Report: Bob Sanders out for season

Indianapolis Colts safety Bob Sanders is out for the season with a torn biceps tendon, Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting.

Sanders visited Dr. James Andrews this week, and Colts coach Jim Caldwell said today that Sanders would need surgery. But while Caldwell indicated that he was holding out some hope that Sanders could return, Schefter reports that Sanders is done for the year. Sanders suffered the injury in Sunday’s win over the San Francisco 49ers.

When healthy, Sanders is one of the best defensive players in football. But he’s not healthy often: Sanders has played just 47 regular-season games in his six-year NFL career.

The loss of Sanders is a big one for the 7-0 Colts, and it’s not the only big injury the Colts have had in their secondary this week. Colts cornerback Kelvin Hayden is expected to miss up to four weeks with a knee injury, and fellow cornerback Marlin Jackson has been placed on injured reserve after tearing his ACL during a non-contact drill in practice on Wednesday.

44 responses to “Report: Bob Sanders out for season

  1. Can’t say I’m surprised. Any time your name is mentioned in the same sentence as Dr.James Andrews it pretty much means your season is done.

  2. OH BOB!!! again? What could have, should have, and would have been
    this guy is stealing paychecks

  3. This is awful news.
    Okay, go ahead and make your jokes about Bob Sanders.
    But he’s a superstar player and after this I doubt we will see him in a Colts jersey next year.
    HUGE blow to Indy’s postseason aspirations.

  4. I have no problem with the guy as a man or football player, but between the 32″ neck and the neanderthal brow can’t we all agree this has GOT to be steroid abuse? …for those of you who don’t know ‘roids can weaken tendons and ligaments in the body.

  5. Eh, I thought he was a bit overblown even when he was on the field. He was never in Polamalu or Reed’s class.

  6. Not good news for the Colts. I wish him well. (They aren’t the only teams with top guys on IR.)

  7. Can’t say im upset about this, being a pats fan and all.
    But at the same time i know what its like to have a Defense completely ruined with injuries, so i feel for the fans.

  8. Never like to see any player get hurt, but as a Pats fan I have to say that there is also a little sense of relief. Sanders always seems to come up huge against the Pats when he plays, and he is one heck of a player. Always frustrating to have that level of talent on your team when the guy just can’t seem to stay healthy long enough to make a real difference. his absence really hurts the Colts chances against the better teams in the league.

  9. He’s NOT a superstar – to get to that level you actually have to be on the field regularly.

  10. Demond(His Real name) may be a bit injury prone, but he is not a juicer. Being from his hometown, I know Bob and that guy works his butt off. Not to mention all the things he does for his hometown and Indy. He’s not beating women, getting arrested, or being a cancer to the team. HE IS A CHARACTER GUY!

  11. Nothing new here…Bob Sanders yada yada yada ..out for the year. Save this article, you’ll be reposting it next year.

  12. Bob Sanders only played in what, 3 out of the 7 games this year anyways. And the Colts won them all. Great player, but they seem to be ok without him year after year.

  13. In a related story, Bob Sanders will suit up for the game vs the Patriots, as he always does. But will miss the following 6 games, after also missing the previous 6 games before facing NE.

  14. and to Hacksaw – I know Ted Johnson personally. He has never used steroids. He had a huge neck going back to when he was 12. Nice try though.

  15. he doesnt play thru anything. maybe he is a warrior, but he is probly not coming back at all.
    they arent that good without him. remember the 300 rush yard game by jacksonville a few years ago?

  16. i’ll be impressed by sanders when he can finish a season playing at a high level.
    it seems he’s always injured.

  17. # RMad13 says: November 6, 2009 2:18 PM
    Demond(His Real name) may be a bit injury prone, but he is not a juicer. Being from his hometown, I know Bob and that guy works his butt off. Not to mention all the things he does for his hometown and Indy. He’s not beating women, getting arrested, or being a cancer to the team. HE IS A CHARACTER GUY!
    Absolutely agree with you. I’m from the same town as you guys and I went to HS with him, he’s no punk or gangbanger, he’s a classy guy. I doubt if he’s on the juice.

