what??? I could take a shit on the 50 yard line and he wouldn’t be able to cover it.
    …I *ALMOST* have pity on the Washington fans.

  16. Brilliant. Maybe Dimitroff found out how classy Hall is. Big promise, bigger mouth, smaller on-field results. STFU and play.

  17. This is coming from a guy that couldnt cover a goal post. LMFAO, he would probably miss the goal post if you told him hit it……. STFU Me-Angelo

  18. Florio, I love it when you are right on. Unfortunately since the merger with the most news corrupt news organization on the planet it doesnt happen as often.

  19. But maybe Dimitroff didn’t get something done on a contract because Hall wanted far more money than his average-coverage/pathetic-tackling skills would justify. Dimitroff, in our estimation, likely would have gotten something done with Hall if Hall didn’t want to be paid like he’s a much better player than he is.
    Sums it up.
    Roddy White should have a big game.

  20. During his brief stint in Oakland I was blown away by his lack of skill. When Oakland cut him they should have had him arrested for robbery and fraud.
    I can’t believe he still starts.

  21. Thomas Dimitroff was able to get a 2nd round pick and a 5th rounder for him. Thank you thank you thank you. Virginia Tech players are off limits now because of Hall, biggy Jimmy Williams, and Señor México, which is just fine.
    The Falcons already applied the smackdown to his Raiders team back in 2008 24-0 and Hall was let go a few days later with only about $8 million Al Davis dollars to show for it, but Dan Snyder in his infinite wisdom rescued him from his state of purgatory and guaranteed him even more millions a few months later. Cousin Josh is quite the chumpzilla, and Roddy White & Michael Jenkins & Tony Gonzalez will show everyone how much of a chumpzilla MeAngelo Hall is too, albeit a wealthy chumpzilla. Out.

  22. Ryan & Roddy are going to LITE UP MeHall. He’s so incredibly worthless. How about trying to watch MeHall tackle Turner the Burner, that would be hysterical
    Dude is a class act ass hat. Word to the wise, don’t draft VA Tech players, all of ours have been either criminals or busts: Mike the Dog Slayer Vick, MeAngelo I got burned deep again Hall & Jimmy I couldn’t even last 2 years Williams

  23. he wasn’t even elite when he ran a sub 4.3 40 because he lacks all the other DB skills other than speed
    he was stiff-armed and ran over this year by JAKE DELHOMME, and also didn’t pick him off which may be even more surprising

  24. Eddie Royal misses you DeAngelo. Any chance you could hook up with the Chargers? You’d fit in perfectly there with your mouth and your delusions of grandeur…

  25. Hall is really the poster child for Washington’s Racially Ignorant Mascot team isn’t he? Overrated, overpaid, more interested in himself than the team, pisses and whines about….what exactly is he whining about here again? Oh yeah, because his former team unloaded him as the toxic asset that he is, and has never looked back.
    Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Washington Racially Ignorant Mascots!

  26. Hall has zero credibility, so complain-away DeAngelo, no one cares!
    I’d like to complain about DeAngelo’s abilities compared to his wages. can i take a shot at that?

  27. Hail Redskins!! Hall is waaay overrrated and he can’t tackle. They’re still our Skins though…Hail slackers!!

  28. Tommy D is the classiest front office guy in the whole league. If Hall had 10% of his class he’d be doing okay. Heck if he had 10% of Tom’s ability to cover a wide receiver he’d be okay. Just shut your mouth and go to bed every night thanking God that there are enough morons in the league that you can still get paid big money for being mediocre.

  29. Guy brings a cat into a bar, to sit and watch the Skins game, because his cable is out.
    Bartender says, “I dont usually allow pets, but since it isnt very busy today, and the cat has his own Skins uniform, I’ll let you pass today, but if he gets out of control, I’ll have to ask you to leave”
    Guys says he understands, and he orders a drink, and starts watching the game.
    Skins move the ball down the field, and kick a field goal. The cat walks down the bar, and high fives everyone at the bar.
    Bartender says, “Wow, that is awesome, what does he do when the Skins score a touchdown?”
    Cat owner says, “I dont know, I’ve only had him for 3 years…..”

  30. The Redskins defense has been good this year as a team.
    But the day they traded for Hall, I knew they were in trouble. Simply don’t like the guy.
    If the guy could tackle with his mouth, he would be a pro-bowler.

  31. he was stiff-armed and ran over this year by JAKE DELHOMME, and also didn’t pick him off which may be even more surprising
    Hall of fame comment!!

  32. I’m pretty sure DeAngelo Hall is one of those talented players that just decided he was too good for everyone and stopped working hard.

  33. BasicInstinct says:
    November 6, 2009 12:25 PM
    If the guy could tackle with his mouth, he would be a pro-bowler.
    Best comment yet.
    Think everyone has said everything that needs to be said about Hall. Only Hall thinks Hall is good. He’ll be know for robbing Davis and Snyder as his two best plays in his NFL career.

  34. @East Bay Ray
    Find something else to whine like a little bitch about on top of your soap box. Face it Tard, the name “REDSKINS” isn’t going anywhere. You need to focus your sissy ass on things that make your snatch even more moist like global warming and how to properly recycle your Starbuck’s soy latte paper cup.

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