Mawae reponds to Rodney Harrison

Earlier this week, our NBC colleague Rodney Harrison, who was routinely named the league’s dirtiest player in the annual Sports Illustrated player poll, said during an appearance on The Dan Patrick show that Titans center Kevin Mawae, who made this year’s list, is “a dirty dude.”

Mawae, a long-time veteran and the NFLPA president, has responded.

“Maybe it is a way for him to deflect attention away from himself
because I think everybody knows who’s been in this league for a long
time that he may be the dirtiest guy that’s ever played this game,”
Mawae said, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “I think somebody forgot to tell him that that long, wide,
3-foot white line on the sideline, we play inside those, and he spent a
lot of his time playing outside of those. . . .  I don’t have a lot of respect for that guy.”

Harrison also said that the Titans are the dirtiest team in the league.

“If Rodney Harrison wants to accuse somebody of being dirty, tell him
to look at his 16 years of highlights,” Mawae told Wyatt.  “I guarantee he got fined more in
one year than I have my entire career.”

But, frankly, players routinely are fined for helmet-first hits in the open field.  The powers-that-be have a harder time sifting through more subtle maneuvers in the scrum that breaks out when the offensive line and the defensive line meet.  Or when a dog pile forms and people start grabbing, twisting, and/or poking anything they can grab, twist, and/or poke.

33 responses to “Mawae reponds to Rodney Harrison

  1. Funny because Rodney Harrison was a beast on the field, but off it, he’s genuinely one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. I’m not totally sure, but I’ve heard the same thing of Mawae. No one wants to be called dirty, but really, unless they’re diving at knees (which I’ve never seen Harrison do while playing for the Pats), who gives a shit?

  2. I love Mawae standing up to Harrison, and I respect Mawae much more. Harrison has always been a dirty player. Mawae’s had a great career. It’s time for Harrison to shut up, and look at himself. Mawae would kich his ass anyday.

  3. So you’re sticking up for Rodney and saying (in a pussy ass veiled way) that you think Mawae is dirtier because he’s done stuff in scrums you can’t ever see? So frankly, I think the readers here who consuistently complain about your bias are dead on. You and Harrison gonna play tummy sticks during commercial breaks this sunday?

  4. Mawae is a dirty piece of shit. I know Rodney did some dirty things but primarily just played the game hard. Mawae on the other hand, high-lows guys all the time time and has injured numerous dlinemen while doing it.

  5. Mike, what happened to you? It seems like you are defending Harrison with the last paragraph. Harrison is a joke as an analyst.
    He was a dirty player and a cheat (HGH) but also a great player. Where I have a problem is when he calls people out. He was all about backing up his words by his actions on the field when he played. But now he sits in a studio, so shut the hell up.
    Ive been a reader of this site for years and love it. Just seems lately you are going a bit easy on a certain media company

  6. Hg Harrison was fined more back when Big Pauli T was commish and the rules about hth contact were not even enforced if they were on the books.
    Out of bounds, after the whistle, forarm to the head. He really was and still is a disgrace going back to his SD days. His NE HGH days were just as dirty, but he can not deny the accusastion that he was fined more in one year back in the day than Mawae, who holds a lot and throws punches, cut blocks and what not, but is not known for cheap shots and late hits like Hg Harrison, even while not in uniform still taking cheap shots and late hits.

  7. As much as I love Rodney Harrison as a player and commentator, I’m not going to pretend he was an angel (although I personally think he cleaned up his act once he went to New England).
    That being said, I actually watched that Titans/Patriots game that season (and some other Titans games that season, this season vs. the Colts, etc.) and believe Rodney has a lot of merit saying that they are dirty.
    I know there’s some complaints about guys like Manning & Brady having their own rules (but honestly if they can make a flagging motion with their hands and get 15 yards for their team then more power to them) but I’ve seen the Titans make some very cheap shots.
    Props to Mawae for at least challenging Harrison since his comments seem hypocritical but I definitely agree with Rodney’s original statement.

  8. Rodney Harrison is a piece of SH*T! Too bad this web site posts and follows everything he says. U are making him relevant

  9. What is rather ironic is what is considered dirty today was the game of football back 25 years ago.
    Can you imagine how many helmet to helmet hits Rod Woodson, Lawrence Taylor, Andre Tippett,Jack Tatum,Jack Ham, Dick Butkus, Ray Nitchske etc etc would have had called on them. Late hits etc??
    The game is called football. This coming from a Patriots fan! Let them play!

  10. Being a Chargers fan, I have a ton of respect for Rodney. He is right about the Titans as we saw Mawae purposely injured Merrimen, which caused him to miss the 08 season. They also took a cheap shot at Gates in the 07 playoffs and injured him. I think Fisher encourages it.
    But Rodney did play on the dirty side his whole career, no question, so he kind of looks like a fool calling out other players. And calling another team dirty is pretty ridiculous when the Patriots racked up 3 titles while cheating.
    Rodney is right, but it’s not the subject he should chime in on, ever.

  11. Haha!
    Harrison is a chump. He had to take steroids to make him good. He is a cheater just like the team he played for.
    Just a loser trying to get the attention off of him. Someone show him his career cheap shots.

  12. I love how people whine about the writing on this blog and then continue to read it.
    Go write your own blog, losers.
    It’s a BLOG. He can have an opinion, too.

  13. Harrison speaks from experience, something that almost all of the people who write in comments cannot do. Look at the films from past years and the evidence is there. This opinion of Mawae is widely held by many present and former players.