  18. It sucks to say this, but we will most likely never see big bob suit up in the shoe anymore.
    He will probably be strapping on a eagles jersey by this time next year.
    it was nice having ya, thanks for the ride.

  19. Hacksaw there has never been any indication Sander’s uses roids. And I’m a Pats fan and would be happy to pick on the Colts for any reason possible, but I think you are way off base on that one.
    But hey, just keep making things up and throwing them out there as if they were actual fact.

  20. dcfan: That’s because the Colts haven’t faced their tough part of the schedule yet, but that is about to start this week.
    Houston won’t be a cupcake on Sunday. Now that Sanders and Jackson are out an already average D is about to be weakened.
    Even as a Pats fan I really like how Sanders plays against the run, wreckless abandon, but he obviously takes the toll of that. I can see how the Colts fans can be frustrated as he is a top talent.
    Jackson is their best corner as well so it’s going to be tough to replace, but the elite teams should and do find ways to still win.
    The 15th should be a fun one…NE is coming to town.

  21. It stinks, but I think Bullitt has and will fill in nicely for Bob. There’s no way the Colts keep 21 when they have a perfectly capable (and MUCH cheaper) replacement already on the roster.

  22. I would like to believe that he’s one of the classiest players and all-around good guys in the league. I loved when the Chargers played against him as much as I hated it.
    Just another big name on the IR. As fans, we lose when players like this go down.

  23. jimbofungus11 and RMad13 – He is a class guy who beats his wife. Maybe she deserved it?
    Jacqueline Johnson, 40, called police and told officers that her 6-foot-4 husband twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her into a bookcase, where she hit her head. According to the court documents, she fought back, punching and kicking Ted Johnson.
    Plus Ruptured Biceps Tendon just do not happened without the weakenuing effect of Roids. Personally I like the guy. 🙂

  24. Wow no kiddin’?
    Bob Sanders hurt and out for the year?
    Geeze, who’d have seen that coming?

  25. Hacksaw, so wife beaters and injury prone guys are now all steroid users? So anyone who doesnt play football who beats his wife or tears a bicep tendon is on steroids? Your an idiot.

  26. This guys missed more games than he’s played. TIME TO RETIRE MAN. HANG UP THE CLEATS. Hang them up baby.

  27. No doubt that Sanders does deserve to be considered one of the top 3 safeties in the league. But I tend to agree w/Ian that he is a distant 3rd to Troy & Ed.
    Bob’s 5’8″size is gradually catching up to him, but he never had a collision he didn’t enjoy because that is his game. True, the laws of physics defy him each time he collides someone that dwarfs him by size and weight. His heart, head and guts drives his small fit body to excel at a large man’s sport, at his own risk. Bob wouldn’t want it any other way.
    As a devout Steeler fan, I recognize the excellence of any NFL player from any team because that is what football or any other sport is about, respect!
    Bob plays with the same gusto as Troy and Hines, so he may be called a “throwback” player as well.
    Get well and get back, Bob!

  28. Yeah. Sanders is a superstar.
    47 games played out of 96
    That means that, if he doesn’t make it back this season, he is officially averaging less than 8 games a season.
    You know who else is a superstar? Randy Burks. Averaged 55 yards and a touchdown PER RECEPTION! That’s amazing, isn’t it?
    If he played a full 16 game schedule, he would have produced 880 yards, and 16 TDs per season. Unfortunately, like Bob Sanders, he spent more time off the field than on it.

  29. He was a great player when healthy, as good as Polmalu & Reed. But he has not been healthy for several years. Good thing he signed that big contract!!!!
    Colts losing Sanders, Jackson , And Tyuan Hagler is a huge blow to the Colts D.Manning will have to carry the team.
    Looking forward to Sunday night 15th!

  30. Hey Colts, when do you just say enough is enough and let this guy go play chess or checkers?

  31. Did you say Marlin Jackson got hurt in a non-contact drill?
    Is Mike Florio going to rip the Colts organization? I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s what he did when the Browns had a few non-contact drill injuries earlier this year.

  32. Get well soon Brittle Bob…. have a great off season, and we’ll see you in a couple of years.

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