Dez Bryant heads to the NFL

As expected, Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant has opted to leave college and enter the 2010 draft.

I feel this is the best decision for me,” Bryant said, per Joe Schad of  “It’s what God
wants me to do. I’m going to start my training Tuesday in Tampa.”

Actually, we think God prefers things like “obey my commands” and “love one another as you love yourselves.”  But if invoking the name of the Most High helps a guy feel better about making a cash grab, that’s fine by us, too.

And as to that “I’m going to start my training Tuesday in Tampa” line, we wonder who he’ll be training with — and more importantly which agent has ties to the trainer.  Agents are not permitted to have contact with underclassmen in early November of their third year out of high school.  Routinely, folks with ties to agents have contact with the player instead, paving the way for the agent to officially close the deal once the agent officially is permitted to talk to the player.

Coincidentally (perhaps), Bryant has been suspended for the balance of the 2009 season after
lying to the NCAA regarding his relationship with former NFL player and
current NFL Network commentator Deion Sanders, who has ties of an unknown degree to agent Eugene Parker.

Coincidentally (perhaps), Parker client Michael Crabtree also was training in Tampa before caving in and signing with the 49ers essentially the same rookie deal in October that he could have signed in July.

Regarding the events that got Bryant banned from his team for the balance of the year, the player has a plan for dealing with the subject during pre-draft interviews.

“When I talk to the NFL I’m going to be truthful with them about what
happened,” Bryant said.  “It will be what I’m supposed to tell them,
which is the truth.”

If Bryant had been able to figure that one out several weeks ago, he’d still be playing college football right now.

Then again, maybe at the time God wanted him to bear false witness.

75 responses to “Dez Bryant heads to the NFL

  1. thanks for making this a religious site.
    i am not christian nor catholic. people have different ideas of who god is and who are you MIKE FLORIO to snicker and make snide comments about that?

  2. I usually comment on here to give you crap about being a backwards liberal retard.
    But kudos here, Florio. Scathing and funny. Well played, sir.

  3. I wish these guys would get it right. God wants him to go to the NFL and donate all of his money to my church.
    Whysper’s House of Hope. We take cash, certified checks and money orders.

  4. Same guys that often talk about God and point to the sky when they do something good are usually the same ones that get arrested for doing something foolish.
    Cheers to a long holdout and DUI arrest within 2 years of signing.

  5. Maybe he is training in Tampa because he thinks he will be the #1 overall pick and Tampa Bay can draft him then. Can’t blame a guy for getting a head start on finding an appartment.

  6. dez bryant= just another religious sheep
    deion must have told him that it was gods plan to get kicked out of college and dez bought into that idea

  7. Yet another example of how idiotic religion is. People need to take just three seconds to consider how stupid most everything related to religion sounds when it comes out of their mouth. God wants me to enter the NFL Draft. Yeah… sure he does. It is all part of the grand paln to better humanity. Idiots. Sheep.

  8. “juggadore says:
    November 6, 2009 10:24 AM
    thanks for making this a religious site.
    i am not christian nor catholic. people have different ideas of who god is and who are you MIKE FLORIO to snicker and make snide comments about that?

    Get over yourself.

  9. juggadore – Just to let you know about redundancy. Catholics are Christians. No need to say it twice, thanks. Christians are Christians, no matter what denomination. Just likes Muslims and Jews. Besides, this IS his blog, and I 99% of the time disagree with him on social commentary (well obviously, he’s a nut job liberal pandering to his parent company), but he DOES have the right under, I dunno, the 1st amendment, to say what he likes. YOU don’t have to read it. 🙂
    And anyway, who cares if he thinks God wants him to do these things. As long as he’s not killing people or committing crimes in the name of God, let him think what he wants. He’s wrong, of course, but he probably wouldn’t listen. Florio is right, God is very specific in his commands, and entering the NFL isn’t one of them, nor is fibbing.