  14. Why don’t they both acknowledge they are dirty players and get over it? Dirty is dirty…more or less dirty is just semantics.

  15. Mawae never addressed his dirty play, did he? He only to chose to call out that a RETIRED player was once considered dirty. Stop the presses! Who knew Rodney was like that.
    Maybe it is a way for him to deflect attention away from himself.
    Two things: The Titans have to be considered one of the dirtiest, cheap-shot teams out there and Rodney is a refreshing change of pace as an announcer.

  16. I think we are missing the most important point here.
    Tahiti village will let you be a pirate for only $89
    That is a friggen deal and a half.

  17. Mawae is definitely a dirty player. I saw him take an intentional shot at Richard Seymour in 04, and everyone knows about what he did to Merriman. Its also fair to say Rodney holds a grudge against the Titans (who are the dirtiest team in the league) because they took him out in 06. I also believe that Jeff Fisher really encourages his teams to play that way. To those who want to rip on Rodney or call him HGHarrison – get a life. I’m SURE he was the only guy who ever took HGH and stepped on an NFL playing field. Also, Rodney isnt afraid of anyone, he would have said the same thing about Mawae if he were still playing.

  18. What does “reponds” mean?
    Some of you clueless morons need to learn the difference between HGH and steroids. There’s a fairly big difference… and there is also the point that if any of you schlubs had the opportunity to play in the NFL and all you had to do was take a magic pill that would make it all come true… 100% of you would do it, take the money and keep your hypocritical mouths shut!

  19. At DanFouts:
    I agree that Rods was a solid player, and was also dirty…
    Pats winning three titles while cheating? HA! You think spygate was the reason they won those titles? If any coach or anyone in a position of authority actually agreed with that, then the titles would have been stripped.
    Once again i will say, that just because Bill got caught with some tapes, and fined out the bum for it doesn’t mean it was “cheating”
    Every coach that was interviewed about it rolled it off like they didn’t care, or like they probably did things similar too. Pats were winning those championships regardless, and you’re ignorant to think other teams weren’t doing the same thing but just didn’t get caught.

  20. Who cares who is dirty? Go and look through all the guys in the hall of fame and you’ll see dirty player after dirty player….it doesn’t matter.

  21. Mawae’s not too swift is he?
    By drawing attention to their “Dirtiest” award by slamming Rodney, he’s basically telling the world:
    “Hey, if even Rodeny Harrison thinks’s we’re dirty then you KNOW we’re the dirtiest m*rthf*cking team in the history of the game.

  22. King Kreg,
    Fair argument. I wasn’t really saying the won just because of spying, but you can’t just pretend spygate was no big deal. The Pats did that for 7 seasons, so it probably gave them an edge or they wouldn’t of kept doing it. They just happened to win all their titles during that time. We’ll never know if they would of won all 3 without doing that. I’m sure they could have, but who knows.
    Bellicheck is a great coach , with or without spy cameras. Just like Bonds and every great player who gets caught trying to get an unfair advantage, fans not of that team will hold it against them. I love Rodney Harrison, but my whole point was I think Rodney shouldn’t speak out on other teams or other players being dirty in any way. He was a dirty player who played on a team that was controversial in their own right. It’s like TO telling Ocho Cinco to grow up.

  23. Haha…I’m raffing out roud on this one!… Rodney Harrison calling Kevin Mawae “dirty”…??? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  24. brash, not only did mawae “repond” to harrison, he must have “ponded” him at some point.
    must be that west va slang.
    ponder that.

  25. Mawae is a dirty piece of crap!!! I’ll never forget what he did to Bryant Young a few years back. Young was one of the more standup guys to ever come through the NFL. Dirty player that Mawae.

  26. Harrison calling someone DIRTY is pretty funny, how soon until NBC gets tired of Harrison’s “act”?

  27. Rodney Harrison played dirty..
    Rodney Harrison drugged dirty
    Rodney Harrison talked dirty…….
    Rodney is a plain peice of trash that wouldn’t last a minute if he had to take his God given talents and try to make a true living… C’mon Bum…give me your best shot !!!!

  28. It’s funny…for two guys that are supposed to be big, mean, and ruthless dirty players, they come off closer to a couple of 12 year old girls, bickering about who is the bigger asshole on the field.

  29. Mawae needs to zip it. Its a know fact that he PURPOSELY broke Ted Washington’s leg. He also caused knee and ligament damage to many other D-linemen, including Richard Seymour.
    Also, to the people saying that Harrison took Roids. No he didn’t. If you don’t know what you are talking about, you need to zip it as well. Harrison took HGH and that was in 2005. And he got suspended for it. The big difference between him and say, Shawne Merriman, is that Harrison’s play didn’t fall off afterwards..
    It’s pretty amazing all the BS trash talking some of you Internet Tough Guys throw around because you know you don’t have to back up your words. YOU GUYS are the gutless wonders. Not Harrison. Not Florio. YOU.

  30. DaBruinz,
    Yes, Mawae has caused some injuries, but you neglected to mention Rodney Harrison’s blatant cheap shot to Trent Green’s knee that ended his season in ’99. And when it comes down to HGH vs ‘roids, cheating is cheating, big guy, so don’t get all caught up in semantics. As for Merriman, his positive drug test actually happened prior to the 2006 season. Because of a re-test and the lengthy appeals process his suspension wasn’t announced until the season had started ( a period in which he passed weekly tests, btw). So I’d say 17 sacks in 12 games is hardly a fall off.

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