Rosenhaus says Bills line "potentially worst in the league"

There are many reasons for Terrell Owens’ miserable season in Buffalo.  His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is happy to give them to you.

“It’s incredibly frustrating and I think you can basically pin it to three
things,” Rosenhaus told Joe Rose on WQAM this week.  “Number one, coaching.  Number two, quarterback play. Trent Edwards has been
a disappointment this year, then he got injured and they brought in
a backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Neither guy has played well.”

Rosenhaus was just warming up to what he sees as the biggest issue in Buffalo.

“The offensive line, I believe, is potentially the
worst in the NFL.  Especially at the tackle position, they got rid of
almost every starter from last year, banked on revamping it . . . It’s absolutely shocking how that offensive line play has prohibited them from being an effective offense.”

Even Bills fans would find it hard to argue with Rosenhaus’ points, no matter how much self-interest he has in them.  (We do wonder how these comments will be received if they make it to the Bills locker room.)  Lee Evans is a quality vertical threat in the middle of his prime, and only has 50 receiving yards and two touchdowns more than Owens for many of the same reasons above.

T.O. is clearly not the dominant force he was in the past; he’s not a top-ten wideout and doesn’t separate from defenders like he used to.  But it’s hard to tell just how how far Owens has declined because of the situation around him.

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  1. Of course he would say something to that effect, he could never say ‘ My client’s dwindling ability has led to this season’. No, its everyone elses fault.
    I was watching a meeting between Drew and TO before he signed with buffalo, and drew just kept going on and on about how Buffalo was the ‘IT’ team this year, and TO was going to carry them dont matter what.
    Well, that didnt pan out.

  2. I think Drew is just angling to be Dan Snyder’s next GM. The big question is if he’ll let Dan beat him in handball like Smithers does.

  3. There’s nothing wrong with TO. He’s still got it. However, as much as I dislike Drew, he’s got a point.

  4. The plan was for TO to make the other players on the offense better, not for the other players to make TO better. Also, TO is leading the league in drops. Tell him to handle his business first and then, maybe, Team TO can be critical. Until then, STFU.

  5. Rosenhouse and T.O. are perfect together. It is always about “the other guy(s)” No matter where he’s been: the quarterback play has held him back. The coaches aren’t scheming for him to get the ball like they should. And now he is playing on a team with the worst O-line in football. (I think the Packers, Lions, Rams, Bucs, etc. might have some right to argue over who gets that title,) but the point is, it is always someone else’s fault.
    Reality: T.O. at one time had enough talent to make his childish, selfish, divisive crap barely tolerable, at least for a season or two. Now, all there is left is a big mouth and an agent to help point the finger.

  6. Though all his comments are completely on point and well deserved, it’s definitely shocking to see Rosenhaus throw the Bills under the bus. The Bills FO and Rosenhaus have always had a pretty good working relationship.
    Considering the Bills have relegated Parrish (another RSR client) to water-boy status, this may just be some bluster.

  7. Well hey… if a slimeball sports agent says so then it must be true. The greater question is why is he saying this, and how is he going to make money off it.

  8. Yeah, Rosenhaus pretty much knows what he’s talking about with his three opinions – there’s no way around those facts – BUT it’s hard to say those are the sole reasons for T.O.’s rough season.
    The QB’s – whoever is playing -have had several chances per game to throw in T.O.’s direction.
    He just has to catch them.

  9. Rosenhaus knew this [or should’ve known all of this except for the QB injury] going into the negotiations. Also did he think that one player would turn them from 7-9 to legitimate playoff contenders? Sounds like bad advice was given from agent to the client.

  10. It’s all Lynch’s fault. Fred Jackson was doing just fine before he came back from his suspension, dammit.

  11. Rosenhaus is the agent that all first-rounders should target. He may be a bastard, but he knows what he’s doing, and doesn’t hurt his clients(Eugene Parker) or retard their potential. Also, Rosenhaus saved a kid’s life(drowning incident) while on vacation once…the guy does everything.

  12. T.O. haters will not want to hear this, but Rosenhaus is 100% correct. As a Bills fan who has watched every one of their games this year, I have seen how the O-line has been probably the worst in the NFL, both in terms of pass protection and holes for the RBs. Trent Edwards has been so afraid to pass to the WRs that he picked up the nickname “Captain Checkdown.” When he and Fitzpatrick have occasionally tried to pass to T.O. and Lee Evans, the passes are usually at least five feet off the mark. Regarding what Bills fans think of the coaching, just check the ESPN coach ratings and you will see that Jauron is by far the lowest.

  13. The Bills Oline is making TO have all those drops the same way the Jets scout team caused their loss a couple weeks ago by not simulating the other team well enough in practice.
    Just for once I’d like to see an a-hole like TO take responsibility and just say “I’ve had too many drops this year, its my fault and noone else’s, I have to work harder”. Just f’ing once.
    Bet the mayor is really glad he gave TO the key to the city. Something tells me they’ve already changed the locks though……

  14. As a Packer fan, I can only express this in the same manner Lloyd Christmas would; “So you’re saying we have a chance!”

  15. Packers, Lions, Bears, Redskins, Bills, hell even the Vikes have some O-line deficiencies. What the hell’s going on. Do they not teach blocking 101 in college anymore?

  16. As a Skins fan I would disagree with the assessment that the Bills have the worst O-Line. The Skins current line does not come close to the famous Hogs of the 80’s. More like the “Piglets”.