  10. Many years ago God told me he wanted me to make love to Monica Bellucci and it never happened. God does not exist.

  11. sounds just as idiotic to me as when mike florio claims everyone at PFT shares his religious opinions:
    “we thing (sp) God prefers things like ‘obey my commands” and “love one another as you love yourselves.’ ”
    i think–as a minority reader and commentor here, as well as a minority in this country — this isnt cool.
    i dont think the majority would even notice though, cause mike florio is talking to you, not me.

  12. “we thing (sic) God prefers things like ‘obey my commands’ and ‘love one another as you love yourselves.’
    love how florio assumes ALL people that work at PFT shares his beliefs.
    as a minority reader, commenter, and american citizen, i know PFT (and most accessible media)doesnt speak to me, and thats why i am the only person who has a problem with this line of thinking.
    Mike Florio is speaking to you guys, not me.
    who are the sheep again? you all are.

  13. Well, Florio, here you are picking and choosing which Bible verses you want to believe. In fact, by saying, “we thing God” you are
    1. trashing someone for saying he “knows” what God thinks about anything, yet being a hypocrite by saying what you “thing” He wants
    2. forgetting that throughout the New Testament, the Holy Spirit spoke to people and Jesus promised it. Is He a liar?
    3. showing you don’t know how to spell
    I’m a Christian, I admit I am a slave, I agree that it contradicts worldly wisdom but I at least know what I believe. Florio, why believe in a God that doesn’t speak to His children anymore? Why believe in a God that doesn’t care about our lives? Why believe in just parts of the Bible when there are stern warnings of weeping and gnashing of teeth for people who do that?
    If God is omniscient and omnipresent, who are we to judge whether getting kicked out of college can be worked together for good? If God isn’t omniscient and omnipresent, is He a God worth believing in?
    Now, let’s enjoy this Holy Sabbath of Big Red beating the Bears.

  14. ceekay, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never heard any religious type talk about “God” without sounding like a schizophrenic nutcase. Even Florio, with his “Most High” statement sounds like someone who should be riding the short bus (which is sad considering how educated he actually is). What is “most high”? What does that even mean? That “Jesus” smokes a ton of awesome weed all the time? I’m not a drug user, so perhaps that explains my ignorance of this whole “Most High” stuff. Maybe if I did drugs, the whole religion thing might make sense.
    And can someone please tell me the difference between some unmedicated schizophrenic standing on the street corner ranting about being the brother of Jesus Christ, and the people sitting in a church rambling about being the children of Jesus Christ? The only difference I can see is that the schizophrenics get meds for that problem, and generally only talk about Jesus when they stop taking those meds.
    My first thought when I hear people talking about God, what God wants them to do, or what God is doing in their lives, or whatever… my first thought is that they are suffering delusions and should be medicated. How can anyone think “God” gives a rat’s ass about your stupid NFL career, your kid’s flu, the job interview you just had, etc?? If your “God” really cared about that level of trivial nonsense, how do you explain the 1000-year Dark Age that was entirely caused by the worship of this same “God” in Europe? It wasn’t until we stopped believing in God (you know, during that whole “Age of Enlightenment” period when we invented Science) that man’s condition on earth actually improved to the point that we don’t die of the common flu anymore, polio was eliminated, cholera and tuberculosis were pretty much eliminated, and whaddya know… man’s condition improved to the point that he had some free time and decided to invent a little sport called “Football” (both of them).
    So far as I can see, the only thing “God” has been good for on this planet is warfare, ignorance, disease and famine. One of my college chemistry professors put it beautifully: if you were diagnosed with a serious case of terminal cancer, who are you going to see? A priest or a doctor? The answer to that question speaks for itself.

