League wanted Chiefs to fine Larry Johnson $10,000 only

On Monday, Chiefs running back Larry Johnson returns from his one-game exile.  The outcome was negotiated after the Chiefs suspended Johnson for two weeks after the veteran tailback ripped coach Todd Haley on Twitter, used a three-letter homophobic slur on Twitter, disrespected the paying customers on Twitter, and then uttered the six-letter version of the homophobic slur in the locker room the next day, in the direction of the media.

So, in the end, Johnson lost more than $330,000 in salary and per-game roster bonus.

Nancy Gay of AOL’s FanHouse.com recently reported that the league wanted the Chiefs to impose on Johnson a fine of $10,000 only.

That had been the going rate for using the “F” word that doesn’t rhyme with “truck.”  In December 2006, Steelers linebacker Joey Porter used that specific word in relation to former Browns tight end Kellen Winslow.

Gay also points out that the league has said nothing at all regarding Johnson’s conduct.  The silence sends a curious message at a time when Commissioner Roger Goodell has been vigilant regarding his enforcement of the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

Regardless of the motivation (and we suspect that the league was hoping not to draw any more attention to an unfortunate and embarrassing incident), the NFL’s decision to say nothing at all about Johnson’s words conflicts with the very public attempts by the Commissioner to crack down on bad behavior.

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  1. While I await the Sunday night blowout by the Eagles over the Cowboys (the latest in a series), I’m here trolling PFT … and am disgusted … by banner ads “by Google” for the Sandra Bullock football movie about Oher.
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    So now, we have the film adaptation of Michael Lewis’ biographical story of Michael Oher. And, what’s the movie poster promoting — well, it’s the latest example of a profane obscenity, the words “Sandra Bullock”!
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    Seriously … wasn’t this fine story about Oher? Then why have the producers and marketers spun this as another Sandra Bullock vehicle?? Isn’t she over 50 yet?

  2. I find it ironic that an organization that had a defacto ban on black players for 13 years is now fining one for descriminating remarks.
    Makes about as much sense as the American Nazis picketing Washington over it with “Keep Redskins White” plackards.
    Fag is taboo, but Redskins is not?
    What an arbitary bucket of sh*t the NFL has become.

  3. Saints CB Randall Gay takes offense to the first comment above. Who Dat? A sensitive cat. Meow.

  4. How ironic that Nancy is reporting on a story about a f*g/f*ggot comment.
    Besides… doesn’t that mean “a loud annoying Harley rider” anway?

  5. I suspect the Chiefs wanted to send a message about Johnson’s other tweets that evening, the ones that criticized the coaching staff.

  6. Sim448, I myself find great humor in somone with the last name Gay, reporting on homophobic slurs. We should be Friends on facebook

  7. How ironic that Nancy is reporting on a story about a f*g/f*ggot comment.
    Besides… doesn’t that mean “a loud annoying Harley rider” anway?
    Haha, Great episode

  8. I don’t know where you boys are from, but you must have a bunch of those weekend yuppie Harley riders cruising around in your hood.

  9. Nancy lives in San Fran is has a politically correct last name…he first name is a slur for a wimpy guy…what did you expect…seriously, she has a conflict of interest and should have recused herself from chiming in…Fanhouse should suspend Nancy…What do Harvey Milk and Mike Singletary have in common? They both dropped their pants in front of a room full of guys in San Fransisco.

  10. To me, the fine discrepancy means that the League is less disturbed by the #$@# comments, than the Team is by the attack on the coach. To me, they’re both reprehensible for different reasons, the $10,000 fine would not have been enough, and the game suspension was appropriate.
    What I would also like to have seen is penalties clearly linked to EACH offense, in print.

  11. Wow, South Park quotes. This has turned into an intelligent thread.
    “Losers assemble in small groups and incorporate South Park references into their posts”

  12. Let me guess Apollo. You have just gotten off your little Honda two wheeler and your a little bitter You havent quite reached “harley status”, and your upset that people have the audacity to crack jokes on a thread concerning perhaps the biggest Joke in the nfl. LJ.
    Either that or your wifes romantically involved with the hells angels.

  13. apollo whhhaaaa whhhhhaaa poor baby doesnt want people cracking jokes on a thread devoted to Larry Johnson the biggest joke in the NFL. As Far as i know your not the filter on this site so shut your jiztrap

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