  17. He’s dead on and it all goes back to the owner:
    + Reporter-“Mr. Wilson what do you think of the Bills chances in 2009”
    RALPH-“We have all the tools if we don’t make the playoffs it will be a disappointment.”
    Bills trade J.Peters there best players and OL, one of the top 3 tackles in the league.
    >Bills save $3mil or so a year on a proven OL and get a late first, OL eric wood, and a 4th, TE Nelson, neither of which have or will do anything this year.
    Bills save money by cutting OT Langston Walker, who isnt great right but was best player remaining at the position Buffalo had. Enter rookie number 4 on the line.
    (=)RALPH IS CHEAP..more lies and a slap in the face to the fans by old man RALPH.
    The thing is the Bills use every excuse in the book not to resign or hold onto a player that deserves a big contract no matter how good he is because they are CHEAP and always have been. RALPH should be critcized for holding on to this team to ‘just get by’ and have no intentions on putting out a good football team. The above example proves it. We never rebuild here we get to the point of average and are content. Time for new ownership. I used to despise mike mularkey for quitting on the bills and RALPH, now i think he should be given the keys to the city of buffalo. I’m sure TO already dropped them somewhere!

  18. We can all be critical of T.O. but lets bottom line it…we all know athletes play to their surroundings…its FACT….
    If T.O. were playing with the VIKINGS this year……it would be a Pro Bowl year for him Guaranteed….Unfortunatlely we have been put in a position as fans this year where 1/2 the teams in the league are absolutely Outplayed, outcoached, and Outoftouch….thankful my vikings will take full advantage of this mess!!!

  19. I am a Bills fan, and I have to say that the Bills O-line, if its not the worst, its definatly in the bottom 3.
    The bills started the season with 2 rookie gaurds. and a few injuries later ended up with 3 rookie starters, and 1 Offensive Tackle who never started before this year. Based on the Bills offseason moves, it seemed as if they went out of their way to get rid of all the o-lineman.
    All that said, TO’s catching ability should still be on the list of reasons he hasnt done much this season. Let me make my list of reasons in order:
    1. Firing the OC right before week 1.
    2. Coaching (he fired the OC)
    3. O-Line Play
    4. QB play
    5. TO not catching the ball

  20. How long has Rosenhaus been coaching? What team did he play for? Please stick to your profession of destroying teams through the media circus created bt the demands of your diva clients.

  21. As a Bears fan I feel insulted. After watching the Bears games this year I felt sure that our O-line was best in the league at being the worst.

  22. Bills
    They all need help badly, and where is it going to come from? When will it get there? Help does not look like it is on the way anytime soon.
    As a fan it really sucks to have to eat the crap they put on display. Change the channel.

  23. “I would have to disagree considering they really did beat the Patriots and the Jets.”
    Uh, they lost to the Pats.
    Another point about Rosenslime. The Bills were the only team willing to sign his POS client who’s had more drops than any other receiver the last couple years and continues leading the league in that category this year.
    And not only sign him to either vet minimum or at least make it an incentive laden contract, but pay TO big money. So how does the scumbag repay them ? Tosses them under the bus.
    Hope the Bills learn their lesson and don’t sign any Rosenscum clients for a long time to come. What a bag of used douche juice.

  24. And this helps your over-the-hill, hands of jello, emotional, bitch of a client how?
    Hey Drew, bigger picture. Supposedly there’s some kid named Dez who’s pretty eager to hear how great he’s gonna be in the NFL. Go cultivate another client, leave the gridiron criticisms to the experts. Or just us clowns who hang out here at PFT……

  25. I for one am glad that TO has finally dispelled the myth that he’s not a good teammate or team player.

  26. drew should have said…….”Get my man the ball, so i can make more money next yer, it’s not about the team it’s about how much cimmission i can make”……should i twitter t?

  27. I don’t really see the purpose to Rosenhaus coming out with these comments. My feeling is that the only reason T.O. has been quiet so far is that he is just trying to keep his mouth shut long enough for someone to put a huge chunk of cash in his hands in an uncapped year and then he’ll get right back to talking. I would have thought Rosenhaus would have been a person who helped him map out such a plan. So why come out and start talking?
    The other problem is that it goes past a statement of fact or opinion, which is that the O-line isn’t very good, and into a straight-up criticism that is, at least to some extent, TOO critical.
    Yes, the Bills gave up a bunch of starters from last season (when they didn’t have a good offensive line, either) and banked on revamping. And yes, the tackles have not been very good. But, it’s worth mentioning that the O-line was pretty solid in the first two games, against the Patriots and Bucs (I know the Bucs are terrible), which were the only two games where their tackles were healthy.
    Demetrius Bell has done well at left tackle, but he missed a game or two due to injury. Brad Butler has been out since just before halftime of the second game of the season. Jonathan Scott played well for a couple of weeks before he went down with an injury, from which he will hopefully be returning after the bye week. Even Jamon Meredith has done okay, but he went out with an injury against the Texans. Kirk Chambers, after playing well as a sub last season, has struggled mightily this year.
    At various points this year, the Bills have had each of their top two tackles out at the same time, and even as Bell has been healthy, they have seen their third, fourth and fifth tackles being forced to serve as his bookend.
    So once again, what good does it do for Rosenhaus to make these comments? Of course the Bills’ tackles have struggled. Even if they had two Pro Bowlers as the starters, that doesn’t help if you’re suffering injury after injury at the position. All Rosenhaus is doing is stirring the pot that T.O. so far has finally refrained from stirring. Any personnel director will be able to tell which part of T.O.’s numbers is a result of his decline, and which is due to him being on a bad team. All these comments do is tell them that if they put T.O. on their team, Drew will be happy to make the complaints for T.O., if he won’t do it himself.

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