  15. woah. ok hold on.
    i got something to say to :
    Free_Tramopoline (“juggadore, get over yourself”)
    DC Niner Fan (“Juggadore, [florio] “can write what he wants, YOU don’t have to read it. :-)”
    see this is what its like to be a minority. if you have your own opinion, youre basically shown the door. the whole “we dont want you anyway” thing.
    So. Free_Trampoline — explain how i should “get over” myself. this is God we are talking about here. its bigger than me or you or PFT. or have you never even contemplated the magnitude of god? its not about me, its about “trampling” (pun) on other people’s ideals and opinions.
    DC Niner Fan — i went to catholic school and was born and raised a hindu. I am very educated in your beliefs.
    by the way “Florio is right, God is very specific in his commands, and entering the NFL isn’t one of them, nor is fibbing.” — oh so YOU know what god says or believes? a mortal can understand what god thinks? silly.
    and its true, i dont HAVE to read the site, but i like football. i dont like it when people assume that one way is the “right” way to think.
    also, I can say what i want. they dont have to post my comment but they did.

  16. Why are you haters hating so hard?
    Who cares what his religious or college plans or ideas are?
    If paparizz like parasites did not follow around future stars and ask them stupid questions, they would not get so many stupid answers and bold faced lies.
    Dez Bryant is a good player. He already has 1st round type stock that will go up or down depending on how he is able to work out for the pro scouts. He has already proved all he an prove on the College level, and like Bradford or Gresham many players at this point have a lot more to risk than they have to gain by playing out this season.
    If God knew Bryant was going to break a bone in his foot like Crabtree and hurt his draft stock and God had plas for that money, maybe God caused Bryant to make what looked like a very bad choice, but that prevented an even worse outcome, or, who cares anyway, why be a hater?

  17. In a world where coaches are millionaires… and colleges make small fortunes… Dez Bryant gets suspended for this foolish little infraction.
    The people… and I use the term loosely… who run college football are hypocrits and dirtbags. They exploit these kids… often from very compromised family situations… and get rich off them… while operating a plantation-style model.

  18. It always gives me a chortle to hear the rookies thanking God when they get (over)paid, like they are performing some sort of superstitious incantation ritual. Ironically, God doesn’t broker the deal. The agents do, & the owners willingly (!?) sign the checks.
    The response which God gives to the deepest, most heartfelt pleadings of the rookie & his family has NOTHING to do with the kid getting the most money. God already KNOWS that the agents are going to put the screws to the owners, so He sends the praying rookie & family protection against hurting themselves WITH all the new money they are praying for. NOT the money itself.
    The NFL takes care of the $$$. God only takes care of protecting the unwitting rookie from his own natural inability to manage new wealth.
    Giving some 21 or 22 year old MILLIONS of dollars guaranteed can’t be a good idea, can it? It IS a miracle more of them aren’t hurting themselves with ‘postpubescent nouveauriche hijinks syndrome’. What’s the very first thing people do when they win the lottery? Naturally, they QUIT their jobs!
    I remember JaMarcus Russell “giving all glory to God” when he finally won the lottery & started cashing his checks. Next thing you know, he’s out on the town with his posse, blinged to the max, but out of shape & stinkin’ it up in his job for which he’s being paid & for which he was thanking God in the first place. Almost as though his ‘God-given’ paycheck is the very rope which he will hang his career with.
    Maybe he should ask God to help him read defenses, & with his decision making, & his accuracy, & his work ethic, instead of spending so much time & energy praying for pay.
    I know that this next draft might be the last before the NFL finally (& appropriately) imposes a rookie payscale. This may cause a migration of young ‘uns to the NFL too early, in the hope of getting what may be the last Rookie Bonanza MegaMillions-Cash-For-Life payout. But please DON’T show up too early just because you want to get overpaid, Dez. You’ll just end up looking like JaMarcus Russell.

  19. What the hell Florio, no mention how the Vikings caused him his problems? How Favrio is an old 40? You should write for Cracked Magazine and leave the sports beat to the pros at ESPNorio.

  20. First of all…I am not surprised that there are so many of you on here that speak about how “delusional” those of us are who choose to believe in God. We Christians expect you to hate us…
    “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” John 15:19-20
    Last of all, we Christians also know…
    “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.” Psalm 14:1

  21. Good for him. F the NCAA. Pretty soon, college football is going to be nothing but talented freshman and sophomores alongside hack juniors and seniors.

  22. juggadore also studied the fine art of Victimology at that Catholic school.
    It works like this:
    1. Be non-white/female/poor/disabled/homosexual/non-Christian;
    2. Whenever you make an argument, repeatedly invoke your “minority” status; and
    3. Accuse anyone who disagrees with you as being bigoted, racist, hate-mongering, etc.
    Easy! And as juggadore proved, you get to silence the opposition with this strategy even if your argument is completely incoherent.

  23. @DCNinerFan:
    If god has given you ANY commandments, you should immediately consult a psychiatrist. There are medications that can help. You don’t have to suffer the voices anymore.
    And if you’re talking about the myth of the Ten Commandments, I’d rather not take my laws from some dirt-farmer who lived 3000 years ago and believed that women should be killed for speaking in church or on Sabbath. Which is rather ironic when you consider that “Sabbat” was originally a Mesopotamian form of moon-worship, when the Mesopotamians believed the moon was having her menstrual cycle (yes they worshiped male AND female gods, unlike the Jews). Also worth noting (for sake of humor) is that the Judaic tradition of the “Ten Commandments” was also stolen directly from the Mesopotamians, who took their religious beliefs from the “broken tablets.” And how many of you christians actually practice Ambrahamic Hewbrew laws/commandments anyway? Or even know what they were? Yet all we non-christians here from you idiots is blah blah this commandment, blah blah that commandment, oh we need to have our blah-blah commandments in public schools!! I swear I have rarely met anyone more ignorant of their own beliefs than most christians, who are more than willing to throw out some random half-digested version of some Abrahamic Judaic tradition/law without any clue whatsoever what it actually was, or where it came from. Indeed it seems the vast majority of christians know nothing more about their religion or its traditions than they hear from Pastor Billy-Bob down at the local Cavalry Gospel Church. Because if Pastor Billy-Bob says so, then it MUST be so!! I have FAITH!! And who needs an education when you have faith? Ah yes, the illiterate, the schizophrenic, the less-evolved… religion’s biggest proponents.

  24. 1) God is allowed to be talked about in this country.
    2) FREEDOM of speech is ok people.
    3) This country has turned into a bunch of overly sensitive sissys.
    4) If you can’t deal with in France and the entire Middle East is a good place to think about relocating too.

  25. I think Bernard Pollard is a great DB. One of the best of all times.
    Now, why is religion idiotic? Just because someone who probably knows very little about their religion throw out a cliche.

  26. ALL of you athlete bashers are so funny. Just because you’re not athletic at all and can’t catch a cold if you were butt naked in Alaska, don’t hate on a guy b/c he’s about to get paid. Good for him, he’s worked hard at his craft and he deserves. Why do all of you work hard at your’s and maybe you will have money galore. GET A LIFE, TURDS!!!!

  27. I want to thank God for liberals and all those who don’t cling to outdated notions of life. Without them we’d just have conservative and religious nutbags clinging to beliefs that were fashionable in the 16oos.
    I just want to thank God for putting people on this Earth who can see that what God really desires is for man to better humanity through trying new ideas in an effort to make progress. Not clinging to foolheartedly to ideas that are inherently flawed. but familiar.
    And for God to give them the courage to wade through the water of closed minded blowhards who would rather have certainty in false beliefs than believe in the uncertain nature of progress.
    And lastly I want to thank God for inspiring the founders of this great nation to separate Church from State. What divine inspiration that was. Thank God for that silly liberal idea.

  28. Nowathand makes my point.
    “I agree that [my beliefs] contradicts worldly wisdom but I at least know what I believe.”
    Great jobt o certainty in false beliefs and admitting it. You think that is a positive?
    Newsflash, it isn’t.

  29. “He is training in Tampa so he can work out a deal early…Superbowl for Tampa in 2010”
    — Gotta get a win in 09′ first. How does this dope expect the horrible Bucs to go the Superbowl? They have a coach with no experience and a roster fulll of no talent.

  30. Bible 101 folks… God does not interfere with our personal lives or the world around us… It’s why children die and planes fly into buildings… Free will baby, I’ll take it.
    Whether or not Bryant plays in the NFL or spends every day hitting the crackpipe… God doesn’t care.

  31. Religion is SO last millennium. I can’t wait until we evolve to a point where we realize that Christianity/ Judaism/ Islam is as much of a myth as the Easter Bunny. Obviously that ain’t happening in my lifetime.

  32. worship who you want, and pray to who you want , just dont forget to point to god when you fumble, and/or when you tear your knee up.

  33. @kravenm3:
    Your response perfectly summarizes why many non-christians see christianity as a form of mental illness.
    Just because I don’t agree with your beliefs doesn’t mean I “hate” you. If you think people “hate” you when they don’t agree with your beliefs/delusions, that is called “paranoia.” And as you may be aware (or perhaps not), paranoia is most often accompanied by more serious mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis. If you want to convince people that you aren’t crazy, you probably shouldn’t spew paranoid nonsense about how the whole world is evil and hates you.
    And this verse perfectly summarizes why I would have nothing to do with religion, especially christianity:
    “The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.” Psalm 14:1
    Yeah, I’m sure 100% of the atheists out there are evil-doers, whose EVERY action is vile. Never mind the countless atheist oncologists who cure people of cancer every day. That is a vile deed. It would be much better if your sick family members just died painfully and slowly. Because that’s what God wants. Curing people, treating pain with proper medication, doing medical research, pursuing an increased standard of living through the practical application of science… yeah, that is EVIL. By the way, this extreme and irrational form of logic isn’t mine – it comes directly from your quote above. Black and white extremist thinking. One of the classic tenets of the christian mental illness. Hence, why your religion is rapidly losing followers and why most educated people shy away from it.

  34. Juggadore,I don’t think Mr. Florio is being insensitive to God or Christians in his rant. If anything he was just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of Dez Bryant.

  35. Dave The Dude – Its horrible to see such intense anger in an individual. To be frank, I’m not trashing your beliefs (and yes, atheism is a belief), so I’m not sure why you are trashing mine.
    If its a lack of education you are concerned about, you needn’t bother. I have a BS EE and a Masters of Physics.
    Yes, I am aware that much of the bible is either apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate. Does that change, however, the creeds that I live by? No. I don’t see a problem with following the Ten Commandments (9 if you an atheist). It just seems to me a nice way to live. Who knows, that dirt farmer you speak of is probably wiser than you will ever be.
    Women beating and subjugation is not acceptable, however it makes a hell of a lot of sense for the time (the laws, not the actions). Consider what was happening at that time (and until recently, really). I’m not going to go in depth, but suffice to say that I feel, and have always felt, that there is much in the Bible that can be attributed to societal nuances at the time of writing (see the Council of Nicaea for starters). Judaic law is a bit crazy, mostly because its so complex, and much of it is, honestly, probably written by men in power. Easy.
    Such anger and vitriolic statements are not uncommon in regards to people like you. Whatever it is in your life that causes it you might want to evaluate it, and ask yourself: Is it worth it to be this angry and hateful? That is what we call a rhetorical question.
    Do you feel this way towards Muslims as well, with a percentage, however small, that sees all other religions as an execution worthy lifestyle? How about Hinduism, or Buddhism? I’m just curious, because the vast majority of the world is religious in some way, I just wonder if your hatred is solely directed at westernized religions, and in particular Christianity, or has contempt for any person of faith.

  36. joaquin fenix–my argument makes sense.
    what im saying is that what i am witnessing here on this board is an ugly side of humanity — the power struggle.
    i’m not saying i am a victim. what i am saying is this is your argument:
    1) Juggadore talks about a widely held belief around the world, but overlooked in the immediate region.
    2) Juggadore makes a concise argument about how people with those different/uncommon beliefs are trampled when they speak up.
    3) Joaquin Fenix disregards the argument, and dismisses Juggadore as a person with a victim complex.
    thats my point EXACTLY…
    so what part of my argument is incoherent?
    and by the way — Free-Trampoline . regarding your post “I think jugga hit the sause a little early, that last post didn’t make a lick of sense.”
    yes, there was a problem with the first time i tried to post at 11:06, so i rewrote it and posted it again. i guess i hit the “Sause” early, if by “Sause”, do you mean the submit button.
    i think i am making sense, and if there is any silencing going on, its by people dismissing my argument as senseless and incoherent, without dealing with the issue.
    like i said, an ugly side of humanity.

  37. well dez probly got caught because he was a lousy liar.
    and the liberal god(s) of nfl, nbc, pft only take out their wrath on outspoken caucasians who deign to buy part of a football team.

  38. believe me, LeagueObsrvr, i think its silly too for athletes to say things like that.
    (A) i dont agree with florio’s logic and ability to empathize with others. i think some divine force directs me, why cant god direct athletes? i chose my place in life because i had faith that everything will work out best this way.
    (B) also, i have a problem with Florio saying “we at PFT think that “God prefers things like ‘obey my commands’… ”
    i think “WE” needs to be defined here. are you talking about the people who:
    a) work on the blog?
    b) read the blog?
    c) florio and the voices in his head?
    if it is (a), are you SURE everyone there believes in that?
    of it is (b), that is incorrect sir and i am a prime example.
    if it is (c) — well there is nothing wrong if he is talking about his alter-egos.

  39. I blame Deion for all of Bryants problems. I mean he is the idiot that couldnt figure out that he did nothing wrong. But Deion says hes a mentor to these kids that he tries to teach them what to do in the NFL. So if Deion is going to be involved with these kids he should make it clear to them what is right and what is wrong in the case of what the NCAA allows them to do. He should of told Bryant that they were allowed to hang out and let him know what the right thing to say is. This isn’t court so Sanders is allowed to coach these kids up if they are ever questioned by the NCAA. That should be his foremost concern before anything else. To make sure these kids stay in the good graces of their colleges. If he cant do that then he shouldnt be involved with them.

  40. For all of you who think this posting was so “clever” and “well played” by Florio and so deftly cuts down the religious remark by Dez, I’d like to point out that Mr Brilliant, well-read Lawyer clearly hasn’t been reading his good book.
    No reference by Jesus to Love others as you love yourself.
    The command is:
    “love one another as i have loved you”.
    A much taller order than than loving yourself.
    I think he just essentially induced his own broken, cluttered understanding of the “Golden Rule” which is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
    If you’re going to criticize a man and user scriptural references, at least get them straight.

  41. juggadore, it’s pretty funny (okay, freaking hilarious) you say that God directs you, and then makes a insidious comment about Florio having voices in his head.

  42. @ Dave The Dude
    My response also summarizes why I don’t expect you to agree with me.
    I know that many of you criticize Christians for our lack of “logic”. With that in mind, I would like to pose a lengthy question. So lets pretend for a moment that the Atheists are right and there is no God. Hence, when an Atheist dies they cease to exist entirely. A life was lived and is now gone. No harm, no foul. But…what if us wacky, confused, uneducated Christians are right? What if, once the physical body dies off, a person’s soul goes to either Heaven or Hell for Eternity? If an Atheist’s life leads to nothing in the end anyway (according to their beliefs)….what would that same person stand to lose by choosing to beleive in God? It seems to me the potential payoff is much greater for the latter.

  43. @kravenm3
    So you’re saying the reason for your faith is based on the gamble that there will be a reward for you in the “afterlife?”
    You’re in it for the payoff. Awesome.

  44. kravenm3- well, I guess it’d mean that you went through life as an delusion nut job (especially when posting such ridiculous logic for being a Christian). Enjoy!

  45. All this talk about God and no mention of his son?
    you know Lord Favre? Suprising.
    Faith is believing in something that nobody in his right mind would believe.—-Archie Bunker

  46. “love one another as you love yourselves.”
    Don’t you have a case pending against you on this one Florist? LMAO
    PS, there is no god.
    PPS, good for Dez Bryant. Just stay away from Deion please!!! You’ll thank me later.

  47. I think Kraven’s logic is a bit skewed for being a Christian. Yes, the ultimate goal is to be at God’s right hand (IE, heaven), but more than that the idea is to try and make life on earth that way. As a Christian secure in my belief, I don’t have to think about heaven all the time. Instead, I my thought process usually is along these lines: Why not be nice because, I don’t know, it’ll make someone else’s life just a bit better? Empathy and forthought is highly important to me.
    And to anyone who thinks that Christians are crazy, selfish nutcases, consider this. One of the greatest humanitarian Christian’s in history (considered so by both Christians and Non-Christians), Mother Teresa, often had struggles with faith, but stayed strong and gave all she could. We could all learn from her, whether you are Christian or not.

  48. The contention, DcNinersFan, is that you don’t need to have faith to be a good person, and that, in fact, the certainty of thought and intention that religion leads to is a negative force on this world. Obviously there are good religious people out there. Many, many of them. But if you look at the greatest problems this Earth is suffering from at the moment religion is at the heart of them.
    But what eats at people like me is when you talk of heaven and hell, and the greater problem with religion those concepts represent.
    Heaven and hell are entirely human constructs. The concept in its entirety and in its specifics was decided upon by a bunch of powerful high clerics looking to increase their power and influence over other religions, and later to sell indulgences.
    And of course there is the simple of matter that religion gets people to believe in these ideas through fear, intimidation, and murder.
    But if you want to believe in talking snakes, and virgin births well, that’s your decision.
    Just remember that when it comes to the big questions certainty in beliefs stems from arrogance, and doubt from humility. You decide which makes the Earth better.

  49. if we are going to discuss heaven and hell lets get things straight.
    the puritan christians initiated the notion of heaven and hell. heaven to them being the pristine, cloud like nirvana where everyone obeys puritan law.
    the inverse: hell, is a chaotic free for all with sex drugs and rock and roll, probably football too. since you’re dead, you are free from any stds, overdoses or physical attacks. does anyone care to car pool, cuz i know where i’m going.

  50. Now I would like to quote from the books of matthew, mark, luke and…!
    I hope someone gets that movie quote.

  51. Abe Froeman:
    Yes, good catch. i didnt mean “voices in head” in terms of religion, i mean in terms of “we = me”.
    i could have gone with “alter-ego’s” which i mentioned later, or “multiple personalities”.
    but i agree– it has a double meaning in this case and it didnt make the most sense…
    but dont get caught in details:
    what i am saying is that florio always says “We think x is the case”. so who is “We”?
    when i had my website, i used to use “We” when i wrote. it makes it seem like everyone is all together. but in this case it could mean
    a) the creators and producers of PFT
    b) all who participate in PFT
    c) mike florio, mike florio, and mike florio.

  52. also,
    abe froeman — i am not sure “god” directs me, but yes, i do leave a lot to fate, which is pretty much a divine being.

  53. The answer, juggadore, is A. It’s a fairly common way to use it when speaking for an entity like PFT.
    As for your other comment about you leaving things to fate, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Other than the obscure notion that fate and the divine have some connection in your opinion.

  54. Abe, I not only know what I believe, but I know it is real. I’ve seen absolute truth in my flesh, in the world, and in the Spirit. Saying I know what I believe in comparison to Florio was to get him to come out and say, specifically, everything he knows about God. He likes to criticize people who ascribe god-like powers to God or just about any definition to the powers of God, but he won’t tell us what he believes about god except in bits and pieces, perhaps to avoid the kind of criticism he dishes out.

  55. @ nowathand
    So you know talking snakes and virgin births are real? You know heaven and hell is real?
    I challenge these ideas.
    And I find that you believe and accept these ideas as unquestionable and unequivocal truth as the silly ignorance of common sense.
    Oh wait, I hear the angel of death coming. LoL.

  56. @ Abe Froeman
    So you’re saying the reason for your faith is based on the gamble that there will be a reward for you in the “afterlife?”
    You’re in it for the payoff. Awesome.
    There is nothing any Christian can say that will change a non-believer’s mind outright. You cannot understand my faith because it is not yours also. My only mistake was trying to present a WIIFM (whats in it for me?) scenario for those who think along those lines. After all, we (humans) are, by nature, selfish people. I apologize if that misrepresented my motives. I live my life the way I do because it is what God expects of me. My faith is not solely based on a reward in the “afterlife” as you call it. However, that is one of God’s promises to his people and I would be remiss to not strive to reach that goal. You can question the reasons for my faith all you want. In the end I will still treat you and everyone else with respect and love.

  57. Abe, i agree. the answer is A. so this means that Florio claims all people involved in creating and producing content on PFT thinks God prefers things like “obey my commands”.
    so that is one of my issues with this piece, because surely he didnt poll the webmaster and advertising director and greg rosenthal and the rest.
    and also because he is saying all of PFT has the same religious beliefs. i dont think any 2 people have the same beliefs, so that is false.
    sure. i have my own set of beliefs. and i believe some divine force may be responsible for fate. i cant say for sure, but i have faith that its the case. its my whole “things will be alright” idea.
    fate is very divine, but not a lot of people see it as a godly thing. i guess it is obscure, but i think its a language thing. “god will put me in the right place” could be the same thing, but the word “god” makes people think of some humanish figure controlling things.
    i “listen” to my surroundings, and try to determine how external circumstances are guiding me. it could be a “thats a sign” kind of belief. if certain avenues tend to close up, i take detours. thats fate talking to me.
    so anyway, apparently florio et all would snicker at my beliefs, because nobody tells me to “obey His commands”.
    all though, it sounds like dez white was saying god told him to obey his command, and that was to enter the draft. it could be god telling him to make money to support his family.
    but the makers of PFT think thats silly.

  58. @ kravenm3
    God made no such promise to anyone. If you were to actually go ahead and research the subject you will find that the idea of heaven and hell (in the Christian manifestation) were conceived by the Church and never mentioned by God. In no scripture or any Christian text can you find any mention of God’s design for the afterlife. It was entirely made up by high clerics to increase the power and influence of their religion. Just go the Christian Encyclopedia, it’s not a hard subject to research.
    It and most of the things religion teaches were never mentioned by God as the way to live the good life. If you want to live a good life that’s great, and you should. I do. But to believe the words of high clerics with impure motives (as history most assuredly demonstrates) is silly, and no way represent God’s will any more than anyone else’s words.
    As for you treating me as with love and respect, well it’s so nice to hear you say that. It would be a little bit more credible if your Church hadn’t been killing, torturing, and forcing conversions on people for the last two thousand years.
    Yes juggadore it is silly. Even if there is a God, you don’t have a personal God. Let alone one who looks out for you. If your God exists as you believe it, you work for him, he doesn’t work for you. You are simply his pawn.

  59. Are You Ready For SOme Football. Leave religion alone, it has no place here. F@#$ing football is what I’m here for.

  60. abe,
    i dont think you understand. you are using your concept of god to fit into my beliefs. it doesnt work.
    i said fate is a divine force. i didnt say god controls me. i can choose what i want, i just kinda listen for suggestions. dont you?
    and thanks for calling my beliefs silly after reading about 5 sentences about them. who are you to say people dont have a divine force looking out for them? some people say god is all-powerful, all present, and all knowing. when i hear this argument, i ask “do you know the scope of the word ALL?”

  61. Dez Bryant trying to cite God as the reason why he turned pro is RIDICULOUS. Too many people thank God at award shows… but no, it’s the musician that practiced for years that earned the award, not God.
    Juggadore’s first two posts are retarded. And anyone who is complaining about Florio commenting on religion, who cares? It’s his damn site. Go to ESPN if you want objective opinion.

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